See Katie Holmes All Glammed Up in This Exclusive Photo

06/14/2013 at 12:46 PM ET

If you still think of Katie Holmes as the fresh-faced girl next door, this shot is gonna make your jaw drop…

Katie Holmes for Bobbi BrownPhotographed by Tom Munroe, Courtesy Bobbi Brown

What did we tell you? The actress and spokesperson for Bobbi Brown cosmetics is showing off the brand’s new Navy & Nude collection, in stores June 15. And we got all the scoop on the shoot with Holmes and the products from Bobbi Brown herself.

“The collection pairs wearable pinks and nudes with navy to foolproof your look while helping to transition [your makeup] from summer to fall. I love the ease and versatility of it — your look can be whatever fits your personal style,” says Brown.

For Holmes’s campaign image, Brown added a little drama to the actress’s typically fresh-faced style. She created a “sultry” smoky eyes by pairing navy eye liner with shades of slate, cement and shimmering taupe shadow. To complement her eyes, Brown kept Holmes’s skin natural by applying a tinted moisturizer topped with a sweep of the new Pink Brightening Brick, a favorite of the star and pro, on the cheeks.

“I wanted to give Katie a nighttime look that she would feel confident wearing and that still represents her own style,” said Brown.

Not only is Brown introducing seven new makeup items with this launch, but she’s also created a deep blue nail polish to complete the entire look. “It’s the perfect accessory,” says Brown of the nail color, adding, “This collection is about the whole package — eyes, lips, cheeks and nails.”

Tell us: What do you think of Holmes’s glam look?

–Mabel Martinez, with reporting by Jackie Fields

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Showing 212 comments

jamie on

That is the WORST photoshop job on her shoulder! Are you kidding me, who did this? They need to be fired!

Amp on

Pretty, but she needs to eat something. Look at her shoulders! :(

kw on

Yes, heavy photoshop and a team of make up artists do wonders!

K on

Um…her shoulders look ABNORMAL…whats up with all the photshopping????

PC on

Beautiful face, bad body it doesn’t look right

tshape on

everyone’s a Photoshop expert now? LOL gmab! if any of you were, you wouldn’t be running your fool mouths. she looks GORGEOUS. classic beauty!

smarcasm on

WHOA! Katie Holmes Has Never Looked So Photoshopped!

Lisa on

Full of airbrush and photoshop. She will never be beautiful. She always looks awkward and clumsy to me!

marie on

She’s absolutely beautiful ! Pretty & classy !

Deb on

Simply stunning

Tiffany on

She is one of the prettiest actresses, but wow, that this picture is overly processed!

Gabby on


Ryan Seacrest's Latest Beard on

Now that split from Tommy Boy, she looks more human…even with the bad Photoshopping.

nice on

She has always been naturally pretty…make up or no make up.

susan on

Beautiful… if bony and photoshopped are your thing.

Lucy on

Very bad photoshopping! Left should looks way off.

Lunabell on

The airbrushing is way too much. The whole picture is just off.

kate on

She’s gorgeous! Stop criticizing! She is a wonderful mother, generous soul and true beauty. Keep your hate to yourself!

anon on

Beautiful face, but too too skinny. It’s painful just looking at her skeleton body.

Jordan on

So Pretty!

Yassine on

Absolutely gorgeous

cypresstex on

wow !!! this the most obvious photoshop pic of all time – lol !!

A comment on

Prettiest actress!

Brooklyn on

She looks nice, but as with all photoshoot photos it’s obviously been airbrushed and retouched.

James on

Stop Katie you hurt me!

whocares on

I think she looks prettier when she just being herself out with her daughter….The photographer that took this shot, to me doesn’t have the eye to be in the business of taking professional photos…

Lisa on

For those saying her shoulder was photoshopped, it wasn’t. What you’re seeing is the angle of the clavicle in front going up towards the shoulder, and she has her shoulder rolled down. It looks strange, but it’s all positioning.

Jane on

What is wrong with her left arm? It does not look like it is a natural part of her body. It kind of makes you not see the face, which does also not look natural..

Rona on

That isn’t retouched or anything LOLOLOLOLOL

Sarah on

Can you say PHOTOSHOP?

sandy on

Her face is stunning!

Dina on

Photoshop is SO obvious..

tillie on

Beautiful but to skinny

KJM on

Lovely, but it doesn’t look like Katie Holmes.

Rachel on

This is a beautiful painting, did Bob Ross do this one???

Katie on




just sayin..... on

She looks absolutely stunning! Such an amazing girl.

dancer92136 on

Sweet revenge…eat your heart out Tom

Surfs up on

Airbrushed and pancaked to death! If you have ever seen one of her au naturel schlepps around New York, you would know how off this is!

Tigs on

Look at her shoulder, LOL.

Kate on

Her arms are scary skinny!

peoplereader on

Very pretty and a slightly awkward positioning…she looks like Diane Lane a little….
I don’t think she’d be the face of “anybody” or have a clothing line if she hadn’t married Tom Cruise. People were NOT knocking on her door to work with her before. But good for her! I’d take the opportunities too if given the chance.

lacey on

Computers do amazing things these days. Kind of sad…some younger girls may get lower self-esteem because most people don’t look this perfect.

Good Tx Girl on

And they airbrushed the heck out of her!

Jennifer on

Woud love to see what the original looks like prior to all the photoshopping….

lisaisalefty on

Photoshop strikes again…

betty smith on

Amazing what make up can do!

Nanu 08 on

She looks good but needs to eat a ham sammich…….

Sue on

she just needs to be who she really is and not someone else. She is beautiful w/o makeup and all that glam stuff. It just makes her look like she is trying to hard!!!!!

Tara on

she is a beautiful girl, there is no doubt about that…however this is so horribly photoshopped its an insult.

Chris on

I want to give this girl a steak. Seriously, I can’t even notice the makeup because of the shoulders. She’s thin as a rail and that is NOT sexy or glam or anything else even close to it!

Rey on

She never looked this good because photoshop wasnt on as many computers during Dawson’s Creek as now. She never looked this good and never will.

lilah on


Marie on

Good grief, it doesn’t even look like her. The wonders or horrors of make -up.

Mimi on

For some reason I just don’t like her but at least she’s not doing that toothy grin.

Sofia's Zed Card on

tshape – it is not that every is a photoshop expert, but that her shoulder is smaller than the bottom half of her other arm. Not realistic at all.

Smithy on

She’s beautiful

Sandy on

Photo shop S*cks!! Let’s go back to REAL people!!

Danielle on

Katie is so beautiful and natural that with very little makeup she looks wonderful.

heather on

First off, I think Katie Holmes is absolutely beautiful and stunning just running errands. That being said – this picture has been so overly photoshopped it’s ridiculous. ANYONE could look that good with the help of a computer. I’d take the candid shots over this ANY day. THESE pictures and the OMGosh! SHE LOOKS SO GOOD HERE!!! I CAN”T BELIEVE IT! comments are what gives girls complexes and why so many have eating disorders. Good grief. LOL :)

Kim on

Good grief’s an ad for COSMETICS. Of COURSE it’s going to be Photoshopped. What ad ISN’T?? She’s a beautiful young woman and I’m happy she finally has a life away from the nut case.

JiffyPop on

She needs to eat! This totally sends the wrong message to women (and men). Normal people don’t look like this and never will in real life.

Danielle on

We need to stop criticizing our sisters and give them our support in time of trouble, this woman just left a very delicate and dangerous situation, and all she gets from us is complains about her looks. Stop now we need to stay together. for peace sake.

Ella on

I have to say I am a fairly attractive person. I would love to have some professionally photoshopped photos of myself just to see how great or fake I could look.

sonny on

Anyone can look that good with all of the Photoshop that is going on with that photo. Just read the rest of the comments. I guess no one is fooled. Katie is cute but her sideways smile looks like she had a stroke.

Me on

Remember Ladies…….. we could all look like that with money and a makeup artist at our finger tip……… She looks just like the rest of us without makeup :)

lua on

airbrush much?

TJ on

Holy airbrushed. When are cosmetics companies going to learn? NOBODY looks that flawless regardless of how much makeup you have on. You want us to believe that the “natural” look is prettier, but then you do this. Sultry eyes? Great. But then let the rest of her look natural…skip the airbrushing. It’s totally unrealistic and plastic looking.

thenitenurse on

Bobbi Brown has over done the makeup on her. I thought the incentive for hiring Katie Holmes is she is an average looking woman. In my opinion you should make her up with just enough make up to enhance her natural features. To me that would make me purchase the make up. That make up job would be far to extensive for me to do.

Darleen on

If that’s what she really looks like I’m sickened by how thin she is. I know that’s not her “body type”!

Katie on

How appropriate. Fake looking make up job on an actress who had a fake marriage.

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[…] -Katie Holmes looks a-mah-zing in her new Bobbi Brown ad campaign. […]

Colleen on

LOVE it, but they didn’t say what lipstick she is wearing!!!!!! I love that lipstick!!!!!!!! If anyone knows the name if that particular shade/OR something close to it, please share!! Ohhhhh, and how in gods name would I go about applying the eyeshadow? What color to what part of the eye?!?! I NEVEr get it right!!!! Thanks sooooooo much for any help!!!!

Pam on

Haha photoshop fail! They should stop retouching photos, that doesn’t look normal.

peppermintmochamama on

I have no idea what Katie is supposed to look like but this is not glam – horribly Photoshopped and malformed. I would think the company would want to put forth an image of a beautiful and healthy looking individual – the graphics department botched her up, that’s for sure.

quick as a flashlight on

Gorgeous, negative comments are the Katie Holmes haters no matter what she does it will never be approved by them.

fanofboardwalkempire on

Katie’s face looks fabulous!

dmrn on

Looks like SOMEBODY had some work done!

dmzrn on

Looks like SOMEBODY had some work done !

Reminds me of Priscilla Presley

Kate on

Katie is sweet, beutiful, strong and good mother, so talanted and good people love her. All good in life ahead for her. Be healthy and happy.

TaraC on

Are those Suri’s arms ?!?!?!

jillybean on

It no longer looks like her – had to look at the caption to see who it was supposed to be

Kathryn on

So tired of photoshop. Over it. WAY over it.

Heather on

If you notice, they only use the left side of Katie’s face. That’s because she has a bells palsy-esque weirdness going on with her ride side where only her right side of her mouth curls up into the cheekbone. She looks like two face from Batman most of the time. Glad they knew to use her normal side!

.... on

Lighten up, people. She looks great.

WTF on

Holy photo shop batman!

WTF on

Holy photoshop Batman!!

Ruby on

Eat your heart out Tom Cruise. Your ex looks stunningly beautiful.

Laurence on

Photoshop….Is just WAY TOO MUCH…. just saying

faye38 on

Whoa! Photoshop working overtime on that photo. Amazing what hair, makeup and a kind editor can do for a gal.

denverpeet on

I don’t think she is anything special – usually looks like a hot mess with that stringy hair and crooked teeth….

monkey on


.... on

I love how everyone is an expert critic about other people’s looks.

Lea on

Just a BUNCH OF HATERS!! I love how you all are “photoshop” experts. LMAO! Its a beautiful photo. We should all be so lucky to have an awesome photo shoot & Bobbi Brown do our make up. What’s wrong with having some fun people!

postathread on

Overphotoshopped shoulder/arms. She doesn’t have small arms or legs. WHYYY do they do this???

D on

PhotoShop to the max. Katie is average looking at best.

indie on

We all know that Katie is big-boned and not exactly a lean muscular body type. This photo is horrible because her shoulder and upper arm would never be that skinny. I would hope her posture is not that bad in real life or else she needs to see a chiropractor or physical therapist.

Linda on

She is the true meaning of beauty! I wish I could met her someday. I’ll bet she is just as pretty on the inside as she is on the outside! Some people are beautiful with or without make-up and Katie is one of them! :)

Iylana on

What’s that big dip above her shoulder? I don’t have that.

Lisa on

I’m a big fan of both Katie and Bobbi Brown, but I too concur with some of the comments regarding the photoshop job on this photograph.

I work in beauty care industry and we too have an agency who does the pre-press photoshop for our images, and this isn’t the worst job, but it’s not the best either. Her shoulder is obviously turned in for the shot which is slimming, but also makes the shoulder more pronounced. Part of the reason why it looks odd is actually the tonal difference in her skin on her collar bone and her neck.

With all that being said, she is still absolutely gorgeous and looks stunning. I mean it’s hard to pick apart any picture this woman takes – she is extremely photogenic.

susan on

Well let’s see….If I had a chauffer, a chef, a personal trainer, an unlimited bank account to buy any designer dress I would like, a part-time nanny to pick my kids up from school, a make up artist and a hairdresser anytime, anywhere…I think I would look like that too…….amazing what make up will do and although I think she is a good Mom, she is not very pretty without makeup on…none of us are sometimes.

Ashln on

Whatevs peeps . She looks beautiful. I love that Bobbi has teamed up with her. Fabulous duo!

Lorrie on

From the neck up she looks great. What happened to the rest of her?

Trae on

Can anyone say “air brushed”? Katie is cute, not beautiful. She’s the girl next door, not a runway model. She’s beautiful in her own right. KATIE, please don’t do this!! You always make me feel good about myself because you’re not afraid to be who you are. But now……………..

cal on

I agree about the shoulder!
Noticed it right away! Also,
this is NOT what she really
looks like without all the goop on!
Plus, anyone can look good
being photo-shopped!

tea party! on

Well of course it’s a retouched photo.

cheri on

She’s beautiful in a classy and timeless way, but why in the world did someone photoshop her body? She does not need any of that….leave her alone…she is fantastic looking just natural.

jg on

Nice photo, but her shoulders look so unnatural. Ewww.

gloria on

I was coming to say what a bad photoshop job! That doesn’t even look like her!

Bee on

GLAM???? Toss that lady a loaf of bread or something….

claudia on

you mean Katie Holmes has never look this much photoshoped before

Pasha on

Katie looks amazing!

Mary Ann on

My goodness, photoshop much?

Catherine on

I was just coming on to express how disappointed I am at how much Photoshop they used on her face and her shoulder. The should is particularly deformed looking! This also reflects terribly on Bobbi Brown–so much for looking natural and glam. She looks like a painted doll-face and not in a good way.

rationaladult on

Holy photoshop!

thenitenurse on

Bobbi Brown I simply HATE the make up job. This particular make up job looks too difficult for the average woman to accomplish. It’s also too much and very unnatural looking.

Gemski on

This is obviously photoshopped.

AA on

She has always been unattractive… this photo is her unattractive with A LOT of makeup! And her smile- or scowl is the worst part

Diane on

She is a very pretty girl, but here she just looks photoshopped.

Maddie on

photoshop much?

Agnes on

Jen, please get married PLEASE -EVERY WEEK IT

kitty62862 on

She has a pretty face. She needs to eat better, and fix her posture before she develops a spinal issue! Look at her neck! Bad photoshop job!

Lynne on

Why is this woman constantly forced down our throats as a beauty icon? She is merely a pretty girl next door, not a raving beauty. Before all you haters hate, if she were a raving beauty she wouldn’t need all that photoshopping done!

Mims on

Nooooo! Photoshop ruined it. She is beautiful without it!!!

Kelly on

She looks like a movie star from the 1930’s.

Lexi on

Her shoulder is the first thing I noticed. What were they thinking? Something’s not right and someone was asleep on the job. And I think she looks much better without all that makeup. Thumbs down imo.

Anne Handojo on

Awkward pose! » Katie for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics on

[…] source […]

Brooke on

That picture is airbrushed beyond belief! It looks nothing like her!

Julie on

oh she is beautiful :)

benit0zk on

Worst photoshop ever! Even skin tone looks so fake!

Drill on

SO fake and airbrushed/shopped! haaa haaaaa!!!! Finished product is very glamorous, yes…whoever it is.

Drill on

So fake and airbrushed/photoshopped~!!! haaa haaaaa!!! Final product is very glamorous, yes, whoever it is.

MelJ on

Another advertisement clothed in the guise of an article. People magazine’s revenues must really be down.

Lynne on

Why is this woman constantly forced down our throats as a beauty icon. She is a generally pretty girl next door type. Before you haters hate, if she were a raving beauty, she wouldn’t need all the photoshop she always requires!

Eden on

It’s always good to paint on weird eyebrows!! Also, if her shoulder is that skinny that girl has problems. BAD photoshop/airbrushing.

lydiaferguson on

Hey Katie You Have A Few Haters and Jealous People, Don’t Mind Them They Are Not Important, You look Fantastic…..

suzydiamond on

Katie does NOT have a shoulder like in this picture! Really BAD Photoshop!

Frank on




Gerty on

Wonder what the real picture looks like!

May on

She is gorgeous, and a class act. Why must women tear each other down every chance they get.

odiasuda on

A recent poll suggests 92% of people who use “Photoshop”, and its variants (e.g. ‘shopped), as a verb don’t know what Photoshop actually is.

Rebecca on

I want to see her looking this good in real life, not just on cover photos.

malittle250 on

I feel bad they used photoshop on her. What’s wrong that she needs to be dodge and burned. lol

Kerry on

This isn’t just a bad case of horrible photoshop, the
the shoulder, her thinness. But her face is not the same! If this is the Bobbie Brown version of “natural makeup” on a simple, natural woman….then this was a big fail.

m on

WHOA! Kate has never been so airbrushed!

Cord on

Such obviously bad and excessive photoshopping. Gives out the totally wrong vibes for a cosmetics commercial.

jackie2830 on

Wow, she has finally come into her own! Never thought of her as even pretty – more little girl looking. Also her styling of cloths looked dowdy, shlumpy. But here she looks GORGE! Keep up the good work Katie!

dee on

Photoshopped to death

Wow on

I wonder what all your comments say about our culture. Not only are we judgmental, saying an obvious beauty is “cute but not beautiful” (um Tom Cruise obviously thought so), we’re ignorant and blinding follow the next commenter “Photoshopped” “Photoshopped”
“Photoshopped”! Anyone will eyes can see her shoulder is turned at an odd angle. News flash! Katie spends the majority of her time au naturel and this a makeup ad. Of course she’s caked in makeup and of course she looks smooth. So many people took the time to rip on this beautiful girl *sigh* Smh.

katrina on

Her face flawless! She is a little on the thin side. Overall she is a stunning woman who just needs to add a little weight.

Glen on

The shoulder is distracting – the pose is meant to be angular and slimming, but a successful ad should be drawing attention to the product, which this doesn’t do. It’s a shame because glamming up a girl next door type like Katie is a great concept & she’s very photogenic – probably looked better before the airbrushing!

guest on

Gee, photoshp much? — get a grip.

Krestin on

I’m sorry, but I don’t get it. She’s average looking. Just nothing special about her looks.

Lily on

She is so beautiful, no bad Photoshop job can take that away from her!

tlc on

She looks gorgeous!!!

JD on

She looks very pretty, but she is WAY too thin.

gina on

even the best photoshop team cannot help her…

SS on

are you serious? why would People be advocating such a clearly photoshopped image?? and yes, her shoulder looks like it comes from a frail 8 year old girl. since when does “GLAM” mean “photoshopped into oblivion”? C’mon People, you’re smarter than that — and your viewers deserve more from you.

Kim on

Beautiful girl. Always such hateful people on blogs. Glad not to be you. I wish they would say what blush and lipstick colors she is using. I love the combination. Although the eyeshadow alone is $60, and I would never pay that.


Sorry, but the eye goes right to the shoulder instead of to the makeup and face. None the less, beautiful girl. Very natural beauty. Katie is a winner! Next time, leave her shoulder alone!

Wow on

Absolutely stunning and flawless!

Melissa on

I’ve never seen such a lousy group of judgmental people. I think so of you would absolutely die if you had to give anyone a compliment! And her shoulder is not messed up or badly photoshopped. What you see that looks “abnormal” is her collarbone from the side. My collarbones do the exact same thing if I position my arm like that. They just stick out…nothing wrong with it at all. She is gorgeous and FINALLY happy it seems once she got away from the husband o’ cult!

Potus on

Stunningly beautiful, poor Tom, unluckiest man I’ve seen! You go girl, never mind hater[s] on this blog, you’re a very pretty lady!

Joe on

Extremely beautiful, perfect bone structure, what else?

Lolo on

Her face looks like one of those wax figures. Ugh! She really has a wholesome, natural look. Remind me not to buy those cosmetics.

Donna on


Dianne on

She has very droopy eyes that slope down like a Basset Hound makeup tricks are good about hideing this. If she had not married & divorced Tom Cruise she would be lucky to have a bit part on a sitcom talk about Underwhelming !!!

Chat on

She looks stunning!!

kate on

It doesn’t even look like her. Too much airbrushing…

mommaof4 on

It’s her clavicle (a bone in the shoulder) pooking up and making her shoulder look all weird…not photoshop, just way to skinny!

mommaof4 on

It is her clavicle ( a bone in the shoulder) that is sticking out and making her shoulder look all weird, not photoshop….to skinny!

Souldiva on

Katie looks beautiful..but..Please feed Katie!!


Eat a donut for crying out loud! I’ve seen more meat on a chicken wing!

Life goes on on


Peggy Smith on

She looks great here – but then again, I’ve always said that make up does wonders!

Tara on

she’s been photoshopped to within an inch of resemblance. i don’t fault magazines for doing it. i have fault with the models and actresses/singers that see the finished product and do not adamantly object to it being published. they know what they really look like … how can they allow something that so totally does not look like them to be released? narcissistic much?

TP on

Photoshop job, she looks different, her shoulder is strange!!!

Diana on

oh my god! photoshop fail….

Andrea on

So beautiful, she is breathtakingly beautiful, just perfect! Holmes is definitively back!

Emma on


moi on

Pure photo shop

Melissa Kelly on

It’s amazing what they can do for people now with the pictures they take.#airbrushingisawesome!!!

Chris on

Pretty fresh-faced face, quite beautiful, can’t wait the next Katie, you rock!

Brice on

Looking perfect! Nice one!

Taxiof2 on

Sorry, I don’t get this one. She is a cute “girl” but not a beauty. She looks like the girl next door, and I mean girl not a woman!

trish on

Pretty face but scarey arms….too skinny

marrapash on

Great. Who is she?

A comment on


hillbilly on

I dont like the side face view… her right side of her face is off…

Katies REAL beauty is a front on view with a REAL smile…. It makes her look like a million bucks.

Oh, ya, someone give her a cookie or some chips.

fred osborne on

the only thing real about her is her name everything else is photo shopped think it should be illegal to misrepresent celebreties like this to impressional youth that will never achieve this look its all a lie just to make a buck

fred osborne on

what ever happened to the adage” truth in advertising?”

Celebrity watcher on

She is amazing, perfect spokesperson!

k on

That’s attractive, but I remember seeing an even hotter ad photo of her. I believe it was a perfume ad, and I think she was wearing a very skimpy swimsuit, hair appropriately wet, smoky eyes, the whole enchilada. I thought that was much better than this.

Warren Ward on

It is hard to believe she looks so calm with her poor shoulder out of joint…

Gina on

She is naturally beautiful, but in this picture, she looks fake and plastic – almost unrecognisable. Hate it..

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