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Madonna's Daughter Lourdes Goes Green - With Her Hair, That Is

04/29/2013 at 03:01 PM ET

Lourdes Green Hair Elder Ordonez/INF

New love, new do?

Madonna‘s daughter Lourdes Leon, 16, appears to be following in her mother’s experimental footsteps, stepping out in N.Y.C. over the weekend with a new emerald-tinted hairdo.

Though her new hue is wild, Lourdes kept the rest of her clothing (including a graphic tee and high-waist jeans) relatively simple. She could pass for any other N.Y.C. teen who had a little fun in the hair dye aisle at the Duane Reade.

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Madonna has said she needs to be a tougher parent to her daughter (and business partner — the two launched Material Girl together), but we have a hard time believing that the queen of transformation would object to her kid giving a new haircolor a shot.

Tell us: What do you think of Lourdes’s green locks?

–Alex Apatoff

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Showing 103 comments

Megan on

Honestly, in this day and age where kids can get into so much trouble, if that’s the worst thing she does as a teenager, then I’m all for it.

Mel on

She’s only 16 – let her have fun with her hair. And I suppose since she’s in business with her mother that makes it alright to follow her on the street and take her photo without one of her parents nearby? I thought there were laws protecting celebrity kids who are underage. I guess not. Maybe one of her parents is around and just not included in the photo?

Guest on

It looks like sh!t, but okay. Don’t do drugs and you’re good. Thumbs up

Guest on

I used to love to due my hair… Let her have fun!

thenitenurse on

Lola just needs to keep mommy happy so that she keeps getting all that lovely trust fund money. Unfortunately she’ll probably end up like most trust fund babies and just waste pointless hours in nightclubs all over the world.

Marissa on

My daughter had hers done but she dyed it purple. Other girls in her school did the same. Hers is not permanent dye. It washes off within a few days.

catsmeow on

Doesn’t look any worse than what I see my teenaged family members post on FB daily.. lol

Kim Mozingo on

She is so unattractive:(

Zow on

problem child and not surprised………..

OhMy! on

Someone please buy that girt a tweezer!

mopps on

Looks so natural. About as natural as an African American with blond hair.

moe on

she’s gorgeous regardless! Even if she shaved her hair off she would still be beautiful!

Molly25 on

She is 16! PEOPLE, why are you encouraging readers to weigh in on a teenager’s hair color? Although I doubt Lourdes is reading this post, but really, it this necessary? You’re basically inviting people to bash this girl’s looks. Adults are fair game, but teenagers? Come on.

jenn on

LOVE IT!!!!!!

jenn on

LOVE IT!!!!!

Warren on

Honestly, I do not think this is the worse thing that she did. There are more important things to worry. If that’s the worse thing, she could do then let her experiment. She is a teenager and just having fun. Boys and girls her age do that type of thing.

vickie on

i agree with molly25

Tee on

I don’t care for it, but she’s 16, it’s fine and I’d say normal/usual for a teen to experiment with hair colors, clothes, etc. What she needs is to shorten her eyebrow length and thin them, they look horrible.

Snarky much? on

Love that she’s confident enough to do it and she’s beautiful!

Amy on

She is a very pretty girl………..

Guest101018 on

Looks more like she dyed her locks blonde then went swimming to me.

JaMamma on

Poor, unfortunate looking girl.

Megan on

Experimentation with your appearance is an important part of discovering who you are and what you like. It’s not permanent, and you don’t read about her out getting DUI’s.

Reese Witherspoon has blonde hair, is attractive, clean cut, etc., and always came off as so innocent and simple as AN ADULT, but look at the fool she made of herself last week.

If this is the WORST that Lourdes is doing, then she’s doing all right. Let her be a kid.

mindy on

My daugher is 17 and has dyed her hair all kinds of crazy colors. The teen years are the time to do that, when they’re not going on serious job interviews. If this is the worst she experiments with, big deal. It hasn’t kept my daughter from a 3.9 GPA and getting into every college she applied to.

Donna on

It’s not the hair that bothers me. It is her eyebrows that go way to far past the edge of her eye. Learned from a professional make-up artist they should stop right at the edge of her eye. Just an observation.

Sam on

What business is it of ours is it whether we like her hair or not. The whole point is that it’s her hair, and she can do what she wants with it. That being said, I LOVE it. It’s a bold statement that says “I know who I am and what I want, and if you don’t like it then get out of my way.”

Chrisesmom on

She looks so unhappy for someone her age.

confessionsfromtheborderline on

Kim, you’re discussing a child here. So how about not being so hateful? I wouldn’t tell a dog that they were “so unattractive,” much less another human being. Keep your nastiness to yourself and spare the rest of the world.

Pepper on

Big deal; it’s a fad. Pretty green, though.

Jennifer on

She looks amazing! Love the green hair!!!!!

Carrie M on

She’s a kid – let her be. I fried my hair when I was that age!! It was so bad it looked like straw! Ah, memories…..

Bakla on

Is it just me or it’s just her boobs that caught my attention firs?!

VB on

Yuck. Her prerogative.

Caroline on

The next Lindsay Lohan. Train wreck. She’s already smoking cigarettes, and I’m sure it’s way worse than that. Why did Madonna adopt 2 more kids when she’s obviously not parenting this one?

Andrea on

Screw the green hair. Those brows need some tending to.

Kara on

Must be a slow news day……

D on

Kid’s will be kid’s as they say…. She’s experimenting like most kid’s do. No big deal. My hair was magenta at that age. It comes out!



susan on

To me this is just it’s a phase she’s going through. I give it a month, before she’d get sick of it and changes back her hair color.

Thelma on

Lourdes looks like Madonna when she was young, she is a beautiful and very intelligent girl. She is also a business partner with her mother, she designs the clothing, which I must say is beautiful, since my daughter buys it! She is not out there partying and on drugs, so people stop being mean and remember how you were when you were 16!

salia on

She’s just being a kid. Let her be.

Alice on

Looks much better than the grape koolaid job, Kelly Osborne has. Needs a touch up job though I see her roots.

Crazy for you on

When I was her age
I had body percing and pink hair
.4 my birthday last yrs I had red hair.
Every teen in America does same thing
Dye hair get body Percing . Yell at Their parent
I hated you . Went through window to stay later .
Made out in car. Somke pot . Had sex at prom .
But when I was growin up . We never iPad or iPhone
You know teen now have easy .

ty on

If this is it at 16, I don’t see a problem. When Taylor Momsen was her age she was a far more crazy teenager.

Jana on

A beautiful girl … Like her mother
Love it

Ciparliamo on

Nobody says anything about Kelly Osbornes lilac hair……so whats the big deal about this??

Guest on

You are all a bunch of racist haters! When the same article appeared about Will Smith’s hair, you ‘all’ left horrible comments about her, but surprisingly, a rebellious hair style on Madonna’s daughter is no big deal. Willow is much more happier and stable then Lourdes and Lourdes looks like she’s almost 30.

Sharon on

Green hair is not that bad, she seems like a typical teenager to me.

Amy on

Glad to see she can be a normal teenage girl:)

Smells Like Kardashian on

Madonna who? She is just the offspring of a former star.
Why is this news?

BH on

That girl is stacked.

Izzy on

If this is the worst thing she’s doing, then go for it. Lord knows we have enough celebrities around her age doing worse.

TEXAS13 on

Who really cares…just is just doing what teenagers do. Lucky if that is all she is doing

Lake on

My daughter is the same age and is not allowed to dye her hair. I’ve told her when she’s 18 and out of high school she can go for it. I won’t stop her, but I’ve spent alot of years explaining to her how damaging it is to hair to constantly color it. She’s never seen me do it so she knows not “everyone” is doing it…. Hair isn’t “just hair” to me. I’ve raised her that taking care of yourself is important – skin, hair etc. It’s about self-respect. I see too many girls that have parents, especially mothers, who do not care and are not involved in what they do.

blair on

Why look like an alien?

Julie on

In reply to Kim M, do you really need to bash the looks of a 16 year old girl. Do you not remember how fragile a teenage girl’s self esteem is at that age. We are just learning about ourselves and developing our own values. Rather than bully lets encourage.


Poor girl….. looks like her father!! EWWW!!

Jude Stringfellow on

Loudes is beautiful in her own right. She is normal and that’s just about every mother’s desire.

Mom Of Twins on

Madonna’s daughter, Madonna’s business. Not what I would allow my 16 year daughter, if she was 16.

Mandy on

I think she’s giving the photographer the finger.

Nicole on

I did strange colors to my hair as a kid. I wasn’t a bad kid, either. She is just being a kid. If this is all mom has to worry about then there is NO problem.

Rfirefly on

The green hair is bizarre, but why is she holding a stainless steel syrup dispenser against her cheek. You wouldn’t think that the daughter of M would have to work at iHop. “Hmm the bottom of this dispenser looks a little sticky – wonder if it would stick to my face”. Huh? Oh yeah – be right there

Jack on

I hope that she grows up with better morals than her mother.

Steven Ravit on

Really, Madonna’s kid? Not Madonna? Her hair color is news? Forgive me but I forgot what constitutes this as being news worthy? Her genetics makes it news worthy? I honestly believe that if it were possible some of these publications would print the bowel movement schedule of the “stars” if given the opportunity.

Marian Cobb on

Anything for attention, huh?

Tina on

Cool. It’s fun.

Maggie Klorman on


lis on

I have a daughter with blue in her hair and a daughter with orange in hers, I’m not sure why this is news. Most teenagers are experimenting with color in their hair, it’s not a big deal.

jsp81355 on

Not so much.

pinkdaisy344 on

Every girl loves to do that stuff to their hair, she’s a normal 16 year old. Have fun Lourdes!

dawn on

She is a beautiful young lady. The hair is no big deal, have fun, she is young. I also saw a comment about tweezing her eyebrows, they are fine. People stop being so mean, it is very unattractive!

Sun on

So? I have seen kids with purple, red, bright orange and all colors everyday. Let her be and she is only 16 still in high school.

paulhayles on

come on madonna lordues you are a natural pretty girl why you want to mess up what god gave you madonna her is some advance your daughter might me seeking attintion or going true a mid criss or bord find out why your daughter do theses things smoking shaving the head dying it green studies shows that kids rebel when tay hurting

Grace on

Like most of us that have tried different trends…

Perhaps when she gets older, she will look back at pics of herself with green hair and shake her head and say ” What was I thinking?”. smile

Merin on

Anything not permanent is great. Enjoy!

linda watson on

It’s only hair color. In her younger years my little one had every hair color under the sun, all washed out within a week or so.My towels did suffer though.

Nev on


john g on

a rich nut job like her mother

sandy on

oh poor Lourdes- bored with nothing more to do than color her hair green. sorry- a little late for St. Patty’s Day. She must be green with envy?!

bethann on

I am more concerned with how unhappy she looks.

Angie Corbett on

I think it’s great to allow young teens express themselves as they choose, as long as it is legal and not hurting themselves or anyone else, I believe it lessens the chances that they will grow up and rebel against the parents. My children have worn clothes and hairstyles that I disliked, but as long as it wasn’t inappropriate, I withheld my opinion, unless of course they asked.

Danielle on

Lourdes is young and beautiful, so, she can wear anything she wants and still be gorgeous.

Carmen on

Well she is her mother’s daughter. Which means she constantly needs attention. That’s how her mother stayed relevant all these years.

Leah on

Kim Mozingo …jealous of a child? Really?

Sarafina on

To those who have commented on her eyebrows…this is a definite improvement because she was born with a serious uni-brow. Check out the pics when she was younger and you’ll see…

Lisa on

pfffft…my mom was nothing like Madonna and I had green, blue, pink, cherry red, black….sometimes all at once…Crazy ol’ Madonna with her teenager acting like a teenager, what’s the world coming to?

diane on

what’s the big deal ??

sher on

It is cool. she is very young to do things fun before she becomes employed. I encourage my college sons to do things fun except piercing and tattooing unless they live out of our roof. I rather have them not doing stuff like drink and do drugs

TheGhostofBelleStarr on

Starved for attention just like her mom

Lisa on

My daughter put streaks of purple in her hair, it’s a fad and harmless. It washes off, seems like normal teenage girl stuff to me.

Lisa on

The people making negative comments, must be really unhappy or do not have children of their own. I will never understand the negativity aimed towards another human being, that none of us know.

Carol Senal on

She is a member of the lucky sperm club and nothing more.

Larry on

Must be a slow news day ???

Sydney Lea on

I think the hair color looks good on her like there’s only so many people that can pull it off and she’s one of them! Love it!

Guest on

Why is this news? Who cares.

ceewg on

I like it and I am a 74 year old fuddy duddy, Ha.

Ctista on

so just because she dyes some of her hair green it makes her a problem child? She’s just having fun and experimenting with her style.

Selfenchanted on

She’s having fun – good on her. I like that color.

T-800 on

She is really growing up to be quite a beautiful young woman. Definitely has that similar cuteness like her mom, especially in pics from her early career.

Jim on

Now this is what I call real important news…..

Tam on

No way I would allow my daughter to do this to her hair!

gigi on

Why would u bring attention to those out of control eyebrows with that color?lol

Linda on

This is better than tattooing her body up to be rebellious.


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