Kim Kardashian Goes Blonde Again. We Mean, Really Blonde. (See the Photo!)

06/25/2014 at 06:55 PM ET

We take our celebrity hair change reporting very seriously, especially when it comes to the Kardashians, since they tend to keep us on our toes minute-to-minute. But this last Kardashian hair change definitely took us by surprise: Kim Kardashian has once again ditched her dark brunette hue in favor of blonde. And this time she went all the way.

Kim Kardashian blonde hairClint Brewer/Splash News Online; X17online

Kardashian shared two snaps from a photo shoot today revealing a very light new hair hue. “It’s baaaaack!!!! #BlondeHairDontCare thanks to @SergeNormant,” she captioned the below photo on Instagram. At first glance, some editors thought Kardashian was wearing a wig, especially with all the hair extensions on the table in front of her. But she’s since stepped out with the lighter hair, and we spotted some scalp, so it’s probably the real deal. [Edited to add: Score one for Team Wig! That wacky prankster revealed later that she was just trying a new look for the day!]

It's baaaaack!!!! #BlondeHairDontCare thanks to @SergeNormant

A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

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Back in February, Kim went from her dirty blonde ombré shade back to brunette, writing on her blog, “I was finally ready to switch it up. I loved my blonde and even though it was getting so good at the end I needed a change.” (Though mere days later, she was tweeting about missing her lighter hair shade — like we said, the Kardashians like to keep us ever-vigilant for hair hue changes.)

We wonder how long her hair will stick around this time. Do you like her better as a blonde or brunette? Share your thoughts below.

–Brittany Talarico

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Showing 194 comments

Casey on

Looks like she went blonde, and black! Her skin color looks way too unnatural for her. She had to have thrown some serious tanner on, so the blonde wouldn’t wash her out. I definitely think brunette suits her better.

Julie on

She looks so much better as a brunette

Emmalynn on

Her face always looks dirty when ever she goes blonde. Her sister Khloe pulls it off better.

Salina on

i hate her blonde
i love her brunette

Kelly on

She’s trash no matter what color her hair is

Ask me on

The leather jacket picture is 100% a wig lol, hilarious if anyone would think that’s her real hair.. it’s clearly a very unnatural awkward hairline that is a little too far down to hide her real hairline and the scalp comment is such a bizarre thing to say as most wigs have a faux scalp built into the top section so it can be parted without revealing the real hair color under it..

Ru on

Looks like a wig….not buying it

Denise Johnson on

Someone lied to her and told she looked good as a blonde

mc on

She looks like a drag queen with the new hair. Poor little North wouldn’t recognize her like that….oh wait she doesn’t recognize Kim to begin with.

Lisa Rae on

Kim is so MUCH hotter Blonde!!
I bet she went back to dark just for the wedding.
Loving the Blonde lady!

Carmelllita on

Does she have the desire to look like Beyoncé? Sure looks that way!

MH on

its a wig… duh.

Fran on

what is up with her skin. A little heavy on the bronzer or mud.. Ever picture of her she is just looking in the mirror. How does she fit in a room with this ego.. Sorry honey your not the end all..get over yourself. To be that self obsessed must be exhausting

nancy on

She is beautiful no matter what color her hair is. She is very fortunate to be able to switch it up & still look so totally awesome. To all you haters, keep hating cuz you all don’t matter. Ha!

Gigi123 on

Not a fan of the blonde, I find her plastic surgery stands out even more with light coloured hair. Stick to the dark Kim.

Tia Kosmachuk on

who cares?

Dee on

AHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Man, that was scary. She looks like a washed out Hep C patient with that hair don’t.
As much as I dislike her, she is a beautiful girl, but with the dark hair.
Also, DANG, spray tan much?

Sole on

She looks very ugly. Brunette is much better.

Kara on

@ Nancy –

Amy on

I think Kim looks better with her dark hair, with blonde hair she looks washed out, which in turn makes her look like she’s on crack. Blonde is not a color that will look good on everyone and those people should know who they are especially if they are into fashion.

Zoe on

That’s a wig people, looks closely. Blonde does not flatter her skin tone at all imo. Her face does look dirty.

Lilyflower on

Pretty sure that’s a wig…an ugly wig.

Denise on

I hope it’s a wig, she looks totally washed out. The blonde doesn’t suit her and the skin tone is too tanned. Also, why does People insist on telling us multiple times the Kardashians keep them on their toes with their hair changes? Kourtney hardly ever changes her hair aside from the occassional bangs, Khloe’s biggest change had been the ombre look, and all Kim ever does is switch between dark and blond. Way to keep People on their toes, Kardashians!

TG on

Another day, another superficial pic of Kim doing superficial things. I don’t think she can handle a day going by without her posting a pic of herself!

Devon Heath on

Here’s an idea- Leave you hair the way it was (looked fine, gorgeous, whatever) and spend that time getting to know your baby. She is a baby once. Blink (or spend hours in a salon chair) and you’ll miss it.

J on

I don’t know why this time doesn’t look as good as last time she went blonde.

Pam on

Eww! Looks horrible! Her skin color looks weird now.

Pattimelt on

What does this woman add to society? Who cares about her hair color? Self-centered b1tch.

JP on

She looks way better as a brunette.

Christine on

When I saw her new blonde color, the first thing that entered my mind is that she really seems to be trying (too hard) to look like Beyoncé.

Second thing that came to mind is that her spray tan looks terrible!!!

lele on

I think she looks sexy!!!

lele on

Fyi she is super tan bc of the vacation she had once the tan fades she will look sexy!!!

Lulu on

What the heck happen to her skin? Looks like a poor man version of Beyonce.

Hanna on

I’m not a fan of this broad, but she looks ridiculous with blonde hair. Absolutely ridiculous. Hey Kim – STOP IT!!!!

Wow on

Why is this news?

Mary on

Kanye is in love with Beyoncé, he can’t have her so make the wife look like her. Doesn’t look good on Kim.

joanne1965 on

that is a wig. she is lying…her hair isn’t that long…and it would be falling out if she has been treating it with so many chemicals…she is in a wig.

Jenn on

Looks like she got a fake hair color and a fake tan….neither of which are flattering.

mrsmass on

Funny how her hairline is so low in the leather jacket picture and much higher in the mirror shot.

Gh on

It seems like Kanye wants her looking like Beyoncé. Must be obsessing about what he can’t have.

Skylar on

Her nose looks bigger – I agree, blonde doesn’t suit her

Janet697 on

it does not matter what color her hair is she still looks exactly like what you find on every town or city’s red light district street corner and has the behaviour to go with it.

Bella on

She looks like tan mom. LOL!

letsbehonest on

#blondehairSHOULDcare #layoffthebronzer #looksunnatural #betteronkhloe #yourskinisgross

nikki on

Hmmmm her face looks dirty, is she trying to look like B ?

Nicky on

Is she trying to look like a less hotter version of Ciara? Doesn’t seem to pull it off in my opinion. If it is her real hair why not spend the hours spent on your hair with your daughter, instead of always worrying about your appearance?

Rai on

Blonde ain’t her thang. Horrible.

lala on

Prob just to distract from more plastic surgery

JPM on

I don’t know why someone who was so naturally pretty would have some plastic surgery. You can tell she has done a little something to her face. Now she looks like a lizard. Why, Kim, why oh why? :(:(

pfft on

It’s a wig, either had a little work done wants to distract photog. Or need her attention fix

Tiff on

She does not look good with blonde hair.

Randi on

WTF is wrong with her face? She looks awful .

Wigslueth on


Hiss on

So glad you reported on this!! My life is now complete.

Hiss on

Ps. I vote dark better for this wh0re

Suzanne on

Yeah, does look like a wig….and looks kinda like Beyoncé

Jaz on

She looks slightly like Beyonce in the photo with the leather jacket, and I’m guessing that’s not by accident.

Marcela on

Great!!! now she looks as black as the aS$ she married.. and still, she wants her daughter South, or is it West or is it North? not to be discriminated???!!! o

Emily on

Why does she look orange

April on

She is looking a little Beyoncé-ish #drunkenlove

Lilyflower on

Pretty sure that’s a wig…and not a good wig.

Guest on

She is trying WAY too hard to be like Beyonce.

mimi on

Kanye wants her to have super blonde hair because he misses Amber Rose.

Trisha on

She looks like she is wearing a wig and black face….is she going as Beyoncé for a costume party?

menotyou on

It’s a wig. I wear wigs every day and I can tell it’s a skin-top wig.

Kari B on

Sorry, but she looks ridiculous and down right trashy. At least as a brunette she could pull-off a somewhat classy look .

Bethany on

She is obviously naturally beautiful, but when she does this to her hair she looks like a cancer patient who had to have a wig made for them because they lost their hair. Why??

KL on

Kim looks way better as her natural brunette and she is gorgeous.

Nikki on

Huffington post has a link from this people site where Kim posted a selfie and her breast completely shows. It’s disgusting and not even an attractive breast ha ha ha..:why this woman gets so much press flabbergasts me. Let’s show firemen, police officers, doctors, nurses and people who serve others not fake, vein, superficial bimbos who are famous for sex and an utter lack of morals! Our society is so backwards and we celebrate people who throw balls for a living or get plastic surgery to be “beautiful” not people who devote their lives to others..:and we wonder why people are shooting people and completely lost in this world!

J. D. on

This girl is just ugly now….she messed up her features…no turning back now… color is irrelevant at this point….look at her very old pics…..if I were her I would be home crying

Guest on

I hate her blonde
I hate her brunette
I hate her any color, shape, or form.

Onenonblonde on

Kanye must be eyeing some blonde. Looks terrible BTW.

Alia on

Its a wig! People get your stories right ! Very annoying

Missy on

She’s a pretty girl but talk about self absorbed!

Rose on

Why is her f-ing mouth always like that!? I swear this woman never spends time with her daughter. This is what she must have really been doing, when she pretended like north was in the covered baby carrier.

Bootay on

Looks like the Jersey version of Beyoncé.

Stephanie Blank on

Kim Kardashian is a natural beauty. Her dark hair suits her face, her skin tone and so on. The blonde looks atrocious on her. Just awful. Stay with your natural hair color Kim, it looks way better on you than this horrible blonde color.

Kandy on

She looks so much better with dark hair.

Kandy on


Alissa on

Kim looks beautiful with dark brown hair!! She looks so weird as a blonde, especially with her eyebrows being jet black.

Missy on

Anybody else think Kanye is trying to make her look like beyounce?

it on

No matter what she does, she is not that attractive.

Ann Logan on

I would like to see her natural from head to toe. No color, ex tensions no fake nails, eye lashes, nothing that is not 100% natural. You have young girls looking up to you so show them the real thing. Show us your body. Not one that is not seen because of clothes. Tell us every cosmetic surgeries you have ever done. Let us know if you do fillers or bro tox. I dare you to come clean!

Andrea on

Did she put show polish on her skin ? I hope her hair falls out and she goes bald. Rumor has it she is pregnant, again.

Truthfinder on

Beyoncé wanna be?? What is she trying to do; go black. Heads up Kardashian ladies, you’re white…be proud of it. Your little daughter is half/half…be proud of both sides.

cooper on

She looks awful in that picture. A bad face job and too much spray tan.

Rena on

she is trying to look like Beyonce…

Lala on

X17 called her a umpa lumpa lol. She looks orange and hair don’t look good with that skin color. She didn’t do good this time

hautemom on

she is a pig. lipstick and all. PIG

Elissa on

Her color is so bad for her dark color skin. It goes to show that not everything she does looks good on her. Also, for a second, her solemn expression reminded me of Cher when she was younger.

Shara on

Looks TERRIBLE. She also waaaaaaay too tan.

myladyeve on

Looks like a really bad wig! She looks better as a brunette.

guest on

Trash is still trash no matter what color of hefty bag it is in. She is a disgrace. Her and her idiot husband need to go away. Sex tapes do not a celebrity make. Who hasn’t had her? Whole family is shallow and without morals. Go away!

guestypie on

Ewe, Ewe, EWE!!! She looks terrible. When will women with darker complexions realize that blonde isn’t for all of them. Some can pull it off, but not many.

Laura on

i hate her blonde
i hate her brunette


Melissa on

In other news, I took a massive dump today. People mag you guys wanna report on that? I am willing to give you blow by blows.

Ksyma on

Dwie różne osoby , wgl nie podobna do siebie .

Peggy Smith on

Yuck. Sleazy looking and does not go with her skin tone at all. Dye it back!

Hey, there on

Not working. At all.

Lacey on

Makes her look dirty.

moi on

What has she done to her face?
She used to look naturally pretty. She is too young to have had that much work done. She looks so unnatural. Kim, just leave it alone.

Monica on

Wig or not, she’s born to be a brunette! SO much prettier dark.

angie on

Looks like a bad wig to me. She’s not looking good these days and she’s only 33!! Imagine her in 10 years….YIKES!!!

itsawig on

It’s a wig!

Just Sayin' on

who fricken cares?

Tina on

Just when you think she can’t look worse she dyes her hair again, clearly the d-bag husband prefers blondes. Too bad she only has enough brain cells to maintain life & not self respect. The hair dresser should know better, if only because she looking this bad reflects poorly on him.

guest on

She looks horrible. What’s with the dark circles under her eyes?

guest22 on

Wig or not, blonde is NOT a good color for her. It is not suited for her skin tone. Plus, I think that it makes her look run down and a lot older. Not a good look, Kim…not a good look.

guest on

She isn’t terribly bright. Listening to her being interviewed is painful.

bitsy on

she looks horrible as a blonde, although she fits the “dumb blonde” stereotype perfectly now, (said tongue in cheek). relax everyone, I too am a natural blonde!

vanessa rojano on

She says on her instagram acct that its a wig

JAC on

Trying too hard to look like Beyonce. Brunette suits her better, blonde makes her look older.

guest 105 on


WS on

The blonde makes her look old and haggard. She needs to stay with the dark brown/black colors, more flattering.

Tina on

Pretty sure it’s a wig, but either way, she looks awful. Not just the hair but the over processed face, WAY too much botox and fillers. Her face is frozen unless she thinks that vapid stupid look is sexy and she just never changes it. She has totally ruined her looks.

janice e. prescott on

Most definitely Brunette. Kanye probably decided she looks better this way. He has ruined her looks and the way she dresses.

lea on

I think Kim is a pretty woman. I don’t understand why her and Beyonce insist on having blond hair. It really takes away from their natural beauty, not to mention the damage all that dying and extensions has on your hair and scalp. But if they like it, I guess…..

sal on

wow she needs to fix her makeup, she has her nose looking really bad! Oh and she isn’t a cute blonde and looks like she is trying to look like Beyonce!

Guest on

Starting to look like Donatella Versace.

Lydia on

Who cares what color hair she has! Could you PLEASE leave her out for an entire week and we hear NOTHING about her!!!! And YES the blond picture of her is a WIG! You can tell!

Marsha on

Oh my, she looks just like Donatella Versace in that blonde pic. Oy.

Greg on

Wiggin’ out!!

Obvious on

Such an obvious wig..and horrible at that.

Jamie on

This is a horrible article. Anyone on instagram can see her post in which she clearly stats she is wearing a wig.

frances on

a wh*** is always a wh*** no matter what colour. Her face is way too dark, whats to go better with K…………………….

karen on

she likes to copy j.lo. bad.bad.

Tina on

That is so obviously a wig. And she looks terrible as a blonde.

mo on

these are the worst pics of her I’ve seen in a while. left= totally plastic. right= totally plastic + orange.
stop- you are actually pretty, so sad

mo on

these pictures are awful. more fake by the day. left= plastic. right= plastic+ orange.
stop already. so sad when pretty people do this to themselves!

JM on

And why does this make news. Who cares. Go away Kim Kardashian.

Jules on

And she got orange skin to go with the blond hair.

Vanna on

It makes her complexion look darker…. Maybe she felt she looked too white next to her husband.

jenn on

And her skin is another color now too!

Mrs Mac on

I really do not even think this is her. The picture of the blonde girls’ eyes look different and the nose doesn’t look as stream lined, and Kim spray tans but the girl with the blonde hair looks really dark. I am not too sure about this one….

Sammi on

I like her neither way, I don’t see an option for that here anywhere? We all aren’t like you People, and live and breathe her or her family. STOP accepting money from them! Every day a new article…who cares about her hair?

Heyleigh on

OK – A “Beyonce” wanna-be…geeeezzzzz.

Heyleigh on

OK – can you say a “Beyonce” wanna-be!! Geeezzzz – she looks totally stupid. Sorry for all of you Kim K. lovers, but she’s just an idiot, and not just because of her bad choice of hair color.

Dawn on

I like the dark hair better.

kristen on

What really horrifies me is the fact that over half a million people follow her actively enough to like this picture. What is this world coming to? And yes, I realize I sadly clicked on this damn story to read it…and I secretly died a little inside.

Tara on

those two pics don’t even look like they are the same person. she is actually attractive as the brunette. looks a dime a dozen as a blonde.

hosta on

No matter what she does, she’ll ALWAYS be friggin ugly!

Rhianna on

That’s clearly a wig

Chris on

Lighter on the hair……..darker on the skin………….still a fruit cake.

Emma on

Kim looks so weird plastic these days whether blonde or not…what happened???

ann kramer on

she is not supposed to be blonde, not a good hair color for her. She does look a little orange

Sally on

People Magazine, enough already!!
We are not interested in the Kardashians, especially Kim
and what she looks like. Stop………

Gigi on

Each time she does new plastic surgery on her face, she changes hair color… So we don’t focus on “what has changed”…. Just look at her “new” lips !

Melanie Colleton on

Have you ever hear of lace front wigs? This is certainly the real deal. Most lace wigs do show what appears to be a scalp and can cost from $39 to $100

April on

Her Instagram even says it’s a wig. How about making sure your stories are right so you don’t look like idiots before you post them people lol.

kiki on

Love love love the blonde. She’s gorgeous either way but the blonde makes her pop!!! Love the Kardashians no matter what everyone says. Love their family unit. I have four sisters and wish we were as close as these guys. Keep it up girls. Love kiki.

LadyInRed on

Looks like she borrowed Beyonce’s wig


Why is this news?

kim on

Kim looks terrible as a blond. it washes her out. Not that I am a fan of her either way. The only time I liked kim was when she was hiding out at her house losing the baby chunk.

Tracey on

She is trying too hard to be Beyonce.

rayjay on

So this earthshaking fandango happened on the 25th of June. It’s now July, and as far as we know, this tramp is still flopping around NY while the help raises her child. She’s 33. She acts 14. Great choice, kanye. Where’s your kid?? The both of you.

MJ on

Beyonce called…she wants her look back

Deb on

I like her dark hair better but I can see why she wants to change colors now and then. I think if she would leave some dark brown in it would look better to me but it’s not my hair.

For all the comments below if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all. You can what about what year you were raised in.

shesays on

When did shimmery orange become an acceptable skin color? Also her lips are blowin’ up as well. It’s like Oompa-loompa meets hip hop booty model.

Katie on

It’s definitely a wig…she even said so herself on Instagram..

mrdoe52 on

and this is news?????

Mari on

Not loving it. . . She’s beautiful as a Brunette! ! ! Not to mention classy! ! ! Blonde is just not doing it for her.

Cupcake on

I love the blonde on her. I think it looks great.

Sue Rosenorn on

It looks like a wig. Otherwise shes going to have major breakage from all the switching back and forth. Black guys like big butt blondes so this is probably why shes sporting it again.

JellyBean on

I can’t stand her blond.
I can,t stand her brunette.

bart on

I feel that she should shave her head and let the sunlight in

bart on

Shave her head and let the sun light in

dorothy on

No I think her black hair suits her better. The blonde looks to fake. Plus if you are going to color your hair you have to do the up keep or it looks trashy like you can’t afford to keep it up and we all know she can.

Nicholas Blair on

That’s Beyonce, right?

Reilley on

She looks kinda ratchet as a blonde.

Steve on

Flip her upside down. We’ll see how blonde she is.

Txmom on

The light hair ages her by 10 to 15 years. Definitely not a good look.

Susker on

Oh man the blond makes her look much older… some people (myself included) just look better as brunettes. When I tried blond I looked utterly ridiculous, and had to go back to brunette just to be able to look myself in the mirror without wanting to poke my eyeballs out! Kim is such a breathtaking beauty, and yes although people don’t like to admit it, she’s quite intelligent too. But that blond thing? Oh no girl, GO BACK, GO BAAAAACK!

RealityShowsSuck on

You can put a bow on a sack of trash and it’s still just a sack of trash!

Donna on

She’s a brunette….she looks better as a brunette. This blonde business is probably Kayne looking for a snowflake.

Toots on

Isn’t that Cher in the photo on the right?

Toots on

Photo on the right looks like her screen test for the new Wil Smith Pochohantas movie.

tj on

Its a wig… check out the white stripe down her part.


Phinolean on

Poor woman. She was homely enough before doing this.

Lena on

Is she trying to look like Beyonce? She’s so trashy, I wish none of us ever had to hear about her or her family again!

Mike on

who cares? why waste the print on this….I don’t care if her hair was green it’s not news.

lisa on

she is trying to look like Beyonce

Ginger on

Makes her skin look dirty!

andy on

sooooo ugly

DJ on

opposites attract… Trying to please that new husband of hers!

Tarzan on

What does she do all day long besides “vacation” and change her hair color? What a sad, vapid individual.

cheban ness on

wow, she looks like her friend jonathon in the blonde picture…tell me she doesnt…

Hugh Askew on

I have to give the woman credit, she HAS brought new meaning to the word, narcissistic.

That seems to be her entire resume.

April on

The blonde washes her face out so the dark is much better!

Sal on

She’s ugly no matter what she does

Fabshionista on

OMG, it’s obviously a wig. What idiot would think that was her real hair??

bird on

not to be rude i kinda thrown off here going blond it looks like the exact shade of beyonce hair color and her getting really dark its kinda creepy . if her hubby requested this then he got some wants from beyonce not his wife . i could be wrong but this look is not helping her out she looks really tired .

Mandii on

Kim’s new garbage bag shaped arse, the dark tan and lace front wig shows someone reaching for something not there. All that surgery screams I’m not enough. Never Beyonce and can’t hold a candle to the purely gorgeous Amber Rose! IJS


AS a blond… Kim look or should I SAY favor Beyonce and I figure since Kanye cant have Beyonce…he wants Kim to favor what he obviously cant HAVE!!!! MY2CENTS

Mr. Ed on

All the blonde in the world won’t cover up that horse-face.

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