Demi Lovato Shaves Half Her Head, Gets Sassy About It

03/04/2014 at 07:31 PM ET

Demi Lovato shaves headCourtesy Demi Lovato

In case Demi Lovato dyeing her hair blue, then pink, wasn’t enough to convince you that she likes to have fun with her tresses, maybe this will: The singer just took an electric razor to her hair to expose a brunette buzzcut underneath that long magenta mane.

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“IDGAF๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ˜ #NEONLIGHTSTOUR,” she captioned the photo at left (using an acronym to indicate “I don’t give a [bleep]”). It was the second in a series of pictures highlighting her new half-shorn do (see the rest below).

Though her slightly abashed smile looks like she might, in fact, GAF, the subsequent shots made her look much more excited about her decision. Follow Lovato’s journey from a full head of hair to a punky new do, and tell us your thoughts in the comments.

–Alex Apatoff

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Lilyflower on

I think it’s cute. She’s young and should have fun with her hair :)

Melissa on

Looks really cool! Pink is my favorite color! Really nice edgy do!

duh on

oh geez she is too pretty for that. i just don’t get it

Seabot on

I love it!

Rhonda on

Sorry, but I don’t like it.

Lala on

I actually kind of like it. It’s fun, and punky.

TT on

I love it but I can’t stand her.

Brenda on

We aren’t in 1985. Absolutely hideous!

guest on

She is a stunning girl. I Love this cut!

Dobz on

She must be on drugs again! That hairstyle is so ugly only a crackhead would wear it!!

Mamagirl31 on

Love it!

Hilda on

That is not half her head shaved…..

Sabrina on

I would hardly call that “half”… I had actually half of my head shaved and it was a nightmare to grow back out. She should have done this look 3 years ago when it was trendy, because she’s going to hate it when a chunk of her hair is 3 inches long.

Dee on

So last year…

Kelli on

I had the exact same cut & color in 84. I’d do it again if it didn’t make me look desperate to recapture my youth.

palmlady on

I 100 % agree w/ duh…. Demi – you are always beautiful. Pls do not shave your head. You look the best in your natural color.

Ash on

She looks absolutely stunning. She can pull off ANYTHING.

Hailey on

Looking for attention….why advertise it?

Carrie on

She is sooo pretty!

Wash on

I am so over this trend. It is not “edgy”. The fact of the matter is you can hide it with one flip of your hair which entirely defeats the purpose. It just looks like you are trying to be cool and different except every third girl is wearing their hair like this. I’ll stand up and take notice when someone decides to shave it all off.

ladi on

Shoot, I think this is the best her hair has looked in 2 years.

Teknosbeka on

One of the stupidest things a girl can do.

tara on

I like the last pic where her hair looks short in the back. She would look good with that length.

slawson on

Wow…I’m shocked, I actually really like it. She looks really cute.

Allane on

Miley, is that you?! Lol! You can do a neon tour without looking like you flew end over end in a pink paint can.

guest on

The coloring is very cute, but so over girls shaving parts of their hair and having it called trendy? Trendy to whom? It looks rediculous. Like a 5 year-old shaved it.

Denverpeet on

Better than her blue hair!

Lacey on

Horrible. Find some other way to get attention.

Amp88 on

Not usually a fan of the half shaved head look, but it works on Demi. It’s pretty cool! :)

I think it’s because she only shaved a portion, and not literally half her head.

Half empty glass on

She looks cute, but I can only think about how difficult it must be to grow out this type of haircut…

kmorris246 on

She. Is. Adorable.

Giuliana on

Don’t like it !

guest on

Someone fell off the wagon

Hmmm.... on

Whenever I undergo neurosurgery for a shunt revision, my brain surgeon shaves my head like that [I keep my hair long so I can pull it over & not scare my nephews] and then my staples & stitches fall out eventually [the ones that do not are taken out by a nurse] although I’m not allow to dye my hair as the chemicals would seep into my incision. Now, of course, I have slit ventricles in my brain so a lumbar shunt is the only way to go for now. Seeing that I have four shunts in my body at the moment [the only one that works is in my back], I consider myself quite lucky to still be here–although I would call such a hairstyle a “fashion choice.” After 42 years, I guess the moral of the story is: Hydrocephalus rocks!

GetReal on

Britney complete head shave complete nutjob = Demi half head shave only half crazy. Give her time, she’ll be complete nutjob within the year.

Adorable on

She looks great and she owns the look. And “too pretty” for that is disrespectful to her and others like her. She’s just as pretty either way

Jasmine Stephens on

It’s not half her head. It’s called an undercut, where part of the head is shaved. Lots of people have sported it, Ellie Goulding, Rhianna and Miley Cyrus being a few. So go Demi! It’s not a look that everyone will love but as long as she likes it, that’s all that matters.

Kelli on

@Hmmm…. You really have to deal with all that? I’m so sorry. It’s amazing that you can make light of it though. The new thing to do is to have very small cornrows so the surgeon can make an incision without needing to shave any hair. Your resolve and humor show what an incredibly awesome person you must be.

Wes on


onlinedollarsandsense on

some people try so hard

Sara on

I like it. I mean I would never do that to my hair but Demi can really make it work I just hope she don’t turn out like Miley Cyrus

Tina on

It doesn’t look bad on her. I just think it limits her versatility.

dee on

She must be having trouble getting work and had to do something to grab some attention. Oh please don’t take the attention grabbing to the Miley level.

Ally on

Ugh, I hate this trend. A color can easily be changed, but it’ll take forever to grow that out :/
She’s too pretty for this.

MrMonkee on

Just a new way of screaming” I need attention”. She and Miley must study from the same “I Want to be Relevant” book.

Lucia on

Absolutely love that look on her. Some people can shave their hair and it just does not look right. But hers looks very cute. She has the face to pull it off. Good job. I am glad she is not posting picture of herself in lingerie. Good for you.

chelsea on

Get real, Demi…..grow up, already! Sure, you are not still on drugs?????

Elizabeth on

Who cares? How cool of her to post IDGAF. She’s just sooooo awesome!! Is she still in high school or something, cause that’s very immature to post. She’s so irrelevant and needs to go away.

lifeafanof on

I’ve always though that she changed her hair color too much. The classic black I thought looked the best on her. But, I must admit, I love this look. Color and all!

Jim on

Hey! Miley Cyrus did the same thing and what did it give her?

A tank album and Kayt Perry complaining about kissing Miley.

Elliott on

Another young entertainer acting goofy again. Let’s see know…first shave to head. Then get arrested for DUI. Then do a video that’s dumb. Yep, that we get them going again.

Sarah on

I love it! It’s really cool! <3

Michael on

Guys, She just pulled a Ke$ha on us. Not a pretty bad look for her i must say. don’t why K-money did this through?

armen on

looks like christy mack now

wymom2003 on

I don’t personally care for a partially shaved head, but it’s not my head and she seems to be loving it and rocking it! Power to her!!

JP on

Looks terrible.

Michael on

Guys, She just pulled a Ke$ha, looks good through on her.

burst3 on

Really? Half her hair? Do the math. It was a sliver. She looks great. But not half her hair. Duh…

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