Kendall Jenner Goes Topless, Calls Supermodels Her 'Superheroes' in New Fashion Spread

06/04/2014 at 11:49 AM ET

Kendall Jenner is having the best year ever. From her New York Fashion Week catwalk debut to her Vogue shoot and new book release (with sister Kylie Jenner), the 18-year-old is constantly making headlines. And she just nabbed another big magazine spread. Jenner poses sans top (and sans nearly everything else) in the new issue of Interview.

Kendall Jenner topless Interview magazineCourtesy Interview

“To be honest, this is exactly what I wanted to be,” the 18-year-old star, who covers her chest and dons a sleek cat eye in the provocative new shoot, says of her modeling career. “I was always looking up to supermodels. They were, like, my superheroes.”

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Jenner explains that her determination and work ethic stem from the constant support of her parents, Bruce and Kris Jenner.

“My dad is my everything. He always had the craziest speeches for Kylie and me growing up, good words to live by,” she shared, adding, “My parents brought up Kylie and me to be workaholics. That’s something I really appreciate.”

Kendall Courtesy Interview

The newbie model also reveals that she picked up some serious high jump skills from her Olympian dad. “I don’t really remember, but my friend just showed me this video of when I was on the track team. I got the school record for high jump. My dad was so proud of me.” (With her lean legs and athletic body type, we’d totally peg Jenner as a track star.)

What do you think of her latest set of provocative photos? Are you a fan of her modeling career? Sound off below.

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–Brittany Talarico

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Anna M on

I am NOT a fan of the Kardashian family at all, however Kendall can have an amazing career as a model. I am sure her mother will milk the money and Kylie will cling to her, but she is very good at what she is doing now.

sal on

If she wasn’t the step-sissy to the irrelevant KK, she wouldn’t be a model!

Jenna on

Hmmm, Kendall is gorgeous & a great model. But she & Kylie will be the next reality “stars” when the Kardashian girls finally get sick of it, then Kris will work on Mason, Penelope & North, this family will NEVER be out of the spotlight! :-/

aliie on

Well, here they come again- Momma Kris keeps them in the news.
Kendall is the prettiest of the bunch but she will probably wind up the same as her sisters as far as her life goes

Kat Frey on

Why does every article have to have this family naked in it………… I the only person sick of this group?

bb on

Yes, we should all look up to supermodels as superheroes. Eye roll.

PeeP on

The first picture is not pretty unless she was posing after a mastectomy.

bitsy on

of course she goes topless! that’s how that family rolls……….somebody is always half naked.

Diana Apelhans on

Why isn’t this considered children porn. isn’t she just 16-or have I lost a few years??

sosickofthesenotalenttrash on


Lolo on

It was just a matter of time she joined the rest of her narcissistic family. What “work ethic” is she talking about? What work????

Diana A on

Sorry, didn’t read close enough. I guess she is 18 Oops!!

Lisa on

Truthfully, I just don’t find her that attractive. She has a ‘boy’ shaped hips, boobs, curves or badonkadonk.

Marcie on

At least someone in that family works for their money and didn’t earn it laying on her back! Hope she has great success

dee on

I love Kendall, but I am not sure what is going on with that dress?

K.B. on

I’m sorry, but by posing nude this early in her career, there really is nowhere else to go. She’ll be doing Playboy in her early 20’s. As parents, and this is only my opinion, Kris and Bruce Jenner leave a LOT to be desired.

sara on

Kendell is 18 and can do what she wants. She has always wanted to model without her half sisters being involved and she’s not a kardashian she’s a Jenner like her mom. She doesn’t look like a kardashian. There’s a rumor she wants to leave the show so she wants to get away that’s why she moved out when she turned 18.

dee on

I love Kendall, but I am not sure what is going on with that dress?

One Two on


C. Dutts on

Supermodels are her heroes!?! Does she mean she has no higher aspirations than what she does now? I’m not trashing any career, but when you’re 18, I sure hope you want more from life than to see yourself in a magazine spread topless!

lilkenn on

This doesn’t surprise me. Anything having to do with sex, nudity is all the Kardashian girls have know. Shame on Kris brining up these kids like this to make money.


id do her.


i would do her.

Mellie on

OMGosh…another one that’s going to be constantly in the spotlight. Just when I thought there was a light at the end of the tunnel with Kim and Kanye getting married.
She’s only 18 years old, and already taking part of her clothes off. Wonder what she’ll be doing by the time she’s 25?

Can we get over this family now?

ImALadyToo on

I’m sorry, but this whole family comes across as white trash to me.

GP Stoll on

Who*res the whole lot of them!

Courtney on

Kendall is a beautiful young lady–why does she have to pose barely clothed? Sadly, the trashiness seems to run in this family.

Mr G on

What is she covering? She has no boobs! GEEZ!

Just Saying on

She truly is lovely. Too bad she’s part of that ridiculous family. I like that she gives her father a lot of credit for her work ethic. Her mother is just a pimp.

xoxo on

I’m relieved to see it’s been done tastefully and she’s quite petite (she’s tall, but fairly petite build), however, I don’t see why it’s necessary.

Mr G on

This pathetic family gets zero respect from the world and rightfully so. The world laughs at them! Too bad they’re too stupid to realize that.

Kat on

This girl’s problem is her last name. We have all had enough of the K klan

Jazzicat on

This young woman is over 18, living on her own and has a fabulous career ahead of her. The camera loves her, she has a model body, and clearly feels comfortable in front of the camera. Good for you Kendall.

Falk on

Gorgeous but her parents should have protected their youngsest girls more. Allowing their teen daughters to pose nude is wrong on every level.

Sammi on

Models do these kind of shoots ALL the time and it isn’t on this site? Oh, right….because those models don’t pay People to keep talking about them. Silly me.

Gg on

If it weren’t for who she is related she would be folding clothes at the gap or something. She has definitely gotten breaks that others would not get.She is photogenic and pretty:however there isn’t anything unique about her. How sad and shallow that her “superheros” are supermodels. Her family is shallow, simple and self absorbed.

jeff l on

So when is the porn video coming out ?
What a messed up family- a

Turqsea on

Once your lose your looks what do you have to fall back on??

M on

she’s got nothing to cover up!

Leigh on

I don’t watch these shows or follow this family, but I do think that she is a beautiful girl and can make it as a model on her own merits.

Mr G on

Only a money grubbing c**t of a mother would let her daughter to that.

dezi on

Future boob job in the making. Beautiful face but not great topless

Marisa Beatriz on

She looked a lot prettier before she visited the family plastic surgeon. Trying to look like that sex worker Kim K is nothing anyone should ever aspire to do.

derrick johnson on


Janet697 on

another kartrashian trollop in the making. No wait I am wrong she is already a trollop.

Janice on

Before you know it she’ll be banging inner-city thugs and then leaking the video.

Tonja on

I don’t think she’s anything special. If it wasn’t for who her family is I doubt she would be having as many modelling opportunities as she does. There are far more prettier models out there

Kat on

She’s 18…it’s legal, not child porn. Supermodels are superheroes? Bruce taught them to be workaholics, but not good students. I don’t know if she graduated high school?

miarol on

I think she is beautiful. In some pictures she really resembles the “natural” Kim. I just don’t understand how she could’ve wrote a book when she can barely speak intelligently. Thank goodness for ghostwriters.

Steve on

Kendall is gorgeous.

Lisa on

Making money the Kardashian way! Taking off her clothes! Mama Kris must be so proud.

Jojo on

God was good to this young lady. She is stunning.

Renee J on

I think that she is beautiful. She has a very high end couture look to her that is very hard to find. I believe that her family are all a bunch of morons so luckily she does have a chance to have her own career and success apart for the “Momager” nut job. I think that the pictures are tastefully done. Good job.

Dee on

Of course she’s topless. As soon as she finds the right venue to ‘leak’ her s*x tape, then she’ll be seen bottomless as well.
As long as Kris Jenner has a breath left in her body, her daughters and granddaughters will be wh*red out for profit.

Pd on

Doesn’t she see how she’s made up to look like Kim? How proud Bruce must be

Shana on

its a shame she thinks models are her idols. They are a no class family of egotistical brain dead people that will do anything to show off their bodies and we are so sick of them. They are no class morons and as for Kim, her claim to fame was being peed on by RayJ in a porn video yet magazines glorify this porn princess and all her siblings.. The only one i like is Rob..he keeps it real

JR on

She is 18 and can do what she wants, she seems to have what it takes to be a model.

lyn on

Looking forward to her Hustler magazine spread

tom on

I love it She calls supermodels super heroes How about the military or people who do research and try to make this world a better place? SO shallow her mind but then again look at the tree she fell she landed on her would explain her lack of any good judgement.

Sounjirah on

She’s gorgeous, no doubt….but am I the only one wondering why a model going topless is shocking? Just me? Ok. ;-)

Goodness on

Kendall is beautiful, but she looks like a child in this photo due to the fact that she does not have the curves of her older sisters. Kind of creepy like the Lebowitz/Miley photos from so long ago. Photographer should have shot a different angle or she should have posed differently

gemini on

Two more children for the mother to pimp for money. Disgraceful.

david f on

Just a matter of time before we see the “leaked” sex video

tom holleman on


kilieya on

America’s majority no longer follow the Bible. Our youthful generation have no righteous guides.

tom holleman on


Lala on

So tired of these topless stories of her. She is 18 years old! She’s not the first 18 year old model to pose topless, and I’m sure won’t be the last. Get over it People Mag.

Karsten on

The second pic she is HOT!

boccio317 on

Why is this wrong? The female body is Beautiful and over in Europe they would not make an issue of this, guess America is still in the Dark Ages!!!

Sheila on

She looks gorgeous!

Pam on

She’s the best looking one of the bunch. She’s supermodel material.

facethemusic on

This girl has nothing special to offer, nothing more that a million other girls her age have to offer. Her mother started pimping her out years ago and no doubt orchestrated the topless deal. It was just a matter of time…….and like her sister, a porn video will not be that far behind. Mama sure must be paying the editors of People and Huffpost a bundle to feature these fame-who res on a regular basis. Her father Bruce should be ashamed for allowing his wife to take these girls down the same trashy path she took the three older useless sisters. But uselessness sells in America, right?

AuntBea on

No talent, no independence, no work ethic and no self respect.
File it under Kardashian, as usual.

Wash on

We should not be sexualizing 18 year olds! Ever! I don’t care who they are or how much fame they have. This should not happen.

Sue on

It is tasteless! Kendall will end up eventually as Kim 2.0…These young Jenners girls need to go to real school! Kris is exploiting them.

Sue on

More porn, no surprise from the bimbo family.

Sue on

Kris would sell the kids soul for attention, she is a borderline personality, check DCM5..sad..

mjr15 on

Definetly the prettiest of the sisters. Hopefully she’ll do her own thing and not get caught up in all the reality show nonsense going fotward

mark on

topless for raising money for CHARITY——-$$$$ AS USUAL Reason for SUPERMODELS ????????????#############

rain blu sun on

W O W !!!!!
G O R G E O U S !!!!!!!
G O G U R L !!!!!

(I’m so jealous )

leonard on

The world loves to hate on the Kardashian family, Did anyone not think she would not fallow Kims lead? And her mom is all about making the dollar. She knows Hollywood. And when it comes to money and top shows. it us who watch there show, and buys there stuff. The Kardashians don’t care about you or your morals.

Laurie on

She is beautiful and doesn’t have to be in any of her sisters shadow. I think she will hit super model status easily. People are so mean on here! I find Americans to be very spiteful and mean!

Barbara on

I think Kendall is a very beautiful girl but I don’t think she has to show her body “naked” to be a good super model.

Art on

Look world, I have no talent. I can’t sing, tell a joke or act. But guess whay I do do, she says. “I can show off my fake boobs.”

STYX65 on


judykay on

i find it a shame that an 18 year old girl has No education, no parental guidance and no morals is out there parading herself naked . The pimp mother is selling her daughters as fast as she can for the almighty dollar. I am disappointed in Bruce Jenner for first of all dropping his kids from his first marriage like stray dogs and letting the pimp mother use his kids by her like this. The youngest one is on her way to this kind of life too. It is a shame that someone with her looks has to take her clothes off to make a living, and her own mother has laid the frame work for it.

thocoma on

Kendall is beautiful,good for her to be a succesfull model but I hope she wont’ be a griddy women like her mother and be more like her father



Tricia Putnam on

I never thought Kendall would bare it all literally. She has enough beauty on the inside and outside (with clothes on her girl parts) without having to show off everything like Kim does all the time. It is sickening. I thought Kendall had more class than that. She doesn’t have to show everything to prove she’s worth every dime people would pay to look at her with clothes on. She talks about values her parents taught her? Really? Stripping is not a value unless your value is zero. She went too far and she can’t go back. Maybe the whole family could go and have a family portrait done all nude. Then there won’t be any place left to go.

Gordon D on

Just another kardashian bimbo..soon there’ll be the sex video, then the “reality” show..yep they raise theses bimbos from a young age.



bet on

uggh.. here they go again.. money money.. the only way they know how to earn it is to start off naked.. remember the sex tape of the half-sister kim? bad examples for young impressionable girls..

bet on

no fan of them.. the only way they know how to start their career is by going naked, like the big half-sis kim’s sex tape! bad examples for young impressionable girls!

Nanu 08 on

Kim obviously has to always be exposing her body for attention and now Kendall so what is it with this family thinking this is the only way to stay in the spotlight….skin tight outfits with boobs hanging out along with huge butt is Kim’s style and now Kendall and Kylie evidently think they have to be nude also….Kris and Bruce must be smiling ear to ear as their girls are money makers…….wonder when this one will appear in PlayBoy?????

guest on

What top ?

Max on

The HO family Kar trash ien

Horace Wastite on

I wonder who mom Kris will pick to bone her in her first porn movie? She should change it up a bit and find a white dude.

michael on

Big deal! When is her mom going to direct and release her porn video? Now that would be celerity news worthy!

Robbie Fitzpatrick on

There needs to be more light placed on intelligence and less on beauty. Young girls need better role models or we will continue to have women objectified

debra on

this is what is wrong with this country youngsters half naked all the time and then we wonder why pedophilia is running rampant! lets get a clue here, this family is talentless and using reality tv to keep them in the limelight… Soooo over the whole bunch already! sick of hearing about them really!

bob on

Please everyone. Lets focus on the brain if she has one. As a guy on womans side> Lets try intellect and achievements.. Like helping others out, write a book, become somthing more then glaring flesh.. How freaken ridiculous..The family of layabout, selfcentered, me, me, me..Give it a break . I don’t even know why i spent the time to type this.. Hopefully it can change one mind..LOL

Melissa on

Dear Kendell,
YOU are a beautiful girl and you don’t need to show skin just to make it. Have some self respect.

Signed, Me.

Joy on

Wow, I am so glad that Kendall posed without a top. I really needed that 18 yr old tease. NOT, Isn’t there anything else we could see or hear about more interesting. I thought the Kartrashians were going to fade away. There like ROACHES.

Wanda on

Kendall seems like a good kid but I don’t think Bruce will be a fan of the topless pose. On the one hand, Dad Bruce tries hard to instill a sense of morality in the girls while Mom Chris seems to be a little too lenient. Just saying.

bjg on

She’s had her lips plumped and it looks good

Respect on

As a young women I always thought about why women don’t respect their bodies and instead show it off like a piece of furniture. I’ve always looked at a women’s body to be respected not shown off to always be looked at by who knows who. You know maybe this is why some men treat women like trash, because I guess they think women look so desperate. So I don’t think I would be surprised if a man takes advantage of Kendall. I hope I am not the only women out there who thinks that women shouldn’t show off their body to the extent of clear nude.

Kimberley Schmidt on

Sad another child seeking avenues in life that are not the best-the parents are too wrapped up and fail to properly parent-Lindsay Lohan sadly is another example of this-

Reed on

How can she be perfect if she looks like 12 year old

Judy on

Please she’s not a Cindy Crawford for God sake. She’s just another K with no real talent just like the three older losers. Enough with them can they just go away?

lina on

If I was a ghostwriter, I would never allow my name to be associated with Kendall and Kylie Jenner. Kendall stated herself that she can’t even read. I highly, highly doubt they had the skill and discipline to write any portion of that book. God forbid you teach your daughters the value of education.

Scarlett on

What a vapid, shallow statement to say supermodels are her superheroes. Gross.

MikeO3 on

This is not topless… Geez.

CynCyn on

I love love love her pics. I love her too, i think she seems the most grounded out of the K Klan.

Laura on

I think she is beautiful and the photos are tasteful. She has a lot of sense garnered from her father. I say good for her and good luck in the future.

katy on

This is a family that is only interested in themselves. Her remarks show how shallow she is. How have any of them contributed to society? All they know how to do is spend money and they all think they are so important..

Steve on

If one is ever in doubt about how a child’s surroundings affects their cognitive thought and future imprint…the words of this article should be mandatory reading, as case studies, for anyone seeking to work in the Psychology field!

John on

She’s 18 and beautiful, so what should it matter?

lala on

Where’s the name of the photographer?!!!!!! This person GAVE you the reason for the story, you could at least credit them. It should be FIRST NAME, LAST NAME for Interview Magazine

Veronica M on

The one who wrote “she would be folding clothes at the gap if she wasn’t related to the Kartrashians” hit the nail on the head! So true! I have some friends who are just out of control Gorgeous!!! But..they will never, never get the chances that kendall has gotten..because they are not related to anyone. Children of celebrities dont have to work for is just handed to them. They are OFFERED jobs….kendall did not have to compete or go to cattle calls…ever! She automatically gets to be a model, write a book, clothing line, they get to close magic mountain down for a day, runway work, buy a million dollar condo…it is handed to her because she is tall and pretty! Cindy crawfords daughter has modeled alredy and she is 10!! Madonna’s daughter is a fashion designer along with kendall…they dont even know how to sew!! They just say “that is pretty, make that for our line”…they HAVE NO CLUE! Now…if kendall was actually sewing the garments…that might be a different story! Kids of celebs are totally privileged…and they know it. I just wish they would focus on animal charities and kids charities. Hopefully they will.

Phyll A on

It says in the article she’s 18, so I guess it’s legal,
but why would she want to go topless,
have some class, unlike the rest of the K’s!

stgeorgeschapel on

Kendall WAS incredibly plain. Her current face is not the one she was born with. She has had a LOT of work done. A tragedy I think, for an 18 year old. But, she comes from a whack-a-doodle family with zero values.

The notion of her being a “workaholic” is a belly-laugh. I suppose that means she starts shopping at the galleria by noon and with only a cup of coffee to sustain her. She is down to a single nap a day. And, she “thinks” as much as 45 minutes per day. This bunch will never grow up and never be responsible. Look at her worthless sisters who are now “famous.” (For going naked, and having sex, and posting it on the Internet, and having babies out of wedlock; not a SINGLE legitimate baby in the bunch.) They continue deluding themselves that they are chasing success and worthwhile goals.

Jesse on

The only reason people are upset and saying anything about this set of pictures is that her sisters are the Kardashians. She looks like any other model except she is of LEGAL age unlike the prepubescent little girls designers normally use. She also so does not have the body of a little boy like most designers love. She does look great and that is also something people cannot stand.

heatherfeather on

Click to see her TITS!!

Sam on

MODELS = GIRLS with minimal education so ofcourse they will value looks over intelligence, it’s not new…. and this one doesn’t exactly come from the ‘brightest’ Klan. So sad because I know young girls look up to these idiots! Look at her eyes – I’ve seen smarter goats…

Dave on

I see this all the time…a headline about some female celebrity “going topless” for some photos. Then you look and she’s covering herself with her hands or is facing away from the camera or some other dodge. Topless photos that don’t really show anything aren’t really topless. I mean, I’m sure the photographer got an eyefull but…if it didn’t make it into the pictures, what’s the point?

Les on

Not pretty! They are all manufactured by Mom Kris, they are her personal money makers and she makes me sick. Sorry ass excuse for a mother.
Wish they would all just disappear into thin air, for good!

cp bell on


Sandy on

This girl is a awesome model. Absolutely beautiful. I hope she can keep on the good side of it all.. To the commenters here commenting this article isn’t about the Kardashian family, it’s about Kendall JENNER!

Elizabeth on

She is absolutely GORGEOUS!! She has so much class and natural beauty than Kim will ever have. Stay sweet and classy and AWAY from your wannabe sister.

Cerise Trala on

She’s lovely and photographs exquisitely. I don’t watch the TV show(s) about their family, but I do appreciate what she says here about her mom and dad and their work ethic. I try not to paint all siblings/family members with the same brush. Each is an individual. Also, if their show weren’t a huge success, it would be off the air. Because what they do sells, yes, you will continue to see it.

Renee F on

Supermodels as superheroes??? My superheroes serve our country in our military.

brandongonzalez118 on

Nice pecs

focus503 on

I certainly don’t care for that twit of a sister of hers, but KK certainly looks better without a sweater.

Irene on

Mommy Money bucks is at it again. Always something with the Kardarshian family. They have to stay in the headlines someway. Posing half naked at 16 is one way. After all this all got started with Kims Porno Tape

DanH on

All you idiots that keep them in the news are f’n stupid. Nobody cares about these girls, they have done nothing for society, they have no talent, they only make the news because these stupid gossip mags and ignorant reality shows. They are talentless hacks that love f’ing nogs.

sako on

Why is this family always extolling their workaholic virtues, when all they ever do is pose semi-naked? Kendall would be far more interesting if she showed of her brains, and not her skin.

Bodhisattva on

Well, at least if her modeling career falls through she can make a run for President of the IBTC.

Eleonora on

I do not care about this peoples life can yahoo stop pushing it down our troaths, it only degrates society, there is nothing worth celebrating or praising about it.

dwayne_63 on

Pretty girl…

mike on

I don’t see a fashion spread. I see a leg spread. Nice going Mama Kris, pip those young ones out.

wendy green on

diane aplehans the article clearly states that she is 18 years old, so yes, you have lost a few years. i just find it sad that with all the money she has, that she feels she has to expose herself like this.

Charles Fuhro on

Why do these young women feel it necessary to pose topless or nude all the time? Don’t they believe they have anything else to offer the world but their body? Is their self-esteem really that low? What kind of upbringing did they have so that they think their only value is as a sexual object? What kind of ethical beliefs or morals do these young women possess? This is all really sad to see these girls exposing themselves as they do. Granted, they are indeed beautiful, and more than a little bit titillating. But it’s still sad too see them objectifying themselves as they do.

joe dalmas on

“Star” of WHAT?! She’s a nobody, I had to google her to find out who she was, and the first thing that came up is she threw money at a waitress’ face while trying to run without paying her bill in NYC. The little runt with a c.

mariohere on

I’d recommend some rice & beans.

mariohere on

Rice & Beans would help make her more visible!

justjk on

I think she’s adorable, sexy and young, Why not model. She’s making her own way. Everybody complains how the Kardashians have not talent, Well I’d say Kendall modeling career is a shows great promise. . Why these keep saying she’s topless, is beyond me. (of course it’s misguided captions, that make people look.) She’s completely covered. She’s not “Showing” anything. All the negative people, who are judging her, need to take a look again. Provocative Yes, and very well done. If she was a nobody, nothing would even be said.

Sue W on

Kendall is the best looking of any of the Kardashians! She may well make legitimate money — by earning it as a super model. Unlike the rest of her family. Bruce excluded.

Sue on

I don’t think it’s fair to criticize her because of KK or her momager Kris. She is successful in her own right and I don’t think she or Kylie has any interest in continuing on reality TV. Give her her props for living her dream.

Dave on

“They were like, my superheros”. Why can the current generation not speak in complete sentences? We have failed them as a society when vapid people like her are held up in high esteem. (killer Bod though)

me on

Why is she interesting? name one thing of actual value she or her relatives have actually done. I fail to understand why anyone with a brain finds her of value.

Pete Rose on

Who is she gonna screw to become famous?

Lou on

Kardashian… Jenner… What’s in a name ??
Trailer Park Trash… by any other name… is still Trailer Park Trash !

At least Kendall would seem to actually have a profession in her future.
Now all she has to do is flush twice…. to unload and separate herself from that human waste she is unfortunately related to. Make sure that epitome of motherhood, is the first to go !!

Sandra Ryan on

I guess you can’t be “FAMOUS” unless you get naked. Sorry to know they have no confidence other than that.

Duke47 on

Great story….”my mother says I should be a model; I have breasts and a vagina and my mother wants you to see them. Am I not wonderful?

Duke47 on


Jason Petty on

Kendall is way better looking than Kim. I don’t think Kim is good looking at all.

E. Johnson on

She is a beautiful girl. So sorry she decided to do this shot. I thought she had common sense and was not the same type as KK. Hopefully her talent will win out and she will not feel she must disrobe

steve on

without the makeup and filters…..just plain old 12 year old boy

Duke47 on

Please please look at us naked; admire our breasts, our nipples and our vaginas; please look at them and please send out mother lots of money as she wants you to pay to look at us. As of yet we do not have all the money in America, but we want it. We want to pose naked for a box of Wheaties, all those flakes drifting around in a white liquid.

Pippa Lee on

I don’t see any naked pic’s…where are they? She is beautiful and will do just fine in the modeling business, mommy will make sure of that.

Myra Breckenridge on

@ Sal, she is not Kim’s stepsister. She is her sister. They share the same mother.

@ Diana Apelhans, she is 18 (as reflected in the first paragraph of the article) and considered of legal age.

hanibal on

I guess the Kardashians were getting low on funds. Thank god that the farm team is ready to start shedding clothing. I realize she must be “pre-breast enhancement”, but it will be good enough for the “porno-primmer”. I’ll bet there’s a big black man in her future too! Oh, this is SO exciting!

Diogenes71 on

What, exactly, do models contribute to anything of importance. They pose, stand, do whatever they are told. No thinking required. As a matter of fact the amount of grey cells seems inversely proportional to their “talent!”

K H on

Good for her for being so young and working hard to earn her spot as a model. However, I do take issue that she’s a role model and she’s strippin her clothes off. Many young girls are posting pics of themselves half or fully naked. She’s promoting sexualizing women and especially very young women…She’s BARELY legal! Just wish she would take a different path from her sisters and keep her clothes on. Be a positive role model rather than a naked one. She’s got the talent. Why not show that off instead?

Alonso on

So, is Kendall, like, the daughter of Kim and Kanye? I’m confused about this whole Kardashian clan.

ruffsoft on

Let me be honst: she doesn”t have much to hide, and despite tons of make up, her face is not that pretty.
Everyone disses Kim, but let’s be honest: she has the curves and a face to die for. The others older sisters need much artifice to keep from looking frumpy.

I like the Kardashians: they are very honest about being fake.

Unlike their critics, who drool and then complain.

Let’s be honest folks: Kim got the looks and everyone else is riding her shirtails (?).

Kim on

I don’t understand the people who think modeling is not work. every single ad you see with a human being in the photgraph is doing a type of modeling. All of these people are getting paid to prmote what ever it is that needs promoting, whether it be toothpaste or high fasion. They go on sometime of audition and are chosen to represent what ever product. They are then told to be at the shoot at whatever time and it can take a few hours all day, 2 days..whatever. Many people are involved in the process, photgraphers, managers, light people, the guys who help set up and tear down, wardrobe people and of course the model or models for the campaign. Then everyone is paid, including the model. Including Kendal Jenner, just because she is famous and modeling looks glamerous doesn’t mean she is not working. The girl is pretty, she is really tall (I didn’t realize how tall until I saw a picture of her next to kim with no shoes and Kim had highheels on) she has the perfect high fashion model body, long lean. This girl is just starting out, lets give her chance. Super Modles like Heidi Klum and Tyra Banks were unkowns but they did the same job Kendal is doing now and no one ever said they were not working. …Oh the no top thing, I don’t get it but that is the fasion mags, flip through them sometime and you will see a ton of models with no top on and most of them are 18 some younger.

Sarah F on

YES YES YES!! Obsessed with following this girl’s career. She’s gorgeous and I believe would make it as a model regardless of her family. In fact, she’s even admitted in interviews how the reputation of her family has hurt her career in that people are turned off by the name. They want real talent.. Kendall’s just proving everyone she’s got it! You go girlfriend!

Princess Sass's finger sniffer on

She needs implants and a sex tape to be a kardashian

TheLeast on

Good night, people…how OLD is this child? Take a breath, look around, and ask yourselves: What the heck is going on in this society? It’s not really “modeling” when the subject is NOT WEARING CLOTHING…it’s PORNOGRAPHY. Revolting.

Ozzie Klunk on

Why is she famous again? Oh yeah. One of her mother’s other children was urinated on in a (fake) sex-tape.

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