Kim Kardashian Continues Her Cleavage-Centric Figure-Flaunting Parade, World Remains Dazzled by Her Assets

06/17/2014 at 11:26 AM ET

In case you hadn’t picked up on any of her previous clues, Kim Kardashian wants you to be aware that she is extremely excited about her body right now and is prepared to show it off in a variety of ways. Would you like to see her in a bikini? She’s here for that, from an assortment of angles. Wondering how her sideboob looks in a swimsuit-turned-bodysuit? Wonder no more. How about an update on her rear view? Well, that’s what high-waisted jeans are for.

Anne Hathaway weekend styleFilmMagic; Inset: Courtesy Kim Kardashian; Splash; Getty

And in case you had picked up on the hints but hadn’t thought about Kim’s post-baby body in like, forty minutes, she’s ensuring that you remedy that immediately in her latest lineup of figure-flaunting ensembles. At Tennessee’s Bonnaroo music festival (far left), she gave a window into her torso situation by wearing a very tight, very sheer tank over a plunging nude bra tucked into J Brand white skinnies. Then for Father’s Day (center) she opted for a more “brunch formal” ensemble of baby-pink curve-enhancing bodysuit and high-waisted army green pencil skirt.

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Finally, she took the girls out on the town in a super-plunging, super-revealing black jumpsuit with a tuxedo blazer and no bra, plus nude heels and some sky-high hair. And though Kim’s no stranger to cleavage-showcasing ensembles, she was snapped holding her jacket together in nearly every photo — a telltale sign of concern that her jumpsuit in motion might result in a nip slip. Pro tip from PEOPLE StyleWatch to any other girls attempting this same maneuver: If you don’t feel like everything is secure before leaving your house, either double down on the double-stick tape or opt for a less dangerous dress.

So we can all safely say we’ve been keeping up with the very latest events in Kardashian kleavage. Everyone finished taking notes? Any comments? Share them below.

–Alex Apatoff

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Amelia on

Trash, not class

Mary on

She looks ridiculous all the time, all she wants is attention.

reindeer on

with all her money and access to great clothes, why in the world can she dress normally for once?

emsmythe on

For once, they use the word flaunt correctly. THIS is flaunting. THIS is pretty sad.

vens on

soon, she can tuck them in her skirts :)

Just Sayin' on

this article is dripping in sarcasm…you would have been better off leaving this on the cutting room floor People! Stop accepting money from this trashy family and stop posting photos of them…WE ARE SICK OF THEIR FACES, BODIES AND THE WHOLE FAMILY

kouzes on

Unbelievable. An entire town in NE has been destroyed by a tornado but your only “activity” is Kim Kartrashian’s boobs. Unbelievable.

guest on


Dave Herrington on

By far her cleavage is the most interesting part of this person and is the most redeeming quality this whole family possess, but the littlest one is pretty cute.

Amy on

Why?! Grow up and cover up!

mrsmass on

“world remains dazzled” what?! no, it doesn’t.

mermaid on


NYC on

When you dont have talent, you use your body.

Bree Zee on

Thanks for confirming that you have fake boobs, even though u have stated ur boobs are real and when you dont wear a bra their all over the place. Doesn’t look like your boobs are all over the place.

dawn on

what is wrong with this family and their hate for undergarments.

Kay on

She is a horrible, disgusting creature…. BUT I like her hair in the black suit picture! LOL….. love the hair, but hate the person.

Bree Zee on

your boobs are out of a bra but yet they look fake. Kim has stated that her boobs are natural and when she doesn’t wear a bra they are all over the place. Liar!

Dawn on

No class! Her boobs are literally crushed in that sheer top, which makes them look even more ridiculous! Nothing but attention craving for this one!

George Bush on

She is a deformed looking part time urinal.

Ms. Lady on

You are beautiful, you have a gorgeous body; however you are a mother and a wife. You could at least try to cover up some for your marriage and to provide a proper example for your young and equally beautiful daughter. We do not need to see your whole breast unless you are breastfeeding. Please buy some class and attempt to cover up. You can still be very sexy without disrespecting your spouse or child.

Sita on

Funny article – well written!

Tate on

Thank goodness you did not publish the picture of her in that black get-up as she is pushing her daughter in the stroller. What a disgrace as a mom.

Yolanda on

For someone so pretty she has no class

guest on


hrword on

this is the face of desperation people. but desperate for what for God’s sake???

julian on

I think People magazine should focus more on real fashion, celebs, etc. I feel like it has taken on a TMZ vibe.

ivy on

So, there is a great article about the Little Couple re-newing their vows…an example of a truly classy couple who share their love and life in a REAL reality show. Then there is Kim and the Kartrashians…just the opposite…trashy, fake, scrited, egotistical and not a clue what real life looks like. UGH!

Julia on

It’s clear that she does not possess a healthy, high self esteem. It’s too bad that she thinks that she needs to show so much skin to gain approval and validation.

AnNoyed on

Because there is very little dazzling about her other than her body?


why is aol fascinated with the Kardashians. so sick of them. there are so many other important issues. enough already!

AnNoyed on

She must be job hunting.

Joe Petitjean on

Trash that has no class at all..In about 10 years from now North will say mom look at theses pictures i found of you,She will say these people hate me and our family so i needed to let my bad boys out so they say bad things about me.North would say i hope you are glad b#it#h now all my friends think you are trash.

Dianne on

does she ever get tired of worshipping her own body, geez, this woman is pathetic

sara on

Kendell is taking away Kim’s attention so Kim has to figure out how to take back all the attention so she has to almost show her boobs. Kendell and Kylie are so much prettier than Kim. Kendall is modeling for top agencies and Kim’s jealous.

floormodel on

she no longer looks like herself now she looks like a male Kim Kardashian impersonator.

isa on

She is so pathetic, it’s sad.

Bhavana on

She’s a beautiful woman, but she should stop showing so much of herself. If she was on the beach I could understand, but just going about her everyday routine does not require so much cleavage. Who’s she trying to impress? She already got her man.

Foxtrotter on

This woman has millions. She could be doing so much good in the world yet she offers nothing back to the world except her arrogance.

Sue on

She is so desperate for attention….it’s so sad. Maybe she should spend more of that time on her kid…

KD on

She and the rest of her family are such a joke… her boobs are not even that nice, not even big at all. H*ell my tits are three times the size of hers and you don’t see me trying to show the world.

Valerie Rose on

Where are pics showing her doing something positive like feeding starving children or something?

Deb on

Total trash-next up for this no-talent ho-hmm, she will be photographed nude, with the “appropriate” heels of course. Sigh, enough of this trash E!

Carly on

I guess when you have a little sister fast overtaking you in the celebrity race you will do anything to keep attention focused on you. Simplest way? Flash your huge fat droopy boobs and pucker up your fake trout lips.

Lexie on

When does this woman find the time to spend with her daughter? She’s always so busy shopping and socializing…showing off her boobs, really…when does she find time?

She disgust me.

Jess on

Two words- trashy pig…

M on

Assets? i wouldn’t wnat to look like that for any amount of money!

Tina on

There show is tanking so they are pulling outall the stops to get attention. Their fame is fading lucky for Kim she has Kanye to fall back on when the empire crashes n burns

jen smith on

Might as well tattoo “fake” on the cleavage. Does ske have any clothes that don’t expose something?

Suzanne on

Her body is so ugly!! Seriously her ass is abnormal!!! The boobs are fake… in the heck can anyone think this gal has a pretty shape….they call them her ‘curves’ …just a nice way of saying ‘FAT ASS”

BD on

I guess by now she proved two things to everybody:
1. She is definitely a female
2. Her taste is terrible.

This woman has a great body, very curvy. Why can’t she find clothes that flatter her? She has so much money and so little taste!

Mary Lynn on

That is so totally unapproate for a mother to wear
In public Shame on her

PeeP on

You have to read what Kanye said about their wedding photos on T M Z. He and Kim worked on the flower wall wedding pic for 4 days for Instagram and it ruined their honeymoon.
They ruined their honeymoon by obsessing about themselves .

HM on

What a PIG.

Suzanne on

Big ass, no class!!! Needs to stop taking advice from her “pimping” mom!!!

flip on

Show is tanking fast. Let’s all hope they will all disappear for good!

lele on

I think she looks amazing , she does have an amazing body, maybe not the best , but she is a beautiful woman. Plastic surgery and all.

Kayne called her the Marylin Monroe of our time. Well Monroe was a very negative, loose , adulterous, woman so he hit it on the head.
I like Kim, its its no surprise she cares about looks her show she is always in the Dr trying to deage stuff. She is very public with it.

Kim on

Of course she continues to flaunt her boobs…she can’t do anything else! Until people stop buying POEPLE magazine the Kardash family will continue to exist. I only logged on this to say STOP buying into this trash!!!

Kim on

What is sad that this ‘woman’ is raising a daughter. A daughter that will grow up the same way the rest of the Kardashians have and believe it’s what’s on the outside that counts. No substance . No class. Look who she married for Gods sake. A narcissistic idiot.

Lydia on

Why do you think you ALWAYS need ALL the ATTENTION on yourself? You are a mom now show your daughter some respect and dress yourself appropriately! We know you have FAKE boobs, there too perfect to be your own. An we know you have a LARGE butt, again don’t wear TIGHT bottoms it is not ATTRACTIVE on you.

Jamie on

TRASH!!! Money doesn’t buy you class…class comes from how you carry yourself…comes from within! Please just go away and take your entire family with you. I wonder how your late father would feel about this…but you would be nowhere without his hard work!

Veggie85 on

Why is this all she is? How is she not depressed by being reduced, and reducing herself to “stories” like this?

J on

Pretty soon you won’t be able to tell if she isn’t wearing a bra or if her knees are swollen….

Tina G. on

Jealous betties the lot of you. The more you cyber bully, the more press she gets, duh. It’s not rocket science, don’t like it.. get off the internet & stop trolling for pictures and articles of her in People Mag.

sam on

I guess if I paid a lot for my body parts like she has, I would want to show them off, too. It would be a waste not to show off the purchases that she made. ( or her surgeon). She seems to have lost her heart and her top since hooking up with Kanye. Both of them are so narcisstic that they love themselves – topless.

KdgMom on

It’s NO WONDER Kendall and Kylie are “expressing themselves” through their own wardrobe, with this idiot as a role model. KRIS OH KRIS WHERE ARE YOU??!!

MJ on

She sure loves her BIG implants..

guest on

I’d love to see what she looks like with a bag over her head. Got one for that??

Dana on

People Magazine!!! Who cares!!! Please stop wasting your mag and online site with trash!!! Geez!!!

angela on

Why in earth someone should be famous for the way she dress?

hey on

Yeah my girl aint no hobbit

Cheryl on


Marie on

I never knew there were so many interesting ways to flaunt the cleavage! LOL. Only with KK I guess. It’s all she knows so it’s a must she continues on with her job. What an important person and role model. Haha.

csa on

isnt this pigs 15 minutes of fame up yet

cynda on

Dazzled by her fake b00bs? I don’t think so. Her legs are so bloated she couldn’t even fasten the boots all the way up. Pathetic.

guest on

PUT THEM AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ja on

What a role model she’ll be for her little girl

Zeze on

Yes, this is exactly what I wear when I take my infant for a stroll.

flip on

All of you – please GO AWAY forever. OMG!

kat on

What’s new hobag?

guest on

Trash. Show is tanking. Soon they will all be gone!! Please pray everyone!!

JA on

Big boobs are God’s way of making up for a serious lack of class, brains, and personality.

LA6226 on

Who is that sad, little person?

diva on

Am just grossed out by this family…even more so that her baby half sister has now undergone plastic surgery to look like kim…it’s not a warm fuzzy feeling.

frances on

Why does People always shows us headlines or pictures of
this w***e. No class she never looks good so why bother,
it just shows young girls the wrong message, like her
younger sisters.

Dee on

Kim is pretty but enough with the pictures….it’s getting redundant

cee on

She looks great! You got it, Flaunt it!

Barry on

This has got to be one of the most inane articles I’ve ever seen on here, and that’s saying something. The “world” is not “dazzled by her assets.” Most of the world doesn’t give a rat’s a**.

angie on

All outfits are ridiculous but they’re in keeping with the rest of her wardrobe. Not one thing she wears accentuates anything positive on her, but rather all the negatives. Such bad style for someone who claims to be into high fashion. If this is what passes for high fashion these days, then colour me outdated!! What won’t this girl do for attention??

Nanu 08 on

Kinda sad knowing all she has going on is showing off her mom boobs which is one big YAWN away from as boring as mama Kris exposing her’s…….somebody please get them a total make-over dressing to fit the age and body…..can see the outline of Kim’s SPANX in that pencil skirt……….

Allison on

All I can say is “Octomom” the second. She’s starting to look just like her.

guest on

HEY PEOPLE MAG….Tony Gwynn died but I see NO coverage. Please post articles that are relevant…..I could give a rats a** about KK’s boobs…..

WowPeople on

People is now on the level of the bottom of the barrel tabloids. She is a piece of trash and you trying to escalate her into superstar status is a joke. She is a no talent attention wh ore and you are her pimp E, errr, People. The world remains dazzled by her assets??? Bwahahahahahahahahah. TIme to stop coming to this site.

kathy from fla on

She looks gross. How old are you? Grow up! Be a Mom! Its sad that you feel you need to flaunt your fake boobs to get attention. How sad I feel for you. Must be Kanye’s idea..

Michele on

Please, please , please stop printing photos and pictures of any of the Kardashians.

G brown on


Carolyn on

Her clothes are seriously ugly. If you’d seen any of the sex tape with Ray J you’d understand the kind of sleazy lowlife you’re dealing with.

Kara on

Wow, this is a pretty snarky article considering PMK owns this rag.
Are you finally catching on that 99.9% of people hate this family?

norma on

why not if she has beauty tits why not show to everyone I wish have such

DI on


Linda on

Ho, Ho, Ho!

DI on

Sexy isn’t necessarily always revealing everything you’ve got. What’s wrong with leaving them guessing a bit? In this case, she’s a married woman and a mother. I don’t think she has to become matronly but being a slight more conservative and selective about who gets a peep is appropriate at this point.

Kathy on

She has to flaunt her body, cause that’s all she has to show. She has no talent, no personality….just a fat butt and big boobs.

Corgi on

Ladies and Gentlemen – Mother of the Year!!! A mom who shows her boobs all the time and a father that uses ni**a all the time – poor North is doomed…….

GP Stoll on

Nasty ho

Kathy on

She has to flaunt her body, cause that’s all she has to show. She has no talent, no personality….just a fat butt and big boobs.

People makes me laugh… said it couldn’t publish my remark cause I’d already posted it, which is wrong.

FeelinFroggy on

Nasty girl!!! Yuck!!

L on

How much stock does Ryan Seacrest and this family have in People magazine that you continuously force this garbage on the public ?!?!!?.

JAC on

She is so engrossed with herself that nothing else matters..nothing!

shawn on

I don’t always read about self-absorbed, no talent egomaniacal, but when I do, I prefer… Kardashians

Maria on

That’s not flaunting, it just putting it out there like every hoe on every corner in every city.

Lp on

What happened to her face?

onganosrus on

Yo Kim! In case you have forgotten…you are a mother now! Keep your boobs to yourself, you husband & your daughter! The world doesn’t want to see them! Show a little pride in yourself!

Leila on

She might as well be naked. Why wear clothes at all? Is Kanye stopping her from being naked? You would think that maybe marriage changed a little bit, but not. She’s like an older version of Miley Cyrus. She should live in a nudist colony. Years from now she MIGHT realize that these outfits weren’t the smartest things to photograph. She’s a mom, she should dress like she’s her role model; not a playboy bunny..

sha on

I guess she needs attention 24/7 god when is her 15 minutes of fame going to end soooooooooooooooo sick of her and her family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO AWAY!

veggie mama on


amy on

Do the women in that family know ANYTHING except flashing body parts??

tabitha on

First of all, did you people who despise this family SO much know that you have a mouse that allows you to click off of this story and onto another one?! Crazy hey?! Secondly, who cares how she dresses, you are not paying her clothing bill, nobody is forcing you to look at her? What a bunch of hateful, rude, horrid people you let me guess in all your intelligent glory, I bet I will hear things like, ” Kris, is this you?” or ” A Kartrashian fan” sorry to tell you I am neither, just sick and tired of stupid, intolerant people!

ImALadyToo on

Dear People Editors,

This family is known for nothing other than their trashy lives. I would guess the majority (99%) of your readers don’t want to see or read anything about them. So, please, give us a break and discontinue reporting on these clowns.

Rosemarie on

She does everything for attention! Can’t she put on a pair of jeans and a T-shirt and take her baby for a stroll? No make up—-no fancy hair….Why must she always be on display? All this nonsense used to be annoying. Now I just feel sorry for this woman.

Rosemarie on

Also, People – you should really stop reporting on these idiots! They do nothing for except exploit themselves and pose, pose, pose. They really are useless.

Rae on

Nowadays, I find that the words ‘Kim Kardashian’ and ‘disgusting’ are quite interchangeable. Try it!

Taylor sparkles on

Trashy! Your a mother cover up! I hope your daughter doesn’t see this one day

tinybitsofmylife on

Why. Does. She. Need. To. Do. This????

innerjuju on

She is pure trash.

kendra on

The Kardashians trying to out ho each other.

Lee on

Who. Freaking. Cares.

ljjf on

Please Kim stop looking like a street walker, For God’s sake, show some respect for yourself.

ME on

No….the world really is NOT amazed by her fat legs, plastic chest and fakeness…..Kris must have a stake in People!!!

Jaycee on

Absolutely no class. Now her little sisters are dressing the same way to grab their fifteen minutes of fame. I feel sorry for her child. Money sure cannot buy good judgement.

Ev on

She has absolutely no self respect. What a poor example she is setting for her daughter and sisters.

Victoria on


nikki on

She will never have any class! She dresses like atramp, no lady goes around with her boobs hanging out all the time. Does she really need the attention? Something is missing in her life that she always wants to be the center of attention. So insecure!

darcie on

Well of course People wouldnt post my comment because you sale mags and make money off of pushing these so called celebs on society every chance you get and they get more famous by you doing do so…safe to say you’re not bias?! America please stop making these non-contributers to society rich!

Ginger on

I gotta say, I really have no problem with rich women decking themselves out – pampering themselves and putting their best foot forward. But why must this lady constantly show her milk jugs? Who cares???????

Jerz on

I’ll keep my flat-chested, small-ass figure any day.

Debra on

Clueless. Period!!

Li on

Classy mom…

Say It Isn't So on

I think her younger sister is taking the attention away from Kim and she’s not liking that.

Courtney on

Can we PLEASE stop supporting this family? They have shown no talent, just their private parts and yet, we are still forced to hear about them every day.

meg on


em on

Ho. Ho. Ho.

stinky on

when she’s photographed leaving her hotel (or whatever) she always reminds me of someone who is not actually going somewhere…she’s just going out to pose in a new outfit, get her picture taken and then back home.

Vanessa on

The only picture I like of her is on the far right. The other two are tacky, especially the see-through top one. But I like the white pants and stilettos, but the top half of her is grosse in that picture. And the boots in the middle picture are ugly and do not go with that outfit. The best part of the far right picture is her hair. But the outfit isn’t bad, either.

Beth Campbell on

Kim, we get it. You have curves, you think you are the most beautiful woman in the world, your taste for fashion (and men) is completely lacking. Please go away.

debbie on

If you got it why not flaunt it! God knows I can’t!

required on

Can you imagine what the BUTT IMPLANT looks like before they put it in? A rubber butt, haha….

Ebrena on

Poor woman-it is so classless to feel the need for on going attention. I have no words.

Patti on

I wonder why she needs so much attention?? Both her and her mean mother Kris have over inflated cheeks from filler’s they don’t look right. For someone who thinks herself so hot-she never smiles-is that because it’s suppose to look sexy??

Alex on

Get off the air, Kimberly, you are wasting our time!
He’s very not pleased with you.

SaraJ on

She looks GORGEOUS.

Anna on

I dunnu I am not liking her curves anymore.. the proportions looks bizarre

Lana on

I say thank you Kim Kardashian. I just saw one of the worst, most horrendous headlines I’ve ever seen. I didn’t ask to see it. I was on Slate and it showed a thumbnail of this horrific Huffpo title. (I will never go to either site again.)

So I came to People for brain bleach and I have to say that I am so grateful for Kim and her completely superficial fashion experiments. I don’t care if she flaunts any part of herself, it’s just the human body. At least hers is pretty. When the world gets scary and horrific it’s a relief to take a break with something harmlessly entertaining and superficial. This is her public image, none of us knows the real her, and her image is reliably, comfortingly consistent. So thanks Kim K. All the best to you.

guest on


Amp88 on

I like Kim, but come on! Put a shirt on. Save the boobs for your husband.

DE on

TRASHY, not attractive!

Vicky on

Wow! She is SO fat!!! Very unattractive!

leigh on

She’s beautiful!

rob on

why do we care about this do nothing no talent family. wake up america. there are better things to do in life than watching this train wreck of a family

nicole on

cover up ya w-h-o-r-e

Amanda on

I’m tired of her boobs too, but she finally got her hair decent.

juliebug04 on

I absolutely CANNOT be the only person that is repulsed by this ridiculous family and their self promotion. Trash is trash whether the trash bag it’s in is made by Hefty or Chanel……

juliebug04 on

I absolutely CANNOT be the only person that is repulsed by this ridiculous family and their self promotion. Trash is trash whether the trash bag it’s in is made by Hefty or Chanel……

Guest on

Weird female. Weirder (fat) body. Plastic zombie. She needs soooo much attention, one hubz is never going to be enough. Mama definitely dropped this one on her head as an infant. Both fell down together. We are seeing (terrible) results.

guest on

Do you think she is trying to compete with J LO? She doesn’t have a chance. She bares her droopy breasts (as soon as she is done nursing, if she still is, she will have a breast lift the next day) and Kendall hasn’t had breast implants yet, so she bares her crotch.

beckymack on

Her hair looks great in the jumpsuit shot!

bella on

She’s such a disgrace . . . and her mother is even worse. She is just clueless . . . seriously clueless! There is nothing about them that makes them famous! Why so much magazine time??? I know this is going to sound awful but she acts and talks like an uneducated idiot …..It’s really sad

Karen on

Hey People Magazine can’t you find someone else more worthy of the publicity than Kim K.? If she wants to go braless, fine do it, but I’m sick to death of her and the whole family.

Brittanie Sidebottom on

To be brutally honest, I don’t find this classy or “sexy” at all. This is the total opposite. She is a mom now, she needs to dress like one. Flaunting herself for the world to see is tacky, unladylike, and a horrible example for North and every other girl out there who looks up to her. I’m not saying she needs to dress like a grandma or anything, but at least use common sense and think “would I want my daughter wearing that in public?”. If the answer is no, then you shouldn’t wear it. You are her best example and role model. Even when you think she’s not looking or isn’t with you, you should still set a positive example for her, especially being in the public eye like this, because people talk. And also because you’re not only North’s role model, but girls all over the world look up to you too.

jude on

TRASH….just trash.

Kathy on

… the world is “dazzled” by her assets. Really??? I think not. There is nothing about her that I (or for that matter anyone I know) are “dazzled” by.

gopackgo on

Hey People, there were TWIN Tornados in Nebraska – a town was destroyed, people died, but all you care about is Kim K’s Twins. I no longer purchase your magazine because all that’s in there is the Kartrashians. You would think the people at PEOPLE would be sick of them as well. This woman is nothing but a piece of trash. Wait till her daughter grows up and wants to flaunt her ta ta’s around town. It’s a learned behavior. She is attention starved – my god, how can she even find room to love her daughter when she is so in love with herself.

Charli Mabriel on

I don’t see how you can be proud of something that’s not yours. Also, if she’s okay with plastic surgery why on earth doesn’t she “fix” her lower half. I think she’s very pretty but her booty is not.

guest on

Shamefull , this is supposed to be a married woman and her husband is no better for letting her do this .

Irene on

Everything about her is fake! She does not have natural “anything”. Every asset she has is bought and plastic looking. I think she looks boxie and on the heavy set side.

Kan't Stand the Kartrashians on

Wonder if she’s still nursing–oh, wait, her daughter’s 1 already? Her teeth would have to chomp through the silicone…I love how Kim is barely holding on to her jacket when she clearly has nothing on underneath. She should pull a Scout Willis & let ’em fly! [or stand up, America! since they most likely won’t whistle in the wind…]

Mary Thomas on

Her younger sister is starting to get the attention, and she knows she only has a few more years, and won’t be the center of attention anymore, so she’s doing all she can to get as much attention as she can now. Ten years from now little sis will still be going strong, and she will be Kim who?

ChimChim on

New, perhaps. Interesting? Not so much. Desperate and pathetic? Absolutely.

jd on

So desperate for attention.

Lisa on

She really needs to learn to dress for her body shape. I know she loves to wear skin tight everything, but it honestly doesn’t complement her figure.

vljohnson02 on

She needs to hire someone to buy her clothes. She’s got horrible taste.

guest on

Honey Boo Boo and her family have more class!

shena on


Janet697 on

why does the writer of this article seems to think the world is dazzled by a kartrashian quite the oppisite would be more like it. Kim and the think she married along with the rest of Kim’s family have absolutely no class.

Lea on

Lets see, first momma had to make sure they made a profit on that unfortunate sex tape; then she just had to do that Playboy photoshoot for posterity; so hey, how why don’t we just let it all hang out for the whole world to see. Obviously, they do know what Kim is famous for and after 10 years they know we’re getting tired of all of them so how can they get a few more bucks while they can? Well, so far for Kim, sex has been selling.

Treat on

She’s no Kate Middleton that’s for sure😝

Me on

So insecure! This women can not get over the fact that her sexsymbol days are over! She should say thank you for amazing times I used to had to be It girl, but now I’m a mom so let’s have some class and leave the hot mess look to the next generation! She should take note from Sophia Loren or Angelina Jolie! Your train passed..

Nanu 08 on

What does she have that is so special…….wide hips, that extra large butt, and mom boobs!!!! every man’s dream Kanye that is!!!!!! YAWN

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