Jessica Simpson Slips Back Into Her Swimsuit For Her Latest Ad Campaign: See the Photos

01/29/2014 at 06:00 AM ET

Jessica Simpson bathing suit clothing lineCourtesy Jessica Simpson(2)

Jessica Simpson‘s dedication to her Weight Watchers plan has really paid off. The hot mom is striking a pose in a swimsuit for her spring 2014 Jessica Simpson Collection ad campaign, and we have the exclusive first look at the sexy photos.

Judging by the photos above, the star has her body confidence back and was excited at the opportunity to show off her slimmed-down figure in new looks from her own line. “It was so much fun,” she tells PEOPLE. “I’m very proud of what we’ve built, so to have everyone together on set surrounded by all of our clothes made for a great day. I love the new swimwear we have coming out.”

Simpson models a strapless white one-piece with a ruching detail that’s giving us some major Fourth of July inspiration. “This swimsuit is feminine and a little retro in its detailing. It’s very sexy, but it still leaves something to the imagination. And the shape is incredibly flattering.”

Jessica Simpson clothing line adsCourtesy Jessica Simpson

She also poses in some fun sundresses, sweaters and accessories that will have fans stocking up for spring. “This season we brought a feminine take to the current trend toward casual,” she explains. “For instance, pairing a loose-knit sweater or an oversize worn-in denim jacket over a dainty floral print romper, or adding a touch of a pastel rose print to the lapel of a moto jacket. You’ll see a lot of floral throughout the line — perfect for spring.”

Earlier this year, Simpson revealed that she’s prepping for another big fashion moment: the reveal of her wedding dress. “The new year will definitely bring on the wedding bells, which is exciting … I think it’s about time,” she shared. “Knowing that I have the wedding coming up is an incentive to stay on Weight Watchers, count my points and stay in the gym. I mean, when you see my dress, you’ll know.”

What do you think of Simpson’s spring line? What will you be buying? Share your thoughts below!

–Brittany Talarico, with reporting by Michelle Tan

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Showing 81 comments

Lissy on

JS is one the real beauty out there , her face untouched is a true example what beauty is. , her style and her uncontroversial life , is a great example for young girls everywhere .may God keep blessing her.

christa on

I just love her.

lilly on

She looks GREAT!!!!

Cathy on

I just love everything about her. She appears to be a genuine, down to earth, “real” beauty and obviously a pretty success business woman.

carrie on

You are all just admiring “Photoshop”. Yes, she is a natural beauty but she does not look like the images above.

EmmaJane on

Oh, look! Another article that leads us to focus on a woman’s weight. What a surprise! Haha, just kidding, People. That’s one of your favorite topics. Why focus on important qualities when you can continually focus on women’s weights?

Katrina on

she looks good

Rhonda on

She looks great and you can definitely see the difference in the above pictures. In the second pic you can see that she’s lost weight. Her waist is smaller. Or is that photoshopped? In any case, she is a very pretty girl.

Anon on

Carrie while i agree there is airbrushing there is very little. What you need to do is actually follow her progress. And look at the latest pics by paps leaving LA yesterday. The weight loss is phenominal and she looks awesome. I am happy for her. She is a beauty inside and out.. Many people need to actually pay attention not based on hate

Kimmy on

She looks great! And if there’s a little what? She still looks better than the people saying that.

Rachel B - MD on

Look MUCH better Jess! Go Gurrrrl

Leah on

Wow, is her head on someone else’s body?!?! Jeez. What a joke.

Kristi on

Photoshop much? And if you paid me $3 million, I’d lose all the weight you wanted me to. This is clearly false advertising.

Love JS on

I LOVE HER! She looks fabulous and she’s so happy!!!!!!

Sam on

Still a beauty.

bb on

I’ve actually looked over her collection on her website before and I love most of the designs! They are actually “designer” clothes that I would wear…if I could afford to! :)

Duh on

Kristi, your health isn’t enough reason to lose weight? You need the 3 mill? You’re so negative. She looks great.

Guest on

Jessica LOOKS AMAZING! What a real woman – she deserves every ounce of success. To any commenting negatively, have you seen her recently? Girl looks good!!

Sue on

Serious question, how come people rag on Kim k for photoshop, but with Jessica it’s a-ok?? I’m sorry, but those swimsuit pics are sooooo far from representing her body, it’s ridiculous. Time to hire a real model to wear the clothes.

Cindy on

Without the hair and makeup she is very plain.

Heather on

It’s called photoshop, there is nothiing natural about her at all.

manomer on

Oh my goodness people are so worked up over the most ridiculous things. When I am in photos with my family or friends the first thing I do is go to a photo app and change the coloring to make everyone look better….I mean people know what I look like so it isn’t like I am “pulling” anything off but when you have a photo of course you want it to look good….this girl is a pretty girl with or without photoshop so big deal if the cropped out a piece of cellulite. If your kids believe that everyone of the celebs are completely flawless then you are not doing your job as a parent. It isn’t like she is extremely obese and they make her super skinny. And by the way Kristi why would you need 3 million to lose weight? I am in my 40’s , work, have 2 busy teenagers and manage to eat right and get up at the crack of dawn to work my butt off to be in shape….and no 3 million here, no chef, no trainer.

re: heather on

Heather, have you seen her lately? She was just on TV for Weight Watchers and she looks damn good for any woman, let alone a woman with two kids under two!!

carrie on

@ Anon
I truly do not hate her. I think she is an true business mogul and has done tremendously well. She does seem grounded. I guess my point is that there is NO WAY those images weren’t photoshopped. I myself went for a “glamour session” at a photography studio. I saw for myself the before and after. How the arms and waist can be made to look smaller, the skin smoother, the hair fuller, and on and on and on. Just slight changes to some areas and greater changes to others. It’s one thing to be a 45 year old and aware of the tweeking that goes on, it’s another to be a 15 year old and be fooled and influenced.

sara on

i love the bathing suit. wonder where i can get one like that?


She looks amazing!

Nica on

They could at least photoshop her to be the same size in all the pictures!

Moneypenny on

She is a beautiful woman and looks great. These pics are very photoshopped though–look how wonky the door/window is in the swimsuit pic with the sunglasses. I just wish we could show celebs at their real sizes and celebrate new moms for more than losing weight.

manomer on

But Carrie, my kids are 12 and 14 and are completely aware of photoshop. Heck my kids are the ones showing me the photo apps that make you look better so they are well aware and as for my daughter we discuss body images all the time. Kids, especially girls need to know that we all come in different shapes and sizes and being/eating healthy doesn’t mean we will automatically look “skinny”. That should come from their parents. I just don’t feel that this is the responsibility of the magazines. But I suppose there are a lot of kids that don’t have the luxury of having parents who actually talk to them. That is sad but true. Also, my daughter thinks the VS girls are way too skinny. When my catalogue comes in the mail she always says those girls need to eat….LOL!

Ivixen on

The one on the top right is very photoshopped. She hasn’t looked like that since her Daisy Duke days. She is looking great, though!

thenitenurse on

Upper thighs are always covered up why?

Cory on

She looks beautiful and happy!
And how adorable is that Jessica Simpson swimsuit?!

annie on

LOL@ everyone who think shes a “real” beauty. these pocs are photoshopped and her face has been surgically photoshopped lol.
its a weight-loss ad, thats why photoshopping is a problem here.

Suzy S on

She protrays herself as a dumb blonde on tv interviews and saying things that will make you roll your eyes..BUT she is obviously not a blonde bimbo. so sucessful with her WW and not to mention her Jessica Simpson line.. !!

carrie on

Agreed. I have 2 daughters aged 21 and 16. They are also savvy. I guess I am showing my age and wishing for the “what-you-see-is-what-you-get” era. I have seen all my kids have fun with photoshop and all kinds of apps that allow them to alter pictures and the outcome is sometimes stunning, sometimes hilarious, and sometimes just simply makes for a better picture. Parents are an integral part of a child’s sense of themselves, but on the other hand, a bombardment of ads featuring unrealistic images can work to undo all a parent is trying to accomplish.

Dawn on

She looks great! Good for her in loosing the weight at a nice pace and not too quickly.

Truthfinder on

LOVE the bathing suit…where can I get it?

derrikluvjsimps on

I cannot believe people waste time out of their day to post hate (they really have nothing else to do, losers). These pics are all Jess! MILF

Bardot4ever on

Not sure if she tries to emulate her but she really looks like Brigitte Bardot

Chihuahua Mom on

She looks fantastic and all those people who hated on her when she was pregnant can nor proceed to eat their words!

Anon on

Carrie have you spent anytime and actuaaly looked at general pap pics. Not photo shopped or fan pics.. I am not disputting the photoshop as i said in my first post.. I think if you want to worry about young girls and self confidence then Jess is the least of worries.. I think Kardashins and Miley play a big part in the demise of our young women

Angela on

looks great!

Lisa on

She looks a lot like her dad Joe.

Guest on

Jessica is a professional in every way.

Marianne on

@ Emma Jane…I find it to be a positive message when focus is placed on a woman (or man) that makes the decision to manage their weight in a healthy positive manner. Like it or not weight should be addressed not so much for physical appearance but for overall health. In 2013 I knew four people in their mid forties that that had strokes (3 were women) and all were attributed to weight. When people can see a person like Jessica Simpson lose weight in a realistic healthy manner it may inspire them to do the same for themselves. Focusing on weight is not always a bad thing.

anon24 on

Looks photo shopped, who has a waist that curve into an exact V shpe

Tess on

Pretty girl, but these bathing suit pics were def photo shopped. She is no way this thin.

Elizabeth on

Yess!!! Jessica get ur groove back girl, shut up all the people that have been bullying you for your weight.

Cucu on

Photoshop galore, still fat.

carrie on

@ Anon
Very true. I agree with you. Maybe I’m just a bit bored today and making comments “just because.” But yes, Jessica Simpson is a good example of normal weight gain during pregnancy, normal struggles to lose the weight (relative to other celebrities), and a normal result after hard work. I applaud her, to be honest. Not a hater.

emma on

Second picture has a photoshopped waist and photoshopped tummy.

Rkerr09 on

Again, photoshopping a woman to make her look way better than she does. She looks just fine without all this photoshopping. I have seen candid paparazzi photos and she is not this small.

Damn Gina on

I think Jessica looks pretty no matter what size she is. I cannot stand Photoshop. It’s for liars!

Bill on

And next year when she gains 20 lbs she will be complaining how it is sexist to focus on her body. What hypocrites these bimbos are.

BoFan on

She is just so damn pretty, with or without makeup. Just stunning.

whatev on

looks great!

Pacificgirl on

I love Jessica and I love her products. She has truly branded herself successfully and I wish her all the best.

Lorraine on

I love Jessica. She seems very genuine, not to mention I LOVE her shoe and clothing line!

Leila on

She was never a good performer, but has done great with her fashion line.

zoom on

Im not a fan of hers But got to admit she looks good and giver her props for losing the weight

Lori on

Go look at TMZ. They gave a pic of her at the airport in leather pants and she looks great!! TMZ would much rather get her looking fat so she is not photoshopped.

Elena on

Jess looks great. Kudos to her!

Megan on

Kuddos to JS for the weight loss, but those are so *photoshopped*. In her Redbook cover and story pix she is just not that slim. Just sayin’. Be who you are and be proud.

Haley on

She looks so radiant!

Jennifer A. on

Of course there’s airbrushing and photoshopping but she still looks great! One thing though, I find it odd when people talk about the importance of marriage then have kids and live with their fiancé forever.

rlb237 on

@ Lissy….untouched face? Where? I remember her injecting her lips with collagen and looking like a duck not too far back.

nazo on

wats goeng on jasica am i massing somteng.. wats up wath

nazo on

shes Gorgass

Ashlee on

piggy piggy piggy

Marie on

The bathing suit shots are photo shopped. The waist is different in both. The arms are different (right photo, everything is smaller). Really tired of phony photos of celebrities.

Erica on

Ashlee, you are the pig! She had 2 babies in 2 years and she looks great.

Gg on

She looks great.

just my opinion... O_o on

The first pic in the white swimsuit shows a larger waist. It looks more real. You can even see a tiny tummy bulge. Thats realistic. The pic on the right shows how they photoshopped her waist and tummy. Much smaller waist. Cinched in more. Obvious. They shouldnt have done that bc the two pics show two totally different bodies. Both slim and she looks great but whoever photoshopped did not do it evenly. I wish they would just let people have stretch marks and acne and wrinkles and tummy bulges. #keepitreal

Judy on

She looks beautiful.

Natalie on

I want that swimsuit. Just what I’ve been looking for. Gorg 😍😍

mrsmass on

Why would anyone be surprised it’s photoshopped? It’s an ad campaign. Just like magazine covers, 99.999% are touched up a lot.

Eli on

Does that girl ever shut her mouth in photos? As my mom would say, she’s going to let flies in.

Carolyn on

You are looking beautiful..good for you..wish I could do it.

monique on

She looks great!

Adrienne McClendon on

Way to go Jess! You look AMAZING girl! Im feeling encouraged every day just by seeing your acomplishments at Weight Watchers!

Chelsea on

I really love her!!! She’s the funniest and sweetest celebrity out there. ;)

Also, her clothing line is very nice and made for the-everyday-woman out there.

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