Miley Cyrus Wears a Grill (Enough Said)

06/13/2013 at 12:45 PM ET

Miley CyrusGregg DeGuire/WireImage

As if the half-sweatpants, half-jeans weren’t enough of a statement, Miley Cyrus found a way to one-up herself with a very special accessory: a gold diamond grill.

The singer (who loves to push the fashion envelope in looks like this and this and this) stayed true to her jaw-dropping red carpet ways (and kept a smile on her face despite her parents’ recent divorce news) stepping out at last night’s Myspace launch party in L.A. with a gold-toothed grin.

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And her smile wasn’t the only bling she was sporting. Miley piled on the jewels including an oversize “M” pendant necklace by Jennifer Fisher, tons of studs in her ears and golden glitter nails.

Plus, her signature rockabilly pompadour reached great heights as usual.

As for the rest of star’s throwback ensemble (does it remind anyone else of 1990?), she paired her crazy Ashish pants with an Alexander Wang bralette and a high-shine leather jacket. The only pieces of her outfit we can actually see ourselves wearing: her chic white pumps and Chanel satchel.

Miley CyrusJim Smeal/BEImages, Lisa Fierro/Abaca

We’re glad Miley is out smiling (and experimenting with her style)amid her parents divorce, but we’re not sure how she

Tell Us: What do you think of Miley’s latest look?

–Brittany Talarico

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Anna Olderham on

Miley i love your music and I used to think you were pretty but your hair why would you do that to your hair ?

Miley Cyrus » Miley Cyrus Wears a Grill (Enough Said) on

[…] post by People Magazine and software by Elliott […]

Laura on

She’s a pretty girl but she does not have the right ears for this edgy hair style. She could do much better.

Jenn on

She looks horrible lately…

iris on

So stunning. She rocks that hair better a lot of people ever could. Its truly fascinating watching her become so beautiful.

Gwen on

Yuck. She used to be so natural & pretty..Kind of a mess now!

myladyeve on

Loose the jeans and white pumps!

PC on

Her attention seeking is ridiculous, someone in her family please get her help

Rose Bell on

She has beautiful eyes and I used to think she was pretty with her dark long hair but not anymore…..go back to your roots you don’t want to be like all the other wanna be

BooBearBlue on

I love her hair, and she is in some phenomenal shape. You don’t get that body without putting a lot of clean work into it. Yeah, I think the grill is ridiculous, but I’m forty and she’s what, twenty? Of course I’m going to think some of what she and her peers wear is ridiculous.

Estoria on

Myladyeve I think the pants are already loose enough but yes she needs to lose them as well as the rest of that ensemble. Ugh!

BW on

She’s young enough to try anything, I say keep up the self-exploration, Miley!

ablissfulmemory on

This is the Top Story? It’s not even a super noticeable thing.

jenna on

1992 called. it wants its look back.

star on

I understand she loves Rihanna but it seems likes she’s using Rihanna’s edgy style to get media attention lately. Be original.


I really liked her, wish she wouldn’t try so hard…her and Bieber both used to be pretty decent but now seem to have one way tickets to hot mess land.

PG on

what an ass!

Nannyto1 on

Love the hair… the outfit – not so much

GinnieLiz on

What a mess…

Karrie on

I don’t mind the hair. I actually prefer her hair short…but seriously her clothes? WTF!

Kim on

I love-love-love her hair! Wish I could pull that look off, but I’m too old for it. Not a fan of the baggy jeans, but again, that’s something girls her age can wear. Enjoy it while you can Miley!

Kristine on

I don’t think it’s anything edgy or envelope pushing. Saw way worse on Madonna and Cher back in the day.

Ella on

If the pants and jacket at the very least FIT, this could have been a passable outfit (albeit one I still immensely dislike). Who is she kidding? She comes across as a little girl playing dress up.

guest on

She’s in her 20s for goodness sakes. She is having fun and living life. Who are we to judge. Look at that smile. She seems pretty happy with herself and isn’t that the only thing that should really matter?

MaiSeto22 on

I think Miley is a BEAUTIFUL women and she should enjoy her youth….no need to rush into marriage!!

susan on

I’m glad she’s doing this now in her early 20s and getting it out of her system. This will not be appropriate when she hits 30+ IMHO.

Tiffany on

She looks like an idiot.

MOgirl on

She looks ridiculous

Guest on

I think she looks cute from the waste up. Those pants are have got to go. The shoes are straight out of the 80’s which is coming back so those work but those pants WTF was she thinking?

jen montoya on

she is gorgeous i love her hair and she always rocks that red lipstick….love her ….

Susan on

The hair and gold grill are bad enough but, WHITE HEELS?????????????? God grief, will someone PLEASE tell this person you DO NOT wear white heels with all that black and denim?????????????????? She is really becoming a joke !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just my opinion folks so don’t flip out over it.

terry on

She’s what, 20? I like her hair. But she’s trying too hard to be cool. You either are or you’re not. She could be edgy if she didn’t pile on every cliched item in her closet: the gold tooth, multiple earrings, multiple necklaces and rings and those 2 tone pants and high heels. She’s over-done. There are times when she looks really put together. I wonder if that’s when a stylist dresses her. Anyway, she is only, what? 20? As long as she doesn’t go the route of Lohan and Byrnes, she’s OK. She should transition nicely on her way to her 30’s, like Hilton (like her not, she is a very successfull business woman, in her own right) Richie, etc.

AmyinOaktown on

Trying to throw off your Disney image is one thing, looking totally ridiculous is another. Stop trying so hard!

kim on

she used to be so wholesome and cute. now she just looks like an idiot. shes trying too hard to be something she clearly is NOT

Liz on

There’s still a Myspace?

cstone08 on

Is she trying to look “thug” or “ghetto”?? it just looks silly.

cstone08 on

Is she trying to look “thug” or “ghetto”?? cause she just looks silly.

john on

She looks ridiculous…enough said.

Guest on

What has she done? The only good thing about this ensemble is her shoes. Normally I don’t like to criticize celebs, or anyone, but she looked so much prettier and put together before. In my opinion, no one should wear an outfit like that, I don’t care who you are.

notsoskinny on

She’s 20. Who cares what her hair looks like. She’s going to change in a million times before she’s 40. Her body is amazing!!! Lot of hard work to look like that!

Foxtrotter on

Miley, are you starved for attention?

Connie` on

She looks really happy so who are we to judge?! She’s young, has talent and money, and doesn’t have many responsibilities besides herself and her career. So as long as she isn’t hurting herself (with drugs and stuff) then she can look anyway she wants. I think she is a pretty young lady, with a rocking body and pretty eyes. So have fun in your youth and while your don’t have kids.

PM on

She is really going down the wrong road. I never thought she was pretty anyway. I can’t even stand the way she talks, it’s just so annoying. The gold tooth and grill is so weird along with everything else she has on!!

Anna on

Good for her not conforming. I love that she does her own thing. Gorgeous girl..

Bkable on

Her hair makes her mouth look really big… I think she should grow it back unfortunately

PennyG on


Megan on

This is NOT about her character or personality or her personally…..but I think we are starting to see why Miley & Liam’s relationship isn’t working. They seem very different. She is very out there, edgy..and he seems very quiet and reserved. I am wondering if he is getting tired of this…?

liz on

Why I$ Miley Cyru$’$ $mile $o $parkly?

Ivixen on


bt on

She’s a beautiful girl, but she should let the 90s look rest in peace. That decade had worse fashion than the 80s!

Chon on

She is truly struggling after leaving Disney trying to grow up over night and thinking that it’s okay to “push the envelope”. I don’t see any true talent in her. This look just adds to the “look at me” thing she has going on. She is just another Lindsay Lohan waiting in the wings.

Bekky on

I think Miley wants to be more rapper like Snoop Dogg and Rhinda and others. I don’t like her and her clothes.

Didiwags on

She is going to look back one day and ask why no one told her she looked so horrid! Well like intervention horrid!

gris on

MySpace Launch Party????

cloudninegirl on

She was stunningly beautiful when she had long hair and natural makeup. :(

Jen DC on

those things are horrible for your teeth.

GN on

This girl is way too needy for attention all the time. Guess she’s worried she won’t stay relevant in the People/TMZ/E! world. Run, Liam, run like the wind! Just say no.

Laura on

Her style is a little bizarre and a little tacky imo….

Surfs up on

I’m all for self expression but she looks raggedy, overdone, and a bad time warp from the eighties. How can someone spend so much to look so cheap?

Karen Britton on

Loose the grill, it distorts your mouth.

Ava on

The hair is fine. The grill…hilarious.

notimpressed on

She’s beginning to look like Adam Lambert, only not as pretty :o)

notimpressed on

She looks like Adam Lambert, but not as pretty

Puddytat72 on

Why is Justin Bieber wearing red lipstick?

RJR on

LOVE the hair… I think she looks adorable, minus the pants and grill.

Patty on

The change that Miley has been doing as far as the new hairdo and the clothes and tattoos is ridiculous… My grandaughters used to worship her now I would be really upset to see them copy her crazy change… You were beautiful before now you are going down the wrong path…

Gargy on

Crest Toothpaste

Opinonated on


LOL on

Can’t stand her and that nasal voice of hers. And those gums. Eeeeeeeeeeeesh. Go away please.

Poppy on

She looks like an idiot.

LOL on

Can’t stand that nasal voice of hers and those gums. Calgon take me away!!!!!!

Karen on

She looks like a hooker.

jlk on

obviously she loves the shock factor but she was much more beautiful inside and out before. the last song is around the time I thought well of her. I wish someone would tell her that leaving something for the imagination is much more classy. all the $ money in the world can’t buy class or even make u a badass wannabe. very sad that she seems to have forgotten how many young fans look up to her.

TJ on


Gimme a break! on

Geez, I don’t even think Kendra still wears her grill!

Kay on

Retainers are an accessory now?

catsmeow on

Stop being so mean and judgmental people. Experimenting with looks, etc is pretty normal thing to do at that age and nothing wrong with it. I think she looks cute.

e on

Another Lindsay and Amanda in the making.

Miley Cyrus shows up at event with gold tooth grill, safety pin in ear (Video) | Pack 6 – Palo Alto on

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Julie on

someone should tell her that less isn’t always more

maryhelenc on

Her fashion sense is a little odd, but she rocks it.

However, I’m glad we’re done speculating about her ring finger.

Anne on

Who said that looking like an idiot is appropriate for someone in their 20’s. Don’t most mature adults dress like adults after they graduate college and get a job? I know she’s an artist, but please. She’s young, but she’s not a teen anymore. Nobody can really get away with that look, but if you’re going to sport an ensemble like that, it should be set aside for someone 18 and younger. Geez….can you imagine dressing like this at 25 or 27 or 20 for that matter? People would think that you’re a mental case.

betty smith on

Yuck, Yuck, Yuck… Miley what are you doing to yourself? You used to be so pretty. What a shame :(.

Iggy Poindexter on

looks like she won the tug-of-war with a wino down at the Salvation Army over the jeans

CinSweet on

Miley is so pretty! I looooove the hair. However, the grill has to go. She’s doing too much instead of just being herself.

Edie on

I realize she’s at that young age and wants to express herself, however, I fear that she is being influenced by the WRONG people.

jOE on

In this photo she looks like she shopped at Goodwill, got her hair done at GreatClips and has really bad bridge work in her mouth. Stop putting her in photos.

Edward on

ew !

map2010wireless on

I think its just sad.

map2010wireless on

Its to bad shes gone crazy.

Cindy on

Don’t like the hair. And her mouth is so big. Those teeths, ugghh. Sorry, she’s not pretty at all. She looks so old now. With her longer hair she’s better looking.

stella on

she is so odd.

aja on

For those people with mean comments, remember that Miley is only 19 or 20 years old. She’s in a place where she’s figuring out who she is. In a few years she will look back on this, wonder what she was thinking, and chuckle. There’s no reason to be rude.

Liz on

Honestly I think she looks like a butch blow-up doll. No thank you! lol

mike on

You guys are really jelaous of Miley. She looks gorgeous and I love her so much.

Kim on

2 Words!! HOT MESS!!

desperate on

she is always trying too, too hard!

Ali on

jOE- What exactly do you mean they have to “stop putting her in photos”? Because she shows up for photos, man! She likes getting them taken, especially while dressed like this!

Guest on

looks like a dude in drag, not cute little miley!

Jmason on

I am a mother of 3- one day you will look back at yourseft and say “What was I thinkging…why didn’t someone stop me from going out in public like this?” Someone needs to tell you. – You look just ridiculous.

Jessy on

Those gums and big mouth. Only 20? She looks older than that.

Good Tx Girl on

The hair is tolerable but those close? Girl please…..

tulmon on

I’m really not trying to be mean or judgmental, but she kinda looks like Justin Bieber.

Rita Ora Is the Next Material Girl | FFBlogs on

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Shaniqua on

WTF? I have NEVER seen a white person with a mouth full of gold. LOL. And those pants. LMAO. I get you have a rocking body…but this is sloppy and well….you are too white to be dressing like this.

Julesy on

Will someone pleaaase get this poor Miley a psychiatrist? She obviously and desperately needs some mental help.

Beth on

You know what – she’s young and having fun – she looks like she’s experimenting. Leave her alone – she looks gr8 and has the body to prove it. Keep having fun.

gingersnapp on

lol is it 2005 because grills are out but i lover her style

Just Me on

She looks like she’s biting down on a razor blade. Ewww!

jacqueline on

miley i am so disapointed i lv ur music but what u are wearing is horible u may be havi probs it doesny mean u have to take them out on yuor clothes what hapened to your hair i used to look up to u but now i am going to take a rethink about my rowmodel

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[…] stranger to strange fashion statements, Miley Cyrus made readers go grrrr with her gold diamond grill accessory, which she paired with crazy Ashish pants. Whatever happened to basic black and […]

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CIN on


Abducted Teen's Happy Prom Ending Lifts Readers' Spirits | Celebrity News & Alerts on

[…] stranger to strange fashion statements, Miley Cyrus made readers go grrrr with her gold diamond grill accessory, which she paired with crazy Ashish pants. Whatever happened to basic black and […]

Lisa on

Omg Miley is so copying Madonna from the early 80s .
She’s comes off so desperate and trying so hard to be sexy and edgy. Sorry Miley hair and make up wont make you sexy, you either are or your NOT

Noodles on

she looks like vanilla ice in heals.

innostranka on

she’ll be taking amanda bynes’ place in a few months…

Carol on

You my dear are no Annie Lennox. Just come out of the closet

Spac Andrei on

you look mizerable Miley,you disappointed us all,we miss the previous Miley Cirius!you spoiled child

Miley Cyrus Grill on

[…] Miley Cyrus Wears a Grill (Enough Said) […]

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