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Carrie Ann Inaba's 'DWTS' Blog: I Can't Believe I Said 'Fart' On Live TV

Apr/30/2013 at 06:25 PM ET

Carrie Ann Inaba Dancing With the StarsAdam Taylor/ABC

Dancing With the Stars judge Carrie Ann Inaba joins us again to blog about her style (and all the backstage scoop) on the show’s 16th season. This week, she talks the front-runner finalists — and shares some good show advice.

I can’t believe we are already past the halfway point of Season 16! The season is flying by and I guess that’s because it’s so much fun!

Last night I wore an Aiden Mattox asymmetric one-sleeve plum colored dress. I have to say, this was the most comfortable dress I’ve worn in a while. It felt like I was out there in a silk blanket — very comfy and cozy.

Maybe I was a little too comfortable because I said the word “fart” in my first comments to Jacoby. I do apologize if I offended anyone! (I’m sure I’ll get a call from my mom later today.) Ahhhh … but this is one of the true hazards of live TV. Sometimes you open your mouth and, surprise! “Fart” wasn’t quite the word I was intending to speak, but with the pressure of being live looming over me, sometimes, I rush to find the best word to suit what I’m trying to say.
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Carrie Ann Inaba's 'DWTS' Blog: In a Dark Week, It's Nice to Be On an Uplifting Show

Apr/17/2013 at 02:41 PM ET

Carrie Ann Inaba

Dancing With the Stars judge Carrie Ann Inaba joins us again to blog about her style — and all the backstage scoop — on the show’s 16th season. This week, she discusses why the latest episode left many, including her, in tears — and shares the special story behind one of the pieces of jewelry she wore.

Tuesday night’s show was fabulous! It was uplifting and I loved Len’s video package. I love the new dancing bumpers to commercial. It reminds me of my old “Fly Girl” days on In Living Color where I was dancing in the bumpers to commercials.

Yes, that was a long time ago, but I remember those days well. We had so much fun back in the day … and we are having fun now on Dancing! I really loved Stacey Tookey’s choreography on the rotating piano and Mark and Derek’s opening number. The dancing seems to be even more inspiring and happy than usual, and we know that America needs that type of uplifting television right now. We’ve been hit by a terrible misfortune and a lot of people are suffering because of it. Our show really aims to lift the spirits of our viewers, especially now, when we need it most.

So, to go with the theme of uplifting, I chose a fuchsia David Meister dress. Pink is my own personal happy color. I wear it a lot in my personal life and it somehow always makes me feel better. With all the sadness out there, a little pink couldn’t hurt.

David Meister is one of my favorite designers. His dresses are always well-cut and comfortable. He makes very flattering styles for evening wear and uses fun fabrics with classic cuts. I’ve been wearing David’s dresses probably since our first season; he’s a “For Sure” for my DWTS closet.

Jewels were fun, and everything but the earrings were real. I was wearing some serious “bling bling.” The Lance Fisher diamond cuff goes for $65,740. Expensive — but worth it. It’s a stunner and so feminine. The gem solitaire rings are by Lisa Nik and run for about $3,500 each. I was wearing 3 of them. And the colorful stackables are from Roxbury Jewelry and are so much fun. You can mix and match them and they go from day to night so easily. I want to thank all the designers for their lovely designs.

I’m keeping it short because I have to fly to N.Y.C. to co-host Live with Kelly and Michael (on ABC, of course!) Thursday morning. I was supposed to co-host with Michael earlier this year but life happened so I wasn’t able to go.

I’ll be with Kelly again and we intend to have a great time with guests The Jonas Brothers and Zac Efron. Not too shabby on the eyes for all the girls out there, so see you then! I have to open an order from that I ordered for this particular appearance. Let’s see what works. For the day time dresses I always shop at either or or They all have great selections,and they deliver quickly. That’s my fashion tip for outside the ballroom this week!

Remember, express yourself in your fashion. Do what you want to do! (That sounds like the In Living Color theme song … “You can do what you wanna do, In Living Color.”) That’s all from this ole Fly Girl. See you next week!

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Carrie Ann Inaba's 'DWTS' Blog: An Emotionally-Charged Outfit for an Emotional Episode

Apr/09/2013 at 05:55 PM ET

Carrie Ann Inaba DWTS outfitAdam Taylor/ABC

Dancing With the Stars judge Carrie Ann Inaba joins us again to blog about her style — and all the backstage scoop — on the show’s 16th season. This week, she discusses why the latest episode left many, including her, in tears — and shares the special story behind one of the pieces of jewelry she wore.

Normally, I jump right into the fashion, but last night was such a special experience (there were tears, even from Tom Bergeron!), that I first want to touch on a few non-style moments.

The contestants and their pros really produced some fantastic work, and you could tell the studio was feeling uplifted. Then Andy Dick and Sharna came out and performed, leaving the audience in tears. Even Tom Bergeron came up to me during the commercial break after they danced and teared up. And I really lost it too when they performed. I have never cried that hard on the show before.

(Of course, emotions were already high for me. For those who follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you know that I went home to Hawaii this week and spread my father’s ashes in the ocean in front of the house I grew up in.)

And now onto my outfit, which as you’ll learn, actually has a big emotional component too. I was really excited about last night’s look. The gown is by Anaikka, a brand created by a designer from India who, like myself, is inspired by architectural and industrial shapes. I loved the bodice which had gold and bronze embellishments, giving it a very bold vibe. Brown is one of my favorite colors ( yes, really!) so clearly I loved it! I wore my favorite Michael Antonio shoes, which are vegan.

But my favorite part of the whole look? My bracelets, especially the one with the black rhinestones, which are from a Hawaiian designer Tiffany Chou. Wearing jewelry from my home felt good and connected me again with my roots and more importantly, my father.

And onto my rings! I wore three: the gold sun-motif ring by Viento, a gold one with blue stones by Danielle Stevens and a leaf ring by Supreme Jewelry.

This last ring has a lot of meaning to me. I met the designer, Cyndi, via Twitter when she reached out to me during a tough time, following the death of her mother. After we became friends, she sent me this leaf ring and said that when she is troubled, she finds a leaf then she blows it away, letting it (and her problem) go. So now, leaves hold a special place in my heart thanks to Cyndi.

And yesterday, while I was prepping for the show, I came across the feather ring in my jewelry tray. It reminds me that those we lose in life are never far. They are close by, sending us reminders of their love for us.

Carrie Ann Inaba's 'DWTS' Blog: I Take Prom Dress Shopping Very Seriously!

Apr/02/2013 at 03:30 PM ET

Carrie Ann Inaba DWTS outfitAdam Taylor/ABC

Dancing With the Stars judge Carrie Ann Inaba joins us again to blog about her style — and all the backstage scoop — on the show’s 16th season. This week, she discusses wearing jewelry from Claire’s and why she loves prom so much.

Well, it’s prom season! Not only on Dancing With the Stars, but in real life as well. This week, my ex- fiancé‘s daughter (who I call “Panchita” and who still continues to be my family; she’s known lovingly as my “Faux-Daughter” and closest friend) is getting ready for prom.

We have a little ritual where we go shopping together to find the right dress, always being mindful of price and the fact that it’s a one-time only occasion. It’s one of my favorite things to do. We get quality time together and catch up on everything that is going on, and I get to implement my DWTS skill set of choosing evening wear and accessories.

I also do her hair and makeup. It’s fun and I can’t wait! This year she’s chosen a beautiful white dress from La Femme, another designer I’ve often worn on the show. There are so many great prom dress designers out there.

This year, Panchita and I decided to put the dress on eBay or Craigslist after she wears it so that someone else can enjoy it, and then she gets some of the expense back. It’s very important to teach our kids how to handle money well, so that they will be able to manage their own when they get older.
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Carrie Ann Inaba's 'DWTS' Blog: It's Fun to Experiment, Even If You Don't Love the Results

Mar/27/2013 at 02:30 PM ET

Carrie Ann Inaba Dancing With the StarsAdam Taylor/ABC

Dancing With the Stars judge Carrie Ann Inaba joins us again to blog about her style — and all the backstage scoop — on the show’s 16th season. This week, she discusses borrowed jewels and the evening’s shocking twist.

Last week my father passed away right before our premiere episode and I was truly humbled by the outpouring of love and support for my family and me. So I wanted to start off by saying thank you, and expressing my deep gratitude for all the beautiful messages and flowers that were sent with such thoughtfulness and empathy. Thank you all for helping me get through these more challenging times in my life. I am forever changed by receiving so much love and support.

But since this is Style Blog, let’s get to it!

The style this week was simple and playful. We chose yet another Theia dress, because I love the way I feel when I wear designer Don O’Neill’s line. Theia was named after the Greek goddess of light who anything she gazed upon became bright and luminous. As a judge on the show, I like this concept. It’s a positive message of inspiration. And I often choose Theia when I feel I need a little extra energy or light.

The dress had a unique collar that we played with. We didn’t wear it the way it was intended. I hope I didn’t offend Don’s aesthetic! Sometimes it’s fun to experiment. I am not sure if it was quite what I was hoping for, but live and learn with fashion choices.

People often ask about my jewelry and I wore some fun things. The vintage rhinestone-spiked bracelet was my favorite, but I did hit my head on one of the spikes. Who knew jewelry could also be a hazard to your health?!

The earrings were from Erica Courtney and go for $45,000 and the ruby ring (also Erica Courtney) costs $19,000. I also wore some diamond bracelets from Rhonda Faber Green, for whom I hold a special place in my heart. She was the first person to loan me jewelry to wear on the show, and I will always be grateful for that. I was just a choreographer and ex-dancer who had found herself on this show called Dancing With the Stars, and had to learn how the fashion world works. Many people don’t know this but, the designers loan you dresses and jewelry and shoes if they believe in you. So it’s always an honor to wear someone’s designs.

Anyway, I’m really beginning to like Season 16. There is a fun factor to it and this season’s got heart. All the celebs have so much to learn and have room to grow which is my favorite part of the show. This week, we saw that especially with D.L. Hughley and Andy Dick. And sadly we watched as Dorothy Hamill exited the show with such grace and self-respect. She is a very special woman, with a lot of heart and soul and I am impressed with her choices.

Tune in next week: We have a throwback week with a “prom” theme! I bet it’s going to be a lot of fun — time to dig out my old prom photos! Fun fact: I think I went to about 11 proms when I was in high school. Even back then I had prom dresses of all shapes and colors and I used to loan them out to my friends. It’s funny how I still have lots of extra evening gowns in my closet for friends to come over and borrow at any time. We don’t change much from high school … !

Have a great week and have fun with your fashion!

–Carrie Ann Inaba

Eyelashes, Spray Tans and Tons of Glitter: Backstage With the Head Dancing With the Stars Makeup Artist

Mar/25/2013 at 05:30 PM ET

Badgley Mischka wedding ringsCourtesy Zena Shteysel

Sure, we love the fun routines and elaborate costumes, but in our opinion, the most amazing thing about Dancing With the Stars is how the contestants’ makeup stays so perfect, no matter how much they sweat.

Zena Shteysel, who has won an Emmy for her work on the celeb dance competition, gave us a peek behind the red velvet curtain, sharing everything from backstage photos of her inspiration collages (above) for this season’s competitors to exactly how spray-tanned the male contestants get — not to mention which stay-put products she and her team use for the show.

PHOTOS: Check out Dancing With the Stars’s most famous fans here!

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Carrie Ann Inaba's 'Dancing With the Stars' Blog: Why Monday Night Was Very Emotional For Me

Mar/19/2013 at 01:30 PM ET

Dancing With the Stars Carrie Ann InabaAdam Taylor/ABC

Dancing With the Stars judge Carrie Ann Inaba joins us again to blog about her style — and all the backstage scoop — on the show’s 16th season. In her kickoff post, she shares very personal and sad news with PEOPLE.

Monday night was the season 16 premiere. And I know that this is supposed to be a style blog, but tonight I wanted to write about my father, Rodney Inaba, who has inspired me in so many ways — including my style.

However, first let’s start with the details of what I wore: I chose a black Theia gown with some metallic geometry down the front, along with some really incredible jewelry by Supreme, Swarovski and Open Hearts, plus vintage costume jewelry earrings. I like to mix it up, and I’m not afraid of wearing real gemstones right next to faux or vintage pieces of no known value.

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