See Kim Kardashian's Full Bridal Look in First Wedding Portrait with Husband Kanye West and Baby North (Plus: See the Bridesmaids' Dresses!)

06/12/2014 at 11:39 AM ET

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West‘s Memorial Day weekend wedding was a social media event, with tons of sneak peeks and behind-the-scenes photos shared by family and friends. Now, we’re getting a closer look at the lavish affair, starting with the first family portrait of Kim, Kanye and their adorable 10-month-old daughter, North.

Kim Kardashian family wedding portraitCourtesy Kim Kardashian

“My everything,” Kim captioned the photo of her family on Instagram, posing outdoors at the Forte di Belvedere in Florence, Italy, where the couple exchanged vows in front of a wall crafted from $100,000 worth of flowers The bride, clad in a custom Givenchy Haute Couture by Riccardo Tisci long-sleeve, sheer-paneled lace design, gives her best sultry gaze into the middle distance as she stands next to her husband and North (who were both dressed in Givenchy as well). The photo also gives a close look at Kim’s bridal makeup (she wore $10 lipstick) and simple jewelry (her favorite Martin Katz diamond studs — a pregnancy gift from Kanye).

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Khloé Kardashian also shared an intimate snapshot from the big day, giving a first look at the bridesmaids’ dresses (photo below). Clad all in white, the Kardashian and Jenner ladies sit in a circle as Kanye addresses the room. While we’d love to know what he’s saying to prompt such surprised looks from the crowd (maybe he broke the news about Rob Kardashian bailing on the big day?), it’s hard to divert our attention away from Kris Jenner’s décolletage.

Family ❤️

A photo posted by Khloé (@khloekardashian) on

Right now, Kim and Kanye are vacationing in Punta Mita, Mexico, to celebrate Kanye’s birthday, just a few weeks after returning from Ireland on their honeymoon. So stay tuned for some sexy bikini photos, and hopefully a few more wedding ones as well.

What do you think of the family’s wedding look? Share your thoughts below!

–Brittany Talarico

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Foxtrotter on

Doesn’t everybody in this picture look enormously happy!!

Kriss on

Everybody looks so…happy… :/

Margarita on

The epitome of the virginal bride (eyes rolling). She looks ridiculous with that veil. Veils are meant to cover “sacred” objects. Back in the 13th century, the veil was intended for Noble women and forbidden to be worn by prostitutes or common women. Oh how times have changed.

sky on

Beautiful family

Jen on

Hmmmm….I wonder what her 4th wedding dress will look like.

charlie on

yep, the happiest newlyweds I have ever seen, even wee compass is sharing in the mood

Maggie on

I love how they are all beaming with joy. Kim actually looks like a wax figure; completely emotionless and plastic looking and Kanye, well that’s Kanye. The only time I would think I would see these two losers appear content and they look like their walking to their own executions.

Jane on

I’ve never seen a more miserable looking family. Kayne looks really pissed off.

DE on

That is the worst wedding picture EVER!

Joanne on

Is it just me or does she look like a mannequin? Prop her up in a store window and no one would notice. The baby is cute though.

Zoe on

And Kim’s got her usual bewildered look on her face. Kanye look’s annoyed as per usual and baby North looks sad.
The funniest thing is Kim the porn star wearing white!!! LOL What a joke!

Lezbhonest on

Baby is soooooo adorable!!! Kanye looks like he is so in love with her!

Kimberly on

I must say no matter what I feel about Kim K her daughter is a very pretty baby!

Lynne on

The baby. Her face. She’s like – can’t I just stay back in the hotel room and sleep a little longer. Or when do we get to the park. I thought there would be cats and dogs to play with here. A child this young – so not having any fun. So true.

bitsy on

that really is a horrible dress kim is wearing and that is one of the worst pictures of a newlywed couple ever. even little north looks peeved!

sal on

wow can you say photoshopped? Pathetic that they had to edit the so called mother in….so fake!

Nanu 08 on

Kanye has his usual snarl, Kim looks awful in that veil and North looks unhappy so must not have been a good time………maybe North is trying to figure out who these two are and Babydada has a fat roll in back of his head…..yuck!!!!

guest on

Clearly she doesn’t know what the veil symbolizes. Hilarious that she’s posing in her white veil with her baby in the picture. She might as well have had her sex tape in the pic with them.

Sue on

I don’t want to sound like just another hater, but honestly…her dress looks like she’s wearing a bib?? I really used to like her style, but ever since she allowed Kanye to control her clothing, she always looks awful :( As for their family wedding portrait…a picture is worth a thousand words, unfortunately. North looks miserable, like her Daddy, and Kim looks plastic and absent. Just weird…

Donna on

The whole wedding was a joke! To spend that much money when it could have helped people in need! That entire family are all self centered, CONCEITED B.. who are constantly taking pictures of themselves. Who does that? Oh, THEY DO! And, little North isn’t all that cute either!!!!! It’s a shame she won’t have a chance at a normal life growing up in that pathetic environment!

journeybloo on

Kris Jenner….real class act there. Her boobs were her +1 to the wedding.

Sue on

Baby looks super depressed and uncomfortable. As always Kim looks fake and plastic..oh wait that.s right she is all plastic Kenya looks PO, but thats normal for him..

Kat on

Kanye is in love with the idea of a big family him being an only child then having lost his mother. I don’t believe Kim loves him the same way he loves her. This is not gonna work, she’s gonna break his heart and take off with his $$ plus custody battles, etc. He’s f-ed.

Julie on

Is it just me or does North look just as annoyed as the rest of the world with this wedding.

Sacre on

Kanye looks pissed, North looks confused, Kim looks stoned and all the sisters/bridesmaids, North & Kris all have a WTF?! look on their faces in response to whatever Kanye is saying to them.

Sue on

All the sisters in the group photo appear to be annoyed with Kenya.. thinking , “What does he want? Notice one person missing. Poor Rob such a castaway. How about a tailored white suit for him (usher maybe or personal attendant to kenya?)Obese, severe depression and mommy dearest is busy shoving her ugly mug and fake boobs into the pic. Awful awful mother, its hard to think about..only $$ and media matter to her. POOR ROB.

Marylou on

I think the baby looks bewildered….who are these people??

Ladyd on

Looks like they are all getting an ear full!!!

Marcy on

Worst photo ever. It just confirms that money and fame do not by happiness

Jean on

What a ugley picture! Kanye is even looking at the camera!

Dana on

Call me crazy, but I have not once EVERY seen a picture of that child smiling and happy….every shot of her looks like this! And she will be one soon. I’m grateful and thankful to say that I have TONS of happy, fun, smiley pictures of my 2 year old son. North just never seems happy, that is sad.

Dana on

***Sorry, I meant EVER seen a picture of North looking happy***

whatever on

BEAUTIFUL BABY…I feel sorry for her growing up with this dimwits

whatever on

I think baby North never looks happy cause she is surrounded with craziness and paparazzi
Poor child…and she is soooo adorable :)

Wy on

That is the ugliest dress I have ever seen. It looks like she has on the baby’s bib!!!

WJS on

Wow, what is Kris Jenner trying to prove with her saggy bags hanging out like that…speaking of saggy bags, Nice pic Mr. and Mrs. Kardashian.

Andrea on

I can’t tell who’s more miserable in the photo: North or Kim and Kanye. Poor North almost looks like she’s trying to find a familiar face because she being held by a stranger. She looks more comfortable on Khloe’s lap than in her own fathers arms. And Kim and Kanye looks like they just want the photo session to be over with so they can get away from the baby.

mrsmass on

and how is that a matching dress?

Tobs on

This is hilarious!!!! She’s wearing a veil! Good Lord!!! And everyone look soooooo miserable!!!

Mrs. Woodrow on

I think they all look great, except for Kris. Her low cut dress is extremely tacky.

anon on

Holy cleavage mom!

heather on

North looks uncomfortable because she has no idea who those two people are.

Jezebel on

That baby is just a prop!

N.Lawatch on

Why is Kim wearing a mosquito net ? If she is
Protecting herself from insects, why isn’t she protecting
Her daughter, too ?
Also, in the photo with all of the ladies, why is Kris’ robe
Open so that her breasts are hanging out?
Pretty inappropriate for a mother-in-law in front of her
son-in-law . Neither she or Kanye or the others probably
Realized it or they would have been soooo embarrassed.

rem on

I’m not a Kardashian fan but, if I’m not mistaken, this was Kanye’s first marriage. Maybe it was his dream to see his wife coming down the aisle in a white dress and a huge reception. And I’m not a Kanye fan either, but he deserves that.

Lilyflower on

…….I was distracted by Kris Jenner’s cleavage.

Aly on

Actually Jen, I think you mean her 5th wedding dress. If you’ll remember when you married the 2nd time it was such a glorious event that she wore 2 wedding dresses. In response to some of the other posters who mentioned how happy everyone looks, did you notice that even the baby looks “happy”. With that said, all I can do is wish them the best of luck.

hrword on

how is it that ALL THREE are captured with scowls? they can change their names to the Scowl family

cj1978 on

Usually when people get married they are happy and smile.

Lo on

What’s with the constant repetition of “$10 lipstick”? Who cares when they spent $100K on flowers alone!?!

Karen on

As usual Kris looks ridiculous. What a freak.

Karen on

As usual she is forgetting that she is the mother of the bride, and looks ridiculous. Can’t stand her.

Karen on

Kris Jenner looks ridiculous. Desperate for Attention. Sickening.

Nancy Cordova on

Kanye looks annoyed at carrying his daughter. Kim looks like she’s in la-la-land all by herself….the baby is adorable, though.

Jayden on

Those must be the two best pictures that they have of the family at the wedding. They NEVER release anything that doesn’t look like it’s been Photoshopped 100 times over where everyone looks perfectly perfect.

Pnut on

Totally not a fan of this couple, but I have to point out that North will be one year on Sunday, so 10-month-old is incorrect. I know this because she shares a birthday with my daughter, but while I spend every day with my daughter, North seems to be left behind a lot. No wonder she looks confused in that picture. She’s probably wondering who these people are.

Pnut on

Oh, and PS: maybe next time
Khloé doesn’t post a picture of her underaged sister with champagne in her hand.

Tango on

fckin’ ugly offspring. She chose poorly.

heather on

Drinking age in Europe isn’t 21 so she’s not underaged.

Green Princess on

Have you ever noticed that Khloe is always holding the babies? North looks very relaxed and content in her arms. I’m not a fan of this pop/reality family but I have to say at least the seem to be in it together versus so many estranged families today.

Katie on

I would love to know what Kanye said to the sisters/mom in the photo. They all have this WTF look on their faces like he just said “after today, she is under my control and you have no say in anything anymore.”

Jo on

If my mother had ever even considered wearing a dress like Kris Jenner wore to Kimye’s wedding, she would be another missing souls from the festivities. How could these girls be anything but bimbos with a youth obsessed mother like they have. Remember before Kim’s last wedding, she had to get a face lift. I guess she wants people to think she is one of the girls instead of their madam !

Dee on

In the first picture North looks like she’s thinking, “Who ARE these people?”
LOL @ the second photo. Kris with her boobs hanging out and Kendall sucking down booze.
I wonder if Kanye was saying, “Now y’all try not to act like common trash out there today, okay?”
North looks much more comfortable in Khloe’s arms than in Kim or Kanye’s though.

Sandy on

He looks mad about something, she looks just awful, her hair is all plastered down to her forehead and that veil is just horrible. Little North is cute but doesn’t look too happy

Goggles~a~Pisano on

Not exactly a happy looking family.

Janet697 on

they got the dresses mixed up .Kim has on a hooker style bibbed dress with no sides or back just so she could prove she was a ho. The kid looks absolutly miserable poor thing. And well the ugly male enough said.

sofia on

weird hairline from kim

BH on

Can’t you just feel the love?

Jen40 on

Am I the only one that thinks her dress is ugly? It looks like she is wearing a big napkin tucked into her collar.

Nicole on

They all look so scared.

donnatex on

I would bet that when Kim released this pic, she was only looking for one that made her look good…because that baby does NOT look happy at all.

Sam on

Ohhh, baby North is adorable!! What a little sweetheart! I would love to cuddle that little girl. Kanye, she looks good on you, so cute! Nice family picture.

Say It Isn't So on

From the look on Kris and Kim’s sister’s faces in the second photo – it looks like they are shocked at what Kanye is telling them and not too happy about it.

heather on

I don’t get why you say matching. The baby’s dress isn’t like Kim’s.

Lesli on

Was so hoping the kid would NOT look like her daddy but alas she does….

Guest on

In what world is that dress matching !!!!

Tanya on

I am not a fan of this clan, and dont know how long this couple will be together…gotta say mom Jenner looks, is trash, come on…

jane on

man that kid always looks sad

dawn on

they are all wearing white how cute.

seabot on

As if we needed more proof People was Kardashian-run publication – you have this on the front page as “What you love right now” even though the “angry” votes are twice as high as the “love.”

laura on

Good grief, Kris – cover your boobs! We do not need to see the mother of the bride’s cleavage! Narcissistic head cases all of them (except North – she’s the only one showing any expression). But give her time as Kimye will probably have her start botox at age 12.

Super duper on

Poor North. Obviously she looks tired and grumpy and her mother doesn’t even hold her hand or North herself for that matter. Wouldn’t want to ruin her Givenchy, so Kanye takes over. As usual Kim posts only pics where she looks good, nobody else matters. This makes me sad actually.

Bev on

Woww.. Could Kris look any more trashy???

Guest on

How oddly telling the photos are! Boy does Kris need a better top. Ieeewwww

Bhavana on

Their baby is absolutely adorable in all her chubbiness. I wish they had posted a picture of her smiling, though. In fact, they all should be smiling. It’s their wedding day, which is supposed to be a joyous occasion.

Blah on

One of the worst wedding photos I’ve seen. She looks so plastic and fake. How sad. North is a cutie. Too bad she will plastering her face with make up in a few years and begging to have plastic surgery just like all of her female “role models.”

connie on

OMG… this family never smile!!!! it’s frustrating

thenitenurse on

I think the picture would have been a lot prettier if they had Kim take her veil off and waited till North had settled down for the picture. I mean Kanye wasn’t even looking at the camera because the kid was so upset.

Yolie on


Sara on

Poor thing, looks just like her dad.

Super duper on

Second picture Kanye be goin “now I gotta warn you, if anyone laughs or tells Kim she be wearing a fool dress wit a bib all on the front, they be dealing wit me.”
Kardashians ” yes Yeezus, whatever you say”
Kanye :” I managed to talk Bruce outta wearin a dress…now Kris, I gotta tell you, y’all need to reign them ageing puppies in. And no, you can’t ask Kim if you can borrow her bib “

Nikki on

Kim has achieved a new level of vacant, emotionless, disconnected, and completely plastic while Kanye looks lost as to what to do with their accessory child. Compass is the only one with an appropriate expression. And the more pictures she reveals of that dress, the worse it looks. Maybe she’ll do better at the next wedding.

L on

She looks dead behind the eyes….this is a HORRIBLE picture. Poor North, such a cutie…probably looks crabby because she has no idea who these people are holding her.

Amy on

They look miserable.

cristiana on

Kris lookes half naked, which seems kind of inappropriate. And Kanye kind of looks like a really small guy!

Jessie on

Everyone in the second picture looks miserable … Like Kanye is saying something crazy… I wonder if he’s having a Mitch moment ?

Randy Jackson on

The child looked better than the bride.Frankly all that fuss about her wedding dress and what a disappointment. She looked terrible in that picture.As if she had been cleaning the house and start to cook with what looks like a big bib .And that hair ! What kind of a hairdoo is that! I didn’t expect her to look like that.TACKY TACKY!

Jen on

Call me old fashioned, but I just don’t think you wear a veil over your face as your third husband holds your baby next to you. The baby is precious though!

Alex Smithe on

That’s the worst picture ever!! And Northwest, while I’m sure a sweet baby, looks like she has fangs! This was the best photo they had?

guest on

Poor North looks like she’s wondering who these two strangers are.

Randy Jackson on

Its stupid to spend $100,000 on flowers but $10 dollars for lipstick?This is your wedding day Dodo.Now wonder she looks terrible in the pictures .She’s got cheap makeup on and it shows.

Yolanda Davis on

Beautiful! Photo

Diana on

Their child which I have renamed….Ignori…is the spitting image of her dad.

Marla on

Two things. North looks confused as to who is holding her. Annnnd. Who does Kris Jenner think she is wearing a tawdry outfit such as that to a wedding? This family is absolutely pathetic and vile.

GiGi on

The wedding photo title “My Everything” from Kim K West is not that pretty although it looks filtered to be like the 1970s which I really do not like. But the positive thing is I love how Kanye is looking at baby North. I sure hope that baby gets to go to Atlanta to see her other cousins and stuff. Hope Kimmy isn’t gonna with hold her from his family.

Linda on

She really does look miserable with Kanye. I dated a guy like Kanye before (you know the brooding artistic type) and they really do bring you down.

BroncoChase on

I don’t understand why the media is rife with these phony/horney/low lives Kardashians.
What gives! You push these people in our faces every single day no matter what site we are on. Isn’t it enough we have to read all the hate talk coming frome the right wing and their ilk and now we have to also put up with the Kardashians. Please heed our plight.

Linda on

@Green Princess,
The reason this family stays together is because they are HIGHLY dysfunctional. The only way dysfunction works is if you surround yourself with people that are equally as dysfunctional as you. You all enable each other. This is why Rob is trying to break away from them and they are ostracizing him for it.

Rose on

I love how she try’s to make herself this holy sophisticated fashionable kind woman. You’ll never be that honey! Don’t they look so happy together?!

Tammy on

People, I don’t know why you have this titled “what you <3 right now." It looks to me like a lot more people are hating it. You really need to get writers who have a brain.

guest on

@Margarita….LOL….you said prostitute…..super funny!!!

Kelsa on

Why does she keep wearing white doesn’t that go out the window after 72 days of marriage and a porno

Yolanda Davis on

Beautiful! Nori is adorable.

Momiac on

This is a most unattractive family. And it’s not the physical attributes…it’s their lifestyle.

lilkenn on

This picture is horrible. North has this confused look on her face wondering who are these people holding me. And Kim and Kanye look mad. A very ackward looking picture.

cat on

Like really does anyone give a rat’s behind? Really?

yolanda on

North is happier in soft grey cotton don’t put her in scratchy fabrics. And Kim needs height on her hair. Kris Jenner looks unfortunate and oh her daughters, such tarts! so it goes.

Nicole on

Did she really wear a white dress with a veil? I can’t stop laughing lol.

jane on

FROZEN, let it go, not a happy pic at all. Baby looks scared. I am so sorry for her having those selfish parental units.

Maria on

Baby starting to get that West smile. Miserable.

rocknmovie on

That child is unfortunate looking…

Rachel on

Um, no one in either pic looks very happy and Kris looks like she’s trying to outshine the bride, just like normal. Just bizarre. :/

rubyovertherainbow* on

It wasn’t matching at all.

Lisa on

That face pose that Kim always does is so dumb. I can imagine what her thoughts are while she’s doing that face. “I am so gorgeous, I am so beautiful”

mrkhwoman84 on

How is it that North is almost a year old and her hair has not grown at all. I understand her hairline not growing in. That’s normal. It is not normal for a childs hair to not grow. Are they cutting her hair to keep her looking like a baby?

why on

stay tuned!! ok people mag. kimmie is dreaming of her next wedding and as usually, Kenya has a pissed look on his face..

why on

here is boob marloy, kris jenner!!!!

Rocksey on

So,…”What everyone is <3ing right now"? SERIOUSLY??!! There were A LOT more mad faces that hearts…How much do the Kardashians pay you???

angela on

Why are all three of them scowling?

hautemom on

looks totally photo shopped…kim looks like she is in a whole different place! wtf?

hautemom on

oh and look at kanye’s hand. he isn’t even holding the baby in that pic. totally photo shopped.
who releases this garbage?

juliemconnor on

On the facebook link someone said “I’ve seen happier people in mugshots.” I think everyone deserves to hear that gem…

tam on

One photo leaked at a time so they can stay in the press every day….

why on

who puts their veil back on after getting married. kimmie and Kenya, who looks pissed off, does. sooo sick. north is upset, she wants her real mother, the nanny..

thommy on

um i thought we were over this nonsense:[

Jessica on

Kim put so much effort into her look, why didn’t she do the same for her daughter? Poor baby is not entertained!

Laura on

North is so cute! I love that face she is making.

Meghan on

How much did she sell this pic for? I hope it lasts at least to ttriple digits this time.

Tina on

Again the baby seems to be saying ‘here are those two people that only show up when there are a bunch of cameras around, I wonder who they are????’

Analyze this on

Looks like he’s orchestrating how things have to be his way – and by the appearances of all Five of the ladies, they’re all thinking that he’s talking out of his ass…..

rayj on

Goooooooooooo away already……………..UGH hate the whole gaggle of them :(

R on

I wonder if North thinks that Khloe is her mother.

wandy on

what a cute baby! North looks more happily with khloe then with her own mom and dad

Nikki on

Terrible picture of North..she looks mad, but they chose it..thats how Kanye wants her to be..and Kims hair…is so style

paula on

its not ur day Kris Jenner,its plz put ur ugly boobs back up..

aly on

I look at this picture with this family that has lost its priorities even more in each picture. It is so sad. They have no moral or spiritual compass and it gets more material in every picture. They are everything our family is so blessed to not be like. So thank you for giving that blessing to us. None of the Kardashian relationships will ever work out.

kazumi on

why do they look so unhappy, even baby North? that’s not a wedding picture, K & K both look constipated

Nikki on

Terrible picture..but I guess thats what they want..sure dont look happy for a wedding picture..Nori looks mean, never see her smile..why wouldnt they smile, are they not happy? its probably kanye, he loves to look like the tough guy..but not for a baby..she looks meaN ..baaaaaaaaaaaaad

Truthfinder on

He’s gangsta, she’s a wax figure and North looks pi$$ed at the entire event!

Lyrak on

Such a happy family portrait.

amy on

They all look miserable.

Christine on

Why did Kim get photoshopped into that photo?!? You can totally tell since the lighting for her is different then Kanye and Nori. Can’t get more fake then that.

Marisa Beatriz on

It’s funny that this is under “What you Love right now” when most people hate it.

Aside from that, I watched their show today (in a rare event because I thought Khloe bought Bieber’s mansion and I wanted to see inside) and they all look terrible. Did the plastic surgeon really make money off of them when they look that alien?

123 on

Why did People put this article on the main page indicating that readers ”heart” this article? When in fact, more readers hate this article.

Frances on

She does look like a mannequin! And mama Kris good grief, put your balloons back in your shirt. lol

ellepop on

They look miserable even though they have everything this world can offer because contentment and true joy can only be found in the Lord Jesus Christ. I hope and pray they have a Saul-to-Paul type of conversion. How awesome would that be?!

Minda on

Anyone else notice how North always looks more content when Khloe is holding her than virtually anyone else?

holly on

That baby looks miserable,Kim is the only one really looking at the camera,STRANGE…… VERY STRANGE picture indeed,dressing an innocent baby like that, parents want to look like horses –a–es thats one thing, this picture speaks a thousand words and there not good!!!!!!

liz on

This is the craziest wedding picture ever. Kanye looks furious, North looks miserable and Kim looks like she doesn’t even know that they’re there. This is a pic that any NORMAL person would relegate to the, “Not a keeper” pile– but because Kim THINKS that she looks good- Um… she doesn’t, that weird dress is half bib half triangle and both halves are ugly. Just because the dress cost a fortune doesn’t make it beautiful. The girl is a moron, straight up.

liz on

OMG and re-looking at the photo I am now hysterically laughing. Has anyone here ever seen Overboard with Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell? Kim looks like Goldie in those pix- photoshopped in, poorly and totally clueless.

miarol on

These comments are so funny…if I am honest with myself, I know that I am sooo jealous of Kim. I’d die to have that body and her wardrobe! Well, minus that really huge butt. As for love, I think she’s just a hopeless romantic that falls in love too quick. Just because she’s famous does not mean she’s perfect.

Kathy on

Margarta, I agree. While I hope the third time is a charm now that a child is involved so that she has some stability, the veil is utterly ridiculous, pretentious and in poor taste for a third marriage. I wore a veil for my second wedding but did not wear it over my face because 1) it was my second wedding and 2) we had been living together for 10 years. I was curious about North’s dress, I probably read 20% of what People posts about this bizarre media greedy family. We know they largely aren’t known for good taste but trashy “class.” Oh well. To each his own. I wish all people happiness. Guess the veil made her happy but knowing her background it just reinforces tacky.

Sylvia on

Why was she wearing the veil if she was already married? Forget the protocol… I like not being eable to see clearly? lol

suzy on

Isn’t it strange that “Mom” isn’t beaming at her baby? They seem like they are on different planets. North isn’t reaching for her “Mom” like most babies do. Sheesh.

Li on

Wow. What a happy looking day! Lol

van on

Please Jimmy Fallon is in love with his baby. Kanye is in love with himself! That poor baby looks so sad. I actually have not seen many pictures of the baby smiling or laughing. Honestly I doubt she even knows he’s her daddy. Although I realize this wedding was about the bride and groom, pay some attention to your child because I really don’t think there would have been a wedding without her.

notimpressed on

Every time i see a picture of that child, she always looks like she is in distress/unhappy or just finished crying. For the above picture of the three of them, if it was their wedding day, how come they don’t look happy? Saw a picture of Kim holding North (or trying to), she looks like she still hasn’t gotten the hang of holding that baby. They never look happy.

k on

Everyone looks miserable, as well they should. Pretty dress though.

Luwana sabean on

Out of all the pictures that are taken, this one is chosen? Maybe they’re going for a ‘real’ feel. I don’t know. Not a very pleasant wedding picture.

FashionD on

I think it’s kind of amusing how north is kind of imitating kanye in the second picture. that baby is a cutie =0)

joann on

looks like the youngest bimbo is holding up one of her “mothers” implants with her booze glass. Oh such a classy family.

N.H on

Kim is saying ” Kanye, Pay attention to ME ” !!!

Kanye is saying, ” You take her. I gotta go to the room
Where all your sisters are and your Mama
with her Jugs hangin’ out ”
Baby North is crying “Who are these people? I want my Nanny”.

Katie on

Does that poor baby ever smile? God love her I don’t think I’ve ever seen a smiling picture of her. Probably wonder who those strangers are holding her, but then again she looks the same with those little furrowed brows in the picture with what I assume are bridesmaids!

Erin on

That’s ok PEOPLE we really don’t need any “sexy bikini pictures” or anything else. Sit around your office and ooh and aaah all you want, but don’t inflict on the general public – thanks so much for listening – NOT!!

Emily on

If they release this as a good picture I’d hate to see all the bad ones. Not a happy couple. They probably aren’t honeymooning, they’re probably hiding and figuring out their next move – expect an annulment announcement any time.

Ru on

Her wedding gown is hideous! Stripper cut outs on the sides? WTF? Actually I guess it’s what a porn star should wear.

Billy BungBanger on

Seriously, people give half a pig s–t squirt about these 2 jack off dipsh-ts? It’s amazing that some poor f–k has a job writing up this article in the first place. A step up would be sucking peckers on camera for crack.

Trina on

She looks like what she is–a porn star/ blow up doll. Classless.

DM on

Besides the fact that I can’t stand KK….her veil makes her look like it’s her first communion! The way this picture is taken you would honestly think it’s her first marriage, over the top wedding pictures beyond belief…I HOPE THIS IS THE LAST WE, OR I, WHOEVER LOVES TO HATE HER, WHATEVER, WILL SEE OF THIS RIDICULOUS PARADE OF A SHOW,….if I see one more photo of KK & KW I think I’ll throw up!!! Ugh!!!!

ivanka on

Yea go read what he said about the family photo on he is insane.

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