The Moment Has Arrived: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Cover Vogue in Wedding Attire

03/21/2014 at 01:27 PM ET

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Vogue coverAnnie Leibovitz/VOGUE

After months of speculation, Kim Kardashian has finally landed her first Vogue cover. And she’s not alone. The reality star joins fiancé Kanye West for the magazine’s April issue shot by Annie Leibovitz.

Kardashian, 33, wears a gorgeous strapless Lanvin gown and poses with West’s arms wrapped around her for the shot. The rapper looks ready to head down the aisle as well in a navy suit. The coverline? #worldsmosttalkedaboutcouple, which is hard to argue with considering the duo’s whirlwind relationship and presence in the fashion world.

North, 9 months, also joins her stylish parents for the shoot (as seen in the behind-the-scenes clip below) set to West’s “Bound 2” hit.

“Annie and Grace Coddington [Vogue Creative Director] we’re so impressed with how professional Kim was,” an industry insider tells PEOPLE. “They all laughed throughout the shoot and had so much fun.”

And the bride-to-be definitely got some serious wedding dress inspiration for her upcoming nuptials. “Kim tried tons of wedding gowns made for her by every designer,” the insider says. (Basically, it sounds like she had a Carrie Bradshaw Sex and the City moment. Remember that scene from the first movie?)

The new mom made sure to take in every moment of the love-filled family experience. “Kim is so grateful and loved shooting this with Kanye and North,” a Kardashian source adds.

She also shared her excitement with fans. “This is such a dream come true!!! Thank you @VogueMagazine for this cover! O M GGGGGG!!! I can’t even breath!” Kardashian captioned the cover photo Instagram.

Last year Kim landed the cover of CR Fashion Book posing for a dramatic spread shot by Chanel designer (and fashion Kaiser) Karl Lagerfeld and directed by Givenchy mastermind Riccardo Tisci. West has collaborated with French ready-to-wear line A.P.C. on a number of collections. And now the couple has this photo to frame.

Watch the BTS clip below. What do you think of Kimye’s joint cover? Sound off in the comments!

–Brittany Talarico, with reporting by Jen Garcia

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John Marlin on

This Country officially sucks

LM on

I usually don’t post on KK articles as I think she is so overexposed and talentless. But I’m posting this time incase Anna Wintour reads these sites – you just lost a Vogue subscriber.

Anna on

Wow, Vogue is really going downhill.

Abbie on

could care less about them as human beings, but that dress is beautiful and she looks beautiful in it.

Amy on

Vogue is officially dead. Why not put Jenna Jameson on their next cover? They’re both Porn Stars.

Scooby on

Disappointed with Vogue

Jade White on

Kim’s behavior constantly frustrates because she is so immature and shallow but…I am thrilled for her that she got this cover, that the image is realistic and tasteful — she looks like her natural absolutely gorgeous self. It’s appropriate. Kim — take a lesson: there is no one more beautiful than you on this entire planet. You do not need to dye/inject/pad to be the beautiful being that you are (and we know how you really look). Congrats and love — you are engaged to a wonderfully creative, loving and very handsome/sexy man and you are so blessed with a beautiful child — just be real.

Izzymom on

I used to think Vogue was a classy magazine! Not any more! Why would they put 2 people who are so self-promoting and only do things to benefit themselves on their cover?? Yuck!

Sendy on

She needs to thank Kanye…..she got the cover because of him!

Sacrè on

Unbelievable. Anna Wintour must have been high when she said yes to this. Or Kanye paid her off.

Ana on

Just cancelled my subscription.

Lola on

RIP Vogue.

Sarat on

It sucks !!!

Linda on

So please explain now how Vogue is any different from a tabloid.

Dooped on


Lynz on

The only explanation i have that is making me even the tiniest bit better about this is that Anna Wintour must have been blackmailed by Kanye. Not that i understand what she sees in him in the first place. Blackmail, that is all. Having said that, it will be a while before i purchase the magazine again. I look forward to seeing the sales for this issue.

Sami on

Not hard to guess which month will be Vogue’s biggest loss for sales.

law on

Wow – I thought Vogue generally avoided covering reality tv as a matter of taste….class. If I wanted to read about a Kardashian, I would have subscribed to In Touch or OK!. Wintour can put whoever she wants on the cover of her magazine, but I personally will be throwing that issue out when I receive it in the mail.

aJ on

beautiful! good for them.

M&M on

Well Kim does look beautiful…..

LC on

Unbelievable. Was a classy magazine. Will never purchase a Vogue magazine again.

DMaribel on

OMG…she doesn’t know how to spell the “breathe” verb! Not to be confused with the noun “breath.”

KIM on

Why do I look?? I make myself angry that I look at anything KK…. and worse, KW. SIGH.

Serena on

Does anyone even read vogue any more? They were so 15 + years ago. CUTE baby though!

Nedra Drysdale on

Well thats one magazine I won’t be buying any more. Porn star & thug on the cover – how low can they go.

Emmy on

I will never buy Vogue again.

Steacy on

I used to think she was so pretty. What did she do to her dang face??

Emmy on

I will never buy vogue again. Ever.

marissa on

maybe she should start by learning how to spell the word BREATHE.

Jillian Mancini on

Anna Wintour and Vogue will regret this decision. This cover decision just knocked Vogue magazine down to the level of US Weekly and Life & Style.

And there is nothing ‘stunning’ about this cover. Looks like an ordinary wedding photo.

New here on

I’m cancelling my subscription… Shallow, shallow people…

Awwshucks on


m doe on

Wow high fashion on porn stars..I thought vogue was supposed to be about class and style..not fame hungry, untalented, ego machines..I wonder how much they bought their cover for…classless and uninteresting…

noname4me on

Very nice picture, may they continue being a happy family now& forever, beautiful picture!

Linda on

She’s a porn star who can’t spell. It’s “breathe” not “breath”. First Ladies have graced the cover. The worlds classiest women have graced the cover. And now… this #RIPvogue.

Lisa Roberts on

Kim had a blooming career as a model and then tragedy struck. She was pushed into the limelight not because of her talents but because of a video by a man who was trying to recapture the audience he was losing. Instead of hiding her face she turned her face into a multi-million dollar industry. The woman works hard and against the animosity of others. She should receive the recognition of others that work hard and know what is is like to have people constantly judge you. So for those of you that consistently continue to pass judgement just know that the industry she is in understands that they are also being ridiculed no matter how or what they themselves do. They will band together and make that money know matter what people who have no value say about them.

Tess on

Even Vogue couldn’t make KK look good, she still looks like a cow.

CC on


hollie on

I thought Vogue was a classy publication, clearly not any longer as they have decided to put these two on their cover. Anna Wintour shame on you!

Kaitlyn on

Come on Anna…I thought you said no reality T.V. stars….WTF. I will not be purchasing this issue.

db on

Will someone PLEASE explain the fascination with these people? I just don’t get it!!

BostonBabe on

I didn’t believe it when I first heard. Vogue has officially jumped the shark. I will be canceling my subscription and moving over to Harper’s Bazaar.

GG on

Divorced woman, bastard child and this woman is modeling wedding gowns??
What a joke.

Brooke on

Hate these two……but WOW……North is incredibly beautiful. Just a lovely little girl.

Terri on

KK looks like a man!!!

tea7 on

I think Farrah Abraham is next long as she dates the right Ego maniac musician…

Ann Johnson on

This is certainly one Vogue edition that I will not be buying.

noname4me on

@ Linda, it’s probably just a typo and, besides she’s talking to a magazine, not sitting in the front row of some English class!

Logic on

@ Amy
To attempt to draw parallels between Kim and Jenna Jameson, is completely laughable. Kim had sex w/her *boyfriend* whom she was w/for a few years. They made a video and it was “leaked.” Regardless of the way it was leaked, she was w/her b o y f r I e n d. Jenna Jameson JOB was/is to suck Wang, that’s it. Nothing more. Hate/dislike Kim all you like, she is famous, a celebrity and a businesswoman.

*grabs popcorn* waits for clowns, to completely “lose it.”

Jess on

I can’t even breath!

Bianca on

Thank you Vogue and editor in chief for officially making “US Vogue” and “Us American’s” the laughing stock of the whole world. This cover shall resonate to the world that a person in order to become famous no longer needs morals, values, actual talent, but above anything else, self respect. We thank you!

Next step: Cancel Subscription!

Kelly on

Nice to see Anna’s a sellout joke…

LM on

Lisa – while I really try not to judge wh*res who get peed on while filming sex, I just can’t help myself. Neither can the rest of America.

Personally I think April will pull in huge $ for Vogue since it may attract those who don’t usually buy or subscribe. But Anna Wintour will lose the admiration and respect of the fashion community. Vogue is now a tabloid.

tea7 on

Next is Farrah Abraham if she sleeps with the right EGO maniac musician

janie on

Not a fan… Photo is beautiful! Never buying another Vogue. It’s official, you now put porn stars and paid escorts on your cover! Nice move.

Lily on

“I can’t even BREATH”? Learn to spell “breathe”, honey.

Andrea on

Kanye paid Anna a bundle – next he will pay to get her a star on the Hollywood walk of fame. Then when she gets everything Kanye can buy her, Kim will dump him!
This is a sick country we live in when these two idiots are put on the cover of Vogue!

MD on

Im cancelling my Vogue subscription.

Chris on

Both obnoxious and full of themselves.

cynda p on

What’s that little prop? Oh, it’s their baby, IgNori.

Christina on

I thought Vogue was all about class.

Football Girl on

Yep…Vogue lost another subscriber! I cannot understand why Vogue would lower their standards and put them on the cover. Oh, yeah, forgot, they just wanted an uproar from all us loyal subscribers. .

Samantha on

All you people are so sad all you do is bag on Kim and for what ? She has came a long way from her past we all have a past and we all have done stuff in are past that we anit proud of but life has went on and for her bigger and better things have came her way and I’m truly happy for Kim and Kanye I think she is a very pretty lady and her baby girl North is so cute like her mama ! Kim you go girl be happy and do make you happy girl screw every one else girl !

Tina on

Wow, Anna Wintour, you caved in under the pressure. So disappointed in you and this magazine. Unbelievable. You’ve just lost my respect.

Mya on

SO dissapointed with Vogue, never thought AW would fold. I’ve always thought so much better of her and her magazine.

laura on

That baby is so dang cute!

Lauren on

“I can’t even breath” ??? You’re kidding, right? no one felt the need to comment on that one?

kssomom on

Haha!!! What is so VOGUE about them???? Oh, I know.. A check made out to made out to Anna Wintour…. Hahahahahahaahahahaha!!! Worst move you’ve ever made!!!!!

Guest87 on

Who did her eye makeup? She looks like a raccoon.

cynda p on

Samantha, dear, she does “screw everyone” that’s how she became famous.

Jessica on

Why is Kim wearing white?

Carolyn on

I’m so disappointed in Vogue. I was hoping this was one thing that Vogue would not bow down to. Kim is a beautiful woman, but the way they, (Kim and Kanye) lead their lives is extremely disappointing they get rewarded for their dispictable behavior.
I can’t imagine what these two did to pay off Vogue. Anna, I’m so embarrassed for something you said you WOULD NOT DO!

Lane on

Vogue next cover: farrah abraham

CeLL on

Anna Wintour – All respect I had for you, OUT THE WINDOW!!! I am sure the K family will gush over this photo spread for eternity but the rest of world will wallow in their own vomit. Vomit provoked by the photos and the cheesy commentary that is sure to accompany it. I do though wonder how much the K’s had to pay insiders to make this happen?

guest on

I’m with you LM

mandii on


Mic on

“I can’t even breath”. Learn how to spell. It’s breathe.

Really? on

I just hit cancel on my Vogue subscription. I always viewed Vogue magazine as high class. To put a “porn star” on your cover is unreal.

CeLL on

Nice tweet Kim…I can’t even breath! Breath??? Did you mean breathe???

anon on

If Miley Cyrus can be in Vogue, then why not Kim? :)

derft on

Is that baby really hers? She doesn’t look white/black – she looks Asian – how anti christian – holding your baby in your wedding dress. Pretty dress though but not on her..

JM on

She’s a beautiful lady for the most part…it’s the inside that needs some real work

Naomi on

Baby North is adorable! Unfortunately, the VOGUE photoshoot is probably the most time she’s spent with her parents in months, since Kim and Kanye are rarely with their daughter. They seem to view her as a Trophy Baby that they trot out for photo ops like this one, rather than as a child that they should spend time loving and nurturing. I guess that’s the nannies’ job.

peet on

Done with Vogue

MD on

Not only is it wrong that they are even ON the cover…. She is wearing the same kind of dress (princess ballgown) we just saw her marry Kris H in. Why wouldnt they AT LEAST put her in something chic and form fitting? It IS VOGUE MAGAZINE. Plus it’s not her FIRST marriage, it’s her 3rd. Princess gown….So TACKY. ANNA WINTOUR can you hear me? Probably not b/c I think you have officially lost your marbles.

Luwana sabean on

Beautiful dress

Mozie on

Vogue, you have really lost me with this cover.. Not renewing my subscription..

Jane Wells on

just canceled my subscription………who’s next for the cover Honey Boo Boo-

LJ on

Grow up people!!! Yes, she is overexposed, but only an idiot would elect to not capitalize on their standing in the industry. I use to be a Kim hater, but her ex (Ray J) has all but admitted that he was behind the sex tape getting leaked and I would hope that I would not forever be judge for a mistake that I made in my younger life.

The bottom line is Kim is beautiful and almost every single person that she has worked with has had nothing but positive things to say about this girl. Even Wintour, who has criticized reality stars before and even banned her from her MET ball, changed her tune after actually meeting her. Give her a break and stop showing how miserable you are.

BTW, none of you are canceling your subscriptions, if that was the case you wouldn’t be here. People covers her on a daily basis.

Samantha on

To who ever cynda p is make you need screw some people and then you won’t be jealous !!!!

Lane on

Kim ruined her face and north looks just like kanye.

La on

From now on Vogue has become like any other magazine: Ordinary.

LL on

Subscription cancelled

Anna on

Her hips look HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!

momof3 on

gag me.

cynda p on

Anna Wintour has obviously lost her mind. Over the last few years she seems to be slipping, she looks ridiculous at events, she dresses like a child. I certainly hope the only reason these two thugs are on the cover is because Wintour was paid off. If not, Diana Vreeland is spinning in her grave.

Jule on

Kanye probably paid Anne. I don’t think the lighting is great in this pic, it appears that Kim face was darkened there are shadow areas it appears that she has mustache and facial hair. She got the cover but not the photo she wanted guaranteed!!

Mr G. on

Great way to destroy a magazine’s reputation in one fell swoop by putting a despised, pathetic couple and their illegitimate child on the cover. Good going Vogue! I’m sure you just lost a ton of subscribers.

Lisa on

Sooo sick of these two talentless nobodies on the cover of every magazine and the center of every news media outlet. What’s next for Vogue? Big Bird and the Sesame Street cast?

Nicole on

Pass the barf bucket

Rachel on

Honestly, Anna Wintour used to never give Kim attention. How much was she paid to do this?

lola on

They are both dopes but the kid is kind of cute…

rae48 on

WOW! Porn queen who was not going to expose her baby???? wont be buying Vogue either.

Phoenix on

Kim, learn to spell it’s “breathe”! Not a fan of these two but great photos. I’m very disappointed with Vogue though!!!

Not a Fan on

Just when I was thinking of getting a subscription to Vogue, I think not. Having West and Kardashian on the cover turns Vogue into a tabloid.

mc on

Looks like Vogue decided the controversy that it would cause by putting them on the cover would be worth the publicity.

Such a shame Vogue has strayed from their core beliefs.

Curious to see what the subscription fall out will be. I guess they were ready to gamble.

Louise on

knew it was coming with her little sister getting all the attention!! Kim is soooo jelly!!

Kristen on

It is truly nauseating to see this individual celebrated in a magazine that has epitomized true beauty and class. Kim Kardashian is a vacuous, abhorrent “reality star” with no talent, no education and absolutely no class. Like so many women, I have been a loyal reader of Vogue since my early teens, and it was with a heavy heart I cancelled my subscription upon seeing this photo. I’ll never purchase another issue, nor look at the magazine the same way again. I hope Anna Wintour is pleased with her decision to justify Kardashian’s existence in this way, because to the millions of REAL, hard working, talented, genuinely beautiful souls who used to worship her tome, this is an unforgivable sin, and a stain on Vogue’s history forever.

BL on

Wonder how much of this picture has been airbrushed?
So disappointed with Vogue.

Amelia on

I must be looking at a different cover from those saying Kim looks beautiful. I think she looks very masculine and uncomfortable. The dress she is wearing is not flattering and does not fit her boobs properly. I normally think Kim is a very pretty girl…well before she had all that plastic surgery…but this is not her best photo.

Heidi on

Now I will never buy a Vogue.

Treat on

Ahhhh just go away already.

lyn on

The only thing stunning is the fact they are even on the cover…

derft on

Why on earth now would anyone buy the magazine if we can see the cover everywhere — and BTW, the lighting is terrible and pic should have been looked at before it hit the press- her face looks like she has a five oclock shadow and facial hair…

Mr G. on

Your tweet speaks volumes KIMMIE! You can’t even “breath”? I’ll tell you what you can’t do. SPELL! The word is “breathe”. GEEZ! Dumb as a stump!

Me on

So disappointed, Vogue you lost a subscriber. This is not what our daughters should aspire to.

Eddie M on

Why would you put THEM on the cover? THOSE TWO OVER-SIZED EGOS NEED TO BE ON THE COVER OF FIELD AND STREAM. (Although, the baby is cute.)

hrword on

i’ll NEVER buy vogue again. its dead to me.

Lisa on

Vogue is now a trashy tabloid

Heidi on

I was going to buy a yearly subscription thru my kids school, just crossed it off and picked out something else.

Anastasia on

I am truly saddened by this. Self-aggrandizing people with no talent, no charitable works that are spoken of and certainly no reason to be on the cover of Vogue when their exploits are covered every day by themselves as Instagram photos.

TaylorB on

Even in this bridal photo, Kanye manages to make it look sexual…look at where he has his hands…as if to say “no, no boys…this is all mine” and Kim’s hands are awkwardly on top of his, as if she has not idea where to put them. She cannot even stand up straight. Shame, cuz it could have been a lovely photo of promise and innocent love…but they ruined it……

Jenna on

No one wants to see these two. Neither of them really do anything but annoy the public.

Les on

Vogue, you just became like every other magazine around the world by putting this trashy couple on your cover. Be prepared to watch you sales take a huge drop. The Kardashian’s are talentless, over exposed, money hungry, self absorbed trash. The only reason they are “popular” is due to a sex video, classless.
I thought VOGUE had taste, guess I was wrong.

ADJ on

Love it!!! They all look so happy and gorgeous.

Kari on

Vogue just lost a subscriber in this devoted Vogue reader!!

De on

Money talks, bought and paid for, amused.

bea on

Vogue, you’ve lost a subscriber today. This is an all-time low, from a publication that has been held in such high esteem for such a long time. Reality star, really? And the worst kind. What a sad decision to compromise your integrity and cave like this, Anna Wintour.

Alexis on

I am not sure why I clicked on the video, but if all of us would stop paying attention to these 2, I think they would hopefully go away. I just don’t understand why they are so important…

Oliver07 on

EWWWWWW American vogue is officially DONE ……..



Dejavu all over again on

Welp looks like I’m not buying Vogue anymore.

os on

they will put any kind of trash on their cover. will never buy Vogue again

Kris on

see her Twitter posting….she can’t even BREATH??? she sure as heck can’t spell.

Mari on

Anna Wintour just flushed Vogue down the toilet! Bet it will be the lowest selling issue to date.

jen smith on

May be can buy just about anything I guess. It is an attractive cover but how it came about is wrong. Again, no more . VOGUE for me.

Guest1 on

She can’t breath. Or spell.

Kelly on

Vogue has never been classy. They always put fur in there magazines. This is why you people should be upset!!!!

jess on

No one cares about these people. Kim and her family should never be considered celebrities. They are just reality tv fakes and for Kanye, what a conceited person.

pjc on

So disappointed in Vogue. They used to represent class, not this. Subscription cancelled.

LaLa on

So much for Vogue’s credibility… what a low point!

fran on

It is so nice to see Kim and Kanye on the cover of Vogue. They look absolutely stunning, and North is so adorable. Kim Is a beautiful young woman, and no one can take that away from her. There are so many people that don’t like her, but I’m sure she really doesn’t care. She has a beautiful life, family, future husband and baby who adore her.
I wish them the best now and in the coming years!!!!

kate on

Seriously???? enough is enough!!

mary on

REALLY???? don’t think they are going to wed and live “happily ever after”…….he’ll soon definitely grow weary. But with more cosmetic surgery on her, maybe, maybe not. no more Vogue for me.

Sara Ty on

Got news for some peoole- Vogue has never been classy look at the history they have put some , crazy, home wreckers, cheaters, known drug addicts on thier covers- so everyone stop being so angry at this- Kayne west is talented even before Kim he isnt a thug his mom was a Doctor- Now FOR KIM , yes she is a narrassatic human. But it doesnt change that they got the cover and that people are gonna talk anout this for weeks to come. Vogue isnt classy u get it at a supermarket not a 24k gold chamber LOL – it will sale alot of magazines! Believe it or not for every one nonfan Kim has 100 diehard fan- check ber twitter people worship her . So lets just let it go – she joins the list of non classy g people ever put on vouge.

Just my opinion –

guest on

@ LM. I agree with you COMEPLETLY. Anna Wintour has lost all taste and possibly her mind.

Cheri on

I wonder how much that cost.

HowTacky on

Vogue is known as being a classy and elegant magazine…or rather I should saw WAS known as being classy and elegant. All that just went out the door when they slapped the woman who is known for being urinated all over on a sex tape and a short tempered idiot who can’t control his rage. Now Vogue is nothing more than a trashy tabloid. I’ve already canceled my subscription.

Jane on

Why do the Kardashians always get what they want?

WS on

Okay, and how long were both her and Kayne BEGGING to be put on the cover? I will never get either of them. #sooverrated

holly on

well…… not a smart move for whom ever decided to trash up the cover with these two freaks and she should hire a proof reader BREATHE…….. not BREATH…… GET THE PICTURE

Kat on

She means “I can’t even breathe.” (Not breath you idiot!)

Camille on

Vogue and Anna Wintour are sellouts. Vapid and talentless (1/2 of the duo) garners cover in this day and age. SHAME.

Kim on

So Sad. Vogue used to be such a quality magazine. I have been a subscriber for years, but I cannot tolerate the two on the cover. So many other people who would add such class and good taste.

Julie on

She can’t breath? Can’t spell either. SO over exposed.

Erin on

Unattractive cover – I have seen Kim look much prettier. I guess sacrificing herself to the Kanye money train got her the Vogue cover she always wanted, now maybe she will go away.

lola on

What a beautiful cover!! I will be buying this issue.

WDS on

Apparently, she also can’t spell.

carrie on

C’mon! To call her a “porn star” is a little much, don’t you think. She has come a long way since those days. And she seems like a caring, loving mother. Give them their due. They are trying to build a better life. Kudos to them for not letting all your negativity get the best of them.

Denise on

Sorry haters I think she looks beautiful.

PJB on

Wow! I wonder how much Kimye paid Vogue to be on their cover? The bigger question is why is People Magazine even running the story? They are about as interesting as Roseanne Barr!

lola on

What a BEAUTIFUL cover!! I never buy VOGUE, but I will be buying this issue for sure!

raindrops on

Good for them. If this is what makes them.happy who are we to judge.

Lilyflower on

Say what you want, but that dress is beautiful and she looks beautiful in it. Baby North is gorgeous.

Cindy on

Money really can get you anything.

Sarah on

Not a fan of KIm but she looks beautiful and natural in the dress….take that hint for your big day. AND NORI is sooo flipping cute…

jsp81355 on

What is so stunning about it? I’m beginning to believe that People Magazine is getting paid off by the Kardashians in order to run new stories every single day. It’s getting really old.

Barbara Ulrich on

While this has nothing to do with the Vogue photo, I do have one comment to JOHN MARLIN.

If you think this country officially sucks, do us all a favor and LEAVE. Thank you.


Good for them! She looks beautiful.


Kim can thank Kanye for that cover! This is a all time low for Vogue…….really they had no one else to put on their cover!

Jinna James on

We live in such a stupid world. Vogue has officially become

NoDoubt! on

they need to get over themselves. to beg and beg and bribe people to get on the cover of a magazine is sad. nobody cares about them – such talentless people.

me on

Kim looks beautiful!! They look beautiful together. I love this picture.

anonymous30something on

Yep, and I will be cancelling my subscription too. #ridiculous. #notaclassact #whathappenedvogue?

Eileen on

So disgusted and disappointed…..Anna Wintour caved. Done with Vogue… just became another rag.

anonymous30something on


Adams Family on


me on

If money was paid to get on this cover, do you honestly think this has never happened before? Not the 1st time and not the last. Baby Nori is too cute!

cynthia on

Can’t believe Anna Wintour didn’t have the balls to say “NO”. Wow, I will never buy Vogue again! Total disgusted.

LS on

What in the world do these two contribute to society?? (crickets, crickets) …nothing!

chloe on

Wintour finally caved huh.

Jinna James on

Please don’t buy this…all time low. Don’t support this. So stupid. Bullying your way on to a cover…they should be so proud.

Terri on

I guess they will put anybody on the cover. I thought Vogue had some class, well, not now.

Mel on

I’m no fan of Kanye or the Kardashians but this is stunning. The three of them are beautiful.

Linds on

Officially cancelling my Vogue subscription! This is gross and they should be embarrassed.

Kelly on

This is one Vogue issue I WILL NOT purchase! So disappointed!!

Joanne on

So done with Vogue. Has Lupita gotten the cover yet? Ridiculous.

Sue on

Just cancelled subscription.

Arhodo on


Jane on

Vogue and Wintour have officially jumped the shark. Too bad.

cindy on

I love the cover, elegant and gorgeous.

Me on

Why Vogue just turned into a supermarket tabloid. What a mistake.

sam on


lucy loo on


Kate on

Apparently she can’t spell either (breathe)–never subscribing to Vogue again…and I used to work at Conde!

Sammi on

Oh please….hardly “stunning”. You’re so obvious and pathetic when it comes to these people, I guess you’ll accept money to say whatever about them. And do not compare this idiot to Carrie Bradshaw please

Librababe on

Hahahahahaha!!! Wow, Vogue, just…wow. I am completely unable take this seriously. That magazine will never hear the end of this.

guest on

Both are losers!

Mylene - Montreal on

WOW …….. i have a bad bad week and i say to myself this morning : “it’s ok, it’s the week-end. NOW i see that !!! WHY ??????? .. I have no words .. i just don’t understand.

Jan on

Vogue just took a dive into the trash zone. Did Kim pay them?

lola on

Most of you are acting as though VOGUE only puts candidates for sainthood on their cover…………Rihanna, Madonna, Kate Moss, Beyonce, Elizabeth Taylor to name a few. When did they become nuns? I must have missed that! I’m not saying anything is wrong with these women, because I do not know them so, why would I want to judge them worthy or not of being on a magazine cover. Seems silly. No one is perfect.

Mylene - Montreal on

if you have this beautiful story of love (because they are friend for years ! you have a beautiful baby and people still hate you, people are not the stupid hater one.

Em&Jo on

Good Bye, Vogue. Anna Wintour has officially gone over to the dark side. Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Coco Chanel and Diana Vreeland are shrieking their sadness from Heaven. Can you hear them, Anna?

Jan on

Whose moment has arisen? Not Vogue’s.

annette adams on

Why does Angelina Jolie get more respect than Kim Kardashian. Angelina has been married several times, is an unwed mother and a home wrecker. Yet, Angelina and Brad are not demonized like Kim and Kanye. Why?

Aspen on

Wonder how much that cover COST the KarTRASHIAN?
I feel sure she had to pay Vogue for them to put her on the cover. And, regarding her Tweet, she can’t breathe because everything she wears is at least 3 sizes too small!

Marie on

Since when did Vogue become the Enquirer. My subscription will be cancelled.

Karen on

That’s it! I’m burning all my back copies of Vogue as well as cancelling my subscription.

Vcz on

What is so stunning about having America’s two most narcissistic people on the cover of Vogue? Quite honestly this is not a stunning photograph..nothing’s special about it.

Pamela on

I think it is a beautiful cover. Not to mention their beautiful daughter Nori. People need to get over themselves as though they don’t have a past. Each and every one of us has a past. Let him without sin cast the 1st stone; otherwise sit small.

sofia on

vouge is now dead to me. RIP

Lesley on

RIP Vogue. Anna Wintour obviously lost her mind and understanding of class, taste and sophistication.

Pati EsBar on

Why is she even on any cover? she’s done nothing great, she and her fiance are selfish and self promoting. So she did a porn video.. and now she’s on the cover of Vogue. She’s got no class, she does nothing for anybody else … sad.

Erika on

It’s Funny what money can do. Also if these two had no money and they were just average people waiting at a bus stop NO One would even look at them and that goes for most of these selfish celebrities too.

swoowho on

I wish people would put as much effort into finding the missing people on the Malaysian flight as they do with Kim and Kanye. JUST SAYIN’ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

allie on

Vogue just lost all it’s class!! More for Kris and her family to gloat about..
Other people would be much better choice!!

jen on


bonnie roberts on

the only they pretty in this photo shoot is the baby

lucasmom on

I will start with the positive first. Thank God she went back to her natural dark hair…beautiful. Now if someone would just tell Beyoncé the same thing! Secondly, her dress is stunning, and it fits her and covers her perfectly. Thirdly, her daughter is simply adorable. What a gorgeous little girl….shame about her moronic, self-absorbed, attention-whoring parents. I do think that Vogue has lowered their standards. One of the most appealing of their attributes was that they didn’t pander and resort to the train wreck that is the Kardashians for cheesy, tabloid magazine sales. I hope this isn’t a sign that Miley Cyrus or Nikki Minaj will grace the cover next!

Momof2 on

Her dress is beautiful and this is a lovely picture, but I’m really ready for BOTH of them to GIVE BACK! Donate time/energy/money to good causes and dive in! Find a purpose, other than building a billion dollar empire. Our youth are struggling and they look up to these two, so the least they can do is show how giving back is fulfilling.

Arlen asekjfd on

This is just a publicity stunt for VOGUE- like putting “controversial” Rhianna and Gaga on their cover every other month. The magazine is a POS. It’s not classy like it was from the 1950-1980s when only supermodels were on it and the magazine was about clothes, not bimbos making sex tapes with thugs and being beaten by thugs. Anna Wintour should be fired.

ms amber on

I wonder how many “favors” they had to pay in order to get on that cover.

Megan on

WOW!!! I never thought Vogue would put a Kardashian on the cover of their magazine. Kanye does have connections and he pulled MEGA strings to get Kim on that cover. At least he wants to see her happy. Maybe, just maybe they will be happily married.

summer on

So many haters, what sad lives you must lead. It’s just a Mag cover and the pictures of them are beautiful. North is cute as can be. Ohhh, I going to cancel my subscription over a cover of people you do not like. Get lives some of you.

IAm on

Lol I remember when Vogue was awesome. I don’t even buy their mags anymore. This is a perfect example why.

whatev on

um, no.

Jenna on

what a waste of a cover

m4dm1nnes0tan on

I thought she was not ever going to put this piece of trash in her magazine? Stupid and pathetic to allow someone who has no fashion sense of her own to be presented as an icon on one of the most ‘iconic and memorable’ magazines of all time!
For the record, I use to check out Vogue all the time and now, because of this brainless nobody, I will never think of Vogue or even see it the same way. Just another fake gossip mag that doesn’t deserve my hard earned cash! She’s a waste of time and to think she’s earned all her publicity from a sex tape…no wait…her Dad. *My bad, I forgot about that guy; seems like they did too*
#jussSayin !!!

Alecia on

All these mags are going downhill…quite sad.

Amy on

I can’t believe some people don’t realize Kim had to give permission for her sex tape to be sold. She made money off the sex tape just like Paris Hilton. That makes her a Porn Star.

oliversmummy on

Mutton dressed as lamb. Thought Vogue was classier.

Guest on

Et tu, Anna Wintour? Et tu?

Kimmie on

I never liked Vogue anyway, stick with Instyle, it’s a much better magazine. More interesting articles.

Martel on

Why? Who the eff cares?

Erika on

It is funny what money can do. If Kim and Kanye didn’t have no money and they were just average everyday people standing at a bus stop, NO ONE would even look at them. Also the same goes for all these selfish celebrities, its the money that makes them who they are.

Sharon on

My guess is that Vogue was paid off by Kanye some how. It is disgusting that this over exposed sexpot no-nothing is deemed newsworthy at all. It’s incredible that she should be held up as a style icon….Style Icon good god….we haven’t stooped so low that she could be held up as a style icon?

Pamela on

The hate filled messages posted here are so disturbing. To ridicule and judge persons you have never met, only speaks volumes about the people writing the nasty messages. When did it become classy to speak about people in this way. If someone had to examine your life, I wonder what would be found. Examine your own conscience before you go judging someone else’s life.

Chris on

Kanye actually looks like he cares about Kim in these photos. Kim looks like she loves looking at herself.

lucy on

I second the Vogue is officially dead comment.

Jamie on

Why are we celebrating someone who is on their THIRD marriage?! Makes zero sense to me. I will not be renewing my Vogue subscription, that’s for sure.

Jessica on

Not bad! Vogue can make anyone look good. Even kayne & Kim lol

annie on

enough already! so sick of KK…really VOGUE? thought you had more class then the weekly rag magazines…..having KK on your cover – really disappointing and distasteful UGH!!!

Andrea on

Next couple Vogue cover —– Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez.

Jenna on

What a waste. She is talentless and he is an self serving hack with anger issues. Both of them need to go away.

What a waste for Vogue.

allie on

Vogue used to be a classy magazine- no more with these two on the cover. It just lost it all!
Surely there was a much better choice!!

allie on

Ugh- Vogue lost all it’s class with these two on it.
There were much better choices than this.
The magazine sunk to a low level!!

Lisa on

I wish she would stop “breath”-ing.
Learn to spell woman!

lyn on

Too bad she continues to breathe! Or as Kimmy says I can’t even breath. Obviously a high school graduate!

Elizabeth on

Vogue is now tackey. I’m cancelling my subscription!

love on

so their baby is beautiful but they put a person on the cover of Vogue who can’t even spell breathe!!! OOOMMMMGGG!!!!

Rick Garner on

Please quit using the word “stunning” so much. There is very little in this world that is stunning and it should be used only for those rare and special circumstances. There is nothing or no one in the celebrity world that is stunning…especially Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. If anything…they are an embarrassment and Vogue should be embarrassed that they put them in their magazine, much less on the cover. Stunning…no. Pointless…yes.

MIchy Flagler on

I will never ever buy another issue of Vogue again.

CG on

There goes my respect for Anna Wintour.

LRM on

There’s an old saying that REALLY applies here:
“You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear”!!!

Tracey on

I won’t be buying Vogue anymore.

JP on

She looks beautiful.

bristol96 on

I was under the impression that Vogue was about style and class…apparently I was totally wrong.

LJ on

Millions will buy the magazine and that is why they have been chosen. Hate it or love it, girl is capitalizing on the moment. Work it boo!

Kelli on

Vogue just lost all credibility.

Angelique on

Horrifying. Overexposure at it’s worst. Vogue has just turned into Star magazine only now Star magazine has better pictures.

Acor on

I loved that! They look like a great couple with a beautiful baby.

Anna on

I know it’s entirely irrational, but knowing Kim is on Vogue made me so angry! Nothing about this woman, or couple for that matter, scream class and fashion. I didn’t read Vogue before, but I certainly won’t now.

realist on

that vogue continues to work with rapist terry richardson is unforgivable. that fact renders the magazine, it’s parent company, and it’s supporters a joke. this is just the hilarious icing on the cake. well done wintour, well done.

yasmar on

She looks stunning in this cover but we have to be realistic the only reason she is on the cover is because of Kanye; that is why he is in the cover with her. He really pulled some strings and fought hard for it but there was no way that she was going to be by herself on the cover. She got it because she is dating Kanye. but congrats she looks beautiful in it

Lordy on

” I can’t even breath!” Lol! She can’t even spell!!

GP on

I’m so completely sick and disgusted with both of them. Will they ever just completely fade away? I hope so.

guest on

Wonder how much a cover on Vogue costs these days? I guess she is set though, probably used some of the money she made from the last public spectacle wedding to pay for her Vogue cover.

Toots on

Boycott Vogue

Emily on

This is sad. What is she to be praised for? Making a sex tape. And Kanye? Stealing the mic from Taylor Swift telling the world “she should not have won”. This is so sad Vogue did this. She doesn’t even look like herself anymore with all that plastic surgery on her face.

DM on

“O M GGGGGG!!!! I can’t even breath”!!!! KK WE DONT GIVE A ***k!!! Go away!! Your public can’t stand you!! Don’t you read the comments?! Vogue just lost a reader because of you…happy?! Pose in front of KW & your other 3 fans…get out of my face with every magazine & talk show your manager bribed…

Guesswhat on

Vogue you just lost another subscriber!!

Mari on

Wait…..she can’t even BREATH? Hahahaha

Debbie on

Apparently money CAN buy you everything.

emily on

i’m really not upset that kim is on the cover. she is one of my fashion and style inspirations (only in that area!). however i am upset that anna wintour caved in. her reputation as the “devil” and a “dragon lady” is tarnished in my eyes. still amazing at her job, the best in the business, but i’ve lost a little respect for her.

janessa on

I guess money can buy anything. They pressured Vogue for so long. How embarrassing to beg like that. Obviously Kim and Kanye think they are far more relevant that they are. They are both delusional. Feel sorry for North/South or West/ East whatever her name is. She has parents who will teach her the wrong morals in life for sure!

Ann on

Such a sad state of affairs. These two are ridiculously hedonistic and materialistic. There is no substance or soul here.

J on

Really? I’m done with Vogue.

Grayson Brie Hill on

I love it! 😍😍 they have all the haters speaking I love when people hate on successful people for no absolute reason lol.

Laura on

Im not a fan of either of these people, but their baby is beautiful, I hope they dont teach this sweet little girl to be as self centered as they are.

Speller on

uh….is it me or did anyone notice that it is BREATHE?? not breath…just wonderin :)

Nora on

bet this will be the poorest selling issue ever.

CindyAnn on

great photo, all the best to them…

sue on

Sad that Vogue caved. My subscription will be cancelled.

Mrs. C on


lina on

There is nothing spectacular about this photo. And if you’re going to refer to your child as Nori, why did you put North on the birth certificate? Kim Kardashian is not going to look like this forever. There’s going to be a slew of “It girls” in years to come, and she’s no longer going to be a part of them.

123 on

Vogue just lost me as a subscriber

TAC on

Is this a joke?! WOW Vogue, I thought you were better than that. What these two selfish, vapid human beings are doing on your cover is baffling to me. Presence in the fashion world? YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! Kanye’s fashion line, if you can even call it that, is on the same level of Isaac Mizrahi’s Target line. And Kim? The only reason she is famous is because she was pissed on in a sextape. These two and fashion – do not belong in the same sentence. SHAME ON YOU VOGUE.

ss on

I thought that I read something a couple of weeks ago that Kim wanted to be on the cover of Vogue and the magazine wasn’t interested. I thought it said something like Kanye was trying to get her on the cover. How much did he pay to make this happen?

LR on

I can’t believe Vogue would put a woman on the cover famous only for a porn tape and a self centered pig of a man along with her. Very disappointed Vogue.

Jerz on

VOGUE is 90% ads and 10% content.

Magpie on

Vogue used to showcase the height of fashion. Kim K, in no way, epitomizes fashion. She is a fashion disaster. This dress is, by far, the best looking outfit she has ever worn & it just looks like someone wrapped a sheet around her. Bye-bye, Vogue subscription.

Melissa B on

And it’s all from a se xtape. This girl is a master at the media. And we all lap it up!

greg on

Humm maybe I should cancel my $12 subscription!

LindaT on

Scratching my head on this one… If I want to look at a natural disaster, I’d pick up a National Geographic. I wont be buying this issue I have no interest in looking at a porn actress or a has been hip hopper, if I didn’t I wouldn’t look to Vogue to stoop to this level. Anna Wintour this should go into your autobiography in the chapter titled “What was I thinking”

Jenny on

love that she can’t even “breath”. one of my spelling/grammar peeves- it’s “breathe”, kim.

guest on

Can’t even “breath.” Oy vey.

cookie on

Ha ha ha ha ha . Laughing at all the K , and K haters . I don’t care about them good , or bad . Just knowing that so many will be bashing them makes me laugh . Congrats K , and K .

Melissa B on


Melissa B on

Don’t give in and buy the issue ladies, don’t do it! We’ve got to put our foot down!

Melissa B on


Guest on

Vogue is officially a tasteless, trashy rag.

Melissa B on


Carrow on

Lol Kim Kim is seriously trying to be a legit factor in fashion.

lola on


Mellie on

Doesn’t Vogue see this ratings on
I think they’ll be surprised at the rate of sells they don’t get when this issue comes out. Hope so anyway. I’m sick of Kim K. and Kanye West.

Downey on

All the people whining about how classy Vogue was until now apparently have never read it. It has been celebrity-obsessed for years. I’m old enough to remember when Vogue was an influential fashion magazine, complete with thoughtful articles and brilliant photography. Now it’s just another shill for celebrities, so stuffed with advertising there is nothing to read. Putting these two worthless and excessively photo-shopped creeps on the cover was just the next logical step.

Meghan on

they are such a joke… Darwin was clearly wrong and Anna Wintour just lost 99% of her street cred.

Sue on

Is ANYTHING REAL to this trainwreck of a woman. Ah nice unibrow on the babe.

Kate on

To all you idiots posting “Vogue what were you thinking – you just lost me as a subscriber, blah, blah, blah”. Did you notice how many hits this page has? One of the most read articles. THAT’S what they were thinking. You’ve all contributed to making her famous. You’re all a bunch of idiots.

Molly on

Uhuuuu honeyyy….

no on

Their audacity appalls me !!!!!!

Karli on

Way to go Vogue. Put the most vapid fame hungry people on the cover, how are they fashion related? Oh yeah that great fashion sense she showed in her infamous sex tape. I am not a huge Vogue fan anyway, but this is a new low. Way to show the young girls who to look up to. A girl who is most known for her birthday suit.

Amy on

Contact Conde Nast and let them know you won’t buy Vogue again unless Anna Wintour is replaced as editor in chief.

Rastah on

“OMG I can’t even breathe” hold your breath sweetie because this should have NEVER happened. You are NO model and you have NO fashion sense. Blasphemous Vogue

Rastah on


AKrietz on

Well KK finally got her wish. She’s been trying for years to get on that cover. I don’t get it though. I always thought Vogue represented fashion elite. These two, for all their airs, are anything BUT fashionable. K im is always photographed in some of the most tastless, poor fitting, trampiest clothes I’ve ever seen. Kanye PICKS OUT those clothes for her! Anna W must have been high. Maybe someone drugged her.

Deb on

I agree with another poster. She didn’t get the cover because Vogue thought she was fascinating like the First Lady!!! She got the cover because a loud mouthed egomaniac knew how to get attention for Vogue so it rewarded THEM!!! Nice to see the untalented sex tape empire is still thriving!!! hahaha

ksmith on

This is disgusting! You have a cover of two of the most narcissistic individuals who do not contribute in any positive form or fashion to the betterment of this world. Kanye is full of hate and negative portrayal of women. Kim is a porn star. It is ironic that they are photographed with their poor daughter who they use a prop. Shame on Vogue! Shame on Ann Wintour!

julissa on

Beautiful! Love, love, love it!

L.K. on

Nice job Vogue. You’ve reach a new low. You’re no better than tthe tabloids. You’ve lost a subscriber.

Erika Torres on

Yes, I agree how can Vogue put reality trash tv person/porn star with her flamboyant narcissist rapper baby daddy on the cover. But then again it’s just Vogue, just another fashion.gossip house magazine it’s not like they are on the cover of official US govt newsletter. Anyone here who says they are boycotting Vogue here on out is full of sh*t! You will be just as curious as anyone else to read the article be it at the checkout line of the grocery store or a book store.

Sandi mckinney on

I usually don’t comment on this stuff but I feel like I have to. Vogue, so disappointed. I am sickened that anyone would want to read about her. She has no talent, her butt is disgusting and she became famous for her porn movie that her own mother pimped her out for. Cover is not stunning, those eyes scare me!

Jesse belle on

This is insane. Out of all people to place on a cover of this high end magazine they pick these pieces of garbage? Anna must be loosing her mind. I will skip this issue with my monthly reading.

Mary Sue on

No more Vogue or Vogue Teeh in any of our family Households. We do not support Porn acrtresses, nor do we enjoy the vulgar, bigotry and hypocrisy of either. Vogue, at one time represented a “Touch of Class, now it seems it has become a “Touch of Trash”

Mary Sue on

This cover was done so Kendall would agree to a fashion cover in the near future.

spell check on

It should be “breathe” not “breath”.

Kat on

Who’s next, VOGUE ? Monica Lewinsky, Jennifer Flowers and Hillary burying a hatchet ?

really?? on

ew. how can we make them go away already?

pam on

Really? Bye, Anna

Lolo on

Well, Vogue has officially become a tabloid!

Mizzie on

Well, I was going to renew my subscription but not anymore! Peace out Vogue!

tara on

Just shows you that money will by u anything but class.

debi on

I will not be buying that issue at all. Kayne must have begged Anna Wintour to put her on the cover. Not only is she useless so is he.

Icon on

Its Vogue Magazine not the Bible. *Shrugs* I’d be impressed if they got a seat at the Last Supper. This…not so much.

guest on

My birthday is in late May…..if they get married on my birthday I will be royally p!ssed off

cucu on

officially Vogue has gone to the dogs…no wait I love dogs. I dont even know what to say, they are hideous and so is Vogue for putting them in the cover.

Carter on

Can’t stop laughing. And to think Kim and Kanye think they look good in this. They look like idiots. And Vogue WTH were you thinking????

tina campo on

Anna Wintour has to be sick or Kaney Pay for

ciabella on

Vogue has gone below the lowest point I have ever seen. What in the World is going on?

Sam on

Why Vogue? Why? These people represent everything that’s wrong with present day American culture. So many educated and accomplished women in arts, science, literature, etc, and Vogue features the one who got where she is via a sex tape. Further, her partner is rude and goes around dishing his anger. Why Vogue? I guess the truly accomplished women are too busy building productive lives to be bothered with Vogue.

Shauna on

Yuck! Terrible decision, Vogue. I don’t think you’ll be selling more issues because of the controversy/hype; instead you’ll be losing a bunch of customers.

lynda on

They are both bad for vogue. I will never buy vogue again.

Precious on

Vogue just tarnished their classy image by putting a “I am a former porn star” on their cover….not once, but twice!!! Uh huh MONEY!!!!!! Really Vogue?!?! You ASSociate your clASSy magazine with a tramp who got knocked up while still married to another guy, does porn videos, and will sell her illegit child’s photo just to make a buck. I will NEVER buy another issue of Vogue again.

chris on

I hope its the worst selling issue of all time. I know I wont be buying it.

curlyk on

Wow. Vogue is stooping the lowest it ever has before. It has nothing to do with race, and everything to do with having class, respect, and integrity.

suzy hager on

Oh, I know another place to see Kim Kardashian. Pornhub

She’s there showing her true self.

jonine e. on

please tell me what she did to her nose or face?? It used to look so natural and pretty, and it’s slight but something is off. what the heck happened???

Li on

Vogue just sold out. Bye bye respect.

Reeza on

Wow Vogue you went from classy to trashy! Awful, just awful!

RG on

That old saying, “You can put lipstick on a pig, but…” works for this situation.
Anna Wintour, what the heck???

Tina on

It’s official, Anna Wintour has clearly LOST her mind.

C on

I’m assuming Kanye has evidence of Anna Wintour indulging in a bag of M&M’s or buying off the rack. Otherwise, one might assume that Anna has all but resigned herself to retirement and pushing the great icon that once was Vogue over the cliff of overexposed “celebrity” is her grand finale. How else might one explain the appearance of this stale urinal cake and her delusional, talentless ball of hate baby daddy on the cover of this beloved magazine. I’m done with Vogue. Us Weekly and Intouch are now on par. Bazaar and Elle- you now have my full attention…Shame on you Vogue.

Coco on

Vogue I thought you were classy..

Gem on

The dress is beautiful, the baby is beautiful but sorry she looks like plastic horse face from whatever she’s done to herself.

Kathy on

I can’t believe Anna Wintour caved to that jerk Kanye. I’ll never buy that magazine.

Gem on

The baby is beautiful, the dress is also beautiful but she looks like a plastic horse face from all the procedures, almost manly. I hope she’s not using Bruce’s doctor.

Jai on

They are a very attractive couple, they complement each other. I thought the short video was lovely and I hope they see longevity AND a baby brother for their cute little daughter.

Dana on

This doesn’t even look like a Vogue cover- so cheesy.
Also I KNOW Wintor said West too or no cover for Kim. Otherwise he wouldn’t have done this. But it’s awful non the less. So uncreative

Pattimelt on

Ugly. Pathetic. Hate them both. Vogue, you suck.

Pyes on

Ofcourse Kanye begged or payed the editor to put her on the cover. I pray for the day when we dont have to hear about those people anymore.

debby on

Vogue has no integrity. They sold out to the highest bidder. I have absolutely no respect for any editor or any person at Vogue who agreed to this decision. I will no longer buy or look through another Vogue magazine.

Heather on

This bish is NEVER gonna go away!!!

chrissy on

I have religiously gotten my monthly VOGUE (fix) from my local mag shop for the last 4 years, this month will be the first time I take a break…tis utterly shameful to see those two on the cover

Ritz on

They look great ! North is beautiful ..

bj laws on

She looks better now that she’s not a carbon copy of her mom! This cover just reinforced my belief that she was in such need of attention as a child, that she just ‘became’ whatever the person she was around the most wanted her to be. She has no personality or opinions of her own-she just mimics whatever she thinks will make that person like her. It’s very sad to watch. I’m really concerned about their child. There are no ‘mature’ adults around to teach her how to be a full & intelligent, happy human being. Her future looks bleak-all the money in the world won’t show her how to become a balanced human being.

SaRa on

Congrats!!! You all look great. North is a doll :)

Lynn on

Dear Kim: It’s BREATHE. It’s a verb. Breath is a noun. ……
Dear Vogue: So this is something that we should hold up to our daughters as something to admire? I am far from a prude, but shame on Vogue for capitulating to Kanye’$ wi$he$. He said Kim belonged on the cover of Vogue, and there she is! Getting ready for marriage #3! And to think her fame began with a sex tape…wow, let’s get all young girls to see how that worked out for her…
Give me Gaga, at least she is a strong woman with personality and talent. Vogue magazine is not the classy publication I had thought it was.

socabillsfan on

Could they look any more stiff and uncomfortable? Maybe because they know the marriage is already over? Or maybe because they just don’t care? Come on, Vogue, don’t stoop so low.

dc on

Very disappointing. There are very few things that stayed with class, and Vogue lost in right now. Wrong on so many levels. Like sending a message: you can get everywhere, just start with a sex tape to get popular, the rest will come. Not that I buy that magazine, too many advertisements, now another reason not to even look at it. Looks like Kanye made Wintour change her mind. Wonder why so many people are scared of him. Some Life&Style? Yes. Vogue? Oh no.

Not high fashion on

I’m disappointed. Will not be wasting my ipad space and downloading this subscribed issue. Anna has disappointed me completely. Kim doesn’t dress high fashion at all to even be deserving of the cover. When I look and hear Kim k I don’t think high fashion….. Wtf vogue…………..

Anna on

Anna Wintour,you just killed Vogue with your bear hands.shame on you.go away!!!!

L.L on

Dumb is when you believe in being in the public eye at any cost. Dumber is thinking that bad publicity is better than no publicity at all and buffoonery is still celebrating how many people think you are disgusting because in your dumb head … it must be that the public ‘loves’ you. Anyone who supports this kind of mentality like Anna Wintour needs to disappear (yes its time to retire).

L.L on

From London: People in Europe are officially insulted. The Muppet version of Kermit and Miss Piggy on the cover of Vogue or ‘Vague’ is more acceptable with Anna Wintour being the greatest Muppet of all. Dumb is when you believe in being in the public eye at any cost. Dumber is thinking that bad publicity is better than no publicity at all and buffoonery is still celebrating how many people think you are disgusting because in your dumb head … it must be that the public ‘loves’ you. Anyone who supports this kind of mentality like Anna Wintour needs to disappear.

Pam on

Vogue, you have just reached a new low, I won’t be renewing my subscription. That is NOT class on your cover.

Psychic One on

Done! Cancelled my subscription and requested a refund. I hope I do not receive this issue before it goes through. I do not want to support these two in any way. Their disgusting display of wealth is a shallow attempt to gain attention which they both seem to constantly seek with their “me me” attitudes. Please stop feeding into their enormous egos!!

Super duper on

Vogue must have been thrilled to read that Tweet. A porn star and graces the front cover and can’t even spell the word “breathe” to describe her feelings. Ms Wintour….what were you thinking? I thought you had standards. It would seem everyone has a price.

Jo on

Must have been hard up.

Nanu 08 on

Yawn!! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!! that’s about as exciting as it gets for Kim and her baby dada…….

liz on

Anna win tour is an old hag

liz on

Anna wintour is an old hag

Alex V Borrego on

Ladies and gentlemen here you have it; the beginning of the end for Anna Wintour and Vogue. Kim Kardashian is the iceburg that will sink fashion’s Titanic, a sad day indeed.

Anna on

Yeah I’m not a fan of Kim either and for people who are saying vogue went down and stuff well it’s a magazine and they want to make money! They could care less if they have a monkey on its cover! Same goes for that CR book thingy! It’s a horrible shot of Kim I agree the dress is pretty but she looks so mean! Really look at her face! Or maybe it’s the new high fashion don’t smile thingy who knows… How it used to be vogue before all about class and refined ppl lol such a shame really!

ryanstarr on

Congratulations on your marriage.

Robin Burnstad on

I completely agree with 99% of the comments already – I am now using Vogue to line my bird cage with; SO disappointed that a magazine of such class would even ‘think’ of promoting these two in any way, shape or form. I get that the rags have to do it for sales but Vogue was well, far too classy. No longer the case Anna Wintour – as Julie Roberts once said, “Big Mistake…..BIG MISTAKE!”

Laura on

This is so tasteless & just ridiculous. Should have been Johnny Depp & Amber Heard if Anna Wintour wanted a celebrity couple who are engaged for the April cover..or any female who is a legit model, singer or actress for that matter. Kim is very pretty but has no business being on the cover of Vogue or any other reputable fashion magazine. Kendall is the only member of that family who has any business being on a cover like this. Very disappointed in Vogue..this will taint their image & give Kim & her insatiable fame-hungry mother a reason to be more narcissistic than they already are. I’m sure that most Vogue readers would have loved to have see someone more beautiful, classy & who doesn’t have a trashy porn tape that will forever be on the Internet. What a waste of the April cover.

slb on

That little girl is beautiful!

Shirley Cole on


JAC on

Vogue has officially lowered their standards with this cover. An off the hook felon and his narcissistic reality star baby mama. How classy!

floormodel on

they put a porn star on Vogue. my subscription is cancelled and all further issues will go into the trash, when a famous and classy fashion icon passes away and Vogue would rather pay tribute to a criminal and a young woman who became famous for selling her porn tape…. end of an era Vogue.

NYC on

Vogue has lost another reader. I will never buy or read Vogue again. To glorify Kim & Kayne, the most self centered and self obsessed couple who contribute absolutely nothing to this world except anger,self obsession, the love for money and material things is shameful. Vogue is at it’s new low & everyone should boycott.

blair on

“I can’t even breath?” It’s supposed to be “breathe!” She really needs to learn how to spell.

Deb on

Lets ask Meryl (Devil wears Prada) what she would say in the decision meeting..”I know I know the stench of this cover will hurt me a bit but I’ll call in some favors and get someone FABULOUS on the follow-up cover…is the First Lady free with those gorgeous INTELLIGENT daughters?” hahahaha

Megan Hughes on

I can’t believe Anna Wintour caved. I respected her and Vogue so much. Really interested to how much this issue sells.

So Sad on

The end is near. Cancel your subscriptions now!! I know Vogue has jumped the shark. Anna should be shown the door for giving in to Kanye’s demands. Totally disgusted!!

Ms. Anne on

@ Jade White, you are ridulous.

Dee on

No! A thousand times no!
Who in the world crowned this woman queen?
For someone who gained fame because her mother released a sex tape of her daughter of all things she landed this gig! A cover on Vogue Magazine!
What I the world was miss Anna Wintour thinking?
Vogue Magazine used to be a class magazine but no more– it has now been tainted withe these two on its cover. They have lost a long time subscriber to their magazine as in me and sure many others will follow suit
Why in the world would thes two be rewarded with a photo cover/photo shoot is beyond the realm.

Kat Hunter on

Wow. So disappointed with Wintour’s choice. Con-ye with his temper and raps demeaning to women and Kim with her squatty body and legendary sex tape. Could you have chosen any better role models for our generation? Time to retire Ms. Wintour before we see Casey Anthony on the next cover. And I won’t be purchasing the April issue.

Kasia on

Disappointed with Vogue!

Lisa T on

Confirms that money can, in fact, buy you a Vogue cover. Will not be renewing my Vogue subscription.

Tiredtraveler on

How many weddings of her’s do we have to suffer through?

Bear on

SO DISGUSTED! Thank goodness I don’t subscribe to Vogue.
Anna Wintour has officially entered the world of “rag” mags.

Juli on

It’s a beautiful picture. I love Annie Leibovitz’s work, she can make everyone look classy.

epmmrp on

OK stunning it is not!!!

peachpage on

I wish Vogue took advantage of what a controversial cover this was, and had gone all out with the photo. Have Kim wear something that we wouldn’t expect, or have her stand on her head, I don’t know. This is a little vanilla for what had so much build up. I hope Vanity Fair takes advantage of Vogue’s bland cover and publish their Gwyneth Paltrow piece!!

Amber on

Vogue must be DESPERATE to ride the Kardashian train.

Come on Vogue. You can do better.

Bad call.

Cindy on

Hi Vogue. Can we see Lauren Silverman and Simon Cowell on the cover next month? Thanks a million.

Dunbar on

They are America’s Royal Couple.

Okay I lied.

nat on

Let’s all go out and buy a Harper’s Bazaar mag!!!

bobbi on


sam on

she is stunning-if those heinous pigs like reese, julia roberts, and jennifer hudson, kate upton can be on it- she deserves a place because she is gorgeous. a gorgeous and extremely successful business woman. i love it.

Kat Hunter on

If you want to really be heard about this Vogue travesty, send an email to:communications at condenast dot com. I did because I know comments made on the different sites will most likely be ignored by those who need to hear our outrage.

Audra on

I hope KW has a back up plan for Anna W, because this was a stupid move. They will lose on this one. These two people have an extremely high opinion of themselves, totally undeserved. I hope they have real love because one day that’s all they will have. No talent there.

senza on

You looks dreadful on the cover dark circles, tired under eyes and yes dark make-up too. Seriously “Miss Piggy” she still needs to lose weight her is she kidding and that is with photo shop app omg I can only imagine what she looks like in person!

Sandra on

Someone deserving like Lupita who just won an Oscar and is beautiful woman inside and out doesn’t get a cover, but Kim, who’s claim to fame is dubious does??? Anna, really? Let’s show all the young teens out there what you get for not working a day in your life.

LR on

A woman famous for a porn tape and a thug! Done with Vogue!

K.B. on

There was a time when Vogue magazine was the benchmark of style and class. With this cover, Anna Wintaur and Vogue have jumped the shark. There is nothing classy about either of these two people. There is nothing fashion-forward or editorial about what they are wearing. It is so disappointing to see Vogue settle for infamous over fashionable. Sad, actually.

Hotntx50 on

Just cancelled my subcription to Vogue.

msroncon on

Yes, Kanye you can be in the picture…Just DON’T touch the dress..

Gina on

Vogue is officially a JOKE now!

Megan on

Maybe Kim was sensing Kendall was going to get their first. The weird thing is that if Kendall was on the cover I wouldn’t of cared I might have even bought it. It might because even though she’s on a reality show she still keeps her dating life private and Kim is so overexposed. I’m really shocked Anna Wintour agreed to this I wonder if she regrets it. I will say though he clearly loves her and she does look beautiful.

msroncon on

April fools!!! Anna Wintour’s little joke? Shame on you.

msroncon on

I have to say Kim looks great. North is gorgeous.

Kristine on

Hard to believe but obviously true. Vogue (Anna Wintour) has hit an all time low. An aging, over-exposed (figuratively) reality star and a violence prone mega maniac????? Consider me no longer interested in EVER reading Vogue again. My subscription is cancelled.

msroncon on

Andre knew what was going on at Vogue…

Deb on

OMG just read Anna’s response in my local paper. She said Kanye didn’t beg (sadly loud mouth did it on national TV!!!) and the untalented sex tape star “Claimed her place” hahahahaha See this makes me LOVE The Devil Wears Prada more!! Only the Fashion Ice Queen can “spin” a decision since everyone is talking bringing her free PR!!! hahahaha Anna Anna Anna

Super duper on

Maybe Ms Wintour was making a subtle statement having the “April Fools” on the April cover, and the narcissists are so blinded by their own egos they failed to see the joke is on them?
After reading the comments that loyal readers are not going to buy Vogue, West probably has his credit card out as we speak to buy up as many copies as he can, and sent his minions out in force to buy up the news stands.

northerner on

Beautiful photo, very tastefully done. I’m not into Vogue, not for or against. Not into the couple themselves, again, pretty neutral. Artistically, nice job. Those being critical, there are bigger fish to fry.

Madmama on

Both are just trashy and in Vogue no less. still can’t understand how this whole mess happened ? Then her little Johnny defends her, insane

Jenny on

I think both Kanye and Kim are completely over exposed and over-rated but this cover is beautiful and North is the cutest little girl!

Dando on

She looks like she’s in love with her “baby daddy’s” father, for sure. Yes, many object, but have to admit they make a good couple. For better or worse they will wed.

really?? on

ew ew ew ew ew Class used to mean something. we used to have standards. Guess we can all be bought? Well, not me.

annoyed on

bravo anna. this will be the nail in your coffin. the only reason this issue will sell is because kanye will buy all the copies just to push the numbers.

jckfmsincty on


sonya on

……Vogue, really?…Whose next on the cover Honey Boo-Boo? I’m so happy I haven’t renewed my subscription. A word of advice to Anna Wintour, bad press doesn’t always equal good press.

MuggyDay on

What a pose. Kim’s cover pose makes her look lecherous. Not very attractive.

MuggyDay on

Kim K. is not beautiful at all, but the entertainment and media want us to think she is. They and Mother Kris Jenner, keep pushing and pushing and pushing this women and all of her girls on us! It is becoming very sick how Mamma Kris pushes these girls out in front of the whole world all for HER own greed. Kim K. was much cuter/attractive when she was younger, w/o all the nips and tucks, botox, etc. Her face changed completely and looks pretty strange. In fact this is NOT the face one would think a Vogue cover would show. But Kim K. seems very happy about it. Not the rest of us so it seems.

fashion critic on

Really Vogue? You claim to be a publication of high fashion and style. What happened? I think Kim Kardashian lacks elegance, style and class. Did you sell out for a few bucks? I think Vogue has damaged it’s image forever. Harpers Bazaar must be laughing all the way to the bank!

JA on

They’re a very attractive couple until one of them speaks

Karen5001 on

Sad to see Vogue sold out.

Angela on

OK haters first of all let me point out that BOTH PEOPLE on this cover have HUGELY successful clothing lines and last time I checked that IS what vogue is about! Second, They both look beautiful and happy and what??? That just makes you nuts?? Leave them alone. Seriously! If you’re too good/smart/awesome for them or this type of journalism then go read up on foreign policy or watch CNN. And then don’t subject everyone else around you to YOUR hate and intolerance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nikki on

wow…vogue really lowered their standards on this issue..i like the miss piggy and kermit spoof one..

j.r. on

Two people that are classless and talentless, and yet certain media outlets can’t get enough of them. I just don’t get it. Another Vogue subscriber lost.

fergie on

Doesn’t anybody else notice how ridiculously long Kayne’s hands look?- What a terrible Photoshop. Kim’s hands look obviously airbrushed too.

ari se on

Kanye is nasty with his purple lips. And she’s an idiot. Barf.

Victoria Dodds on

I think it’s actually an ugly picture. It belongs on the cover of Star Magazine. This couple in no way represents the finer things in life, as every page in Vogue advertises, a real misstep on the part of Ms. Wintour.

Loretta on

WELL ,Vogue you just lost a customer because you pick two of the worse people to put on your front cover. He tries to make her look like Beyonce and he thinks he does no wrong. Kim wants her name and face on everything and don,t care how she does it just to be notice. Bad call Vogue.

Frangela on

So, she couldn’t get the cover on her own. She needed her crybaby boyfriend and the baby to boot. I guess I’m not surprised.

jood on

Why is the media so enthralled with Kim Kardashian? Does anybody even watch her show? I know I sure as heck don’t. She hasn’t done anything except appear on a trashy reality show. I just don’t get the media worship of this woman.

Marie Mullin on

Ann caved. Kim is not the pretty, her teeth look false, not nicely shaped legs at all, don’t see beauty.

andy linberry on

Vogue mag is what my grandmother reads, its so yesterday. Grand ask me why are they on the over of my magazine? If Vogue is trying to go away quicker? Grand said she will not renew her subscription.

Dad on

I can’t get over all the negativity. The cover is beautiful and I’m happy for the two of them. People love to go into these blog sites to be nasty….it’s a shame. This couple is not any more “sel promoting” than any other celeb couple. Congrats to Kim and Kanye! Be happy and ignore all the BS. Kanye deserves some happiness after losing the most precious person in his life; his mother Donda West…;

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