Jennifer Aniston With Bangs and a Bob? Believe It!

07/17/2013 at 01:06 PM ET

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We have talked a lot about Jennifer Aniston‘s hair in the past. In fact, one might not think there was anything about her hair left to discuss. But leave it to the star to keep us guessing: She’s just been spotted in a bobbed cut with bangs, a totally new look for her.

Okay, yes, it’s a wig (for her new film Squirrels to the Nuts), but we’ve had long chats about Aniston’s wigs in the past. Actually, she likes wearing wigs. Regarding the blonde hairpiece she wore in We’re the Millers, she told PEOPLE, “I have to say it’s so nice to wear a wig, it’s like putting a hat on. Your hair time in the morning is so easy.”

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So now that we have that out of the way, let’s discuss this particular wig. It’s a mousier color than her normal sun-kissed blonde strands — not to mention a little less styled. Her past bangs have been long and sideswept, never wispy and eyebrow-grazing, and she rarely goes for piecey curls, so this really is a whole new look for her.

Yes, this is a big change for Aniston’s hair, but fortunately she was able to minimize the dramatic impact by wearing a costume in her favored color palette, black, with her favored preferred, eye-opening makeup.

Tell us: What do you think of Aniston’s new “cut and color?” Is this a look she should try in real life?

–Alex Apatoff

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Showing 108 comments

Melissa on

She looks like a man in this picture.

Lyn on

Not a very flattering picture.

Monica on

I was going to say “How did her hair go from fabulous to stringy?” Glad to know this is a wig. LOVE LOVE LOVE Jennifer Aniston!!

diane on

this is a news story???

Charlotte on

Not the best picture of her, but i like the hair.

Jessie on

Clearly you are blind. Jennifer looks nothing like a man in this picture….

Blondie on

The shorter hair actually makes her look quite a bit older. Glad it’s just a wig!

Destiny on

I think the bangs are cute in this pic ;)

LT on

Not a fan. It makes her look older.

Guest on

Her best wig and look I loved was in Horrible Bosses!

Sarah on

Makes her look OLD.

Coco coco on

William H macy

Dara on

I have never understood the hype over her hair. It’s boring.

zolaft on

Probably what Jennifer Aniston would look like if she wasn’t a movie star

Peachy on

Must be a slow news day

bkable on

Other than it being stringy (because its a wig) I love it!

Michele on

NO! I’m glad thats a wig…This makes her look much older …

rlb237 on

Glad it’s a wig, it’s not a flattering cut, style, or color for her.

Guest on

I’m starting to detest these fake out news stories…if she didn’t really cut her hair then why do i care what she looks like a wig she’ll take off in a couple of hours. Ridiculous

Dawn on

I’m glad it’s a wig, I am not liking it much.

Dylan on

How exciting, another picture of Jen, as if there weren’t enough. People used to be a good mag. No more, it’s the same day after day and designed for I’m not sure. I look hoping for something interesting and find stories about Selena Gomez being “sizzling”. Don’t think so, she is a child and not a story. Jen is fortunate, never understood the fuss.

kim on

thank god its a wig. that is a horrible cut!

Annie on

She looks like Babs Streisand in that picture.

Dylan on

People mag has gone so down hill. Your mag used to be interesting. No more. Same people daily doing nothing with headlines of “sizzling”. I look only to find mediocrity at best.

Jay on

I would love to see her and Barbra Streisand do a mother daughter film together. The resemble each other so much!!

susan on

Thank God it’s a wig!

Cynthia on

Jessie, “Melissa” is right you know Jennifer does look like a man. That is why she never puts her hair up, she has manly square jaw. Check out her photos when she’s on vacation

Terri on

Yuck! Makes her look older.

Blue Shadow on

Jen would look great bald…it doesn’t matter…her beauty comes from within! She is an American treasure.

Tiffany on

I don’t like the wig, makes her look like a man.

SitaSky on

She seriously looks like a drag queen in this picture and not a pretty one either. She should only have long hair, her jawline is too pronounced and angular for shorter hair.

Mike Gordon on

This really ages her face. More botox please.

Tara on

Yikes! Fright Night much?

Jesty on

Oh my!! She looks OLD!!!

mommy on

It’s a good thing that is a wig. That cut aged her horribly.

Dustin Hoffman called on

He wants his face back.

Emerson on

It would be nice to see some of these celebs with different hairstyles (for real).. instead of just for a movie role.. Sheesh.

Marie on

I agree with Melissa, she sure does look like a man in that photo!! Not pretty!!

Hj on

I like this hairstyle a lot, but I don’t think it looks right on her. She looks great as usual.. just looks older with this hairdo. I thought when I clicked on the pic that she was going to look really good with a shorter bob.. but I think she looks cutest when she pulls her hair back in a clip.

mk on

No matter what they do to her, in any role, you can’t help thinking, “there’s Jen Aniston.” She is a mediocre actor & never believable as any character. She was lucky to get the Rachel role. Don’t know how much of a stretch that was for her to play — her stuttering speech is the same in real-life. But she should take the money & just disappear.

Denise on

No, it’s too mousy, which may be what suits her role in the movie. But she would never have her hair like that in real life.

Smithy on

This highlights her un pretty face.

lilly on

NOBODY CARES, I hate to spend my subscription money reading about Jennifer Aniston. The person that works for People that is in love with Jennifer ,NEEDS TO STOP posting stuff about her!!

BeingZhenya on

Okay, she seriously looks like a man in this picture!

Alan on

This is a bad picture. She actually looks very pretty and very cute on the other sites.

nancy50 on

She looks like a middle aged car pool mom in this picture. I guess it shows what great stylists can do for a person.

Guest on

ummm, not so much.

derft on

OMG people magazine – you write an article about bangs and bob and then say ‘its a wig’. Aren’t there more compelling things to write about? me the idiot that read the idiotic story!!

dixie pixie on

This confirms what we’ve known all along…….there is nothing that can be done to improve her looks.

Pam on

NO! Makes her look old.

Geo on

She looks like a man transitioning to a woman. Very- ummmm- mixed.

Jam on

I like the cut but the color is too dark.

fanofboardwalkempire on

Love Jennifer Aniston and prefer her regular hair.
I realize that this is a wig for a film and that is good to know.

Juliana on

I would actually commend Jennifer if she cut her hair this style. How come? Jennifer’s hair is always the exact same…. down and in her face. She takes no risks whatsoever. Sure she may be attractive, but it’s like come on… spice it up a little!? Ugh bore. Let’s all move on.

Alessandra on

It looks like a wig to me.

No way on

I think she should put a pillow case over her head and save the world from having to look at her.

Kristi on

How is jennifer wearing a wig news?

Dana on

Drumroll please: THIS is the sexiest woman ever? I think not!!!!! So laughable. She is downright homely, no matter what hair she has.

JImJ on

Love Jennifer. This just a different look for her role in a new film.

myastone12 on

She is definitely starting to look her age.

Betty on

In that picture she really looks like a transvestite. She has a very manly looking face.

Christopher Duca on

She is the Hottest no matter what she does with the hair


OK, so no, the wig doesn’t really fit her for real but, my god, it’s just for a luckin’a movie people stop analyzing it!

joann on

i like it a lot. xoxo

kisten on

Finally someone will notice that Jen really has mannish features. It’s the hair that makes her look so feminine!

Sally on

Sure, she looks like a middle-aged woman-which she is…

maggie on

That haircut or picture isn’t flattering at all, she looks old.

cynthia on

Why do they post pictures of celebs donning a hairstyle? Nothing better to post?

zorro on

She has no idea who she is.

Dogman69 on

I think she is too vain and self conscience to do anything extreme to her hair.

Crystal on

It looks more natural than Michele Obama’s wig which never moves with the wind.

Jill on

Glad it’s a wig. Hair looks stringy.

menotyou on

She IS right about wearing wigs. I wear one every day – ironically, a Jennifer inspired one (“Haute” by Jon Renau) and it makes life so much easier. I get to sleep late, throw it on and I’m out the door in a half hour. Cuts down on paying for monthly haircuts, coloring, and my hair’s never been healthier.

Char on

She is an actress so I think she should start taking roles that change up her look (more drastic than that tho)…it worked for Nicole Kidman and Charlize Theron and even Farrah Fawcett (Burning Bed). As far as real life…I think she is fine with her hair the way it is.

veggie mama on

Mousy. Dull.

semisocial on

Omg she must be pregnant she looks pregnant! Wow congrats jen

lars on

Jennifer Aniston is rather homely, she has all the money to get the best makeup and creams, and pay a good stylist, and she still looks like a tranny.

Tiffany on

Yikes! Makes her look like my high school boyfriend’s mom! And that was 18 years ago!

james on

Looks like a shaggy dogg,,okay and a man..

james wray on

Looks like a shaggy dog..and a man sort of way

barb on

plain jane as usual.

Charli on

She is clearly in character. Why is this a story.

Audrey Booth on


Linda on

It would look much better if it was more manicured, neat, not fly away, dissheveled, and scrungy. Just tame the I just woke up look to soft and tame.

Mary Alice on

Jen has gorgeous eyes!

Have never been impressed on

She looks the same as as always.(plain & boring).. There is or never has been anything special about this woman. You can never say she’s striking let alone pretty. She does look like a man. I could care less about this vacuous, self important person. Next …

LAgirl on

Im sure shes a nice person but she is not attractice at all !!! I’m sorry but people always feel like they have to be on her side and say nice things about her cause of this whole brad pitt Angelina Jolie fiasco. She very un attractive and has to compensate with a nice body.

mothermetal on

she looks like an aging rich housewife

mothermetal on

she looks like some rich aging housewife . on

don’t care

Gorgeous Seexxee Mee on

Her, why is her hair news? What’s so special about it? Such hype over hair? Geez people, find some real news. LOL- yet, I read the article- go figure!!!!!

Jennifer Prince on

Such mean comments toward her. I think she is beautiful. As soon as I saw the picture I could tell it was for a character. I’m glad this is a wig. I liked her hair best when she had it shoulder length and a little blonder than usual but her hair (her real hair) always looks good.

NotMe on

@Diane: If you want news, go to a news blog. This is People magazine. When has People magazine been known for news other then celebrity news and gossip?

catlb50 on

don’t understand what all the fuss is about this person, she’s not really that pretty and her acting and films are sub-par…yaaaaaaaaaawn.

ala on

who gives a s–t

Rebecca on

Makes her look plain. Actually having lived in Greece for a long time I can say she really resembles the average Greek woman.
Not surprised she never changes her hair lol. If it ain’t broke…

Sarah on

Who cares – why is she in every other movie that comes out? Isn’t it about time to give it a rest – she’s got a great PR agent – there are so many other actresses who should be her movies, Drew Barrymore, Katherine Heigl, Elizabeth Banks – anyone but Jennifer Aniston!

Leah on

Wow, what an improvement, makes her look younger, I love it.

frostiewinter on

She looks older and mannish, tough-like.

Cindy Halpern on

Sorry, but she looks like a mess. It must reflect how she feels about whether to get married or not. She needs to see a therapist to find out why she resists being happy. Then she needs to decide what she really wants to do.

Sunny on

Not a good look for her. I agree it makes her look older and as someone said it also makes her look manly for some reason.

Rachel Ben on

She looks older and very manly in the wig. Not a good look.

Sunny on

She looks older and manly with the wig.

Ann on

Wow, People will make a story out of anything.

Bearjolly on

Let’s see, Fires evacuating whole towns in CA, and we should worry about her hair.

Honey on

Is it just me, or does anyone else see a striking resemblance to Kristen Wiig here?

Debbie on

How is this news? This woman is on her way down, stripping for her last movie is the proof . . . will she follow Demi Moore and marry a child and OD on something?!

Nancy on

I think she looks adorable, more up to date and less phony.

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