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Christie Brinkley to Model Daughter Sailor: Ignore the Haters

07/15/2013 at 11:45 AM ET

Christie Brinkley daughter model Jerritt Clark/Wireimage

Christie Brinkley has one of advice for her daughter, Sailor, now that she is following in her mother’s model footsteps: Ignore the haters.

Sailor, 15, is currently featured in Teen Vogue and shares the cover of the July/August issue of Bella NYC with her supermodel mom. She’s also modeling the new One Direction collection for Claire’s fall campaign.

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“It’s really amazing because my daughter Sailor, and my daughter Alexa, are both what you call late bloomers, I guess,” the proud mama told PEOPLE at the July 13 Ladies Luxury Luncheon, hosted at Jill Zarin’s Southampton estate. (The event benefited the Eric Trump Foundation, which will donate a portion of proceeds to the St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.)

But as Brinkley knows better than most, fame can also come with a nasty sting. (Her marriage to her fourth husband, architect Peter Cook, ended in a highly publicized 2008 divorce, which was later followed by an acrimonious custody battle.)

“I tell all my kids: When you achieve any level of success in your life, no matter what it is … if they reach a place where they are written about in the papers, it will come with the haters,” she said. “It is just a part of what is happening today.”

“You have to prepare them for that aspect of it,” she continued. “The way to do that is you have to have lots of interests in your life and lots of passions and involvement with causes and giving back.”

Her parting thought for her up-and-coming model daughter? “All you can have is pity for the person who spends all day writing [negative things] and you certainly can’t take it personally,” she said. “It’s a universal issue. It’s not just aimed at you. Everyone from everywhere is affected by this.”

Tell us: What’s the best advice you’ve gotten from your mom?

–K.C. Baker

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Showing 43 comments

Mark C. Potts on

Christie is a sweetheart. Sadly she has had her share of haters over the years. But through it all she has such a positive loving spirit for anyone she comes in contact with, I witnessed this personally with a sidewalk sweeper. She’s a good guide for Sailor and all of her now grown-up children, allowing them to grow with their own talents but watching out for them too. Best wishes Sailor!

fanofboardwalkempire on

I really like Christie’s advice to Sailor and find what she said to be very true. Wishing Sailor all the best of luck with her modeling career.

Surf City on

I just don’t understand why none of these beautiful, privileged, young women aspire to be anything other then a model. Just because you’re mom did it does not mean you can’t find your own calling.

Katie on

Teens will always have people who hate them either because they are attractive, smart, or other reason. Teens need to learn to stand up for themselves and not change to impress someone. If someone wants you to change or they won’t be friends with you, then they aren’t worth the time to change for. Be yourself and be happy.

Nic on

I really wish people would stop using the word ‘haters’. It’s SO overplayed.

ProudAmericanWoman on

I agree with @SurfCity. Do none of them want to be, say a doctor, an accountant, a writer, a banker, a photographer, a painter, a realtor, a homemaker, a whatever? It’s seems like always doing what the parents do.

Sarah on

And what should she aim for? A doctor who no longer will be available to live a decent life thanks to the new Obama health care bill. Or a lawyer who gets child killers off. Or a businesswoman who can no longer afford to stay in business now that she is forced to comply with the new Obama regulations. Tell me again what she should be aiming for again b/c the future as we know it is nothing to brag about.

Sarah on

Then you can do yourself a favor and not click on a link that clearly states hater in its title.

kw on

I don’t hate her….I just think she’s an average looking girl that got her break because of who her mother is.

Nic on

Reallyyyyyy, Sarah?!? I hadn’t noticed that. Thanks for the heads up. SMH

Tara on

@surf city…she is 15 give her a chance. Why must grown women be catty to children. I know that my career goal changed about 20 times before I even entered college. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be like your mother. Any one of us who had a great role model does the same. Despite having two degree and spending 10 years working in Europe I always wanted to be a stay at home mom….I am doing just that. Give her a break.

Ciparliamo on

Hopefully she doesnt model her mother’s matrimonial track record! Just saying…..

Just Saying on

Oh please! She sounds like a woman who is quite full of herself! Don’t put yourself in the public eye if you don’t want scrutiny. And I agree with another posting — she’s pretty but she’s riding her mother’s coat tail!

Beth on

Love Christy and her daughter is adorable! Great advice for any teenager and wish them both the best!

blacklady86 on

To Sarah: What does Sailor Cook becoming a teen model have to do with the Obama administration? One thing for sure, I will bet you are not a model, doctor or lawyer.
Love u Christie! I wish your daughter the best

Sophia on

Christie has 2 beautiful daughters. Alexa chose to be in music while Sailor chose the modeling profession, frankly she will make more in one sitting modeling than working as a Doctor, Lawyer or Executive adminstrator elsewhere. She has the look, why not use it to her benefit! I wish her the best of luck. Good job to Christie!

Kathy McBride on

I feel sorry for the oldest daughter. she’s not very pretty and christie seems to be all about helping this one get her start in modeling—the other one ended up in the hospital a year or so ago with an overdose. someone seems to be playing favorites!

Jenna on

Some of you are the perfect example of her statement of taking pitty on the negative people. You are judging a child for crying out loud!

Snow on

I hate that word “haters”. But the tabloids aren’t the worst of it. You can tune that out. It’s social media, which is unavoidable if you want to put yourself out there. My advice to any celeb, especially the youngsters is to hire someone to do your social media posts and just stay away from it personally.

randy funder on

really who cares what the haters think

there always pist off there not sees

markd on

Her daughter is 15 and she considers her a ‘late bloomer’? Really?

Heyyou on

Sorry although I think Sailor is cute, she will never be the knockout that her mother is. Sailor is average looking at best and that’s it. Christy was and still is an amazingly beautiful woman!

Rebecca on

@blacklady seriously you need this explained to you? Obamacare in its earliest stages is making life miserable for doctors. Obama regulations have adversely impacted businesses for four years +. Private sector business hasn’t really flourished under this President but I’m sure you’ll write back to tell me its Bush’s fault.
LADIES – please know – teenagers in middle school say haters! Try not to indulge, it only makes you look old and sound juvenile. It’s like the mom who listens to rap and spells it wrap.
Oh and @blacklady – you are obviously an Obama fan, maybe you can tell me why Obama insists we honor Trayvon’s memory but says absolutely nothing about the 600+ people murdered in my city (his hometown) this month.

mom2 on

Very beautiful duo. Put Sailor in Nautical Life. She kind of looks like Amanada Knox without the murder charges. Sorry….just an observation. Not sure what she means by late bloomer…..should she have been modelling sooner ? Christie maybe was a baby model ?

Katia on

Good advice for her daughter. Teens get devastated when they get bashed on Facebook or whatever and a famous teen will get it twice as bad. All moms should give their kids advice like this. If you have haters, you are probably doing somethiñg right.

Game Changer on

What Obama did with using Trayvon as a political platform is shameless…..where are his black rallies to protect the people of Chicago against gun violence….I would be livid if I was a mother of a young black male killed and ignored because it did not serve his cause….I am slowly becoming a Republican…I should start watching Elizabeth on Fox news. Way to go Christie and Sailor….sorry to go political but this wholw Zimmerman thing is making me triggered. Blacks killing other blacks does not serve a poli agenda but a hopeful white (sorry he wasn’t a total cracker) does.

Deanna on

Big fan of Christie, but it looks like she had some major work done to her eyes. The shape isn’t even the same. The daughter is cute, but not as striking as the mom. Not hating, just saying.

Katie on

Sailor was a little heavier when she was younger and I’m wondering if Christie meant that by late bloomer (called both daughters that) that her daughters didn’t get beautiful until later in life. If that is the case, I think that is a horrible comment to make about your own child. Who knows what she truly meant.

Heather on

Anyone who hates a 15 year old is mental. This day and age of reality TV and blogging sucks!

Karen on

50% of you commentors are pathetic. IMMEDIATELY going to the hate and the judging.

Mother knows best !!! on

I never even knew Christie Brinkley even had any haters.

She’s always been a beautiful, classy lady with a big smile.

Her daughter Sailor, turned out a beauty just like Christie. Both her daughters are beautiful. But, Sailor has the “it” factor just like her mother.

I never thought Ireland Baldwin had the “it” factor, like her mother, Kim. However, Sailor definitely has it.

Tara on

This is a 15 year old girl “ladies”. Yet you feel the need to discuss how YOU believe she pales in relation to her mom. I disagree I think she has that very same wholesome quality Christie did. But what’s even sadder is that the majority of people posting here are at least 21 years old and you still have not learned not to bully. This is the exact reason I keep my distance from the moms in the neighborhood. You never grow up. Sailor likely googles herself because that is what teens do…..and she will see the narrowminded bitterness. Ignore it girl…you are beautiful.

Katie on

Tara, so many girls and even boys today need to be complimented because they don’t get it enough at home or from friends/other adults. I had a student a couple of years ago who was born with only 1 finger, the rest were about an inch long. Her self esteem was amazing because her parents always built her up and the kids NEVER made fun of her. I had a boy four years ago with the same problem, very cute boy, and he was teased all the time. I got him talking one day and he admitted everyone was rude to him, even his parents. When you are treated horribly, you tend to have a harder time letting people in. It just broke my heart. Sailor is NOT her mother, but her own self. Granted she is getting breaks because of her mother, but how many of us wouldn’t have jumped at that opportunity as well when we were teens if our parents could have opened doors for us.

KellLL on

15 is a “late bloomer” – for what exactly? Good grief, what is this need for kids to become adults before they are mentally capable of handling the pressures that go along with a public life.

lisa gelinas on

Many kids gravitate towards what their parents do as that is the life they are around on a constant basis. If she has the looks, why not model? She will see the world, make good money for herself and hopefully invest it wisely. Christie made a good life for herself.

Deliah on

So true. It happens for girls and women. It never stops. It happens at high school, university, gyms, work, and even on the internet! Anytime a female gets all the attention, some jealous twit has to come along and try to spoil it. Of course, if THEY have anything good happen to them, they would want everyone to be happy for them! Why can’t females support each other?

Isabella on

Dumb blondes !

Tara on

Isabella- case in point. And as a brunette I have to tell you some of the most intellectually challenged people I have encountered share my hair color. What purpose did that slight of a 15 year old girl accomplish.
Katie- you sound like a great teacher.

Smithy on

She should aspire to be more than a model. Christie needs to lay off the knife and injectables She’s starting to look weird.

tish on

You know what i hate? Thst Christie didn’t take to her first daughter the way she hs with the one who looks like her! Just saying. ..

JessicaGiovanna on

She’s young, maybe she’ll grow into something else.

Man oh man, I would’ve loved to have been born into wealth and only had to focus on school instead of having to work hard full-time and try not to starve while trying to go and pay for school and attend full time, lol. Oh well… Luck of the draw I guess :)

Katia on

To the posters who feel that Christy slighted her first child, I happen to remember several times when Alexa was young, and in her early teens, Christy had special photo shoots with her. Alexa was a pretty teenager and Christy loved it that they could do a cover together. Alexa grew up and chose a music industry career, and did not want to have a modeling career. Christy has always been a devotèd mother. Family is very important to her.

tomisam on

Sailor Brinkley Cook is also an avid photographer and film maker. Her Teen vogue issue shows that this is just a fun thing for her to do,.. Christies son from Marriage three “JacK’ Is a major tennis player and student govt person who has spoken in the united nations,.. Get more educated on this womens amaxzing mutl talented kids before you judge them being “only a model” modeling is a fun hobby for her. if you look at Christie Brinkleys instagram @christiebrinkley you will see the love she has always had for alexa @alexarayand on her facebook fan page with a young Alexa they traveled the world,.. Alexa went off to make her own small fortune in the music biz,… This mom is cool and the kids seem great. She loves them all equally when i see her out and about in the hamptons. SAilor is also the daughter of Peter Cook the man CB had the tuff divorce from,.. together they are walking this beautiful teen into her future co – parenting… If Sailor was being pushed in any way,… Peter would immediately speak up. They both love this daughter immemsely. Cheers to Sailor and Christie,.. !!! and ALexa Ray and Jack Paris,.. off to the good life and to a huge future for each one,..


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