Adrienne Bailon: My Rob Kardashian Butt Tattoo Is 'Ratchet'

07/18/2013 at 01:26 PM ET

Adrienne Bailon butt tattooPacific Coast News.
Inset:Allen Berezovsky/Wireimage

We all have youthful beauty indiscretions that we’d rather not discuss, like orange highlights or bad spray tanning. But Adrienne Bailon may have us all beat.

“Everybody knows I have the ratchetest booty tattoo of an ex-boyfriend,” she said on her new chat show The Real. “I don’t know what I was thinking.”

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And, she points out, it’s not like this particular ex had a short and sweet, easy-to-remove name. “Ten letter last name, Kardashian,” she says, noting that she included his first name and middle initial too. “I made a very bad decision. Don’t follow my example.”

Bailon has given us plenty of opportunities to check out where she may have placed this particular ink, but she said that she made it as tiny as possible so it’s hard to spot. “It was sized down so much that it started looking like a little black blob.”

Before you ask, yes, she is in the process of getting it lasered off. But it’s not going well. “You can smell your flesh burning,” she says, “and it’s your ass flesh burning. Booty tattoos, names of other men … don’t do it!”

Tell us: Do you have any tattoos you regret?

–Alex Apatoff

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kim on

Well duh. Never get a guys name tattooed on your body. I have one name, my son.

Tammy on

I very carefully thought out where I put my 2 tattoos…One is on the inside of my right thigh, and the other is on the upper part of my lower left arm, right below the elbow bend…and yes, that one is my husbands name…I don’t regret either one…afterall…we have been married for 24 years, and we don’t plan on getting a divorce, (not that anyone does), but we plan on being together till one of us dies. So far, so good.

Marge on

She speaks common sense which she obviously lacks. He does too and his is way bigger and worse! What were they thinking?!

kim on

Congrats Tammy! Hope you have a long, healthy and happy life together.

Lyd on

it may be a mistake, but its hurtful and rude for either one of them to continue to speak about it publicly. Get it removed and move on.

PJ on

I agree NEVER EVER put a guy or gals name on your skin because you NEVER know what will happen! Tammy, I hope you do have a happy life with your husband,but even tho you say how happy you are together,you really don’t know what will happen from day to day! I don’t even think I would ever have even thought of getting my now exes name on me & thank God I didn’t!!
I have 2 tatts, 1 I absolutely love on my back & the other on my chest that I got on a whim many many years ago & now wish I hadn’t! (no,not anyone’s name). I will be getting another one some day, & I will be very choosy about what I get, & where I get it!!

BoringJen on

I could see SMALL initials or something, but his whole name written very large?!?!? no way.

guest on

It seems sensible to only get names tattooed of people that will never change in your life and are precious. Parents or children. Nothing changes that.

Liz on

No sh-t Sherlock!!! Anyone who gets a tattoo of their significant other’s name is a complete idiot!!

Nothing is certain except for death & taxes. -Benjamin Franklin

olga on

The only tattoo names i would ever put on my body are the names of my children

olga on

The only names I would ever tattoo on my body are the names of my children

kim on

I have my son and ‘sisters’ in Hebrew. So does my sister. We got them together and I love both my tattoos. I love my husband but would never put his name on myself. I feel like it would curse my marriage or something! LOL

Jenn on

NEVER get names like that! Your kids, yes. Your mom, sure. Significant other, never. Because you NEVER know. I have bee married 15 years, and I will still never get my husband’s name. And when he said he wanted to tattoo mine on himself, I said h*ll no!

Me on

My husband and I have been married for 34 years and I LOVE tattoos, but I would never tattoo his name on me. To each his/her own.

Rain on

She calls it ratchet, and she’s dressed like that?

Laura on

She needs to look up the word ratchet. She does not know what it means.

Michele on

I have My husband name as well as our 2 kids names tattooed around my right ankle… I dont regret it one bit

Jane on

What’s the big deal if you get their names tattooed on after a long marriage. You can always put “is/was an a$$hole” below it. lol

Heather on

Robert the father should have pulled out. All his kids are disasters. I am sure he is turning in his grave at their actions. But yes, he should have pulled out and not knocked up the bimbo Kris with all these train wrecks.

Julie @ Willow Bird Baking on

She is lighthearted and sweet about a foolhardy thing she did. It’s cute and she learned from it. But everybody has to swoop in and be hateful about it — really? “If you can’t say anything nice,” applies, even on the internet.
Also, she has a GORGEOUS butt!

Aly on

I have a name tattoo on my arm. It is a memorial tattoo for a deceased family member. I would never get a significant other name on my body – even if married. I hope Mariah and Nick stay together cause that big ass Mariah Carey tattoo on his back is horrible!

angiec on

She should regret that outfit also


HAHAHAHAHA……………..burn booty burn, :}

Jenn on

Why on earth would you get his full name on your butt?! And on a butt that isn’t exactly toned…

katelynn on

I have my best friends entails on my right wrist even if we weren’t friends anymore I wouldn’t regret it. I’d remember all the amazing times we have had together

cameron on

Does she mean ‘wretched”? I’m so confused…

Nick on

I can’t remember the last time I had my friends entails on my wrist. Life really travels too fast. Entails, man, they last forever.

Elizabeth on

LOL! Dumb a$$

guest on

@ CAMERON… she didn’t say wretched, she said ratchet. Google that, read up on it in or Google to find the ratchet tumblr. Good stuff lol

Alex on

I have three men’s names on me. They are the names of my three brothers; completely and utterly dear to my heart. I’m married, but I don’t think I’d ever get his name on me. I know we will be together forever and I don’t think you need to be ‘branded’ with their name to show how much you love them.

Ashanti Jackson on

I have my husband’s name…in Kanji (Japanese) in tiny letters in the back of my neck which my hair easily covers. Best way to do it if you do! :)

Kayla on

I have 4 tattoos, one of them is my dogs name who passed away in 2008. I will never ever get my boyfriends name tattooed on me but i do plan on getting a tattoo to represent him (after we’ve been together for 5 years, we’re at the 2 year mark now lol). Even if it didn’t work out, the tattoo would still remind me of happier times (and possibly mistakes). I feel like getting a name of a significant other is just a relationship breaker.

Bettie on

Get is removed!!!!!!!!!!! And learn by your mistake! Johnny Depp made the same one!

Mary on

Getting your kids name on your body is ok, they will always be yours no matter what, the hubby or boyfriend, might not be.

Shawn on

Is that supposed to say wretched? Not ratchet? Maybe she said it with an accent and the reporter misheard her. And the ‘wrechedest’ not rachetest. Anyone else think that?

Lacey on

Her only claim to fame apparently.

phre on

the kids names are as cheesy as your lovers name. imagine beeing a teenager and your mum – which whom you have a normal, difficult relationship as teenager – has a tattoo with your name and everybody sees ist. urghh!

Tiffany on

I have my husband’s name. The thing is, when you marry someone and have the mindset of actually being together “til death do you part” you honor that commitment you made to each other. 10 years and counting!

Mandy on

Agree, children and parents names only-they don’t change!!

Ellen Cormier on

This is why you don’t get Boyfriend’s Tattoos..could end up being a Ex.

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