Kris Jenner Defends Daughter Kendall's Nearly-Naked Photo Shoot: 'She Has the Perfect Body'

06/06/2014 at 11:46 AM ET

Kendall Jenner’s topless photos for Interview magazine have elicited some strong opinions from PEOPLE readers (53 percent found the shoot too provocative). Yes, the newbie model is 18, but is she jumping into things too fast? Are some of her spreads too mature? Momager Kris Jenner doesn’t think so.

Kendall and Kris JennerDon Arnold/WireImage

“She’s a model and that’s really her profession,” Jenner told Huffington Post during a live interview Thursday. “Doesn’t she look great? Some people are like ‘She poses topless.’ She’s a model. That’s her profession. It comes with the territory.”

Stage mom Jenner also expressed that Kendall’s figure is the key to her success in the industry so far. “She has like, the perfect body, especially one that wants to be in the modeling business,” she explained. “I don’t know, I got a lot of curves and I couldn’t pull that off. But she always looks remarkable.”

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In the shoot (above), Kendall ditches most of her clothes and shields her bare chest with her arms. She shared during the interview that being on the runway and posing for high-fashion spreads has always been her dream.

“To be honest, this is exactly what I wanted to be,” she said. “I was always looking up to supermodels. They were, like, my superheroes,” adding that without her mom and dad Bruce Jenner’s support she wouldn’t be where she is now: “My parents brought up Kylie and me to be workaholics. That’s something I really appreciate.”

Do you agree with Kris? Is Kendall on the right track? Share your thoughts below.

–Brittany Talarico

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Rolyat on

She does not have the face of a model. Her Mother pimps her.

sara on

She does have a face of a model. Have you seen America’s Next Top Model a lot of those girls don’t look like moshdels. And Kris shouldn’t be praising her 18 year old daughter when she’s topless. Kris watched Kim pose for playboy and she took pics of her crouch. That’s nasty for a mother. Unless the daughter is giving birth.

Sad on

She’s just her next meal ticket……………

guest on

Kris will do anything to make money even pimp out her children.

aliie on

Well, of course, her mother’s going to say that- she needs to keep their name in the news everyday. Kris has the highest ego of anyone and uses her children to help promote her business of making sure people keep reading about them.
Kendall is a pretty girl but so are many other’s who don’t have the backing and connections she has to make it as a model.

BH on

What real mother would say something like that? Bruce needs to take charge of his children.

SLEmon on


Guest on

Pimp ho momma trying to pimp out another one of her piglettes.

Anna on

Kris lives through her children. Any chance she herself gets to prance around in a bikini she takes full advantage of and then it’s news the next day. I can’t stand this family.

Stacy on

This is the same mother that encouraged her daughter to do Playboy

Sammi on

That’s so creepy….and shallow. Not surprising though. PS People please stop accepting payment from this family to run stories…we don’t like them.

Emily on

There is something supremely sad about that fact that she considered models “superheroes” and looked up to them. There are strong females in careers that actually make a difference, who are much more admirable and deserving of that title.

Carol on

She has always looked up to supermodels? That is so sad. What terrible parents.

Dee on

Of course she’s defending her. This is exactly who Pimp Mama has raised her girls to be.
The sl*tteir they are, the more money she gets to bank.
The only thing she isn’t pleased about is that her saggy old a** can’t bring in any money and that chaps her hide.

heather on

She does have the perfect body for modeling. Pretty sure that’s what Kris is saying people…..

eLLie on

Of course Kris is proud of Kendall. She is her next meal ticket since Kim, Kourtney and Khloe are getting older and aren’t so attached to mom anymore. Disgusting.

Karolina on

I honestly can’t believe that a mom would say this about her daughter! I actually find this cringe worthy. I understand that they want to make money, but at the same time there has to be a line … a place where integrity and respect no longer exist. And they are way past that line, it is disgusting.

Carly on

Now I know some people are naturally skinny, but that first photo on the left where she’s looking in the mirror? I don’t know if it’s the angle or the size and color of her top, but I can’t figure out if it’s a bad photoshop or if she’s anorexic.

Danielle on


Nikki on

Those are probably the exact same words Kris used when Kim’s sex tape came out…’doesn’t she look great’ and ‘it’s her profession’.


Gorgeous face, beautiful body. Why shouldn’t her mother be proud and happy for her?

Pacificgirl on

I agree, she looks average..not modelesque at all.

kelley on

oink oink…. they are nothing more than pigs… high paid pigs… but pigs nonetheless…

Marie Mullin on

You know Kris would have to get in the news, Kendall could be a model, but not Kylie, doesn’t have the look. Kim is being replaced, which is a good thing.

Guest on

Perfect body? She is a teenager. Teenagers usually have great bodies, but there is no such thing as a perfect body. She is good for modeling because she is a human coat hanger. All she does is pick at her food. That doesn’t look healthy to me and that is not an industry I would hope my child goes into.

susan on

It’s amazing that child protective services were never involved with this family. It’s scary how she talks about her daughter like she is a brand and an object, but not altogether surprising considering how they made millions off of being famous for nothing.

reindeer on

that’s so easy to understand, when you realize that Kris gets a good slice of the cake – around 10% or more of Kendall’s income

April on

She’s a very beautiful girl and she could do more tasteful modeling than this. I understand fashion but no clothes can’t be considered fashion if there’s nothing to model right? Not sure lol

Tommie on

Sex tape to follow.

Megan on

Sigh. They “taught her to be a workaholic”? Not exactly a value that promotes a healthy happy life. When you worship money everything falls apart over time. Priorities!!!

chops on

There is nothing wron with breasts…
EVERYBODY LOVES THEM♡♡♡♡ love yourself and stop judging….

Jaime on

I actually find it very sad that the only thing Kris Jenner ever seems to compliment her children on is their appearance. Nothing about Kendall being kind, intelligent, having some tangible skill. Just that she’s hot with a perfect body.

chrissy on

So first I would like to say I am in no way, shape or form a fan of the Kardashians. I think they all ride off the coat tails of Kim who only gained celebrity after her sex tape. as for Kendall she is very pretty girl who actaully does look like a model. I think that would have happened for her regardless of Kardashian fame because of who her father is. Now while Kris Jenner may act as her childrens “pimp”.. she is a very smart business woman and whether morally right or not she is a component of her children’s success

cBlack on

She didn’t show her breast. So really these pics are nothing compared to what some young ladies wear everyday.
It’s great her Mother is her agent. She won’t be taken advantage of by some.

OAN: Those shoes in the bottom picture are fierce.

Guest on

This family is obsessed with branding themselves. Nothing wrong with making a living but when you get your butt into every avenue doesn’t leave room for others that really could use the work. Kendall is probably Kris’s dream daughter. Kourtney and Kim although pretty are very short. Khloe is too tall and big. Kylie just doesn’t have a great look thats marketable, but Kendall has it all. I feel bad for Kylie because she will spend her life chasing after Kendall and not be able to catch up. Therefore she will look to other outlets to get attention. I think it’s happening already.

imamother on

2 things…1-SHE”S A MINOR!!!! and 2- shame on her mother for allowing her minor daughter to portray herself this way! She may have “the perfect body” according to her mother, but she’s also setting her daughter up for more issues she shouldn’t be involved in. She looks like a prostitute….

sam on

kris jenner has brilliant raised 5 women who can support themselves tomorrow. it is remarkable. all of their dreams are coming true. the hate towards this family speaks volumes about the jealousy. rot in your miserable , unproductive life, hater

stacey on

There just really are no words…….

bitsy on

God, this family just disgusts me!

Fran on

The whole family is trash. Her sister is about to have her third Bastard.

kak on

spoken like a true pimp. Way to go “mom”.

Hotgal on

Well Kris is her momager – what else is she supposed to say?

olivia on

Mom pimps another child. Make more money versus well being of the child. Great!!!!

Lesli on

Now that Kimmy is married and it’s old news…Mommy Dearest will begin the pimping of Kendall….got to keep those daughters in the news…

Alex on

‘Kris defends kendall’s naked photos’ – OF COURSE she does, she makes 10% off that naked body, why wouldn’t she?? worthless mother she is, who only thinks of money and materialist goods, funny I heard her recently on a talk show and she went on and on and praised kanye as a father, funny she never does the same for scott although he seems to be a very loving father as well, wonder if she doesn’t like scott since he is dirt poor compared to kanye!

LA Girl on

Pimp momma pimping another one of her piglets.

Linda Lichty on

My heart breaks that Kendall posed for this shoot at such a VERY YOUNG age … and that her parents are supportive of her doing this. Is there nothing sacred anymore?!?!?! She is a beautiful girl with much more to offer than than showing her naked body.

Tammie on

does it really surprise anyone that Kris Jenner sees nothing wrong with this? isn’t this the same woman that marketed her daughters “leaked” sex tape, and then went on to encourage (talked her into it more like it) that same daughter to expose her self I play boy? her children are her meal ticket, she will do what ever she can to get as much money out of them that she can!

DFly on

Spoken like the true PIMP she is. disgusting.

Tammie on

oh, and I do think she’s beautiful and makes a great model-but why does she feel the need to be half naked?

Frank Carrott on

Supermodels are, like, my hero, like, you know?

Kgfish on

She should have learned how to read. Looks fade. Reading is a skill she can use her entire life.

ann kramer on

so let’s make sure everyone sees it. All of us sit around at our desks without shirts, normal behavior

JAdrienne on

Let’s call this exactly what it is… pimping and pandering. It’s a sad day when a mother will sell out her own children for a commission.

wildbill on

Ooops- somebody forgot to dump the garbage again. I thought these POS were going to stay in Italy now

observant on

She is a beautiful girl. But something here isn’t sitting right with me. I feel as though super models may not be the best role model or idol for a young girl coming into her own. It seems she has been surrounded with a family that has a very warped view of life. Luxury items are nice and having beautiful/expensive clothing to wear is great when you have the means, however there are far greater things out there to reach for and professions that young women should idolize. Kris should not only gush over her daughter’s beauty but her brains as well. Push your child to reach her full potential mentally not just physically!

Tango on

Yeah a perfect body… for a 10 year old boy. Keep dreaming Kris.

Dina on

Kris would sell her children”s souls to the devil for money and fame. What won’t she be okay with?!

bchs71 on

I think she looks fantastic and Kris is right – she has the perfect body for modeling and the face for it. It is sad that her superheros were models though…and Kris – yeah she has merchandised her family but we don’t know what their home lives are like. I say we shut up and let them do their thing.

jsp81355 on

Where Kris Jenner is concerned, the less clothes her daughters wear the more money they make, and that’s what her entire universe revolves around. She’s a disgusting excuse for a good mother.

Sharon on

Kris Jenner is nothing more hen a pimp.

EMiLY on

This is just one of the many things that is wrong with this family and this “Mother” of this family. She is all about her Daughters getting naked all the time for the entire world to see. For once she needs to put her children’s privacy and worth over money.

julienana on

of course kris is ok with kendall doing this – at least “10%” – isn’t that how much kris gets when her kids do something for money? kris is fine with anything as long as she gets her 10%.

freespeech92009 on

Ah yes, coming from the woman who encouraged her other daughter to pose COMPLETELY nude (and literally nothing left to the imagination) in Playboy, and who has nude pictures of her daughters enlarged and hanging in her hallways. Yeah…she’s someone you want to listen to.

Kendall dearie, stop listening to your momager. You do not have to pose topless to be a model, and it does not come with the territory. Have some self-respect. Kendall is just starting out in her career — sad that she has already degraded herself.

Jen on

Great she has the perfect body for a model but she’s dead in her eyes. The best models have an acting component (and that’s why some can make the transition to actor). And that comes with real life experience plus a personality. The younger girls don’t have this.

Hiss on

Looking up to women that succeed with their bodies and not their brains. Ooook. Get an education. You won’t have that body forever. She looks great but there is more to life than superficiality.

maria on

She is ,like,just a know? its,like,wow..a kid getting you know,like,provocative. Its like her mom is you know,like, impressed. I find the whole thing,like,pretty sick.

Ladyjazzie on

All Kris does is exploit those girls..She has for years when she did it with the 3 oldest. Now shes starting with her younger girls..She isn’t a mother she is nothing more than a high class pimp. Its disgusting the way she has and does handle those girls of hers. Rob is the lucky one in that family. She cant and hasn’t been able to control him and she dont like it..

Anna M on

O M G… the three older ones aren’t big money makers any more so now her sights are on the new, bankable income producer. Kylie is a mess and a leach on her sister so Kendall is it. It is sad because Kendall has real talent as a model but Kris will attach herself to her. I feel so bad for Kendall….I truly do. She will end up a mess like the older girls.

jamal41 on

Mom and her little prostitute. Kendall had better not get hit by a bus anytime soon because we all know that she has the brains of a speedbump.

Marisa Beatriz on

Actually not all models pose topless. At the fashion show she did it was option for the models to pose topless but she did it because as her mom said “it would attract more attention.

Even to top models posing topless is a big deal. Some of the top ones contractually stipulate that they won’t do it.

Kata on

Blame these magazines for keeping these trashy people in the limelight.

tapioca on

Supermodels are not heroes.

Kimberley Schmidt on

how sad is that

kdiuu on

What she thought was how much money it would make her.

ProudAmericanWoman on

There are a few things I find disturbing here, and I can speak as a parent of a young teenage girl (and boys): 1. She comments that she has always admired supermodels, they are her “superheroes”. This strongly suggests some seriously superficial and bad values. It’s fine to like models, sure, but superheroes?! Not soldiers, police officers, firefighters, or women out there doing amazing things requiring brains and courage? 2. Her mother only emphasizes her daughter’s looks- never any other quality about her. That’s sad. It must affect her. Does she love her for herself? 3. I saw an episode where the girl went on and on about how she hated and was terrified of doing runway work- it seems that she was or is being pushed into this. 4. I would not ever want my daughter posing nude under any circumstance, artistic or not, and Kris Jenner has pushed this before- including Playboy!- on her other daughters. I’m sorry, but what mother wants porn for her daughter? This woman has no scruples, no decency. You give birth to a girl and you know your duty is to protect her innocence. She does the exact opposite. She makes me sick and I feel bad for her children. Her lifestyle better be worth it because the one after it will be hot and uncomfortable, and not as pleasant!

Mr G on

What kind of mother encourages her child to pose nude for the world to see? It’s sad that her kids are too stupid to realize their mother is prostituting them out at all cost to line her own pockets. They are the ones that will have to live with their despicable, disgusting and immoral reputation long after she is gone. Kris is without a doubt the most despicable, classless, immoral, unethical, pathetic mother on this planet.

Falk on

She poses topless.’ She’s a model. That’s her profession. It comes with the territory.” No, it comes from parents with messed up priorities and no ethics. Everything goes.. even if the girls are minors. As long as there is money and exposure, lets throw our minor girls to the wolves.. Our bodies are beautiful, but but a line has to be drawn or culturally and ethically we are going to sink even deeper into the muck..

Bettie on

Really? Kris Jenner is a dingbat. Personally I feel for Bruce! He seems like the ‘sensible’ parent,

Observer on

She makes Billy Ray Cyrus look like a saint. I cannot imagine encouraging my child to take off her clothes for the public to see. If my 18 yr old child insists in doing it, that’s her. But I will never agree to it.

Nicole on

I am not remotely a fan of the Kardashians, but I do think she’s a beautiful girl. I definitely see why she’s a model.

Rakel on

Mother of the year awards goes to her. -_- #disgusting

Truthfinder on

Of course she agrees with modeling partially nude…she gets a nice cut from all of her daughter’s contracts.
Momma Kris classy as always…

kim on

Mothers typically encourage their daughters to keep their clothes on, not take them off in front of strangers holding a camera. I guess Kris missed that memo. I wish no harm on this family, i just wish they would go away!

flip on

OMG there are no words. This is a vile, pig of a mother. The word “mother” should not be used in the same sentence as this pimp! She should be thrown in jail, key shoved down her ugly throat!

Two Cents on

Kris Jenner is the same mother that hocked another daughter’s sex tape. Damn you Ryan Seacrest for the plague you inflicted upon the globe with this show glorifying excess and greed. This family is really an embarrassment to America and the human race. It’s too bad Kendall is from this family because she really is a beautiful girl. Can’t root for her though…

flip on

Vile pimp, who calls herself a mother..she should never even be referred to as a mother. There are just not enough words! She should be thrown in jail and the key shoved down her throat!

dee on

Kendall is a beautiful and the topless photos are very tasteful in my opinion. I agree with Kris – it is the profession Kendall is in and she is 18. Kris is her children’s manager and I think she tries to do what is in the best interest of her children like any mother would. I think people need to cut her some slack.

dora on

I think that her mom is always pimping her daughters out for a quick buck.its really sad that she does not protect her daughtets.

guest on

She’s already replacing Kim.

great on

It’s just breasts… everyone has them… who cares

Ruth on

I am not a huge Kardashin Fan but I have to say that is one smart family to make money of nothing really. I think we are the stupid once. There are girls out there that do a lot worse than Kris Jenners kids. So stop hating because they know and have work values. I wish I know how to make money like them. Oh and by the way Kendal is amazing looking and probably one of the better looking models out there.

Cherrone on

What body????? She has NO curves, whatsoever. Plus her Momager/Pimp IS always booking ahead.

AJ on

Not a Kardashian fan but I will say Kris Jenner does make beautiful babies!

som on

Her mother will sell anything incld her daughters for money. next up the grandbabies. the daughters will follow her e.g.
and if this lil miss thinks of supermodels as her super heroes – well I think that says it all. Shows where their moral structure is.

Jean on

money money money

If that makes you folks happy…

Rosie on

Of course Kris Jenner has no problem with it. She’s still going to get her 15% commission.

LuLu on

Thank God the girl is pretty because that’s all she’s got. Screwed up family and dumb as a box of rocks!

kourtney on

I knew it!! Jenner lives vicariously through her daughters. Sad that she overly, publically praises her favorite (cash cows) er, I mean, children– Kim & Kendall. It must make her other kids feel like chopped liver…. While Kourtney has her maternal duties that occupy her , is it any wonder that Rob, Kylie, or Chloe act out?

Dee on

@ sam on page 4: What is up with you rabid Ktrash fans? Always insisting that those of us who do not like this family must be ‘jealous’ and ‘haters’.
No, we’re not jealous of a pack of dim-witted broads who are famous for nothing besides being pimped out by their mother. Who would be jealous of that? So what if they have money? I wouldn’t trade my life for theirs for any amount of cash. At least I can look at myself in the mirror and not see a soulless meat puppet whose only worth to themselves and their mother is how much money they can rake in.
As far as the ‘haters’ remark, grow up. That word has been used to death and indicates that you are either a 15 year old girl or have the mentality of one.

guest on

Kris BRAGS about her daughters except Rob. Poor Rob.

dee on

Unbelievable! You think her mom’s a problem? What about all the mean, hateful things all of you are saying about Kendall and her family? That is what is really disgusting!

Jo on

At least she’s pretty unlike that hag of a sister Kylie

TT on

Very weird mother. I would not want my daughter (at any age) posing like that! What was that picture selling anyway??

Mary on

Of course Kris will praise her, she must have gotten her 10% already. Sick

Tamarin on

Trash family.

JGL on

Bruce has a sister named Pam Jenner that is 2 years older than him. She was pretty, tall and thin and Kendall looks just like her. This was back in mid60s. The good looks come from the Jenner family.

Guest on

Yet, you can’t read a cue card…the release date for your first porn video is not too far off…

Kristin on

Zero respect for Kris Jenner. Talking about your daughter like that is trashy, and creepy. Reminds me of Joe Simpson talking about Jessica Simpson’s body. Theses parent managers would say anything for attention. Kendall is a beautiful young women but she seems to be guided towards trash not class. I pity her for having such a shallow up bringing idolizing models like hero’s. No kidding she was raised to be a workaholic. The KUWTK cameras have been following her and her sister for years now. They didn’t have a normal upbringing thanks to rents!

imjustsaying on

Nice to see mom selling her kids out to pornography so that she can still get her cut.

Sue H. on

Kris Jenner is an even bigger moron than I once thought. She is famous for nothing. She pimps her own kids to get her face on tv and in the magazine. No wonder Bruce left her. She’s nuts.

Kim on

I’m planning to stop my subscription of PEOPLE magazine. Every single day I go to read it and every single day the Kardashian-Trash is in it someplace. I’m SO tired of these fake people. Out with PEOPLE mag when the sub is up!

Helen on

I think everyone needs to realize that this is a business for the Kardashians… Like it or not… it’s the same people posting nasty messages here that ultimately keep the Kardashians in business… Love’em or hate’um… You guys keep reading & watching… I personally think that Kris is a genius & the whole family is riding the train for all it’s worth… Why not? Reality or not… the money is rolling in for all of them. Ride Sally … Ride

Tonja on

She’s nothing special and her mother is a shameless, money hungry pimp

Jaci on

She is one twisted mother. She has no shame. If one of her kids chose a career OUT of the spotlight I think she’d lose her mind on them.

Dawn S on

Well at least her mother’s not pimping her sex tape. Yet.

Courtney on

She is, indeed, a very beautiful young lady. Only Kris Jenner, however, would be proud of her young daughter posing topless. Being a model does not require topless photos. Kris Jenner is disgusting.

fitjamericangirl on

I’m sure Kendall will be find in the long run, but Kris reminds me so much of Brooke Shields’ mom, it’s scary.

Katia on

Kris Jenner is a poor excuse for a mother.

annah on

My mother taught me that knowledge was power…open a book and learn…shame Pimp Mom is tramping her kids…pig…

eric tornow on

I honestly agree with Kris Jenner about Kendall Jenner pose topless.She has a hot body like Candice Swanepoel!!!!

gymluv on

There is so much wrong with this that I wouldn’t know where to start. You would think when your daughter is ‘scarred & horrified’ by the release of her sex tape, a mother would go into warrior mode. Not this woman. She then encouraged Kim to do Playboy and go back to re-shoot more nudity. Kris is telling us exactly who she is as a mother. Now she supports her teenage daughter posing topless. Of course we all know she has been selling off both her teen daughters half-naked long before 18. I would be ashamed if my child said that I raised them to be a workaholic. This woman pimps her kids, it is not my opinion, the facts speak for themselves. It is disgusting.

Madison on

First, Interview magazine, next stop..Playboy. Nice job Momager Kris, you poor excuse for a mother.

Megan on

The awkward issue here is that Kendall is being in the spotlight since she was like 8 y/o ?? so it is kind of gross to see her now almost naked.

Pam on

PIMP!!!!!!!!!!!! and she should be ashamed of herself as a mother

Nancy on

That’s one perverted mother

Tammy on

She’s beautiful but she’s dumb as a box of rocks. She must have gotten her intelligence from her mother.

Pam on

PIMP!!!!!!!!! As a mother she should be ASHAMED of herself

bwithers on

Where are this child’s older sisters? It seems that someone in the family should step up if the Mom is steering her wrong. Why doesn’t she spend some time in college? She has plenty of time to join the family business.

Stephanie on

Its so disgraceful how the mother of this group has ZERO qualms about pimping out her kids. It appears to be Kendall’s turn. It was Kim (we all know that disaster…it still’s growing, then ALL her family for the show, and now the younger ones) So gross, SO sad, She is boarder line contributing to the delinquency…. What a ROTTEN maternal figure for this family. Bruce is/was weird but he seems to be a caring father.. Kris is a lunatic.. no wonder the Kim is such a mess..

Jaclyn on

If there was not a famous name attached to this model, we would not be fazed by these photos.

Karen on

Worst mother,worst wife. Best thing for Bruce when he got rid of her.

Mama Bear on

Every little girl wants to be a model She’s only one because her family has fame. A model does NOT have to pose topless. Many don’t and they have a choice. There is something wrong with Kris. It’s not normal how she only cares about exposing her family.

Julie Colonna on

What happened to Kris’s nose?

Jacqueline on

What a horrible parent!

JJ on

Kris Jenner living her dreams and fantasies through her children everyday. When the older ones get married and have babies like Kim she moves onto the younger ones to live a life for her and fufill her dreams.

jen smith on

Certainly not super model material. Keep pushing them Kris, keep the money coming in. Now all she needs is a black boyfriend.

EMG on

We shouldn’t be surprised. I believe Mom was responsible for shopping Kim’s infamous sex tape just to get the family discovered.

Marie Mullin on

Kris had to get in picture, not normal

Marie Mullin on

Only post your requirements, !!! Sad

Patty on

Have u guys seen Model Miranda Kerr topless and literally naked? That’s what models do, and Kendalls mom at least takes care of her finances. She wants to be a high profile catwalk model, so let her. She’s 18 and kudos to her mom for supporting her. Yes Kris gets 10% but I rather give it to my mom than someone else.

Georgia on

Kris Jenner has curves due to surgeries, her daughter has curves due to her age. Kris needs to stop trying to be like her girls, it’s really sad that she can’t enjoy her own beauty, as she ages and except that her girls are at the age to be what she wasn’t.

Just Me on

Dear People Magazine: this is my last post; the last time I “click” on one of your “stories.” I’ve deleted you from my twitter account and I’m tired of you. I hope more people will do the same. In fact I encourage it. Find your news at more reliable sources instead of this rag. Goodbye. Just Me

Jasmine on

Kris the “pimp” strikes again….she’s running out of ho’s..I mean daughters!

miarol on

I honestly think that the Kardashian/Jenner sisters are good looking and smart business wise. That being said, Kris Jenner makes me want to gag when I see how hard she tries to fit in with her daughters instead of being a mom that sets boundaries. She is gross. Grow up old lady, and stop sticking your lips out.

ImALadyToo on

Her mother is just a media w h o r e. She would let her kids do ANYTHING for money.

Sheila on

Kris Jenner should get together with Jessica Simpson’s dad for a new show: Creepy Parenting!

LRB on

I feel really sorry for these girls to have a mom that will do anything for money, attention and success. Kris Jenner is a lost soul and I hope her girls stop the cycle and allow their children to be children. Innocence in Kris Jenner’s eye is non existence, it really is a sad sad story.

that jenner woman on

Sad they don’t have a mother, just a pimp. So if she has the “perfect” body, kimode must not.

Tracy on

Kris, Kris, Kris,,,,NO, NO, NO. A sane mother does not publicly state her young teen daughter has ‘the perfect body’ period, then defend model semi nudity, of a teen girl. But then again Kris conned Kim into taking it all off, for the all mighty dollar. Btw ‘the perfect body’ is the one God gave each of us, in all its miraculous splendour, color, and sizes. Guess what folks? We’ve made this cray cray woman and her narcissistic children very wealthy bc we refuse to quit staring at them. Addictive. Sick. Kardashian watching. Like a train wreck err can’t look away from.

Lexie on

OMGosh…more gushing about another Kris Jenner child. Kim and Kanye are over with…FOR NOW, so there’s got to be a new one to do something. Oh, and I nearly forgot, Kourtney is going to have another baby.. We are never ever ever going to get rid of this massive media coverage on this family…EVER…(sigh)

Caitlin on

I’m not even gonna be surprise if a sex tape is in the works for Kendall.

jbobo on

Wow, Kris should be mother of the year…

Lisa on

Can you please stop writing about the Kardashians? I can’t stand it anymore. And if you can’t can you alteast write out the mother? She is disgusting!!!!!!!!

Gretchen on

When will she actually be a parent instead of a creepy stage mom? It’s just disgusting.

Marie Mullin on

Omg, Kris has to get in picture,sad sad.

Marie Mullin on

When you post you aren’t on here??

Marie Mullin on

Sad sad for Kendall

Maria on

Can’t even begin to say how horrible of a mother and human this woman is. No shame at all.

tommy on

If Kris Jenner could have gotten away with it she would have had all her daughters doing porn before she even enrolled them in kindergarten. She is disgusting……

Ginger on

Kris Jenner has the morals of an alley cat and she’s passed on this trait to her less than ladylike daughters. Kris’s motto is “Parental Imperatives Must Prevail” but that’s too much to say so it’s been shortened to PIMP.

Teresa on

If Kris thinks Kendall has the perfect body does she think her other daughters are fat? Her daughters have drastically different body types. Kendall has the perfect body at the moment because she is the next big money maker for Kris. Personally I think Kendall would be even more attractive with an additional 15 pounds on her frame.

Lacey on

She is beautiful. There is no denying that. Hopefully her mom won’t be pimping out her sex tape later. Kris is despicable.. There’s no denying that either.

Nancy on

LOL. When a superhero to you is a fashion model . . you have some issues. Could this family be anymore NARCISTIC, I mean seriously. LOL. Good luck to you Kendall . . . I cannot wait until the REAL world slaps you in the face.

Deb on

She’s an idiot….teaching her daughters how to make money releasing sex tapes, and posing nude. Great job Mom!! Where’s Bruce in this?? He must be transitioning because he clearly has no balls

Christine on

The whole family is disgusting. The mother is a terrible example of what a woman should be and now pimps out her daughter. No wonder the young woman thinks posing nude within the spectrum of normal. The mom is is a pathetic attention grabbing shallow woman clawing to retain her youth at any cost. And her children, what a joke! This latest wedding of her daughter Kim, fresh from her second divorce married an equal narcissist is a disgusting waste of money. I find myself laughing at the photos of that wedding! Swing and a miss on that dress Kim (just plain ugly) and the mom..what mother of the bride dress highlights their breasts hanging out? Classless.

Guest 3 on

Well here we go again, the Kardashians are back in the spotlight and the hot seat….. Lest we forget, this girl is 18, she is a model, she wants to be a supermodel and Gisele, Cindy and many others have done the same thing in the past…..and Demi Moore, Jessica Simpson and others promoted this when they went viral with their nude pregnant bodies… Please, let’s not get into this Kardashian thing again , it is about more than Chris Jenner, it is about a young girl who wants a career in modelling and this is what they have to do….. Past , Present and Future, it will never change…….

Nanu 08 on

Just another money maker for old Kris……..Kim is losing her looks/body so Kris has to get busy creating another cash machine…

Meat on

She looked up to supermodels as her heroes? That’s just sad.

aaron eaquinto on

What happened to teaching your daughters about their divine nature, to have integrity, to have self worth, instead of selling their body for nasty yucks to ogle it. Really a disgusting example that her mother has set for her. No wonder she has to look up to super models she has no mother role model. Kris Jenner money ain’t everything !

Lynn on

She is a pretty girl, but it’s hard to tell which parent she looks like, because both have had so much plastic surgery.
Nudity or semi nudity sells, and momma kris is going to endorse that as long as she can!

floormodel on


Allie on

Kendall is 18 so if she wants to do a topless photo shoot that’s her decision. Don’t blame Kris for this one. Also, as much as I hate to admit it, Kris is right. Kendall is a model and posing semi-nude comes with the territory. Look up other top models her age. Most of them have done much more provocative shoots than this.

yaya on

what kind of mother says that??

Jazz on

What about going to school and getting an education?? The momager pulls the girls out of school so she can pimp them out to the media. Terrible mother.

Trix on

Not right

Trix on

What about going to school and getting an education?? Momager pulls her daughters out of school so she can pimp them out to the media.

Susan on

I’m sure she loves the fact that her teen daughters picture could be used by some men to jack off…. Uh, Kris, women are supposed to have curves…. models look like prepubescent boys.

Marianne on

I think there are tons of girls with perfect bodies and who are also gorgeous. This girl is nothing special, overexposed already, and boringly predictable.

Marianne on

Mother or Pimp??

susie on

her mother should be ashamed. to sit and pimp her daughters out for her own gain is sick…you are nothing but a piece of carp, and you should be very proud of your self..

Hope on

How sad. A mother should teach her daughter modesty and the value of herself. A loving mother does not promote her daughter to be a sex object.

mari on

No such thing as a PERFECT BODY!!! What defines a perfect body needs to be put into context here. She has a good body, yes, FOR the skewed minds of today’s modeling industry, but there are many other people, including the average woman, who have amazing tone and physique. I look at athletes and I’m amazed at how wonderful they look. How they are in shape! It’s about how you take care of yourself. It’s not a fault of any woman if she doesn’t grow incredibly tall etc, sometimes that is just genes. It’s about what YOU see as good. So this mom needs to stop putting out there what is a perfect body bc God knows impressionable young minds look at these images and think we can never be that. When we are really ALL THAT AND MUCH MORE! And there are plenty of plus size models who would differ with that opinion bc they are too in the industry. NO SUCH THING AS A PERFECT BODY. We must appreciate what we are given not just physically. Stop worshiping at the altar of physical beauty. I would rather see your smile and good heart shine through, bc I’ve met plenty of young girls who reminded me of my younger days and who made my day because of their sweetness, good manners and free spirit!

Ris on

Her and dina lohan mother of the year!

Dy on

Kim’s all washed up (and used) Kris can’t control Kim anymore, Kanye does!! So Kendall is the next generation “KASH COW”

Dy on

Kim is washed up (and used) Kris can’t control her anymore because Kanye does!! Poor Kendall is the next generation “KASH COW” …

Neil on

She has LIKE a perfect body Grow up old lady. Get your nasty daughters off the screen and go away.

Jonas Weiss on

Humans, you have to start getting clear on what is valuable and what is hypnosis. If this barely-developed little girl is tantalizing you, then hypnosis is in full steam in your life.

A good exercise in getting back yo reality would be to sit down and add up all the taxes you pay. Add income tax, real estate tax, sales tax, license taxes, gasoline tax, alcohol tax, capital gains tax and all the other ones, the go research where that money (your earnings and livelihood) is going.

Then go do serious research on who Obama, Hillary, Bill and both Bushes really are.

When you are doing it, assure yourself that it really matters, and that it matters much more than the distraction of a teen’s bare breasts.

And when you are done, ask your newly awakened, serious self: “Where was I? What got into me to lose my way for so long? How do I get my freedom back?”

Melany on

Wow, it is sick how much this family wants to show their naked bodies, is this a kind of fetish or something??

Caitlin on

What’s next, a sex video approved by mom?..

Wendy on

These people are idiots and unfortunately reflect the true hopelessness and lack of intelligence in our society…as other idiots watch and idolize them. Turn your TV dials and boycott magazines that highlight their classless and immoral existence!

guest on

Kris Jenner pimps out all her kids to make herself more money. She should be arrested.

Me on

I don’t think it’s provocative at all, it’s modeling and fashion. It’s tasteful, it’s not playboy or a sex video. Shes wearing about as much clothes as I see most girls her age wearing just out on the streets. She’s gorgeous.

alex on

Kris needs medical help, personally I cant stand Kris and her lack of morals and values and ethics. Appears mother always wanted to be the “one” and failed so she is pushing her children into the positions that cause personal attention. Nothing like being pimped out by your mother and your mother taking the money. Sick

donna on

Since she is following suit with Mom & Sisters’, the nose has got to go!

Michele Peaslee on

This family will do anything for money

Bonedaddy on

Trailer park trash without the trailer. The whole family is full of exploited children and coal burners. I don’t know why they are news worthy at all. They send the wrong message to kids everywhere.

Lea on

This is a young pretty woman who is of age, has a model body and is showing no more than she would on a beach. In the modelling industry, much worse things happen every day: girls start when they’re as young as 13 or 14, and bare more than Kendall has, not to mention they are fiercely exploited, treated like trash and exposed to all kinds od nastiness, drugs, sex etc. It is true that the profession as such is not something necessarily to look up to. But surely she is entitled to her opinion without being insulted in such a disgusting way? Why is this the subject of such hate and nastiness? There are much worse things to complain about in the world (how about the two 14 year old girls in india who were raped and killed) than a young woman showing some skin, regardless of her relationship with her mom, whatever it may be.

ashley on

She is beautiful

Yeah Sure on

In all honesty there is really not much to expect from a Kardashian. Khloe looks just like Kris’s hairdresser(but the whole world is in-denial). Bruce Jenner actually thought he had a faithful wife. If half the rumors of their mum sleeping around her entire life are true, so what else could we expect from her daughters. Personally, I am so glad Kim married Kanye so that he can get a his own right back. She was sleeping around when they met each other (with him) in bathroom stalls and odd places just like her mother. It is just comical that he thinks she will not do the same to him.. let me guess, it’s because he is Jesus or yeezuz …whatever it is. lol. Foolish man blinded by his ego…

footsiesgirl on

I say this of a mother of teenage children. First, I started working at the age of nine in my parents business for 10 cents and hour. I watched my mother and father work themselves to the bone! I have had a wonderful family that continue to be great great role models on the meaning of impeccable work ethics, which also benefits my boys as my family are adored by my boys and try to emulate. I would do anything I could as a parent to help my children find jobs, maybe even more importantly volunteer work in our community. My boys are beautiful blonde haired, blue eyes, athletic, focused on great personal hygiene, and have been knocking on my door or calling my home to speak with all of them! I am a little creeped out to say my boys are hot, I don’t think any parent should place those kinds of descriptions when discussing the outer looks of their children. I am more proud of the beautiful heart, souls, and minds of my boys, and I want them to know, they are more than their physical looks. That being said, Mrs.Jenner should be ashamed of how she parades her children around as objects of beauty, rather than human beings that are morally beautiful! I can hardly read a magazine without reading another endeavor Mrs. Jenner has nailed down for all of her children! I hate to judge, but it does seem like she does pimp all her biological children for any and every kind of paid celebrity endeavor, from the utterly stupid reality shows, public appearances, paid escorting I really could go on and on. I also believe Mrs.Jenner loves living off of all of those paid gigs, as she is their manager! Now for the partially nude pictures on Instagram or showing of areoles modeling! As a parent I would be more cautious of all the sexually implied pictures, Facebook usage, Twitter usage, and paid media events where her daughters dressed much older than they should be dressed. What are they being taught, sexy sells, anything you do is fine, and you are adults. I am sorry, but just because your children are eighteen, does not in ant way mean they are adults. Furthermore, the way they have raised to believe that it is the outside that only matters, can really get them into a lot more trouble with which they are encouraged to do. In the real world a teen can’t legally be in an establishment that serves alcohol, but these girls do, how is that parenting! Lastly, the monsters have been created! Mrs. Jenner you may want to consider being a parent rather than a manager! You should be protecting them rather than finding them jobs that are way to mature for them, and you should teach them that high moral fiber is more important than adding nude pictures to Instagram! Sorry, but this is poor parenting. Mrs. Jenner, you have to own this one!

Terri on

Of course her mom is okay with it! Just another one of her daughters turned into a cash cow.

guest on

All models regardless age pose americas nxt top model…but I have never seen or heard any promotion of getting an education? Did thoae girls do homestudy or attend a highschool? Do they have anything to fall back on or do they expect to do reality tv till theyre 100yrs old??

hautemom on

workoholic….equals money monger

Allan on

Yeah! I love it. I would love to see mom and all the girls pose nude for playboy. I hardly think Kris has that much power over her children to make them pose nude. I love this family!!

Amber on

I think she looks great. Not a fan of the family, but it is a job.

itsall good nroanoke on

This woman Is not a MOTHER! SHE is a woman who LIMPS her kids. Money is this TRAMPS first priority.She’s about the dollar! She is NOT A MODEL! SHE is a paid KID! LOW CLASS !

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