Kanye West's A.P.C. Collection Sells Out Immediately

07/15/2013 at 12:07 PM ET

Kanye West APC Courtesy A.P.C.; Ezra Petronio for APC

He’s got a hit album, a new baby — and now Kanye West has one more thing to celebrate: A sellout clothing collaboration.

West’s collection for French ready-to-wear line A.P.C. was shrouded in secrecy up until it launched Sunday at 10 a.m. Paris time.

At which point, the nine-piece capsule collection (which A.P.C. designer Jean Touitou said was two years in the making) crashed the site and sold out promptly, though A.P.C. is still taking pre-orders for the next shipment until Wednesday at 1:00 p.m.

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“Over the months, we kept hanging out and finally came up with the idea of doing a small capsule collection of clothes together,” Touitou said in a statement before the line was unveiled. “‘Small’ meaning that this capsule collection consists of a jean, a hoodie and a T-shirt. Those are precious to me and to Kanye too, because it took time and thoughts to get there.”

And he wasn’t kidding: The highly edited collection consists of two pairs of jeans, several hoodies and a small handful of tees — perfect for a busy new dad without much time to think about his wardrobe. (Though at the prices, starting at $120, he’d better keep a spit-up towel handy.)

Tell us: What do you think of West’s clothing collaboration? Would you want to shop it?

–Alex Apatoff

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Showing 70 comments

Adrian on

Oooh…really reaching for the stars there, Kanye…

bummed1 on

Wouldn’t touch anything associated with the a$$. Surprised that anyone else would.

Kalla on

very high fashion!

Lynn on

Who cares

Blair on

Not really hard to sell out eight items, is it?

Anna on

I hope the “two years in the making” part refers to trying to convince Kanye to do the line. Otherwise, if it took that long to create those pieces…yikes. An 8 year old could have designed those.

mrmonkee on

I was on the site less than 30 minutes after it was up and was only able to get the sweatshirt.($250) I wanted a couple of the T’s ($120) but they were sold out but they did allow me to pre-order for the next shipment.

jaintn on

Two years in the making? WTH?

Mary on

So ghetto. I’m Black and I won’t even touch his clothes! Not worth giving him my 1 cent!

Sandra on

As long as the jeans aren’t “skinny” I could be down, but I absolutely refuse to buy my boys skinny jeans.

Rod Rainey on

Any idiot can see He’s capitalizing on the recent Trayvon Martin shooting verdict, seems like to me the timing is very suspect. I never liked this arrogant a$$hole anyway but he just reached an all time low with me.

meg on

Agree with Blair, how hard is it to sell 50 pieces of each piece? Get into the thousands and then shout it. Big deal.

Kent on

Over the months, we kept hanging out and finally came up with the idea of doing a small capsule collection of clothes together…… And this is what they came up with? I’ve seen stuff like this at Old Navy. Seriously, who buys this stuff at these prices?

Sasha on

So the hoodie sells for $250…. Any proceeds to the Trayvon family ????

Kristen on

I’m sorry but how does his clothing line have anything to do with Trayvon Martin?

Concerned citizen on

Too bad his fat=@ss wife can’t fit into those jeans, LOL

Concerned citizen on

Too bad his fat-@ss wife can’t fit into the jeans, LOL

Jenn on

Nice to see thug wear is still hot :/

Sophia on

I like the 4th picture, you can’t see his face

Jenn on

mrmonkee-You spent $250 on a sweatshirt? LOL…I have some oceanfront property in Montana for ya!

john on

Riiiiiiiight…… Sold out the ten pieces they made to create hype.
Who would wear anything from this total moron?

Jenn on

2 years in the making, for jeans and hoodies? Wow…..

shir on

250 for a sweatshirt? Tell me at least it was made in America

Kristy on

Is it called the a**hole collection?

mrsmass on

two years to make a Bill Belichick cut off hoodie, tapered leg jeans an a t-shirt?

eyeliketodothat on

took him two years to come up with a hoodie that’s been out for 30 + yrs. no wonder man can’ t tie his own shoes.

heather on

$250 for a cotton sweatshirt? i can get one at target for $20 and cut off the sleeves, but then again, i wouldn’t want to look like a complete moron for wearing a short sleeve sweatshirt.

Kim H on

Target and Wal-Mart have t-shirts for much less.

In Canada on

Why do you Americans idolize and then reward such talentless people? Kanye West, Kardashians, Paris Hilton, Housewives, Heidi Montag,Lauren Conrad,Nicole Richie,Tila Tequila,Rumer Willis,Shauna Sand,The Gosselins , criminal cheating NFL & NBA players gosh I can go on and on. Come on America, your media is dumbing you down. When will you see it? Start idolizing the scholars, teachers, officers, your children…. your country is wasting away. A concerned neighbour whom loves the USA.

Puleeze on

Kanye stop playing. This BS took 2 years. What fool is wearing a short sleeve sweatshirt? If you need a short sleeve sweatshirt then you don’t need a sweatshirt. Am I right?

amaryllis on

Hmm . . . teaching a new generation of kids how to dress like criminals.

boom on

$120 for a sweatshirt I can find a Walmart no thanks its ridiculous the typical fan cant afford these prices especially in today’s economic times sorry Kayne I’d rather have groceries

Tina on

These items sold out? It must be tweeners and teenagers begging their parents to buy it for them ’cause I just don’t see the must-have in any of these.

Jessica on

The comedic value of this article is priceless.

greeneyezzz on

I would not buy anything that gives Kanye money in his pockets.
The way he treats people and talks to people then has the guts to expect these same people to shovel his pockets with cash. NOT ME,

Jessica on

Kanye your inspire me. Put together a makeshift sweatpant/sweatshirt mini line with a couple of pieces, price to kill and reap reward.

Carie on

Wouldn’t take it for free! Why reward someone who has such bad behavior and attitude consistently?

Guest123 on

Well somebody has got to feed his baby. It might as well be his mindless peon followers.

shocked1 on

two years in the making for two pairs of jeans, a handful of t-shirts and a couple sweatshirts?? seems to me that for so few items they could’ve been done in a couple of days!!! and the price???? SERIOUSLY?? $250 FOR A SWEATSHIRT & $120 FOR A T-SHIRT????? c’mon people!! get real…..you can the basics just like these (without the name) for less than $25.

melissajean0 on

What a bunch of overpriced garbage!! lol He’s smoking crack if he thinks ID pay $250 for a thin hoodie shirt. Is it made out of something I’m unaware of? Negatory, it’s made out of cotton. Lemme go to Walmart and get one and cut the sleeves off real quick. Duhrrrr

Jessica on

Didn’t we see this on Theo Huxtable in the 80’s?

mrmonkee on

So my wife can spend $1000’s on Prada,Fendi,Marc Jacobs or Louis Vuitton to buy a multitude of bags but when I spend $250 on a sweatshirt I’m wasting my money? And to those who comment that you can buy the same thing at Walmart or Target for a lot cheaper, yes you can if you really want to be seen wearing their clothes. Personally, I didn’t work my butt off most of my life to wear Walmart clothes, no matter what the savings. There is a little thing called “pride”.

Cali on

Looks like the gap. You people are crazy to buy his. I would not give this fool a dollar let around 250 for a hoodie that gap sells probably 50. Goes to show how people will buy anything with a name

Bear on

Ditto to bummed1 – Wouldn’t touch anything associated with the a$$. Surprised that anyone else would.

Karsen on


Raffaele Zuccaro on

If you touch a Kardashian you are poison forever- He should wear a mask at all times and NEVER do anything without “protection”” Get it A–Hole

Caroline on

Who ARE the IDIOTS who buy into this stuff???

chilegirl99 on

I don’t know why anyone would want to be associated with this self involved “star”. He does not kow the meaning of the word humble…..

Lisa on

I’m thinking they sold out because Kayne bought them all so he could say the venture was a “success”. Either that or there are a lot of brain-dead idiots out there with too much money and not enough sense.

GBelle on

I can’t imagine for any reason in the world why someone would spend that kind of money on t-shirts and jeans. Absolutely ridiculous. I have things in my closet that already look like that and I certainly don’t that the d-bags name on my clothes.

Jen on

Why would anyone waste their money of clothes he made??? He’s a useless excuss for a human being

Connie` on

Normal everyday people can’t afford $120 t-shirts and $250 short-sleeved sweatshirts. Can’t stand “celebrities” that put their name behind something that literally sells at Target and Walmart for $20 but because their name is behind it it goes for hundreds of dollars. Fools who buy into that. Real quality will pay for it when it’s worth it, t-shirts that have a short life, no thanks.

jed6886 on

I hope these actually stay up on your butt since his pants are always falling off….

Guest on

American giant is a hoodie made to last 10-20 years.and is made in America by Americans. It’s a great company and would rather support that company then Kanye, plus it’s only 45 bucks.

lc on

wow such an original collection! Is that fool serious? Did I hear correctly that a sweatshirt was 250.00?

SA on

The jeas don’t looks like they will hang off your a$$ the way rappers like to show off their underware

ohplease on

Cant believe people are so gullile to spend money in this garbage

StephFL on

Anyone who spends $250 on a sweatshirt is nuts! The prices for these items are criminal. You want to invest $250 in a way that is meaningful? Donate the money to a charity. Money well spent. You want a sweatshirt? Go to the GAP.

guest on

Kayne sucks

Rona on

Garbage, seriously. Fashion designer NOT.

Bettie on

WHY? Jeesuz made them…

bex on

@mrmonkee, if you can afford to buy expensive clothes and shower your wife with gifts, why would you by something that costs bank but makes you look like you live in the ghetto? You say you have too much “pride” to shop at walmart or Target, looks like the joke is on you. You spent 250 dollars on a sweater that looks JUST LIKE YOU BOUGHT IT AT WALMART. You are SO RICH that you have the time to waste on trying to look poor, apparently that is all of the rage in Hollywood and whatever fantasy land you live in. Enjoy your sleeveless hoodie, I’m going to buy $250.00 worth of clothes at Target and cover all 3 of my kids.

jc on

What a summers eve product + bag

Lissy on

Knwing his ego, he probably purchased the merchindise himself., to create a buzz, and maybe other will buy into his bs, and or to avoid embaresement. Ilived in France for many yrars , I just don’t see the french buying into , the people that would buy his clothes dont have the money to afford it, the one that can afford it , wouldnt buy his line , they have more classic style and would not wear this clothes ,even if Kanye paying them to . So he can go fool someone else. It is a marketing scham.

Guest on

He is gifted in narcissism and arrogance.

Lisa on

keep hating haters, him and his woman continue to win and no amount of hatred will stop it.

kimberly on

Kim Kardashian, she blight all his 8 piece line! Lololololol, such A media / PR stunt, just like Kris bringing a staff baby on her show, everyone thinking it’s North (Nori), this family makes me sick with their media hunger frenzy! I feel sorry for the babies.

kimberly on

She bought all his pieces*

kimberly on

Kim Kardashian, she bought all his 8 piece line! Lololololol, such A media / PR stunt, just like Kris bringing a staff baby on her show, everyone thinking it’s North (Nori), this family makes me sick with their media hunger frenzy! I feel sorry for the babies.

vic on

obviously the only prople he was interested in impressing are the “bling Ring” crowd; by the way have you ever seen his wife’s collection; I believe I saw it in JC Penny or the like and the clothes are laughable; they look like frocks for middle-aged women.


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