Jessica Simpson's Wedding Dress Exclusive: See the Gorgeous Sketch and Inspiration Board

07/06/2014 at 09:00 AM ET

Jessica Simpson Carolina Herrera Wedding Dress SketchInset: Dimitrios Kambouris

For her nuptials to Eric Johnson on July 5, Jessica Simpson didn’t opt for a slinky silhouette to show off her incredible post-baby body. Instead Simpson, who turns 34 on July 10, teamed up with fashion icon Carolina Herrera to create a sumptuous champagne and gold strapless multi-layer tulle gown.

“The whole dress is embroidered in gold and feels very regal,” Herrera tells PEOPLE of the design. Her goal was to transform the bride into a “beautiful golden girl,” says Herrera, who first met Simpson at Vanity Fair‘s post-Oscars party in 2010 and recently dressed her for the White House Correspondents’ Dinner in May.

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To complete the custom look, Simpson wore a cathedral length veil, Brian Atwood shoes and Neil Lane jewelry. As a final touch, Herrera added a blue ribbon on the inside of the gown as Simpson’s something blue. “I always do that because I think it brings good luck,” says Herrera, who also shared her inspiration board for the dress with PEOPLE.

Jessica Simpson Carolina Herrera Wedding Dress inspiration boardCourtesy Carolina Herrera

For all the details about Jessica Simpson’s wedding – and her exclusive wedding album – pick up the new issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday! What do you think of Simpson’s bridal gown? Are you excited to see the whole look?

–Michelle Tan

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Showing 86 comments

Kat on

Looks rather similar to her first strapless wedding dress when she married Nick Lachey. Hmmm.

Sacré on

Jessica really doesn’t have the right skin tone and hair color to pull off a gold wedding dress. And Carolina Herrera’s design aesthetic is not something I’d expect to see her wear at all.

courtney on

love the dress it almost reminds me of a modern day take on Audrey Hepburn’s 1954 Givenchy Oscars dress granted Audrey was 3 1/2 inches taller than Jessica and was Humberto De Givenchy’s Muse.

Linda Swan on

Absolutely gorgeous!!

Nikki on

Granted it’s just a sketch, but you’d think she’d try something different than what she wore at her first wedding because it looks quite similar.

tabitha on

Try saying something nice girls, she is a pretty lady and that is a gorgeous gown. For some of you I guess being polite is just too far of a stretch and of course there is the “never move on people” who have to bring up her ex and that wedding, sigh. You probably never forget an argument, someone who made you mad either and live a life of bitterness.

elizabethdaugherty on

ANOTHER strapless wedding gown? No more originality than that? She waited how many years, bore 2 children and lost how many pounds just to waste money on I guess we should all just be grateful that she managed to talk the Blond-Dean-McDermott-look-alike into marrying her at all.

deborahcorey on

Pretty big and flashy for a 2nd wedding and for someone who has 2 kids out of wedlock

Kat on

Comments are comments, no matter how small. We don’t all have to agree that this dress is gorgeous or that it reminds us of her previous dress. No big deal. I’m just glad she’s finally married.

Nicole on

She got those implants for a reason.

soonergirl on

There’s no question it’s a beautiful dress, but it’s over the top more than I imagined. Cathedral length veil?? It’s her choice, but I think a simple, sophisticated gown with small headpiece would have been more appropriate. Congrats and good luck to them!

Really? on

OOOH look what billions of dollars will buy! I’m happy for the family but I will not contribute to her wealth! Sickening! Best wishes!

dawnisaho on

Nothing like toning it down for the second wedding… classless

Anya on

Another puffy gown?! Hmmm.

Jo on

So why shoud this bimbo be having a big formal wedding ? Like the Kardashian trash this isn’t her first trip down to the alter and she takes not ONE but TWO kids from unwedded bliss with her ! I swear I am getting sooooo sick of these Hollywood types who won’t do it unless it can be done for publicity. Bravo to all the celebs who have small informal or family and friends frendly affairs or just go off to the court- house !

Anna on

Oh LOOK my couch fabric on her inspiration board LOL

Jo on

When are these Hollywood types going to learn, you wear a wedding gown for your FIRST wedding, you get married BEFORE you have kids and you don’t do it for publicity, you do it for LOVE !!!

sandy on

Is it appropriate to wear a dress like that for your second wedding? I mean two kids already and all- seems a little much!

kew on

Looks a lot like her first dress, except the gold. She has to show off the ta ta’s doesn’t she? I would have liked to see her do something with a strap this time. Would have been different for her and classier.

Lila on


LuLu on

Kind of over the top for a second wedding (for both!). I imagine she’ll be much like J Lo, where every wedding is over the top, and the marriage is a fairy tale…until it ends! Then on to the next one.

Isn’t a wedding supposed to be about the joining of 2 people, the start of a stable life together? If that was truly their goal, why be engaged for 4 years? I’m not the morality police, but at some point, having 2 children, wouldn’t they have wanted just a simple ceremony, rather than putting it off? Jessica’s had the big wedding. Is she really that self absorbed to keep putting off marrying this man to look perfect on the big day??? Kudos to stars like Drew Barrymore who realize what the actual day is for, and get married prior to the birth of their child!

That being said, I hope this marriage lasts, and those kids grow up in a loving, stable home!

Purple on

Boring dress. The marriage won’t last either. She’s an airhead. Next!!!!

Mommie Dearest on

That is quite possibly the most underwhelming “inspiration board” I’ve ever seen.

Jane on

Is Jessica Simpson famous for anything other than having 2 kids back-to-back out of wedlock and Weight Watchers?

Cheesy on

Only Carolina Herrera would be inspired by Elisabeth of Austria (picture on inspiration wall), reknown in her day as the mot beautiful woman in the world. And sadly completely nutty. Interested to see how the gold is worked in.

cypresstex on

wow !!! beautiful gown – $$$ can buy anything – 2nd marriages 2 kids – lavish reception, wedding gown and veil : Only In America – monies & fame are venerable

Terry on

Love the dress . . . think she is an inspiration of what a ‘lady’ is suppose to look like and ‘act’ like! Wish her all the luck with her marriage, hubby and beautiful babies!

sam on

I’m so excited to see her in her dress… she could wear a paper bag and look incredible… I’m sure she was a knock out!

mjh on

Sounds pretty.

Ebonyone on

I really like her… can not wait to see the wedding photos..

guest on

oh brother, how long is People going to stretch this story line? Please make sure to tell us in EVERY story how she’s lost weight!

Tee on

After reading these comments I see it’s a lot of haters out there and I guess “perfect ppl” out there that’s worry about her having two kids out of wedlock…am pretty sure half these ppl who comment probably have children out of wedlock so just be happy for the girl and so what if she wants a big wedding for the second time she ain’t the first or the last to do that and if half of y’all had the money u would too so stop fronting behind these computers #haters

janie on

The dress looks incredible! Good luck to both!!

Carol Sullivan on

What a lovely dress for a beautiful woman!
I wish them only the best!

jenna on

What is it with her and football players? She had to have an over the top SECOND wedding because she never got over Tony and his beautiful wife.

Susie on

@Nicole: Nope—they’re real. Remember that tactless, classless, creepy comment by her father?

Juli on

What a beautiful dress! I love Carolina Herrera’s style.

Daphne on

A beautiful gown but a bit much for a second wedding.

Linny on

Too much focus on the dress/wedding and not the marriage.

JP on

The wedding dress is beautiful. Hope they have a happy life together. Their two children are adorable.

Jenb64 on

At least she wore champagne instead of white (Kim K, pay attention!).

The blue ribbon sewn in didn’t help Renee Zellweger when she married Kenny Chesney. Just sayin’.

did she on

Beautiful girl, beautiful dress….I just hope her boobs were contained in it. Strange that I saw the pictures of her and Nick’s wedding and some leading up to that on a recent Hollywood Access show and she didn’t have all that chest back then. Did she have a boob job? Not hating, just wondering.

fiona on

way over the top for the 2nd time around but when you have money to burn, those things don’t matter.

Phibzy on

I would think a strapless wedding gown would be so uncomfortable and I’d be worrying the whole time about something (real or fake) popping out!

Oleo on

Nothing NEW. Lack of inspiration and creativity, CH team?

Guest on

Some of the comments are really mean as usual. I sense some jealousy too in regards to her boobs. Get over it lol. The dress is gorgeous and so what if she already had 2 kids out of wedlock geez..prudes!

Kate on

I bear no ill will toward anyone wishing a beautiful wedding and a beautiful gown, and having “her day” as she dreamed it (twice), but at the same time, I ask myself “what happened to the history of a white gown and the veil, and what they represent?” I’m not as senior citizen or even close, but that said, I realize I must be old fashioned or have outdated ideals because a divorced women, with two children born before marriage to their father, is just silly to wear a long, full gown and a veil at all.

I have no problem with same sex marriages, combined families, children to couples who do not marry, and any other unique arrangements to make a family. A family is a family.

Still, were I in her position, I wouldn’t pretend I’m a Virgin Bride — again. I’d simply wear as beautiful dress (not a gown), appropriate for the month of July, and flowers in my hair. It’s a mature, sensible, and logical choice, and would be true to my circumstances in life.

Anonymous on

So many of you are incredibly nasty. Why can’t you just be happy for her and send her good wishes. Why do you have to pick apart every choice she makes? If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything.

It’s her day, let her do what she wants. Sheesh.

julesparis2013 on

I dunno….I was expecting something more demure considering that this is her 2nd marriage, she has 2 kids and has been living with whats-his-name for several years now. But hey! It’s her big day, her money, and her desire so that’s all that matters. What doesn’t matter is what others think, so why are we invited to make a comment?

Melissa on

Really beautiful!

lexy on


harr on

cant wait to see jessica in this dress

Darja on

Beautiful dress!! Anyone know anything about the painting used by Ms Herrera for inspiration?? It looks familiar but I can’t place it.

N.H on

Another almost forgotten by everyone celeb getting married for the 2nd time in an over the top gown and reception so that it
Will be featured in all of the tabloids and pay her lotsa money.
Of course, she has, has 2 kiddies in tow and she pledges her
“Eternal , Forever and Always, Once in a Lifetime (make that
Twice in a Lifetime), True Love. Jess & Kim, go bye bye.

Holly on

It does like quite similar to the one she wore for her first wedding, but I guess she knows what she likes and sticks to it. I’m starting to favor all of the dresses that now have gorgeous lace sleeves and whatnot.

lola on

The design looks beautiful, although I wish it weren’t strapless. Jessica is very busty for a strapless dress and they never really look good on anyone. I love that there was some gold color in the dress. Congrats on the wedding!

lola on

Who cares if she already has two children?!! At least this is a wedding to their Father! She was a virgin when she married Nick. She waited and that is more than most of you pointing your perfect finger at her can say for yourselves. So, she had a big wedding, wore a wedding dress and veil. Oh my goodness, it’s the end of the world. Get over yourselves! A wedding is a party, a celebration and she can celebrate however she sees fit.

Jenny on

I find it interesting that being the designer she is, she didn’t design her own gown???

Emma on

@Nikki, I was thinking the same things! The sketch looks a lot like her first wedding gown. But it probably did look different in person. Maybe she just really liked the style of the first one and decided to make it even better the second time around?

Ally on

I think it looks beautiful! And the gold makes it unique. I’ll be excited to see some pics :)

Tia on

The dress looks great.

Diana on

I’d rather read about Jessica, Eric and their 2 kids than anyone in the Kardashian family anytime.

Chuck on

Isn’t it a tad ridiculous that a woman with two chidlren, divorced, and having lived with at least three men after her marriage is having a big blow out wedding? The only thing missing is the white, virginal dress

Disie on

I’m sure she was beautiful – Wish her much happiness.

Karen on

So, Simpson’s out pimping her wedding. How much is People paying for this honor? She is such a fame monger. Thanks for enabling her.

soapstix on

Beautiful gown. I also love champaign more than white gowns.

Ann on

Jessica is a designer, she should have made her own dress!

barbra on

I know that most little girls dream of a fairy tale wedding, but after what number of wedding does a person just quietly slip off to the JP’s office for the nuptials?

lilk on

why wear brian atwood shoes ? you should have worn jessica simpson shoes. you want me to pay $100 for your made in china shoes but you dont wear them? instead you wear expensive made in italy brian atwood shoes. hmmmmm

pthompson28 on

Reblogged this on FINDING MY OWN WAY and commented:
YES! What a wonderful sketch and style for the lovely Jessica Simpson

808momof3 on

Of course, this is just a sketch, but it looks a LOT like her first wedding gown. . .

Carolyn on

Is anyone else tired of strapless wedding dresses?

Tiff on


QDPie109 on

Glad to see I’m not the only one who thought this dress looked very similar to her first wedding. I always thought that style looked fabulous on her. Congrats to her! I hope she has a lifetime full of happiness this time around.

lilac on

why all the fuss? it’s marriage number two. it’s all so tacky and inappropriate.

spyndy on

Tired of these media circus weddings! If nobody paid for photos I suppose the circus wouldn’t exist!

Guest on

Haters before you go on the attack, lets see you do better. Who are we kidding, you couldn’t afford it, so let her live. Its not as if you opinions will count for anything. She got what she wanted and that’s all that matters!

Val on

Happy for Jessica and Eric, lovely gown.

Nanu 08 on

Second marriage and two kids later she has a big wedding….why?

Guest on

The drawing on 2nd photo is great too!

Barbara on

You could have just said it was strapless in the headline and skipped the pictures. We’ve all seen strapless wedding dresses ad nauseum.

Barb on

You hit the nail right on the head Tabitha. I’m sure Jessica isnt sitting up nights wondering what other people think about her choice in gowns or that it is her second marriage. She made a beautiful bride and who cares if her gown is similar to the one she wore in her first wedding. She’s laughing all the way to the bank. People even want to pick at the fact she has implants. Geez people, get a life. Congrats to Jess

JG on

Sorry, but as a second-time bride, she shouldn’t be wearing a first-time wedding gown.

Cas on

You peopl are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hateful. Hare to tell from a sketch. Can’t wait to see the real thing. I’m sure she looked gorgeous!

Jason on

The strapless with a huge skirt looks like any other wedding gown, this is the “go to” that everyone picks out. Boring. Now I don’t know what the color is or the fabric, but the strapless with full skirt is so boring and over done, nothing special anymore.

Lyn on

Id love to see an actual picture instead of a drawing!


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