Kim Kardashian Finds (Yet Another) Unique Way to Show Off Her Cleavage

12/05/2013 at 12:35 PM ET

Kim Kardashian styleSeth Browarnik/Startraks

Her fiancé may be the “artistic genius,” but Kim Kardashian seems to be a bit of a genius when it comes to finding new ways to show off her famous cleavage. The reality star did it again during Surface magazine’s DesignDialogues event in Miami on Wednesday, wearing one very unique dress (yes, we can see Kanye West high-fiving himself in the mirror over this one).

After a string of daring illusion necklines (see here and here) and the daring keyhole cutout dress she wore for the Kardashian Christmas card, Kim changed it up a bit in a white lace Proenza Schouler design with an asymmetrical cutout that showed off her décolletage.

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She’s also sticking to her love for all-white looks, probably sending us a message that she’s ready for that trek down the aisle. (See some dress suggestions here!)

What do you think of the star’s wardrobe? Should she tone it down, or should she keep showing off her assets?

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–Brittany Talarico

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NW Mamma on

She needs to go be a mom to her daughter and stop worring about what she looks like and how often she can be photographed and talked about. You have the $$$ go relax and take care of your daughter. Time is the most valuable gift a child can receive, Kim give your child your time and stop worring about what people think of you.

Susan on

I just don’t think this dress is flattering on her body type. Time to hire a new stylist I say.

Mary on

Her lips look like they are going to blow up. Take care of your baby, like you claim that you are such a good mom.

Rose on

I find it interesting that she insisted her body had not been photo shopped in the music video. Yet every outfit she has on helps hide her stomach. Now she just had a baby so it’s clearly normal that things are not the tight right now. But I have a problem with her pretending her body is perfect and she had no help. At least own up to it. Ps try staying home with your daughter once and awhile. She’s been out none stop since.

Jess on

This is very matronly and unattractive. The slit looks like a flaw in the stiching. I am not a fan of this dress.

RAE on

Forget about what she’s wearing. I’d love to know if she’s ever with her daughter to be a “Mom”?

Just Me on

I guess it’s easy to get all dressed up all the time when you have nannies raising your baby. When my daughter was four months old I barely had time to wash my hair. But then again I was the one getting up with her all night, not a Nannie

Emmie on

One outfit where her breasts aren’t hanging out, is that too much to hope for?

LYN on

Your question Tone down or show assets?
My answer: Disappear and take all the Kartrashians, Jenners, Yeezus with you, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

Em on

Those tee-tahs see lots of sunlight.

Ryry on

Does anyone else thing she got a nose job? It looks slimmer and shorter than it use to.

carol lange on

Susan your so right spend time with your child.sorry but she looks umm like a heavy lady showing off her chest.What is she thinking?

Pat on


Lolita on

She looks very unhappy all the time. I think Kanye controls her every move

gdgdgdgdg on

Still fat…..sorry

Ryry on

She looks like she got a nose job after having the baby. It looks pinched and shorter.

Sharon Blanchard on

She has the biggest thighs and hips ever and her bum, well, what can one say about that….you could eat off of it….we used to call that a Bertha Butt

Sadie on

I am not AT ALL a Kim fan, but she could be far more attractive if she wore clothes that fit her properly. The clothes she wears are not meant for her body type. There are too many “yes” men in her entourage, convincing her she looks fabulous.

Just My Opinion on

What wrong with her face?

Ugh on


Guest on

She looks horrid. Either she got a nose job or a face lift/tighten. She looked better before.

mar on

her face looks like it is melting. I am so tired of seeing her. She has done nothing for society, offers nothing interesting, and her plastic surgery on her face and body are just over the top already.

Rachel on

She looks beautiful as always! All the power to her!

Melissa DinArdo on

Be a mom. Get over yourself. You aren’t that hot.

MrsG on

I am more amused by the lady in the background.

Amy on

Looks like it ripped while she was putting it on.

somerita on

OMG! I wish she would stop claiming that she’s a great mother! When my kids were North’s age, I only had time to do one thing and I had to chose between eat or shower. I lived in my yoga pants. Kim’s out on the town everytime I look and she says she’s supporting Kanye on his tour. How about supporting the little baby you have (Kanye’s a big boy … he can look after himself). I wish someone would just slap her silly!

Patti on

she got so old looking lol

Connie` on

Why is she looking so weird lately?! She doesn’t look like herself any longer in the face. She must be seeing her mom’s plastic surgeon. Just not natural looking any longer.

Susie Citizen on

She should have insisted the girl behind her move out of the way because she looks much more stylish than Kim does in her giant white torn at the boobs nightgown.

Spanx on

A little Spanx next time, Kim. (Or a little *more* Spanx, or a little *less* dessert. Or both.)

katie on

Her face is looking rough. She’s about one procedure away from Joan Rivers territory. Compare to photos when she was younger, it doesn’t even look like the same person. She’s lookin’ a hot tranny mess anymore. Don’t get me started on the clothes.


Nice rack. Show us the butt!!

rich on

more T&A than a COW!!!!

FabChickIAm on

Reading these comments from obviously jealous insecure women is just plain ridiculous. Why dislike a person you don’t even know personally this much? Spare me. Kim looks fabulous and I do think she’s a great mother. You don’t have to be a fan of hers but all of the negativity is uncalled for. Grow up.

Renee McDougall on

I always thought Kim was a beautiful woman, but very spoiled.
Well now with Kayne in the picture she has changed a lot.
Hair color, face in general is slimmer and you’re right, her
nose. AND she’s acquired that horrible look on her face just like her fiancé. Can’t tell if its KMA or total arrogance or what.
But I do know its NOT attractive at all. Very immature on both their parts. And yes, where is her baby?

Gemini on

She looks like a bad wax figure at Madame Tussaud’s museum. Her face looks different?

Valerie on

So true! I always laugh too when I see various celebrities courtside at the games or dressed up at all these events. Anyone who has truly been on the frontlines of parenthood and done in themselves and done it well knows that’s not possibly in the first year of a baby’s life.
@ Just Me on December 5th, 2013

I guess it’s easy to get all dressed up all the time when you have nannies raising your baby. When my daughter was four months old I barely had time to wash my hair. But then again I was the one getting up with her all night, not a Nannie

Tess on

It’s only getting worse, she needs to stay home.

Lissa on

I’ve never been a fan but she used to be such a beautiful woman. Since hooking up with Kanye she really has gone downhill..both in looks and fashion….

tulmon on

Kanye is just pimping her. Both are in it for the money and fame. And I agree with everyone else, she should go be a mom for a change and quit worrying about showing off her boobs.

Lola on

Looks like 10lbs of sausage bound into a 5lb casing. Seriously over-exposed stooge.

jm on

First of all Kayne and the word genius should not be in the same sentence. I hate that I even read and posted this but I am just so sick and tired of seeing this family every day non-stop – the money they are paying these “trash mags” to keep them relevant must be astonishing. Go away already.

The difference between genius and stupidity is genius has its limits ~Albert Einstein~

Marisa on

WOW her lips are bigger and her face is frozen! YUK

Nona on

One fart and the whole dress will bust open.

atomblin74 on

She really needs to lay off the plastic surgery!! She has to be one of the most self centered woman there is! From what I have read, Kayne picks out what she wears. He reportly will be picking out her wedding dress.

jcg on

Sick of seeing her boobs.

Shane on

Did North design that dress?

Lisa on

She looks just like her mother in this picture.

M on

Whats Wrong with her face, she looks awful, plus she wears clothes that don’t help her at all….

heather on

is she only wearing white now because she’s so virginal?

Carolyn on

Am tired of pics of Kim K. I see nothing to admire by her taste in clothes nor her figure. Her style does nothing to minimize her hips.

Shane on

Kanye – artistic genius?

maggie smith on

Kimmy ,I understand that money is a great turn on and I am sure you go home and smile because there is ample time for the baby. A baby cant be hold all the time, they do need time to develop with out constantly being handles. Go on, GOOD for YOU !!!!!!

Andrea on

Wouldn’t you be proud if the only talent you had in life is showing your cleavage. Kim is so in love with herself, she has no time for her baby. I hope she marries the lunatic Kanye soon so we can hurry and get to the divorce.

slemon on

Please put it away. No one wants to see your huge boobs or fat ass. This woman is delusional as is her nut case of a boyfriend.

Kathi Schwan on

I just finished looking at the pics of Kate Middleton pushing her new baby in a baby buggy wearing jeans and a baseball cap in Kensington garden. Kate Middleton is
real, and a mom I can relate to. KK is a study in excess and narcissism, apparently influenced by her momanager. So sad, because I’m sure she takes it to heart at all these posts each time a new photo is released, but isn’t willing to change.

slemon on

Please put it away. No one is interested in seeing your huge boobs or fat ass. This woman is delusional as is her nut case of a boyfriend.

Dejavu all over again on

Peplum on a curvy girl = DISASTER.
I know this b/c I am a curvy girl and peplum will not work for me in any way, shape or form.
She needs a new stylist.


Hey Kim! Did you see the picture of Kate Middleton walking her baby in the park in workout clothes like a normal person? You should take notes on being a real mom…..

Sammi on

I don’t understand what you don’t get about the over 200 “angry” votes this story has…we don’t like her. I guess you like the fact that she pays you too much though?

Whittierlil on

it’s time she lives up to what’s she’s supposed to be… a mother! She seems more interested in her ass and those jugs than her baby. Hopefully baby has a caring person to give her what every baby needs, sincere caring and love… instead baby has a birther tramping around the world more concerned about her cleavage. Give it up girl, you’ve been blessed with what Kloie wanted more than you.

Carol on

I am a little sick of seeing THE KARDASHIAN family. Without Bruce Jenner Kris Jenner has won again. Bruce’s family should be included. Kris Jenner is a very selfish women. Her daughters are becoming the same way.

LM on

The women is a narcissist and needs to expose herself to cameras as often as humanly possible in order to experience any modicum of happiness. To ask this type of a person to do something self-less, like care for her daughter, is a waste of breath. Her priorities, first and foremost, will always be herself.

lolz on

She sure did, Ryry. She has had everything done.

Gina on

Why does she insist on constantly showing her plastic jugs?

Lisa on

This woman has been down the aisle so many times. I hope she does not wear white. Let’s hope this one lasts longer than the last one.

me903 on

@Nona i laughed so hard at your comment. Hilarious!

rothiam on

LoL the woman behind her is totally checking out her tush!

thmsx on

What is going on w her face…. everytm I see a pic of her now, she looks older and older… isnt the point of all that plastic surgery to mk u appear younger???

T on

I don’t really care what she wears but as short as she is she needs to shorten her skirts. It makes her look like she is dressing up in her moms clothings.

Non-Hater on

She’s such a beautiful woman, but I don’t care for this dress. And for all those people who are worried about her spending time with her baby, she brings her baby with her everywhere. She’s a great mother.

Lesabre94 on

Why are all her sleeves so long and why the waxen frozen face?

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