Kelly Ripa Gets A Bob!

09/03/2013 at 05:13 PM ET

Queen Latifah PanteneGetty; Courtesy Kelly and Michael

Remember how big of a deal it used to be to prep for back-to-school? You’d get your new pens, your new shoes, your new outfit (outfits plural if Mom was feeling generous), and your new haircut. Well, Kelly Ripa must have channeled her inner student over Labor Day weekend–because she kicked off the new season of her talk show LIVE With Kelly and Michael with a brand new ‘do.

“Back in the saddle……..with a new cut!” the TV host Tweeted early this morning. The show’s Instagram account also shared a photo of the star rocking her new asymmetrical bob alongside co-host Michael Strahan and guest Demi Lovato.

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And it looks like Ripa took a cut cue not only from her inner student but also from Beyoncé, who recently hopped on the bob-wagon as well and is now rocking an inverted style that’s longer in the front and shorter in the back.

Tell us: What do you think of Kelly’s new look?

–Brittany Talarico

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Amanda on

So glad she got it cut. I was watching last week and thought her hair just looked a little blah. It looks SO much healthier!!! She’s such a petite person that her long hair was just weighing her tiny frame down. Also, she never really did anything with it, it just hung there all the time.

Bobbi on

Kelly’s hair looks absolutely fantastic! I love shorter hair on her. She definitely has the face for it.

dean on

Looks so cute. Really like it.

Truthfinder on

Cute…more age appropriate.

Brooklyn on

I knew before the summer she said she was working her way up to a bob, she looks great! I particularly love the bob when it’s curly.

Casey on

Cute! Now…go eat a sandwich.

Methat'sRight! on

Oh dear . . . that already big head looks 10 times bigger

Tidefan on

I love the cut and it looks very cute on her but I just wish that she would go with some platinum blonde highlighting. she has the skintone to carry More blonde .don’t like the reddish strawberry blond with her skin color

ivy on

Very cute…I loved how Kelly worked her way to the bob by getting frequent trims, just a bit shorter each time. The cute is youthful and fits her petite frame well.

Kelly on

Love the new cut! She always looks just adorable!

Jenna on

That’s Demi Lovato NOT Dina Lohan!!!

chuck on

Cute hair.. but..sadly anorexic.

kayla on

Looking good chica – age appropriate and stylish. Take a clue Kathy Lee Gifford.

Lily on

Looks nice but I believe she has had this cut before or something very similar.

Don Politi on

Eat something ! You and Liz Chou should go out for dinner and have a meal.

jmk on

She looks so cute! Why the Beyonce mention? She didn’t cut her hair into a bob – it’s all extensions. Do they pay you everytime you say her name?

Marcia on

Very cute. She’s so petite she shouldn’t have a lot of hair.

Stella on

Wow …… looks so much better and healthier. The longer hair looked badly damaged and stringy. I always wanted to get a pair of scissors and “snip”. Good choice on her part to change styles.

KT on

I like it.

moi on

She looks good. I think she looked best when her hair was a darker blonde, almost brunette when she pregnant years ago. I have been a fan of hers since she was on AMC, but she needs to eat something. She looks way too skinny.

Gg on

It looks better short but the cut isn’t anything spectacular.

weezer on

Cute hair, but still anorexic!

Gloria on

I love it! Looks very nice.

Nan on

WOW!! As if she didn’t already look like a 12 year old boy!!

Kim on

Saw it on TV this morning and it looks adorable! MUCH more flattering than her longer hair.

Kathryn on

Looks Like Julianne Hough’s haircut…Un kept. and the color needs to be adjusted..makes Kelly look monotone and tired. I think Kelly is more sophisticated. I think a more precisioned
cut with the ability to do multiple styling’s would look gorgeous on her Think Sasoon? oooo don’t hurt me guy’s..

RJR on

She is easily the most obnoxious person on TV. Cannot stand the show because of her. She tries to be funny, but she’s not – at all! Hair looks cute, though.

Guest on

People- Beyonce was not the only one to get that haircut!! A million celebrities got it before her. What is your obsession with Beyonce? Get over it.

Joe Smith on

Oh what news – skeletor got a hair cut – who really cares?

TT on

OMG Casey, that’s exactly what I was going to say! :)

Donna on

This is not a big change. A haircut should be going from long long hair to a bob or pixie like Charlize Theron, Personally I don’t like her pixie, she looked great with a curled boob, & forget Beyonce, she cuts her hair and now uses extensions in the front, plus the back is totally all over the place. Back to Kelly Ripa, come on girl!! Change your style dramatically, it will always grow out…it’s a nice cut but it’s boring!! I cut my own hàir becuz it cheaper & I do a cut that I like becuz if I screw up then it’s me who gets blamed..LOL!! Kelly cut it shorter! What do you have to loose?! Nothing…

Sylvia Tarvers Weston on

So much more attractive than the hairdo she sported yesterday on a pre-recorded show. She looks adorable now!

susan on

It makes her look older!

Karen on

Love the sassy cut! However, she is way too skinny which is making her look older than she really is. She needs to eat and gain some weight to fill out. Go Kelly!

Melissa on

what Is with all the comments on her weight? I thought the story was about her haircut which by the way looks fabulous. Being thin doesn’t necessitate an eating disorder. I have had two children, I’m 35 and I’m still a size 2/4 I have a hard time keeping weight on and I happen to eat healthily. If you don’t have something nice to say say nothing at all

Diana R on

With her built, it makes her look boyish.

Crystle on

Love her hairstyle . I would not mind getting a hair cut like this. :)

dylan on

Ah yes, another big story, someone got a haircut, someone got bangs. Now this is journalism. Can we lower the bar any lower? Kelly, is one fortunate girl. I never got the attention you always managed to get. The “bob” has and will be around for ever. It’s a bad picture( all orange) , she looked better in the other picture. She is cute, imo, this isn’t a great look. Kathy Lee had beautiful hair for a longer bob. Just saying. I never enjoyed the show with her, she makes me nervous.

Crystle on

@Diana R her hairstyle is not boyish it’s just a regular haircut lol

Crystle on

Kelly Ripa looks great skinny

Mari on

Kelly would look much better if she gained 20 pounds!

PamT on

Love the new look – wish she would stop playing with the one side all through the beginning of the show – she kept pushing it back – very distracting.

Karen on

Love the new do!! It has taken years off her face and the stylist did a fantastic job!

A on

She looks more anorexic now than she did before.

Rai on

Much improved. Makes her look younger. She is getting aged looking in her face and needs this. Now if she could just put on 15 pounds or so, she is too thin.

Allie on

. She looks so skiinny and skin is wrinkled, color is off. She nees to go back to brown or darker like when she was preggo with highlights and gain weight.

Lynn on

Very cute, and I love Kelly, but she looks way too thin. I know she likes to work out, but she is a mere skeleton.

Fake Jonas Marriage on

Will someone tell her it’s OK to eat? I’ve seen a tree branch with more meat!!

Janis on

I like it – it looks great on her!

Ash on

Kelly, listen to me: You are too thin. You must not ea t to be so think. And this is not natural thin like some people who have great metabolism… this is a thin from not eating enough or properly. I would bet she is bulimic. The hair is too blonde, brassy and short. Go back to brown with Auburn highlights, gain some weight and you will look fabulous! You looked amazing pregnant!

Denise on

Love it!

Missy on

Could she look anymore like a 10 year old boy?!?

Alicat on

These women just take hair extensions out. Beyonce is already back to shoulder length hair a month later. It’s easy to change up your look when you can pull extensions on and off on a whim.


I don’t mean to be condescending, however; I watch GMA as soon as she and M.S. come on I find it such an embarassement for the network and immediately change. Their banntering is so uncreative and scripted and neither one have anything interesting to share, I feel embarrased for them. Talk shows are so yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

D on

Looks great on her!! it fits her better than long hair

Kathy on

Just love her new hair cut, simply beautiful!

Liz on

Very cute cut. Keep it up porkchops rip on Kelly why you stuff another donut in your face. chubby haters

st on

All this short hair on women make them look manly… sorry i prefer all girls to have long hair and i consider myself a handsome guy, thats not attractive at all to me

stacey on

I like her but she is WAY to skinny. It’s very unattractive. Go load up on some ice cream or something Kelly.

kathy on

Like the longer hair better.

Charli on

Kelly is just adorable. Love the cut on her.

Ms Rich on

It’s just a haircut. It’s a shorter version of what she just had, so whats the big deal? Cause this style actually has a name(Bob)? When it grows out it’ll be the same as it was b4…and whats That style called? Can anyone tell me?

richard connelly on

no more tank top for you girl until you do something with that extra underarm flesh, do some bench work, and fire your trainer..

MJ on

Looks absolutely beautiful!! Love it!

Nannyto1 on

Love it!

Becca on

This haircut is not exciting. Just a shorter version of what she already had.

KathyC on

I love it…it’s cute.

KathyC on

It would have been a good cut for summer….looks very, very nice

Denise on

Kelly Ripa is so cute and charming, she could shave her head and she’d still be adorable!

Johanna on

Very cute and stylish. Kelly has a pretty face. Now gain a couple of pounds, you are much too thin.

jBl on

this style doesn’t do a thing for her.

Coleen on

I like it!

Guest on

Love her hair. Now, I just have to say something, since everyone else is commenting on her body. I agree that she looks very skinny, but in my opinon telling her to eat something is not right. She probably eats like anyone else – but from what I can tell she exercises a lot – perhaps maybe too much if that’s possible. With her small frame and the muscles she has it does make her look quite thin. But, she’s obviously healthy or she would probably be doing something about it because she seems like a very responsible person. Anyways, I love watching the show and I think she’s great.

Vee on

I know I’m in the minority but I prefer the “before” photo. The shorter cut makes her face look rounder and I liked the other colour better.

Terri on

Love it!

Jj on

Come on people, don’t you know a wanna-be when you see one. I mean come on. All of you “social butterflies” need to get jobs if you don’t already hCi agree with you FAKE JONAS MARRIAGE

Smithy on


jemlm on

Bob is timely…but she should stop with the botox…looking a bit stiff there….won’t work in her favor as she gets older.

Jfer on

She looks like a pumpkin-head. She has a big round head and now a big round haircut to match…

Ro on

She needs to put some weight on, I cannot stand to watch the show, she looks sick. Michael is such a big guy and when she stands next him, he looks like a giant. Hopefully she has someone doing her hair, most of the time, its just a mess.

JiffyPop on

The haircut is cute, but her body looked way better when she was on All My Children. She looked healthier and more “normal”. Now she just looks too lean and too muscular. Not feminine enough. But love her anyway!

Eleanor on

It looks like a copy of Guiliana Rancics haircut.

Jj on

sorry ran out of characters Smithy what do you man by love? im confused um what i was saying was that i thoht bobs were for old people and little kids. not middle aged women

janet on

She looks like a bobble -Head.

janet on

her hair gets shorter, and her teeth appear to grow bigger,and bigger…. Go Eat already!!! Get the girl a cheeseburger!!!

deanna on

The cuts ok but the hair color is horrible. Her stylist needs to weave a few low-lights or something into that “yellow” hair.

robinepowell on

I don’t like it. Longer hair suits her better.

dp on

she’s too thin…she’s needs to eat a burrito or something!

Phyllis on

I love her new hair so much neater looking but she is way to skinny she needs to eat some food she is starving herself to death. And it,s not flattering Kelly gain some weight I don,t like watching you anymore because you are so skinny and you used to be very pretty but now you look like a Skelton with big set of teeth.

100% love it! on

What a major improvement from those fake extensions and mismatching dye job. This will be much easier to maintain and her hair looks great “natural”!

100% love it! on

Tidefan, this is a bad picture that doesn’t show the true color of her hair. Even her skin tone here is orangey. You would have to watch her live to see the actual color.

Guest on

She looks great — as always — PERIOD!

Mary M on

Both are cute, but since Kelly is so thin I like the longer look better, looks more full and fluffy, just sayin’ – wish I could look this good as a mom! Bobs are cute for a bit, but for Kelly I would go long again soon! Bobs for movie/tv people get boring!

mooshh on

A sur sign her OCD is getting worse. She’s this close to a mental break.

guda on

Kelly Ripa is the most self centered dumb acting person on T.V…(.Oh I forgot about the Kardasians) She thinks that every thing she does and says is the cutest and smartest things ever. They are not !!! How do people like her stay on T.V.? Go ayay woman!!!

Phyllis on

Put up a picture of Calista Gingrich (Newt’s third wife) next to her…twins!

Farrah on

Love her but I don’t like her hair lately. She should grow it out again. It looked nice when it was up to her shoulders. She and Michael are really funny together though:)

speedyfastcat on

What’s the big deal? People get hair cuts and change hair styles all the time, so why is news print being devoted to this non-news event?

Karrie on

New hairdo makes her now look at herself in the monitor more often. She has to be the most self centered annoying person on TV.

Cara D. on

Whoa…love Kelly but she is WAY too skinny. Yikes, girl, work out less and eat some cheesecake and a bagel!

annie kelly on

I love the new cut.. BUT The left side of her hair is and HAS BEEN in her face, and considering how many times in a minute she puts her hand up to her hair and brushes it away from her face.. her hair people need to fix it. (I counted 8 times in less than a minute this morning)….but then maybe it is part of her persona and annoys only me ??????

Gussie Dalbec on

She needs more than just a haircut–she is built like a “boy” and because her body is so atrocious looking, she looks like a “bobble-head.” Needs to start eating–not attractive at all.

Suzie on

Sorry Kelly I like the hair cut but Gezzz girl you gosta come off if the diet I have read you are afraid of your man walking out but dang you are just to skinny

angelia on

She looks younger and who doesn’t want that?

Diane on

Love your new “do” Kelly but stop pulling your hair backward every few seconds. So annoying. Maybe a headband or barrett would help.


She has a great face for a bob.

Lyn on

A new haircut is not going to make her look any better.

mari on

She looks more like a bobble head. Like the cut, and it is an improvement from her long blah hair, but the girl needs to put on a few pds. Why do you think her hair looked unhealthy? Kelly you can still excercise your butt off, but compensate by eating. Women think that being skinny when you’re getting older looks good..My opinion it doesn’t, makes you look older…

ella on

Who give a a poop

Nanu 08 on

Looks nice and neat for a change……now maybe the rest of those Stars with all that messy hair will do the same…..

msmick on

Sorry folks makes her look more anorexic if possible! Can you say lollipop girl?? :-)

Patty on

The new look is very unflattering. Makes her look older. I hope it grows out fast. Don’t like it at all.

Patty on

The new cut is very unflattering. Makes her look older. Don’t like it at all. The long hair is much prettier and makes her look softer and more feminine. Hope it grows fast.

kitty62862 on


Now, a double bacon cheeseburger with double cheese, and some cheese fries are what she needs.

anonymous on

between the extreme thinness and short hair she looks 50 or older, i think it would help adding weight to her frame, liked the long hair better more youthful looking

Ashleigh on

Kelly, you are way too thin! The cut is cute but not for you at this stage of the game. You need curves, weight on you, etc. Please go back to how you looked when you were healthy. I loved your hair darker and more wieght on your body.Too thin is not pretty at your age!



Connie Grzych on

I just wish she would keep her hands away from her face..she appears to be obsessive…always pushing her hair’s just too hard to watch her…never keeping her hands from her face..I watch other gals who touch their hair maybe 5 or6 times..but I have counted Kelly do it almost 50 or more times…


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