Ireland Baldwin Takes On Her Haters; Preaches Acceptance

04/30/2013 at 11:33 AM ET

Ireland Baldwin modelingBeckwith/NY Post/Splash News Online

Since making her modeling debut in early April, Ireland Baldwin has experienced the excitement of her career taking off — as well as plenty of judgmental comments.

So the teenage daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger took to her Tumblr to address her “haters” and to ask for a cease fire.

“What I don’t fully understand is: What is the good in commenting on a photo of a 17-year-old girl and calling her fat, ugly, etc.?” she asks in the post. “Is that helping you in some way? … Personally, I try to see the beauty in everyone. … I even see the beauty in the people who send me hateful replies!”

She also continues on to say that to compare her to her mom (or to hold her accountable for her dad’s previous behavior) is unfair.

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“I am not my parents. My mom is one of the most beautiful women in the world,” she writes, “Let’s not forget, I also have a Dad too, so genetically speaking, I wasn’t built to look like my Mom’s identical twin!”

She continues to defend her father, saying “I get hateful replies and threats regarding mistakes of my Dad’s past. This isn’t fair. I had nothing to do with anything that happened back then, so I don’t fully understand why I am being targeted. More importantly, my Dad has moved on.”

Tell us: What do you think of Baldwin’s blog?

–Alex Apatoff

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Colleen on

I agree with her!!! She is a 17 year old GIRL and people forget that!!!! I think she is stunning….. And both of her parents are good looking people, so to only compare her to her mother is unfair. Are people blaming her for her Dad calling her a selfish little pig or whatever it was he called her!? Lmao serious she was 11 at the time and I think her dad was at fault for calling her that and KIM def. leaked the message. Lets hope his new daughter won’t be a little pig also!

Pam on

@Colleen we all make mistakes, some people just live those mistakes out in the public eye. I think you totally missed the whole point of this article. She said her dad has moved on, it seems like he is a better person now. My mother called me worse when I was a child and hit me too, but nobody cared. So what Alec did wasn’t that bad. People make mistakes when they are angry or upset and he and Kim B. seemed to be going through some rough times with each other then.

ST on

I’m sure anything she is experiencing is via the internet! People are purely evil and petty and very jealous. Is this new? No, people have been like that since the beginning of time, with the internet, it’s very clear in a few seconds what’s in the minds of so many, very scary. I prefer the company of my animals, versus people. Animals are pure goodness, can’t say that about most people unfortunately!

Kim on

‘You are beautiful, no matter what they say. Words can’t bring you down.’ Stay positive, stay grounded and never stop believing there is good in people – for some it’s just tucked away under their own personal baggage!

caroline on

She looked so much prettier and naturally gorgeous with her dark hair. “I don’t fully understand” why she bleached her already gorgeous hair. If she doesn’t want to be compared to her mom maybe she should lay off the bleach…

susan on

Sounds like a very smart young lady. Her parents did something right! Thrive, Ireland, Thrive!

ginny on

After all of the constant churn that this young lady was exposed to during her parents divorce I see a well balanced, self assured, stunning person. People should never judge celebrity children based on their parents issues. But, I do have to say, when I look at the picture in the article, I feel like I am looking at her mother when she first started her career. Ireland is a true beauty.

Amy on

So, @caroline, did you come on here simply to prove her point?

JRoo on

It amazes me how much hate people feel for celebrities. They are rich and “famous” because we make them so. If we didn’t buy the mags, watch the movies or comment online, they would just be normal people who “happen” to entertain us now and then. I thought it said in the Bible “to have no other gods before me” but you put these people up on pedestals and expect them to do no wrong. They are human, just like us.

Brian on

Sounds like she’s way too concerned about comments made by people she doesn’t know move on!

nlc on

Caroline – really? A 17 year old girl is blogging about people criticizing her looks and you join in with negative comments about her appearance. Very mature of you. I certainlt hope that you do not have any children because you do not lead well example too well!

Tiffany on


kim on

wow. i am very impressed with how she conducted herself and her maturity level. too bad most adults arent this mature. kim and alec did a good job raising her.

Beauty on

Haters will always hate. They have nothing better to do. You are a lovely person. Go and live a lovely life. Don’ let these people bring you down to their level

Meena on

I agree with everything you said, young lady. Live long and prosper!

ben on

why do people go out of their way to pick on other people ? this is a nation founded on diversity . leave her alone, she is beautiful. let her , her mom and her dad live their lives. it is their business.

Sandy on

Well said. Brave girl.

mel burns on


Eddie M Briley Jr on

Ireland Baldwin is an extremely beutiful young woman. Forget all those haters, and use what God gave you.Your dad Alec is one of the best actors in Hollywood, as well as your mother, so you are DESTINED for greatness!!!

Ryry on

If you don’t want people’s input, don’t put yourself out there and try so hard to get attention. If you want to be a model, you’re going to have people comment on your looks.

LuluAZ on

@Brian….yes – she is way too concerned (she’s a teenager) and she doesn’t know how to move on (she’s a teenager.) What exactly is your point?

Mica on

On the one hand, I commend her for speaking intelligently about this.

On the other hand, she chose to enter the public eye via a very public profession and if she can’t ignore the negative comments she should lead a more private life and pick a more private career.

truth on

I like her!!

manomer on

First….she should not read peoples comments b/c lord knows there are so many negative, hateful people out there that are just jumping at the chance to make others just as miserable as they are…..many many on here. She will grow a thick skin soon enough and will learn not to care what people think. You could be a perfect person and there would still be SOMEONE out there that hates you for some reason.

deliah on

Haters write mean comments to pretty girls out of JEALOUSY. They look at a picture or video, and become immediately insecure and out spews the hate. It starts as babies fighting over pacifiers, children over who gets the most attention, and continues thru adulthood. Of course, THE HATERS don’t want any negative attention, they just want to give it. I’m beautiful myself, and when I see another beautiful girl, I compliment her. I’m not insecure, haha.

deliah on

PLUS….. secure girls stand up for themselves, as she is doing. I would too.

Anonymous101 on

“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” #Oprahlifeclass

Katieii on

For a 17 year old she seems like she has a pretty good outlook on life. More people could learn from the statements she has made.

Caroline on

She needs to grow up and understand that when someone with no talent, and who hasn’t had to work hard to get into a career that is hard to break into, and takes jobs from real people who HAVE put in the time it takes, are going to be jealous and rightfully feel that she doesn’t deserve it.

Jujubes on

First, she’s beautiful. Not fat. She’s not stick skinny, but she’s statuesque and healthy.

Second, she’s right. I am a parent and sometimes when I am angry I can say something I will regret. We are all human. Find me a parent who has never made a mistake! We learn from our mistakes, that’s the most important part.

Third, if these haters are required to give out their real names and pictures, I bet they will think thrice before spewing obnoxious and hateful comments.

S on

Well said

Sarah on

What an articulate, classy, and well-poised 17-year-old! Looking at how some celebrity kids from turned out or the lack of being a good role model that younger celebrities around her age, or a bit older are doing, she is a great example for all women out there. Not only does she have the maturity at 17, to decide what kind of career she wants and to look at her future, she also has the class to be mature about the bullying situation and address it head on with a speech that makes sense and is well-written. I also think she is very level-headed for a young woman, separating that she is her own woman, and that her parents have made mistakes, but she doesn’t drag the drama into her own life, as many people, even older than her do. She is not holding a grudge and has moved on. This young lady is a class act. I admire her maturity and the lack of drama she seems to be surrounding herself with. She also seems highly intelligent as well. Those are excellent qualities that will make her feel confident and make her successful in life.

Watching young celebrities like Taylor Swift jump from boy to boy, Kim Kardashian- walking down the aisle, creating a web of drama around her, Lindsay Lohan, Miley Cyrus, and Amanda Bines- drinking, smoking it up, and getting engaged like marriage is a game is so unattractive and unappealing. Ireland has all these young celebrities beat in everything, and she will do well. I credit her maturity to her parents, although they may have made mistakes, they seem to have raised a very well-rounded daughter, who has come into herself in a very positive way.

Izzie on

I’ll comment: What is a 17-year-old girl doing posing in provocative pictures (such as the one accompanying this piece)? What has this 17-year-old girl accomplished to allow her to lecture others? She is yet another child rushing to grow up before she is emotionally ready.

me on

Actually you should expect comparisons. Naïve little girl. You are a model BECAUSE of who your parents are. YOU are putting yourself out there to be judged and because your mom was a beautiful model you WILL be judged by that. Unfortunately because you do have a dad and part of his genes you will not even be close to being as beautiful as your mother was at your age. You are average and a little pudgy at best. Not hating just saying. You should wish to be a mini of your mother but alas you are not so don’t bank on modeling. Go to college and study and learn. You might bank on the little beauty you do have with a little bit more brains.

lydiaferguson on

I Agree, Now This Is what I Call a Mature Young Lady!

pinkdaisy344 on

Smart young lady.

Jen DC on

Keep this level a head on your shoulders and you’ll go far in “show business.”

Haters Suck on

@Caroline..It seems as though the people that are criticizing her are not those that have put in work and effort to do something with their life. She is being criticized by those that are jealous of her beauty and probably her money. She was lucky to be born into wealth. Is it her fault, no. Does it open her up to great opportunities that others don’t have, yes it does..don’t hate appreciate..

clb728 on

Ireland is beautiful and stunning… and maturing into a beautiful young woman. She should not have to defend her parents. The negative comments should stop as she is a teenager and should not have answer such hateful opinions or comments. I wish her a wonderful career in modeling or whatever else she chooses to do.

cara on

shes a child, why would anyone pick on her.leave her alone,she is 17 figuring out what to do in life. what type of bullies pick on a random girl they dont know.shes a pretty girl and dont compare her to her parents.

she can be a model if she wants to,she is pretty. if anything teen girls need self esteem and not to be bullied or insulted.

none of us chose who our parents are. she has gorgeous genes on both sides

i think people are jealous, how many of you looked that gorgeous at 17?

Nancy on

I think she’s right. Way too much hate in this world. She is not her mother or her father but a product of. She is an individual.

cara on

she reminds me of a younger christina applegate

Iylana on

I agree with her. Unfortunately, there will always be negative losers out there who will dwell on any little thing from the past to drag up some hate for the present day. They want to keep it going for some twisted, weird reason. They seem to be immature and shallow with nothing going on in their own lives….obviously.

Laurel on

Wow, she seems incredibly mature for 17 yrs. old and extremely well-adjusted and confident…good for her

MsM on

Well said, Ireland. Unfortunately, though, you cannot feed the animals. Once you do, they will keep coming back for more. So expect even more mean and judgmental comments from here on in, as they will want you to keep reacting/responding. Ignoring them and going on to have a fabulous modeling career is really the best revenge.


She’s right… before comment forums, people didn’t have a way to voice their negativity & hatred without being held accountable. Now EVERYONE has an opinion and it’s sad that so many of them are hateful. She is a beautiful girl. And it’s a good thing she thinks her mom is too because she looks SO much like her.

Annie on

Keep your head up! Let the haters hate, they have nothing better to do. Your a beautiful girl with a wonderful future ahead of you. Stay positive

dani on

Although I agree with her, I don’t see her having that “it” factor that makes a model stand out. If she wasn’t the daughter of Kim and Alec – I don’t think she’d have gotten the modeling gig.

Valarie on

I agree!!! Get over it people, I dont understand what benefit people get by being mean to someone else. You have NO IDEA what their life is like and it really should not matter. I think she is a beautiful girl and the way she just presented herself she is beautiful inside and out.

Cosia on

awww it’s like she doesn’t know Haterade is the internet’s only use LOL

huh on

another average hollywood kid with their head up their ass thinking because they put on tons of makeup and less than an ounce of clothing, that they are “sexy”. No you’re not! No talent, no beauty, nothing but an unrealistic view that your parents long faded success is somehow yours. Get over yourself and go buy a clue nitwit!

Myla Cree on

She like a very mature and bright girl. I’m sure she’ll make a great big sister. She is lovely.

Sammi on

I agree with her, and think that she’s stunning! In that pic she looks exactly like her mother.

Ireland Baldwin Takes On Her Haters in a Bold Blog Post | electronicselectronics on

[…] Link: Ireland Baldwin Takes On Her Haters in a Bold Blog Post […]

Edie on

She’s right! We can all learn from her. HER DAD can REALLY take a few lessons from his daughter.

Brooke on

She’s cute – what’s the problem with everyone?

Suzanne on

This girl is GORGEOUS!! It’s too bad her dad is Alec though. Good luck to her

confessionsfromtheborderline on

I thought her post was nicely written. She seems like a sweet girl.

Smithy on

Here’s the best advice Addie —- ignore and keep your mouth shut publicly.

Astrid on

The only reason she’s famous is because of her parents. In my eyes she’s not a model. That’s my opinion. She’s certainly not fat though.

Awwwshucks on

She is wise beyond her years and I could learn much from her.

Danielle on

We hate your father for the names he called when you were little…………….( dirty pig) …..’s no excuse for that ever…….but we love you and I hope that your modeling career will be a success.

Guest on

Ireland, you’re beautiful; both your parents are gorgeous. Please take no notice of unkind, ungenerous, negative comments by people who have nothing better to do. Geez people, get a life. First picking on Willow, now picking on Ireland – it’s almost like the beauty of these young girls, causes ugliness to come out of some people. I truly don’t know sometimes what to think of human nature. We have been so blessed and we act so spoiled and self-entitled sometimes. Will we ever grow up.

amaryllis on

Actually, I think she’s very beautiful. There will always be haters and people who compare.

Jenifer on

How, pray tell, does she have time for all this and her studies? How about sticking to the books and launching all this post-college?

litamega on

Well, first off, Kim Basinger’s daughter DOES NOT look like her mother at all…and yes, she is riding the fame train off of her would be highly doubtful that a major modeling agency would just sign her up. No matter how much she denies it, the fame of her parents is what got her famous.

litamega on

Her mother is an iconic beauty…sorry no comparions whatsoever.

Gianna Ferrari on

Ireland is gorgeous, and people are going to hate on her. Behind every successful woman is a pack of haters. Be proud of your accomplishments, as well as those of others.

Xena on

This young lady is breathtaking, I have no clue who would even think otherwise, perhaps jealous low-lives who feel better when they make others miserable? Can’t wait to see Ireland thrive in her modeling career, she has a grace about her that is very rare to find.

Alysa on

GOOD FOR HER!!!!!!!!! I could not believe the hateful CRUEL and COLD comments about this BEAUTIFUL young lady. SHE IS BEAUTIFUL, gorgeous. Anything negative is just pure jealousy!

Sparkle on

I think it’s really sad that a 17 year old girl has to even address this kind of hatred. Unfortunately the internet brings out the worst in people and they act like trolls hiding behind their computer screens. I hope she can ignore the hate and enjoy being young and beautiful.

a on

She is gorgeous!

Jenna on

She may not want to be judged based on her parents but lets be real, if it werent for her parents, she wouldn’t be making her modeling debut. That being said, If only all teens could be as bright as this one. She certainly doesn’t look exactly like her mom but has a unique beauty all her own. Lord, if I were judged by my parents mistakes, I’d probably be walking around with a bag over my head. It’s too bad so many spiteful, envious people live in this world…. She’s a beautiful girl and I wish her all the best!

ray on

wow, what a beautiful girl/ woman. she is making it her own, good for her.

yosemite sam on

u owe no one any explanation what so ever…so just tell peeps get a life and i dont answer to u …….who the heck cares what people think……….

Guest on

FedEx, mistakenly delivered a package to their house, in Ammagansett, instead of ours, and it never turned up. They took our stuff !!!

liarlairpantsonfire on

girl; stop reading the comments!!! teens are so emotional, and every thought does not need to be shared. many times people post to get a reaction, and what they post has nothing to do with the article/picture.

Spirit of the Raven Creations Zazzle on

I support the comment of ST, I too prefer animals, there are unconditional and not so full of negative baggage. Most people who choose to make negative comments, are loaded down with their own issues. Jealously yes is one of them. The world would truly be better if people just would learn how to love themselves, so they would stop projecting their own negative self image towards others..Sad, yet true… I also prefer animals… Humans have so much to learn yet.

sallowtrees on

Her mother hasn’t told her the most important thing: DO NOT REACT. It’s exactly what they want, and they love it. Silence is empowering. Make them small and they will be small; engage, and you look silly and weak and you are getting in the ring with them. Big mistake. Learn from LeAnn Rimes and Miley and others; social media will chew you up. DO NOT REACT.

She is very young, yes, which is why she doesn’t understand what people “get” from doing such things. After she takes a psych class or two she will know that there are very specific “brain highs” that come from such activity. It’s been that way forever, long before the Internet.


britt on

@Caroline…Jealous and resentful much? Is it her fault that she was born into a family that happened to be able to help her jump start her career? That’s like saying that no child should take over their family business because someone else has worked in the field longer…I mean would your parents say “sorry, I know this is our family business and I’ve worked hard at it, but I am going to give it to someone else because they have been working here longer.” Now, go out there and pound the pavement. I think not. Yes, she is in the spotlight, but what gives us the right to judge? We aren’t God. Most of us have no room to talk, but hiding behind a computer screen will make some people act like they are God. Keep your negative opinions to yourself. That’s what’s wrong with the world; to much hatred towards others for having something you don’t

Villa on

Glad to see that she is very mature for her age 17.

Neenah on

Dear Ireland, I saw you and your Dad at “Whole Food” one Saturday afternoon and you passed me to get through the check out line just to pass throough and you are naturally beautiful (look lots like your Mom) and you were so polite. Don’t let the “haters” get you down. Your are great and so well mannered. Please enjoy your youth and don’t grow up too fast. It’s not as easy or as great as you may think now.

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