Is a LeAnn Rimes Bikini Collection in the Works? 'I Hope That it Comes to Fruition!'

08/04/2014 at 02:27 PM ET

Almost no one knows more about wearing a bikini than Leann Rimes. She’s almost made lounging on yacht decks and hitting the beach a part-time job. But the singer isn’t just having fun seaside — she’s also getting tons of two-piece-related practical research and user experience, and now, she says, she’d like to put it to good use by creating her own bikini line.

Leann Rimes Bikini LineMAP/Splash News Online

In an interview with Fox 411 (in which she says she can be “redneck with the best of them,” among other things), Rimes is asked whether she’s ever considered starting her own bikini line. “Yes, I have! And I’ve been researching that a little bit more as we speak,” she says. “I’ve worn so many bikinis that I know what works and what doesn’t. I know what I like and I know what’s missing in the marketplace. We shall see! I hope that it comes to fruition.”

And she’s willing to admit that she may have a bit of a bikini overload in her closet — she says she can’t even guess at the number she owns, a problem she compares to her shoe addiction. “The other day, I said I had 80 pairs of shoes and Eddie was like, “No way. You have at least 140 pairs of shoes,” she says. “I started counting and I told him, ‘Babe, I stopped counting at 200.’ That’s pretty much the same thing with bikinis. I’d like to say that I don’t have a ton, but I know I do.”

What can we expect from a Rimes-designed bikini line? “I don’t know. I’m an earthly girl. I love very natural colors — nudes and golds. Beautiful, feminine and classy,” she tells the site, adding, “I think the biggest misconception about bikinis is that if you’re heavier, that you need to wear more coverage on your butt. It looks horrible on any woman. The skimpier the bottoms, the better your butt looks! If you look at pictures of women with bikinis that cover the whole butt, it just looks frumpy. Flaunt what you’ve got!”

We think she may have a potential name for her bikini line right there. Would you shop a Leann Rimes swimwear line? Any advice you’d like to share with the star?

–Alex Apatoff

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sandy on

Would I? NO!
Stopped counting at 200 pairs of shoes? How does she sleep at night? It’s one of the 7 deadly sins- greed!

guest on


Carrie on

NEVER! I support nothing that has to do with her….

Love JS on

NO! Never. Can’t stand her!

Mary on

I’ll pass.

os on

I would buy one from her. I dont see what the problem is. Brandy should have done more to keep her husband at home

Mia on

No but I would if Brandi Granville did!!!

Carrow on

Aw she’s so Hollywood now :-(

Probably not on

wouldn’t buy a bikini from her but i would love to have her body shape…that is for sure. Hard to be judgmental when she looks a lot better than I do.

Annoyed on

Uh, no.

Louis on

No. I think she’s delusional. I think whoever is going to consider working with her needs to do their own market research on her before choosing to invest in her. I think she is very polarizing and very much disliked. People will read about her but I don’t think they’d give their money to her and buy a bikini.

Jen on

Nope. Noway. NEVER. She has horrible style, I don’t care how many bikinis she owns. I own a ton of workout clothes but that doesn’t make me qualified to design them.

HowTacky on

Nope. I wouldn’t buy anything the Sleestak is selling!

Chantal on


Carolina on


Torri on

My mom says a lady never swears, but FUDGE NO! I wouldn’t want anything remotely associated to her. I’d wear Kartrashian before Rimes rubbish!

Lindy on

Heck yeah !!!!!

Chris on

Sure why not? I’m buying for the style and want to look good. I don’t give a hoot who the designer is and her bathing suits look good.

sue on

Nope! Not going to support her after what she did, and the horrible person she is. Her new reality tv show is just an obvious attempt to try and force people to like her. Nope, you made your bed and now you have to lay in it. Everyone is fully justified in not liking you so just go away.

Kelli on

She’s an actual moron.

Amp88 on

I wouldn’t buy a bikini from her, only because it’ll probably be like $300, and I can’t afford a bathing suit that costs that much money. Something reasonable ($100 or less), and I would (as long as they’re cute).

Erica on

Absolutely not. I never read the articles about this husband stealing {woman} because I can’t stand her. I don’t know why she is still in the headlines. People like her and Chris Brown should suffer dearly for being horrible people and the only way we can make that happen is by not wanting to hear about them and absolutely not spending any money on their music or merchandise. Homewrecker and woman-beaters have no place in our society.

Sheri on

I’m having trouble understanding why so many people are judging her. She didn’t break up a solid marriage alone. She has 10x more class than the x wife does. Brandi could learn from LeAnns ex. If I had the body, I”d buy the bikini…Since I don’t, I’ll have to settle for a potato sack.
Time to let the hate go people. Where would you stand if someone was judging you?

Marissa on

No, not because I hate her or anything, but why is a supposed singer starting a bikini line? Isn’t she the next incarnation of Patsy Cline? Why is she designing bathing suits? Will they all have too small and tight bottoms, because that’s what she likes to be photographed in and that isn’t very flattering for anyone. The weird thing to me is that once she met the supposed love of her life, she went right off the rails. Sing, LeAnn, sing, Use your God given talent and stop all of this other ninsense.

lovestojog on

Don’t like her, but if I had that body I would buy any bathing suit.

cat on

Maybe she can sell adult diapers since she chits herself at Miami Fashion shows?

Why not on

As long as it fit well, is cute, and well made, of course I would.

Karen on


Mimi on

I absolutely do not agree with her about the bikini on a heavy woman. First, most heavy women are self conscious to wear a bikini. Second, I don’t think most people want to see fat and dimples hanging from anybody.
I think she just made herself look like a fool by telling overweight women to “flaunt it”. Too much money and not enough brains.

Jake on

She’s the last person who should wear or design a bikini.

Guest on


Kelly on

Yes, classy is the first thing that comes to mind with regards to her bathing suit style. I mean, she looks hot, but classy, not so much.

W G Martin on

I’m sorry, I love LeeAnne and her music, but how much effort is there to “designing” a bikini….besides she has people that actually do that, it’s not like she has a 8 to5 job over a designer table in some sweat shop!

Would proally not!

Laide Law on

I don’t ever want to look like this ugly home-wrecking ‘bish’

karen on

Really? I think this is the most asinine article I’ve ever read. I actually think I lost a few brain cells just reading it it made absolutely no sense and just showed how shallow they are.

Lucy on

No thank you. She’s a singer…not a designer and furthermore don’t think she would know anything about women with normal bodies.

Karma on

No! All she does is copy Brandi. Even her advice about bikinis is stolen from Brandi. And seriously, she’s shaped like a dude. Her shoulders, abs, and no waist….all shaped like a dude. What would she know about fitting women with curves!? Never mind that she has the absolute WORST style if she isn’t copying Brandi! No way, no how, even if I had to go nude, I wouldn’t wear anything styled/stolen by LeAnn.

Lucy on

Not a fan.

Guest on

As long as they are reasonably priced, I would definitely buy one. Love her style in bikinis

Emmaleigh on

@MiMi…what’s the matter with you? She looks fantastic. There is no sense in slandering someone’s body just because you strongly dislike them. Your comments about her body just aren’t true.

Christine on

Wish she would put the drama and garbage reality tv career choice in the past and reinvent her music career. She was really good. Hate all the drama. Sad she is a talent.

Tracy on

I buy what I like, not a brand.

Lala31 on

It floors me how judgmental people can be! Did any of you live in their homes or even know them? We have no clue what their lives were other then what is on the internet. You may not approve of how they live their lives but who is anyone to judge they seem like they are happy so I say good for them to many people live unhappy lives because of what other people might think. Leann looks amazing and if it was affordable I would absolutely buy one!!

ImALadyToo on

Seriously, who needs 200 pairs of shoes?! I have about 20, and that includes 3 pairs of flip flops. I’m going to clean them out and give the ones I don’t use much any more to Good Will. If she wants to relate better to people, she needs to keep certain things to herself. No one likes a braggart!

Madison on

She needs to eat something. She’s painfully thin and no, I would not buy anything she’s selling..EVER!

josie on

it seems wrong to have that many pairs of shoes. There is so much need, hardship, and suffering in the world. man.

that bikini in the photo is very unattractive. The bottom part in particular

Style mom on

I just threw up a little

jstewart on

I would wear absolutely NOTHING that has to do with Ms. Rimes.

KingKing on

She has an amazing voice. Do something with the talent you have. Why design bikini’s? Anyone can do that that really wants to.

Rebecca on

Never. She is short and not attractive. Her personality ruins her.

Guest on

NO, NO NO!!!

Elizabeth on

Nope. No way. Never

Elizabeth on

No way… Never.

lou on

Leann completely stole that line about the smaller bottoms making your butt look smaller from Brandi Glanville who said the exact same thing over a year ago. How embarrassing. Get your own identity LeAnn.

Abbie on

Boy, she is just increasingly desperate. The music flopped, the show flopped, her husband is forever unemployed and makes excuses for it, so this must be the newest idea. Nope, not supporting this nasty piece of work who spends her time insulting the mother of her stepkids and being inappropriate with them. Next!

Cinderella Across Cultures: The 'Rags to Riches' Archetype on

Absolutely not. What trash.

anonymous on

Is gold a natural color?

jenn on

She is way too skinny and ugly face

C L on

Lost 30 yr fan over your leanne rimes support! Good luck with THAT/her!

Does it matter? on

I love the bikni! If that’s her in the picture that she wants to market. Great body too. You folks who diss her, need to remember, that Brandy wasn’t an all out angel. LeAnn and Eddie look happy. So, if you don’t like her, then don’t bother reading and commenting.

Sarah on

Not a chance.

JD on

Ew she’s way too skinny and it makes her fake boobs look even worse than they normally do. And no I wouldn’t buy a bikini of hers, I’m not a fan of her style in anything I’ve seen her wearing. :)

Nanu 08 on

I would buy one from her especially if my body looked like her’s. People need to remember it does take two to make a marriage so obviously old trashy Brandi wasn’t woman enough to keep her man at home and its past time to stop hating LeAnn. Keep it real! People

France on

I would buy her bikinis. I wouldn’t want people judging me for past mistakes or for whatever reason. So, why should I?! I just don’t get all the hate. People act as though they personally know her.

Allie on

I love this bikini. Where can I find it?

Camie on

Aww, the classic BS statement blaming the wife. How cute that “os” thinks Eddie’s never cheated on LeAnn.

Anna M on

Yes, absolutely I would purchase a bathing suit. If I liked the color and fit, of course.
Look……people have the right to go on with their life. My lord, if I were held accountable for every incorrect decision, questionable choice or poor choice I made in my life and judged by the public for years and years….I would not be able to get out of bed. For those of you who make negative comments…..don’t throw stones because I do not know one perfect person out there. I cannot judge another person’s personal life and who knows what Eddie’s life was like behind closed doors with his ex.
Good for you LeAnn for moving on and developing a line of clothing. Lots of good luck and much success!

Lisa on

I wear underwear, socks and a bra everyday, I guess I will design my own line too.

lisette on

does anyone really care what that homewreaker Rimes says, or does?Throw her and the Krudashians into the nearest garbage dump.

SweetHeartHolly on

Eddie has been cheating on Leann since they were married. He is only staying with her for the $$$. He finds her repulsive and is banging other women.

lexi bulldog on

No. Yuck.

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