Miley Cyrus's Week of Pantslessness: Let's Discuss

06/26/2013 at 03:40 PM ET

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So many adjectives describe Miley Cyrus‘s style these days. For instance: Daring. Fashion-forward. Funky. Sexy. And, of course, “pantsless.”

Over the last week, Cyrus has attempted a number of variations on the pantsless theme, from sporty to sparkly to Tupac-inspired. She has brought her particular brand of bare-leggedness to both coasts and occasionally mixed it up with some visible abs or a starter jacket.

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Certainly Cyrus has the legs to pull off some of these bolder looks — the Bulls jersey is fun, and we appreciate her Tupac shirt if just for the fact that it has “Only God Can Judge Us” printed on the back (a phrase she nods to in her song “We Can’t Stop”).

We are slightly less on board with wearing actual underpants (those are Topshop shapewear knickers worn with thigh-high boots in the third pic) and what our pals Tom and Lorenzo called a “cashmere diaper.”

What do you think: Should Cyrus keep flaunting what she’s got, or would you prefer she put on bottoms once in a while?

–Alex Apatoff

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Guest on

She has FAB legs.. leave her alone already!!!

Cassie on

She’s bringing back the exercise outfits from the 80s. Look at what Denise Austin was wearing on old videos, it’s the same kind of thing.

Karen on

I’ve been at waterparks all month so she actually looks like most people we’ve seen lately.

Guest on

If I had legs like that, I would rock them!

KAS on

Girl needs to do some squats…

Jepjep45 on

She looks great, it’s okay if she is being bold she is very young and looks fab. I don’t really like her new single though. I would’ve thought she would be more grown up or mature with choice of lyrics and rhythm style, but her fashion style is better than her music right now I think.

Amy on

She has great legs, certainly. I just hope this doesn’t become a trend in fashion because God knows there are already a lot of people out there trying to rock things they shouldn’t.

Sam on

Why is she always stickin her tongue out?! So annoying!

confessionsfromtheborderline on

Not my look, but honestly, she always looks great. She’s adorable and courageous.

Joanna on

I wish I had legs like that. I’m told I have great legs if I get them in shape (which right now they’re not). However, I am having a problem with her choice of footwear with her clothing. The pair of heels she’s wearing in the first pic are a favorite pair for her and look great with some of the more formal things she’s worn but not with Daisy Duke’s and a basket ball jersey. The second pair of heels are great with Daisy Duke’s, she just needs to change her shirt. The other two pics of her in those fabulous thigh high boots would be great if she was on stage performing or with a more fall/winter outfit. That all being said, I can’t hate on her for wanting to show off what’s she’s got. She just has to be more tasteful in how she does it.

jndg on

Gosh, if I had gams like that, I wouldn’t wear pants, either. :)

k on

She should dress any way she wants. If she wants the attention, she’ll dress for it and get it.

amalie on

If I had those legs I would flaunt them as well. She is looking hot. So jealous

kim on

whats to “discuss”? shes obviously an attention wh0re

Me on

Why is she wearing a diaper in two of those pictures???

jcatsmith on

Please go away Miley, please…

Lisa on

Miley is doing with her legs what Madonna did years ago with her boobs…Get over it.

Al on

“Who are you SO over?”

Lindsay, Kardashians, Miley.

These people have no class and will do anything for the spotlight. Yawn. Give me more Jennifer Lawrence! THERE is a woman!

Jenny! on

Like most ladies on here are saying…. if I had legs like that…. I’D FLAUNT THEM TOO I mean most of us are also not a fan of her idea’s lately but common… in her 20’s, young and thin.. need I say more?

Joan on

People does realize there are real stars out there that people want to read right? Enough of this chick, beiber and reality stars that make sex tapes. Substance please editors!

catsmeow on

I don’t understand why people say she’s trying to be like PINK. Seems to me she’s trying her own take on Madonna’s style from the 80’s/90’s.

Guest on

She looks ridiculous…

Guest on

She looks like she is wearing a diaper. It’s ridiculous. You are adorable Miley. You don’t need Pampers to show off those legs.

Skiwoman60 on

I am so tired of Miley’ attention seeking outfits that are inappropriate and in extreme bad taste

annoyed on

come on people, she looks like a streetwalker. there is nothing cute, beautiful, classy, or sexy about her.

krissy on

Put some damn pants on miley! Show come class!

Jamie C on

She does look great, but where is the class in young women today?

Mandy on

She’s young, beautiful, talented, with great legs – flaunt ’em while you can!!!

Iylana on

Gorgeous, fantastic legs. She should show them off until they’re covered in cellulite.

tutu on

great legs, but cover up. she looks like she should charge 25 cents and stand under a lamp post.

peace on

She is beautiful and talented. I am in my 50’s and find her quite refreshing. She has a beautiful body and she dresses and preforms with freedom. I would rather see her style than those that wear their pants hanging past the butt!! I for one enjoy her :) Rock it Miley!!

tommy on

She is not pretty and when she talks its over….. Her voice is horrible

Edie on

Hot mess!

Shae on

I love miley. We’re the same age and frankly doing the same thing. I’m in college living life as a young college wild child and shes rich and famous living life. So when people put her down its kinda like psh seriously what better time for her to be young and free than now. No kids and millions. If I had her legs Id be rocking clothes like that too. She is though starting to remind me of Rihanna when she first went through her bad girl stage lol.

Justine on

I really do wish she would put on pants. It looks really awkward if nothing else. I don’t understand the bulls jersey with no pants at all. Pajamas? Lazy? Forgot them? It doesn’t scream high screams confused.

D on

Her legs look great!! It’s her face that’s the problem.

lodge on

Well, it proves the point that money can buy neither class nor style. Poor thing even looks as if she would be one of the less expensive chits on the corner. Her best friend should buy her a full length mirror and position it in front of the door so she can asses herself before leaving the house.

Danielle on

I’m disappointed in Miley……she has a career nut now she is trowing everything away….and soon she will be another Lindsay Lohan. Please stop going that road….it’s a road to perdition.

chloe on

When did she become white RIHANNA?

Guest on

If I looked that great–I would show my legs too! I might not put together what she did, but it doesn’t mean they’re not great outfits. I think she’s very original and bold. I wish I could have my my hair short like her, but i wasn’t born with the ‘daring’ gene. Good for her.

alannah on

She does have a very toned body, but I don’t know man with that hair and the red tip French manicures she kinda reminds me of Sharon Stone at the end of Casino…

janet on

Madonna already did all those looks….back in the ’80s. Miley really needs to go away

sandy on

GREAT BODY, but wear some pants girl, it looks dumb

me on

I agree with the diaper look.
And she’s just not that attractive, in my opinion.

Kendell on

We get it Miley, you’re grown up now and you don’t want to be “cute” anymore. Well, you did it. Not cute anymore. Oh, and you got the attention you wanted, too. Too bad. It’s not a good thing.

Courtney on

She just seems like she is trying WAY too hard…

booch on

Sorry. Lady gaga already has the market on pantslessness.

Seriously on

Her style is not being courageous or fierce. She has just stopped wearing pants – period. If non-celebrity people (like a 40 year old man) started waking around town without pants on people would call the police.

guest on

OMG…in the first pic she totally looks like a tranny beiber!!

amadeline on

Shame on you for describing looking like a street walker as fashion forward and funky. Her fans are still young tweens and teens. She’s not a role model to emulate. Is it just because she’s famous that it’s considered fashionable for her to dress like that?

kaya on

Looks like a complete idiot, no fashion sense whatsoever.

Sarah on

She literally can’t keep her tongue in her mouth or her clothes on her body. She is trying so hard to be Rihanna its hard to look at. The only reason that Rihanna kind of pulls it off is because it doesn’t look like she’s trying. It’s just her. But Miley is so forced it just destroys the whole image, and seems desperate. She has a great voice but acts like all these pop stars that can’t hit a note and have to wear underwear on stage to distract from their inability to produce quality live performances. I just saw her perform live on jimmy kimmel and thought, wow, she sounds great live, but was immediately distracted from the music and vocals by the laughable sight of her floundering on stage in boots she could barely walk in, surrounded by giant teddy bears, wearing a diaper. She comes across as a child in her mothers clothes playing in front of a mirror. Not totally comfortable, not owning it as a woman. If she was going to take a cue from Rihanna, let it be her confidence and comfort in her own skin. Not just the raunchy dance moves and drug addiction.

Rai on

She is making a fool out of herself. I feel sorry for her that she is that desperate for attention. Less is better to see in her case. Grow up, dear, hurry and grow up! Liam was smart to get away!

sdfjdsfhsdu on

Young women so often dress this way and wonder why guys expect sex. Of course they expect sex, they can alreadly smell your vagina.

nunya on

only a rich idiot could walk around like that. who cares if she has awesome legs..would you w ant your daughter walking around like that

Ginger on

This girl is ridiculously needy for attention. Don’t encourage her.

Sarah on

She literally can’t keep her tongue in her mouth or her clothes on her body. She is trying so hard to be Rihanna its hard to look at. The only reason that Rihanna kind of pulls it off is because it doesn’t look like she’s trying. It’s just her. But Miley is so forced it just destroys the whole image, and seems desperate. She has a great voice but acts like all these pop stars that can’t hit a note and have to wear underwear on stage to distract from their inability to produce quality live performances. I just saw her perform live on jimmy kimmel and thought, wow, she sounds great live, but was immediately distracted from the music and vocals by the laughable sight of her floundering on stage in boots she could barely walk in, surrounded by giant teddy bears, wearing a diaper. She comes across as a child in her mothers clothes playing in front of a mirror. Not totally comfortable, not owning it as a woman. If she was going to take a cue from Rihanna, let it be her confidence and comfort in her own skin. Not just the raunchy dance moves and drug addiction!

joskins on

No talent and no taste. GAG!

costateofmind on

why is her tongue always hanging out? Is that the new cool do?

Ryry on

It seems if she were a true artist, she wouldn’t have to try so hard to get attention.

Liz on

She’s wonderful amazing and independent and I applaud her BUT I’d rather see her use her head more than her “look” to catch attention. She’s shown she’s capable of change and progressive thinking but the message is a little lost with the whole pantsless stuff. Let’s be honest Lindsay already did that one to death and even skipped the underwear on occasion. Stop. Please. Miley, you are no Lindsay and I for one am glad for it.

Liza on

While Paula Deen is being crucified for admitting to using a racial slur years ago people do not seem to mind that this little girl just weeks ago called rap music “hood” but admitted she doesn’t want to be “hood”…sounds like a racial slur to me!! How many business deals will this little wannabe twerkin idiot lose?

Mikki on

The girl has a rockin’ bod ill give her that. I’m definitely envious. I can remember being her age too and thinking that proving you were an adult meant dressing like a ho and smoking cigarettes. Hopefully she will grow out of it like I did.

jelena on


Morgan on

God, she’s tacky.

Morgan on

I don’t know why everyone is praising her legs. They’re untoned chicken legs. Not like she’s rocking some gams or anything.

Mandy on

Running around without bottoms on makes her look like a little baby. Seriously, put some clothes on! You are not 2!

Lulu on

I appreciate that while she is showing a lot of leg, her torso is mostly covered. It’s actually an old-school thought from celebrities of years gone by (and their handlers) that you don’t show everything all at once. One can be sexy and edgy without being mostly naked.

Honey on

Umm didn’t lady gaga do the no pants thing last year or the year before, same with Christina agulaira?
So it leaves one to believe she’s just trying for attention( which she’s getting) that or she wants to bring that bad style choice back.

Mike on

I’ve never found Miley Cyrus to be particularly attractive, but after seeing these pictures I have to admit she’s got a pretty decent pair of legs.

cynthia on

She has the legs to pull this but I would much prefer if she puts a pair of short shorts – hotpants – than wearing panties – it looks like she wore white underwear panties in the first two pictures. The black one looks much less like a pair of panties and more a costume and the last one is funky enough not to be a piece of underwear. Anyway, her legs are certainly the envy of any woman for sure.

Carolyn on

She just looks like a show off.

guest32 on

She has a nice body but there are ways to flaunt what you have without having to look like a desperate wannabe streetwalker. A little class goes a long way.

D on

Yes, obviously she has great legs and can get away with wearing the shorts she does but her behavior is what I find to be annoying. It’s become obnoxious. I feel she tries way too hard.

Carrie on

I think she is trying way too hard to get attention in her songs, style and etc. She is trying to stand out but instead I think she looks like an immature baby.

Samantha on

I’m just here because I enjoy the way y’all titled the article.

Nancy on

I think she should GO AWAY. Annoying girl who thinks she has talent. LOL. Please fade into the sunset. Do us all a favor. And, put your clothes on and stop with the tongue thing you do.

Lana on

You know, normally wearing something like this, while not appropriate at best, can be gotten away with, heck i’ve gone out in pjs before (not my proudest moment lol.) But whether she likes it or not, she is still a role model. So many kids still look up to her (if their parents haven’t banned them from it.) Signing up to disney, she was expected of that. Even if she has grown up, her fans while much younger than her haven’t, and hannah montana is still watched by an even younger generation who really believe this girl still exists. So they’re going to look up to her. She did do an amazing job on her tv show, it made millions of kids/teens happy & entertained. And though she is older now & has turned her image around from innocent to provactive, she still has these fans looking up to her, and should be setting an example for them. This goes by how she dresses/presents herself, what comes out of her mouth, etc! My little sister whose 8, saw a photo of miley with no pants on, and now wears too long t-shirts with skimpy shorts. Her shirt hides her pants altogether, and while my parents think its just a phase and lets her do this, i’ve seen creepy old dirty men looking at her, and it drives me crazy. Children are VERY impressionable. I’m the oldest of 5. I’m 23, and have sisters who are 14, 8, 5 and almost 2. I know what i’m talking about here.

Skye on

I lost ALL respect for her when she outed her father on twitter to the world. Twitter hacked my a$$. She was probably drunk or high when she did it. She was probably suppose to privately message it.

Lisa on

Love her look – don’t really care for the granny panties though. :)

A.G. on

Isn’t this a bit of “Indecent Exposure”??? Did she fire her stylist? or her styling has gone nuts? This is very embarrassing for her on so many levels!


Jenn on

You know, if she wasn’t a celebrety, no one would care. She is young, beautiful and trying to live a life like the rest of us….

Theresa Kay on

She looks fantastic! I’m loving her look. If I had legs like that I would never wear pants!

amanda on

Miley can rock any look. She looks fantastic. I like the last pic its my favorite out of the three.

Nanu 08 on

Guess she feels the need to get her “sexy” on…….guess next Taylor Swift will break out with the same!!!!

guest on

Miley has the legs, and the body to wear this style. Honestly she needs to tone it down and stop thinking she is the hottest thing that walks …not !! Miley needs to let her hair grow back and act like a lady. Her new look is just horrible..

ladyjane on

She looks like a ass… it’s a shame she used to be so cute. Now she looks like a white Rhinna. Thats not a good thing!

legs on

She does have great legs, and yes she is young and wants to show them off, wonderful; but there are many other barely there (if this is a necessity to her look) outfits that she could choose to show them off and still add her personality and funky style to without wearing undergarments as an outfit. While her legs look sexy the diaper does not.

seastarbliss on

Her legs look waaaay better than her face!!

Katie on

The shape of her legs has nothing to do with it. She wants to show as much as she’s got and she will eventually show up in a thong. Her fashion sense is tasteless. As Roseanne once said “ain’t nothing worse than white with money”. No wonder it’s taking Liam a while to get to the altar. He’s probably waiting to see what she becomes once she grows up. The marriage will never happen!! When he does look at other women, they have a lot more class

jessica hollingsworzh on

its summer it s vintage she looks great with great legs leave miley alonw shes not lindsay beitney shes miley leave her alone

Boogabkn on

If my legs looked like that…I wound NEVER wear pants. My mom always used to say…birds peck at the best fruit!!

IVY. on

skinny much ? !

beth311 on

When I saw her perform on TV in the last outfit, she looked as if she was wearing Depends. But yes, great legs.

Lissy on

Why this is news people , you magazine iscompeting now with tabloid. This little $;@;)??(? Is nothing more than a loss cause, iwish that I can suit herfor all the money that she make out me when i purchased merchinsed for m daughter back in thise days when she used to be decent. As well as suing ABC at GMA for glorifying her yesterday , isnt Disney owner of AbC, that’s it a switching over to CBS morning , i did the wwitch back when the Mat at NBC i never watched again and now is ABC , putting trasing early in the morning .

jj on


ann on

Just because you can pull something off as far as not looking unattractive, does not mean one should try to do it. Sometimes it is better to leave things to the imagination.

Jasmine Terse on

Great legs???? You mean those skinny toothpicks. Not to mention her hair is a mess.

Cynthia Conaway on

Just wondering why? What does she feel she needs to prove or show? She has great legs as many girls her age do and she does not need to wear underwear to prove it. As a mom, it seems to me to be acting out kind of behavior. I hope all is well, but with her parents divorcing, could this be a kind of in everyone’s face behavior? This is not what most people do.

minnow29 on

not exactly classy…but I wouldn’t expect classy from her.

Kelly on

WHY does she stick her tongue out in pics all of the time? She looks like even more of a fool

jame on


Karen Ragan on

She looks like a hooker in the 2 left pics and not a high price one.

Annia on

Nice legs, but I don’t care for those red duck lips though.

Amanda on

I think she looks great… she’s having fun and being who she wants… to each their own :)

Johnnie on

She looks like a damn streetwalker! Not even worth 25 dollah for a hollah if you catch my drift!

Elissa on

She looks like a NIGHTMARE CLOWN! I utterly want to puke when I see her clownish face, oversize eyes and overbite. She is an anomaly and wants to push the limits by wearing underwear. I can’t wait until the day her “star” fades.

Tisha on

Her parents must be so proud!

jessesgirl on

If she’s shooting a video or at her concert, whatever. But c’mon people, not wearing pants isn’t appropriate for street style nomatter how “fab” your legs are.

Ava on

She looks like a grasshopper. I love her individuality LOL

Ms M on

Like Miley be Miley she is still young, One can’t dress the way :YOU” want them to be dressed, if this is her thing leave her along.

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