Kim Kardashian Suffers Last-Minute Dress Disaster -- and Strangely, We Relate to Her On This One

01/17/2014 at 11:17 AM ET

Have you ever had a dress in mind for a big event, only to try it on the morning of and discover that perhaps it fit a smidge better before you spent the last month eating your feelings/drinking all the eggnog in sight/pretending that sitting on your couch is one extremely long squat? Have you then experienced the panic that comes with trying to find a suitable outfit at the last minute?

Amazingly, that happens to people with closets 27 times the size of ours. Just ask Kim Kardashian. Not long before she was due to go on Ellen, the reality star posted a photo of herself in an ivory draped top and matching long skirt, with the caption “OMG my dress for Ellen just broke!!! I have to leave in 5mins…I need help! Should I wear this???”

OMG my dress for Ellen just broke!!! I have to leave in 5mins…I need help! Should I wear this???

A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

In the end, she went with a shorter skirt with the same (slightly risqué for daytime TV) top. And of course, host Ellen DeGeneres asked her about the last-minute malfunction.

“I get this dress tailored and it completely did not fit. It was so bad,” Kardashian said. “I am all packed to go to Paris, and I had nothing, I just kind of put it together.” When Ellen asked how on earth she didn’t have a backup (again, that closet), Kardashian said “It’s a good lesson for next time. I had a fitting last night, so they were tailoring it today, so I thought, ‘I’m good, I’ll just put it on.’ Something told me an hour before, ‘Just try it on.’ I tried it on, and it completely didn’t fit. Nothing that could have been fixed.”

Certainly not nuclear disarmament-level crisis, but it’s nice to know that even Kardashians have the same wardrobe drama the rest of us have. Do you believe she couldn’t find a thing to wear? What do you think of the final outfit?

–Alex Apatoff

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JP Reid on

All of her clothes are always too small. Why does she care now?

bkable on

I totally thought the wardrobe malfunction was that the top showed her bra!! Only to find out, she wasn’t talking about that shirt at all lol
Kim, please put your bra away. You are a mommy now; only Kanye needs to see that.

BH on

She has the fattest a** I’ve ever seen. Yuck.

celebsarah on

I can’t tell if those are photos of her clothes fitting or not fitting. Sad.

Tracy on

She would look so much better if everything wasn’t skin-tight on her. She CAN dress well, but for some reason, chooses not to.

Susan on

I’ve never seen her in properly fitting clothes so, why worry about it now?

Mary on

Oh dear God..She has to be the MOST self absorbed person I have ever seen. And the constant need for attention is just unreal..Wow

mrsmass on

she has to leave in 5 minutes, but has time to take several pictures. please.

Mandy on

She’s a mom & her biggest problem is trying to find something to wear? smh

amber on

…give me a break kim….you had 3 other backup outfits…..

Cindy on

The dress fits….it’s her fat A$$ that is the problem…….

Stephanie on

‘…and it completely didn’t fit..’ seems to be a theme of her life. I have yet to see this person in clothes that DO fit. Get some courage to wear clothes that are ACTUALLY your size… then you will be ‘… just like everybody else…’ She is such a joke…

L on

GAG ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If anyone believes this they are as dumb as she is…….which isnt saying much. Go to Paris & please never come back!!!

Tina on

Oh, please. Just another ploy to get us to look at her again. Couldn’t find anything else to wear 5 mins before Ellen? Really? I find it hard to believe that she packed EVERYTHING she owns in her suitcase. And I’m starting to lose respect for Ellen for having Kardashian as a guest; playing into the whole farce of Kim being an actual celebrity.

Cherrie on

Not sure what the issue is…..her boobs are always hanging out, and her pants/skirts/dresses are always too tight. Nothing new about ANY of this……………….

nic on

Yep, such a big tragedy not to finda apair of jeans and top and a jacket to go on a casual shoe as Ellen’s! i can imagine she packed all her wardrop for Paris.
Such a big joke these KK women are!

angie on

Her body is a bit odd looking with that massive butt of hers. Her face used to be pretty but she went too far with whatever it is she’s doing to it. If she’d just wear clothes that fit her she might actually look somewhat presentable.

altamadum on

that is not attractive at all. imagine carrying that much extra butt weight around

Snowflake on

Why are her people not talking her out of the Botox and fillers?!?

Tigs on

Ugh, she always looks lilke she is squeezed into her clothes. How uncomfortable she must feel just to try to look sexy.

NW Mamma on

I real wardrobe malfunction is when your baby spits up that sour milk all over your outfit just before you leave the house. She needs to stop worrying about what she looks like and what to wear, and take an interest in her daughter. Geez, play with the girl, take her out for walks, to baby functions, be a MOM already. sheesh

jksimmons on

Why of all the sisters she has she is the only one with enormous ass?

Dejavu all over again on

Her butt cannot be real. It just….can’t.

Sable on

She shoves that fake butt of hers into clothes 3 sizes too small all the time! Why anyone would choose to disfigure themselves that way I will never understand.

Michael on

The least of her worries and makes a huge deal out of it. Has nothing in her closet, nothing at all! LOL. Is the wearing normal clothes or are they second skin already? Leaves nothing to the imagination. I love sexy women but this type, no thanks. A mom and grown woman, she needs to dress appropriately. She can still be sexy without doing what she does. Poor thing! The need for her to even show the world on IG makes her more of a show off and/or insecure.

guest on

What the heck happen to her lips and what the H*ll is growing out of her lower back???!!!

fds on

Yawn, Kim grasping for attention … what’s new? She looks like a stuffed sausage.

amyinoaktown on

If she wore clothes that actually fit her, it wouldn’t be an issue..and no, none of us can relate….

Lana on

Can’t she wear an outfit that doesn’t show her big a$$ and her boobs hanging out??? Good grief….

NIca on

Nothing else to wear…give me a flippin’ break! I’m not sure if,at any point she was ever likable as a person, but I can say with a fair amount of certainty that she now has to be one of the most unlikable (and irritating) people on earth – only to be out-shined by criminals of all sorts and Kanye West.

Nicole on

So sad what she’s done to her lips. What happened to the real Kim Kardashian? I won’t be surprised if she’s now addicted to plastic surgery. She doesn’t look real.
Kim, I know you’re probably convinced that you shouldn’t read these comments, but believe me, maybe if you read these comments you’ll stop getting plastic surgeries or you’ll ended hiding from the world like Meg Ryan did.

guest on

Whatever. She just wanted to post another selfie of her body and was trying to find a good excuse for it.

Janet on

I suppose this is just another KIM lie she seems to have a talent for doing things like that.

Maria cruise on

Thats a giant ass

Lo on

Could her clothes be any tighter?? No wonder she keeps having wardrobe malfunctions! You could see her cellulite right below her butt on the side shot! Not flattering! She went down hill since getting with Kanye the clown

menotyou on

I’d love to know why her ghetto thug boyfriend hasn’t been arrested since there are witnesses to him beating up that guy. Oh right, money talks, celebs walk. That’s the LA way.

jane on

the short skirt is only slightly better (sorry Kim but your ass doesn’t always need to be so blatantly on can’t-possibly-miss-it-even-if-you-try display in too form fitting skirts/dresses) than the top. it shocks me that she’d walk out of her home dressed so poorly. she complains about being followed not being left alone by paparazzi but yet the way she dresses only screams “look at me! look at me!”.

Rachel on

LOL @ the jealous haters on here! You idiots make me LAUGH! As for Kimmy’s wardrobe issue, it happens to the best of us. She’s always beautiful!

Chris on

I would have taken it off and found something else – no big deal. But Kim has to squeeze into it for a photo of herself to show off – as if we havent’ seen every square inch of her ASS already. Geez … had to comment.

JJ on

Too fat for most of her clothes.

JJ on

Too fat for this dress.

LaShondra on

Her butt is shockingly huge! It’s no wonder she dates black men, they love a huge ass!!!!! The outfit is horrible

stephanie on

Are you kidding me??????? There are much worse things going on in the world than a dress malfunction????? Good night. I usually don’t read or comment on anything kardashian but this time I had to put my two sense down in hopes that one of those knuckleheads reads this is seriously takes a look at what the real world is and what an average person does everyday just to be happy n provide for thei families. I’d love for one day to see any of those kardashians get their hands dirty and help build a home for an unfortunate family or actually provide a neighborhood of unfortunate children with new books and a safe park. How about worrying about those things kimya.

JK on

What’s the part you relate to: going on the Ellen show? having people tailor your clothing? asking Instagram followers for dress advice? needing constant attention? having no talents? having nothing in your closet to cover a big butt?

Mia on

First, I find Kim to be extremely annoying, but why are so many people hating on her body. She has a beautiful face and a great body. Personally, I would kill for her perky, plump ass. To me it’s cultural that some people call her fat. In some cultures if you “got no ass” you’re not considered a “super hottie.” Stop hating! Some people love to hate on sexy. Let her decide how sexy she wants to dress. I see no nipple or crotch. Everyone comes in all shapes and sizes.

digit on

When a grown woman of 33 years old, with a child is only able to offer her fellow humans endless snapshots of her giant, lumpy butt as her sole contribution to mankind, might it be worthy to ask yourself if you could do better?


Spank bank

leo on

this woman has pretty eyes. The rest of it, ick. I would hide in a closet if I had that body. and the blonde hair is just wrong wrong. Long black hair is pretty.

I’ve never watched Ellen. can’t figure out why anyone would go on that show. She was a great standup comedian many years ago. Possibly still is. yeah, probably still is.

Anonymous on

shes a fat pig…stop eating fatty and the clothes will fit!

Jen on

Stop hating.. She is hot and beautiful!

Denverpeet on


Susie on

Why does she think her huge arse is attractive in skin-tight clothing? With all of her money, can’t she buy something that fits? And, why all the ass-first selfies? smh

Jennifer on

How can she have a “wardrobe malfunction???” Shouldn’t she already be getting used to having the world seeing her in the nude??? After all, isn’t that how she and her family started to become famous??? Because she’s a tramp.

melissajean0 on

Do they do ass reductions? Because she is in DIRE need of one. I mean I have a big booty, but I couldn’t walk around balancing a cup on it. She took “Baby’s Got Back” to heart.

jhanley on

Just another reason to take a picture of herself. So you are telling me EVERYTHING she has was packed in a suitcase. Can we please quit paying attention to her and yes I am asking myself why I even read this article

victoria on

Okay- everyone- step away from the morphidite ass! IT IS

LameKim on

In the Instagram pic where she’s wearing the shorter skirt, you can see at least 8 coats and 5 pairs of shoes in the background. And she seriously wants people to believe she only had one outfit ready for the show?

liz on

Kim K always looks so drugged out, like she is having an out of body experience.

liz on


Amp88 on

I would have grabbed a cami for underneath the sweater, but other than that, the outfit IS cute. :)

whatev on

Ah, now I know what happened to my son’s missing basketball(s).

Irene on

FAT ASS!!!!!!

Beth Hill on

What weight loss????????????

Amanda on

If she was in such a hurry, why was she snapping photos?

Jazz on

And strangely we relate to her?? You always do, you write articles daily kissing up to her it never stops with the writers of People.

Rita on

She has changed so much! Sadly not for the better.

S Pear on

Jeez! Cover up. Get some class. And go see a doctor about the tumor growing on your ginormous rear!!

karen on

Her butt looks soooo out of place. I love a good butt on a girl but this is not butt anymore.. this is carcass….. So sorry but girl, have surgery and remove half of it…

gymluv on

I will not speak the name. I just wanted to say that I cannot relate to this wardrobe problem. I have never had a dress that was made for me, tailored the night before and it did not fit 5 minutes before I was to go on a talk-show because all my clothes were packed to leave for Paris. Before anyone points it out, I am aware that was a run-on sentence, I am not a hater nor am I jealous. People has lost touch with real people. Celebrities are not just like us at all.

Ivixen on

Why does she keep showing off bootie shots? I’m sorry, but it’s NOT flattering. Her rear is very out of proportion to the rest of her body. I’m not suggesting that she needs to be perfect, but she’s missing the boat that it’s not attractive.

GP Stoll on


MJ on

The skirt is too tight and the blouse isn’t tailored properly – definite malfunction.

peoplereader on

Just another way to keep her name in the news by her mother.
Like she doesn’t have other things to wear…she squeezes herself into everything and never looks good

Denise on

She was destined to be with a black man….only a black man could truly appreciate an ass that big. Am fascinated by its girth.

lylah on

She has a fake behind. When she was first on the scene it was like J Los and now this? I also think she had surgery right after North. That’s the only time she wasn’t plastering her pics all over the internet. She went into hiding.

yuck on

Can you say FRUIT LOOP!!!!!!!!!!

SM on

Gee, how does she continue to function with these overwhelming problems?

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