Kendall Jenner Makes Her Vogue Debut

05/28/2014 at 04:09 PM ET

After sitting front row at London Fashion Week next to Vogue‘s Anna Wintour, landing a spot on the magazine’s Instagram and modeling for some very high-fashion houses (including Givenchy and Chanel), we figured it was only a matter of time until we saw the reality star in the pages of Vogue. Now that day has come.

Kendall Jenner VogueCourtesy Kendall Jenner

Though the first Kris Jenner offspring to earn a Vogue magazine cover was Kim Kardashian (with fiancé Kanye West), her little sister’s follow-up was certainly not too shabby. Kendall made her modeling debut for the fashion bible in the June/July issue of Vogue Paris, edited by Emmanuelle Alt. The 18-year-old Instagrammed (of course) a few shots of her featured pages, crediting famed photographer Patrick Demarchelier for the moody shots. She and the other models are styled with slicked-back buns, bleached eyebrows, winged liner and soft, unstructured dresses in one image, and in the other, they’re given a military vibe with strong hats, high necks and leather gloves.

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Vogue Paris | June/July

A photo posted by Kendall Jenner (@kendalljenner) on

Fashion photographer Nigel Barker predicted that for Jenner’s modeling career to take off, “we need to see the big magazines endorse her,” and it looks like she’s officially got the stamp of approval of one of the biggest fashion brands in the world. Are you excited to see what she does next? What do you think of her editorial?

–Alex Apatoff

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Andrea on

Those girls are way too thin. Sad that society is still promoting the heroin chic look. Before anyone says I’m just jealous… I’ll go ahead and squash that bc I’m fit and very happy with my body. I just think that the drugged out corpse look needs to die.

Pauline on

she deserved so much more to be in vogue before kim. unfortunately kim had to have the spotlight on her before her sister. so sad and pathetic.

donnatex on

ugh…walking sticks.

Lydia on

Nice job Kendall! You will make it far in the modeling industry! Keep the faith and Keep it real!

NaturallySonja on

In this picture Kendall reminds me of Christina Ricci’s character Wednesday in the Addams Family movie(s).

Sunny on


Eri on

Why Kendall’s face always angry,especially her eyebrows?

Eri on

And I don’t like Kendall’ s mean face.

Hi there on

Kendall Jenner is in no way beautiful or unique. Vogue is slipping

melissa on

I think she looks like an angry alien…

Janet697 on

3 ugly beyond belief and 2 overly skinny bag of bones bimbos.

Marisa Beatriz on

The girl to her left (in the first picture) is a much better model. There is something almost ethereal about her modelling. Kendall just looks angry and very monotone.
They’re all far too skinny though.

Sacre on

Wow, that’s not a moody look… it’s downright pissed off.

1SoaringChick on

Kendall, Khloe & Rob are more grounded. They get an “I loathe them” pass!!

Lolo on

Wow! Does she look ugly…and she’s really cute as a real person.

Deborah Scofield on

She once seemed like a good kid, but now she looks mean!

Paola on

She does look like Wednesday from the Addams Family. Too skeletal.

karen on

she looks like the guy from star trek with the eyebrows..spock

Gina on

Vogue went downhill after Kim & Kanye’s cover photo.

Mary on

Why do models have to look like match stick people? They look like walking corpses. And, NO, I am not jealous.

Sarah on

She looks scary. I wish Vogue would use women who are pretty and intellignt. I am not sure if Kendall graduated from high school. She certainly would regret not being a teenager.

Paris on

Why can’t we have women who are positive role models in magazines? Women who are college educated and inspire others to make a positive, educated difference in the world. Why are we glorifying and idolizing false beauty and fame?

Nayeli on

Real life stick figures! …Live long and Prosper! LOL!

Mr G on

Vogue has lost all credibility by putting these tramps on their cover. American adults despise this family of pigs. It’s the ignorant teenage schoolgirls that follow them and they are not the ones buying their magazine. Guess they don’t care about image, reputation or future sales.

CaliWriter on

Hmmmm her nose isn’t super model enough. Too…..blobish on the sides. Look at the other girls, they look more….high artish. Like hangers.

mansaneo on

Let’s be honest… would she be gracing the pages of Vogue if not for her last name and those family antics? I don’t think she evokes “high fashion”. Seventeen magazine, perhaps. If anything, she’s cute.

CaliWriter on

Also, purple isn’t her color and who the he** if trying to bring back the ugly military look. Geez Vogue needs to get with the times instead of trying to take us backward.

Plus, Kendall is cutesy when she’s smiling but in those pictures she just looks nasty and angry with a big round, puffy face. Maybe the Vogue people did the look on purpose, some of them there are pretty mean.

careyjr3 on

Kendall is absolutely gorgeous.

Nope! on

They have that ” I could really go for a cheeseburger right now” look on them

Marianne on

Scary…she might have looked better if she had a neck. The other two corpses are more attractive, or at least less creepy looking since you can see they have a neck. .

kw on

The other two girls have the sharp angular face that vogue often favors…the jenner girl looks like a mistake.

GP Stoll on


Europa49 on

I don’t think their eyebrows are bleached. There are other ways to easily lighten them. Kendall has really got the model look in these photos. She looks good, not too thin. She has meat on her bones. Just because most of America is full of fat people, doesn’t mean Kendall with her leaner build is too thin.

thistle on

wow. I don’t know much about modeling, but whoever staged those photos found a way to make a pretty young woman look terrible. OK, all of them look terrible.

anon on

Kendall is such a pretty girl. Compared to the other two, she does look skinny but not in an emaciated way like the other two. I wish her luck!

Areanna on

This is the style, the way Vogue wants them to look. Get with the 21st century instead of sounding like a bunch of outdated old fools who wouldn’t know fashion if it kicked them in their fat rear ends . If the rest of America is full of obese muffin top individuals, that’s their problem. Don’t take it out on these girls who are only doing what they are told.

Agathe on

A gust of wind will blow them a way they are so gaunt and anemic looking. Sci-Fi meet old lady chic. Odd.

Get a Clue! on

All you people commenting on how “angry” or “mad” Kendall is are totally CLUELESS! Yes she’s a pretty girl, but she’s transcending average everyday “pretty” in to the world of HIGH FASHION and posing for the fashion “bible” magazine aka Vogue is a BIG DEAL if that’s what your goal as a model is! Of course you all wouldn’t know the first thing about high fashion sitting in your trailers judging something that you don’t have a clue about and never will! I swear People readers are the most negative, judgemental people I’ve ever seen! Get over yourselves already!!

Martha on

Way to Skinny they look like Death! I hope my Daughters don’t see them as role models! The body image they are trying to sell is an unhealthy one to say the least!

Kat on

Kind of looks like (L to R): Anna Kendrick (but not as pretty), Kendall looking like she has to go to the bathroom, and a young Uma Thurman (who doesn’t look half as good as the Uma Thurman on the Cannes carpet with that yellow dress).

Marie on

VOGUE slipped with the Kim and Kanye cover. So let’s be
honest. As far as Kendall goes, she does have the makings
of a good model. Hope she strives for the best. And to
Kendall and Kyle, since you are in the public eye, why not
make the best of it and smile for the freelance cameras, rather than covering your face? That would make or break me hiring
you for my magazine. You’re both attractive, so be happy to be popular enough for the attention, and be happy just
knowing you have a modeling career ahead of you. Smile!

Ginger on

Too severe for my taste. But, good for her.

wetw235vetw on

She only got that gig because of her family and most importantly…her mother.

Lola on

Anorexic bobble heads!

Sick of the Kardashians on

When I think of a Vogue I think “beauty” , “elegance”, “class”
These three girls do not come close
Yes Vogue is slipping….

Missy on

Eww. I don’t see how any of that is fashion! They are aliens!

Mary on

Kendall is so pretty, it seems and has long limbs and a perfectly proportioned body for modeling. So….because she is in a business that promotes perfection ( don’t get mad) it seems like she’s so darn cute as an average gal but her nose has always been the first thing that to me has looked too wide. Bless her for not changing it like her mother or Kim, but every photo seems to bring her up just short of stunning because her nose not slim, its a nondescript blob. I only bring it up because its the world of high fashion and perfectionism. My Lord, she is gorgeous and I hope she stays grounded. I know there are successful models who build their careers on a body part like uneven teeth or a mole, but her nose makes her seems ordinary.

Debbie on

Not impressed!!! What ever happened to the models that look healthy and were natural beauties, not like these stick figured people that are promoting you have to be skinny to be beautiful, which they aren’t!!

Lissy on

The all look like concentration camp victims , for I have seem in pictures and movies , sad , good clothes though

Mary on

I just put my finger on it as far as standout models go.. she doesn’t evoke that major magic personality. She just doesn’t have that something special that leaps from the page. No energetic sass that can make even a woman who has a big nose or uneven teeth seem gorgeous. She’s just a pretty girl who is positioned and dressed up like a doll. She’s not wearing the clothes, they wear her. Shes just there. She’s not jumping out and stunning us with emotion. And in the world of modeling thats paramount to her longevity. I hope she stays sweet and gets out. She never seems comfortable in her own skin.

megan on

wow i don’t get high fashion

Sydney on

There’s a lot of American fat people and clueless in terms of high fashion in here! It’s obvious :)
If you are knowledgable or used to reading high fashion magazine the models are all skinny. So please don’t comment and make a fool out of yourself. It has been for years. It has not change. High fashion is not pretty but elegant, unique and extraordinary!

momof3 on

She looks

Wanda on

Sidney. Chillax! They know. They just don’t care.

Dee on

She always looks irritated and evil. She could be blood relations with Kanye instead of just in-laws.

Dana on

Note – she is a nobody with some connections. But this is not the worst with this girl…she never made the effort at least to write correctly. Her tweets are illiterate and she cannot read.

Being somehow polished would have been her only chance to be a step up from the kardashian stinky trash.
But she did not make it., she is the same arrogant, classless idiot.

veronica on

I do like the pics!!!

not pretty on

she looks androgynous, not sexy

lindazielinski on

Really, the left girl man… how can these magazine people seriously believe woman like this? That girl is obviously anorexic. Off the three, Kendall looks the healthiest (like she is just naturally thin). This industry is just beyond sick. And on top of all this (you know if girls out there think this is not too skinny) – I haven’t met ONE guy who thinks this looks good, not a single one. This is just sick.

Peachy on

Gross. All of them.

DE on

All the models in the pictures have some creep factor.

Star on

Pretty sure the facial expression is what they wanted her to have. I personally believe she is beautiful and will be a great model but I have never understood what is truly looked for in a model. They always seem to ulgy these girls up. I mean really. Look at the other two. In no way would I see them in a photo or on the street and EVER think they were models. Kendell is much more pretty than what they made her to be in this photo and I would think that they would want photos of them “pretty”. Its always been an odd industry to me.

Sammi on

Ugh, Vogue has such a hard on for this family…almost as much as People does. Sickening.

M on

Walking dead!

Ellen on

She doesn’t have a model face… her body might be good, but the face is still a baby face. you can see the difference between her and the other models. they have got real edgy model faces.

Ledean Paden on

The girl in the grey dress looks ill, way to thin. shoulders look like bones sticking out of her dress.

Cal on


sandy on

shes got the look, and if her connections helped her so be it, I just wish I didnt see the episode where the girls wanted to drop out of school, Id like to see her go to college, AND do this if she wants too, she doesnt need to be dumb like the rest, but shes a pretty girl

guest on

Looks like mama Jenner is prepping her to replace Kimye when she gets too old and people lose interest.

guest on

Her Mom Kris pimps her. I don’t think Kendall is that beautiful!

Liz on

All three of these girls look beyond ugly. That isn’t fashionable, or stylish, or anything beautiful in any way at all. Really horrible photo.

LilysUncleJenny on

I think she is by far the most beautiful of the girls. She seems to have a great personality and is very unassuming. She seems often embarrassed by her family’s constant display of wasted wealth.

Megan on

They all look generic. Fashion is a sick, outdated and s h i t t y world.

Brooke 24 on

As a former model, I’m grateful that I stopped when I did. These girls are sickly. The requirements placed on models is just ridiculous.

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