David Beckham Is Impeccably-Dressed, Incredibly Sexy and... Totally Hilarious? See Him Twin with Kevin Hart in New H&M Video Short

Sep/28/2015 at 06:15 PM ET

Fashion brands have been stepping up their ad campaign game recently (think Rihanna strutting through a palace for Dior and Justin Bieber playing drums in undies for Calvin Klein), but we have to admit there hasn’t been one that’s made us laugh out loud… until now. H&M released a video starring David Beckham and Kevin Hart in honor Beckham’s 24-piece curated collection, H&M Modern Essentials. The plot? Hart is preparing for a film in which he plays Beckham. (Like we said, laugh out loud …). We caught up with our new favorite comedic dynamic duo to learn how the project came together.

David Beckham Kevin Hart H&mCourtesy H&M

According to Hart, Beckham sought him out for the role, and his creativity was impressive. “First of all, the best thing about David is at this point in his life and career, is to see him approach his day so professionally. That was definitely a breath of fresh air, because you never know how people are going to be. I’m somebody that takes work very seriously, and other people’s time very seriously, and I got to see that he’s the same way. Very punctual, on time, never late, he showed up, did what he had to do, always prepared.”

And of course he was open to Hart’s interpretations. “Well I don’t think you can hire Kevin Hart and not allow him to adlib, I think that’s what I’m best at,” he says. “We definitely had material that was scripted but I was allowed to play, I was allowed to bring my personality to it, and because of that we got a lot of bang for our buck.”

David Beckham Kevin Hart H&mCourtesy H&M

The key to the hilarity was the juxtaposition, in personality and in look. “He’s a white man that’s kind of tall, blonde hair, bluish eyes, and I’m a small black man with short hair, brown eyes, and we look nothing alike. The fact that we call it ‘twins,’ that’s just funny right there,” Hart explains. “You’re dealing with people that are on two completely different scales; we’re on opposite sides of the track. He’s from the U.K; I’m from the U.S. He has an accent, I don’t. There’s nothing about us that says that we’re twins, but the fact that we played this campaign that we were, I think that was genius.”

David Beckham Kevin Hart H&mCourtesy H&M

Even though the star athlete isn’t known for doing comedy, Hart made the process effortless.  “When you work with someone like Kevin, he naturally makes everyone around funny. So I kind of just went off his energy,” Beckham tells PEOPLE. “There were about 60 people on set, and he walked on set and [said] ‘Okay, no one look him in the eyes. He doesn’t like to be looked at in the eyes.  David Beckham does not like to be looked straight on.’ So from the moment he walked in the room he was hilarious.” Hart says, “I said to David, ‘Don’t worry about being funny, I’m going to make you funny.’ I said ‘Even if you’re not trying to be, I’m going to make you funny, I’m going to play off your career, your straight answers will come off as funny answers, and when you are being personable I’ll take the other side.’ That’s my job, that’s what I take pride in.”

David Beckham Kevin Hart H&mCourtesy H&M

Perhaps the toughest element of working with one of the funniest guys around for Beckham was staying serious. “The scene where he’s trying to imitate me with my accent — that to me was the best scene because it went on for about 50 minutes and we got so much footage of that. In the actual film, I’m  really laughing at that point,” he says. “It was hard to keep a straight face for it, and I had to, because I was meant to play someone that was kind of a little bit unhappy about him living with me for a week and playing me and sneaking into my bedroom and wearing the same clothes.”

Hart was committed to making the whole thing look real. “We wanted to make it grounded so it didn’t come off cartoony,” he says. And Beckham agreed: “Literally it was just like a couple of mates hanging out on set having a laugh,” he says. “That was it — it was so natural and that’s why the end product is so great, because it actually was so natural.”

Did the video make you laugh out loud? Sound off below!

–Catherine Kast

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