Whoa! You Need to See Beyoncé's Mini (We Mean Mini) Dress at Michelle Obama's Birthday Party

01/20/2014 at 11:08 AM ET

Beyonce Randi Rahm dressCourtesy Beyonce

What does one wear to the White House for Michelle Obama’s 50th Birthday bash? If you’re Beyoncé, the answer to that question is a super-sexy, super-short mini that looks like a tour outfit — not an outfit you’d expect to see at the FLOTUS’s fête.

The singer selected a heavily embellished Randi Rahm dress (featuring possibly one of the shortest hemlines we’ve seen) covered in beads and sequins. She teamed the jaw-dropping design with statement earrings, a wrist full of Lorraine Schwartz bangles and simple nude pumps. Her hair and makeup were equally fierce — a glossy hot-pink lip, dramatic smoky eye and center-parted mega waves. (FYI: The entire look has a 62% “Love It” rating from PEOPLE readers.)

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Even Blue Ivy got dressed up in a full-skirted dress for the party and bonded with the Obamas’ dog. (See the adorable snap here.) Bey, who also brought her mom along for the festivities, took the stage to perform a mini concert for the 500 guests in attendance, including Jennifer Hudson, Stevie Wonder, Gladys Knight, Janelle Monáe, Mary J. Blige, Angela Bassett, Samuel L. Jackson and more.

Hudson followed Beyoncé’s style lead and also wore a mini dress to the affair, sharing the below photo of her and fiancé David Otunga on Instagram.

We had such a good time with the 1st family in dc tonight ! Now on to the next stop !

A photo posted by Jennifer Hudson (@iamjhud) on

What do you think of Bey’s dress? Share your thoughts below!

–Brittany Talarico

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postathread on

she’s SO thin!

Come on on

Beyonce, you are truly gorgeous BUT you have started to let go of your class and tact the last few years. What is up with that? The dress is completely inappropriate for the First Lady’s birthday bash regardless of age, but at your age, you should have gone with something longer to that event.

sally on

starting to look a little tacky Be!

Amp88 on

It’s time to start acting her age, and like the mother she is. Beyonce has a great figure for sure, but needs to remember there’s a time and place for these outfits.

Tara on

Beyonce performed at the concert so this could very well be the dress she sang in … don’t make controversy where there isn’t any.

BH on

I’m sure you could see “everything” in that dress.

cynsation on

What’s sad is that Beyoncé, her mother or husband apparently didn’t think that it was inappropriate to wear such a short dress to perform in. It’s very disrespectful to the First Lady, whether you consider her a friend or not. She’s old enough to know better! She did the same thing when she had the press conference to sing the National Anthem, her dress was too short and inappropriate.

Susan on

Definitely not what I would think to wear to the White House, but that’s the caliber of these guests. Tacky.

lylah on

“They know you’re a girl, you don’t have to prove it to them”. -Claire Dunphy

Me on

The First Lady has class so it’s too bad that doesn’t rub off on her pal Beyoncé. She’s all about showing off and greed. She looks like a street walker. Jennifer Hudson looks pretty but both Beyoncé and her can’t speak proper English. It’s hard to understand them when them speak.

Just Me on

People why don’t you stop touching up pix. The other sites didn’t photoshop most of her thighs out of the picture!

Nay on

Not appropriate B! I know your changing things up but this is not a positive move. I have to sadly give you zero stars for this.

Steph on

She looks like she is going to eat your soul.

lola on

WOW!! How about showing some class with our FLOTUS?! no need to get so close to showing everything you have.

Lisa on

…because it always has to be about her.

A confident woman does not need to dress this way, especially at an even honoring or celebrating someone else.

Classless Women on

Classless just like the Obama family. Hopefully she sucked the life out of everyone there too…

B Is That You on

What’s up with her face ? She looks so fake and plastic … She looks Horrible

OMG on


claire on


come on Beyonce on

This does not bode well for a nation in crisis, and it doesn’t help us take the Obamas seriously. Beyonce put herself first in this situation. She seems to be addicted to sex or something these days. Sex is fine, but didn’t Mama teach you the basics, something along the lines of “no stripper shoes at funerals”, if she is not bright enough to understand an official function?

Sofia Roland on

Waht is up with her face? She looks scary! Not the right dress for such an occassion.

Rayna on

I’m all for women, at any age, showing off their body if they got it. I don’t think that clothes are confined to age, if you’ve worked hard to maintain an amazing body like Beyonce. But B…it ain’t your birthday.

j.r. on

Tacky and classless…Sadly Beyonce is still the “Darling” of a lot of media outlets. I just wish she’d go away already.

cjarrett on

In very poor taste-she is starting to have no respect for herself-she is really embarrassing some times!!

Sharon on

She looks like a demon in the pic!

jackie on

look at all these haters! Bey looks amazing and she was performing for the First Lady of this nation. None of yall would ever be invited to the White House so stop sounding like jealous B’s.

Chula on

B seems desperate to regain her sex symbol status. She is a mother, wife and older now and many men no consider her sexy Her music is no longer catchy and she needs to realize that she is just not that interetesting and her ship has sailed. Sadly, money and power cannot buy everything including everlasting youth and popularity. She had her time and should now focus on her family.

Meat on

Nobody can tell me Bey isn’t part white. She looks great!!

bec215 on

Tacky, tacky, tacky. I don’t care off you are an award-winning artist, that booty-shirt hemline is inappropriate on both women. if you would wear it to a Hollywood club, it does not belong at the Whitehouse.

peoplereader on

Highly innappropriate for that type of function.

marie on

It would be different if she were performing in this outfit. This is so classless of Miss Bey. With her money she could have afforded to have done better than this. I am at least 2 times her age and I could have done better even without her income. I am too surprised.

Sherron on

You all are going on about Beyonce, personally I didn’t think the First Ladies dress was that appropriate or pretty. Normally she has good taste..

Carly on

Tacky. The latest count in “Love It or Leave It” show most readers agree. And Jennifer Hudson looks like a chunky ho again.

dottie on

Beyoncé is beautiful. However, I think that dress was a tad to short for the White House. Most anyplace else would be fine. But not the White House.

Tracy Spell on

Do any of you know if Beyonce performed? Or do you think you are experts on class? It sounds that you meant to say “in my opinion” it’s classless. Better yet do you think she cares to get your input on her class? It would be different if you said its your opinion but you are addressing her. I say she appreciates all of your concerns and thank you for being a loyal fan.

Gg on

Very inappropriate for the occasion. Very tacky and classless.

jellie on

black people don’t have blonde hair. when they attempt that it looks ridiculous. stick with your natural gorgeous color and quit trying to be what you aren’t- blonde.

frank on

Yeah….that girl is a class act……HUH?


Did she lip sync there too?

Carolyn on

Looks like a pole dancer. Why would the President and First Lady invite her and Jay-Z to the White House? With all the talent in this country they invite a former drug dealer and his wife who is appropriately dressed for the bedroom.

gh on

tis isn’t noting knew in order for her to .get attention she have .to dress .half naked .wat a shame where is the talent .in all that

Becky on

I love the dress, just wouldn’t of worn it to the White House.. Jackie, I don’t think people are jealous, just stating facts..

Yikes on

I didn’t wear anything that revealing when I was invited to sing for the First Lady. Oh wait…

Stella Rivera on

Beyoncé is a beautiful woman but to go to perform for the presidents wife in that dress was inappropriate. Leave that for her concerts! Is she trying to be another Marilyn Monroe? Lol

Phil on

This picture was photo shopped just like they ALL are

Shiela Kerr on

I believe this was her costume designed for her to perform her songs at the party!

Janice on

Beyonce is beautiful but the dress is too short to wear to a White House function, especially if invited by the first lady and president.

Karen Miller on

She looks fantastic! It’s a party, people!

Dee on

I thought the general rule when attending a wedding or party to celebrate someone is not to upstage them……

I’m not criticizing, just wondering…I thought there were rules…lol

Joyce on

Tacky dresses on two tacky singers at a party for the tackiest First Lady ever !!! None of the women in ths comment are “ladies” by the way, but what they are I can’t put into words if I want this printed !

Kay on

Rumor has it…. she is after the President! Might just work!!


I’ve seen that look on the the Las Vegas strip..$250 and that price isn’t for the dress….she’s all class…only lower

Tx_Lady956 on

She is looking way thin.. more than usual. And old.. might be the hair and make-up. But she still is Queen Be!

Zakiya Stewart on

Too short. To upstage or not to upstage? That is the question. I don’t want to say distasteful…but…

Bernice on


armageddon on

That was not Beyonce. It was Sasha Fierce! Look in her eyes Bey has left the building lol.

slb on

Dress? You mean shirt? Absolutely inappropriate…

Angie on

I love the dress but it’s a little short for any birthday party that isn’t held in a club. It would be perfect if it was few inches longer.

Gladys on

I do not think that her dress was proper, but that is the way these kids dress now days…..

KC on

She has no class.

Carol on

To be honest, that’s the way a hooker would dress. Disgraceful

annie on

this mustve been her performance dress….véry short, nevertheless. and the pic is either photoshopped or its the angle.

nikki on

She wants attention all the time. Dress for the venue. She knows nothing about classy.
She looks a mess.

Nanu 08 on

NOT a very flattering look for her so she needs to tone it down………soon old Kim K will break out in something similar as she has taken on Beyoncé look……are they two peas in a pod????

Deni on

Where there any “white” entertainers there?

guest on

To me it looks like that picture has been photo shopped. Look at her left arm, you can see the wall instead of her side.

jessesgirl on

She looks AMAZING. Jealous.

guest on

@Jessesgirl…. she looks amazing because she has been photo shopped.

Guest on

You’re a mother! Cover up!

Guest on

You’re a mother! Cover up! Inappropriate for such a formal affair. And I think no matter how great you may look, only someone in their early 20’s can pull off that hemline. I’m 28 and a size 2 and I wouldn’t wear it!

Yay on

Beyonce looks likes she’s going to jump out of the cake. Happy birthday mr….er…um…mrs president…


There is a time and a place for wearing something like that, don’t get me wrong dress or shirt is beautiful but not at the 1st Ladys Party! actually it’s the length.

Elena on

It’s a beautiful mini and is perfect for performing … just not for a birthday bash for the First Lady.

Briseis on

Wow really. I think the world knows how u look. how u cut ur hair and still rock weave? You aged terribly. Its bad enough you lipped singed now u have to show that skimpy dress. Give or take another five years of marriage. Kudos to u though #youdidtry

NoKimyae on

The White House is America’s palace. Show some damn respect and dress elegantly, not like a stripper.

Ina Winn on

Perhaps “B” was wearing what she was going to perform in. Let’s give her the benefit of the doubt. Okay?? Stop judging so much and letting the world know how you feel.

Eileen Cintron on

Extremely degradin disgustin & disrespectful.. Y she did bcuz shes ‘Beyonce’ no self-respect & No respect for others.. Very distastful.. She definitely proved that she has NO class what so ever!

didi on

That Beyonce is such a class act.. NOT! Money doesn’t buy class and she and Jayz have none. She’s a great entertainer but dumb as rocks and about as polished. Smh.

Annette on

Beyoncé is a performer depending on where she put that 1st, 2nd or 3rd it’s her decision on what she wants to do she is a grown women and that’s how she got to the party being her self stop hating. It’s a time and a place for everything when it’s time we all will know.

Annette on

P.S I’m not by no means a Jennifer Hudson or Beyoncé fan . I think Beyoncé is too green with envy with people that might still the spot from her and I just. Jennifer seems to always seems to be hiding something

Not this girl on

Drag queen?

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