Britney Spears Has a New Favorite Outfit

04/25/2013 at 06:07 PM ET

Britney Spears outfits National Photo Group; Broadimage; Splash News Online

One thing you can never criticize Britney Spears for is lack of consistency. When she loves something, she really commits. She had an acid-wash jeans moment, a bandage-dresses moment — and these days, you’ll rarely see her without her new favorite look. In fact, she wore it three times in five days!

Consisting of a lace-inset, chevron-striped tee, Skinnytees leggings and velcro hi-tops, the star’s current go-to outfit has the blend of laid-back comfort and soccer mom functionality that Spears prefers as a busy mother of two.

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We’re impressed that she follows style director Andrea Lavinthal’s patented “if you love it, buy it in two colors” advice. And individually, all of these pieces are actually pretty cute. The top is amazing for a lazy day at the beach, the bottoms make her legs look great and hi-tops are totally on trend for the moment.

We’re not sure we’d put them all together at once — but of course, that’s why Spears’s style is simply inimitable.

Tell us: What do you think of Spears’s latest favorite look?

–Alex Apatoff

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Jane on

There’s some celebrities out there that really don’t care about fashion, Britney is one of them. Good for her! I love that she’s not afraid to look comfortable. Hollywood can be so shallow and fickle when it comes to beauty and fashion.

heyjay on

She lamost always looks like a slob.

Kasia on

She keeps it real. Kim K could learn something from her.

Amber on

All I have to say is who cares with what the celebrities wear!! Talk about things that are more important in life than what a damn celebrity has on, it is so frustrating to read such senseless information. I need to be one of ya’lls bloggers because I could add more exciting information than this!!!

katylaroo on

Kasia, agreed! At least she’s not wearing evening gowns every time she steps out of the house. Regular people wear clothes multiple times, I admire her for being down to earth!

menotyou on

So what. At least she doesn’t put on airs. She really IS like the rest of us and doesn’t seem to care who knows it. Unlike Reese Witherspoon, who thinks her sh!t doesn’t stink.

I. Keaton on

Is she preggers?

katy on

Does anyone know who the top is by? I like it

Embee on

The only thing consistant is the shoes, they are three different pairs of yoga pants…one black, one navy and one with some pattern and ruching on the side….the yellow top twice probably washed in between……..leave the girl alone, she wears what she likes…..good for her..


The one on the right reminds me of Charlie Brown’s sweater.

Lena on

I actually really like the leggings and top. Pair it with some cute flats instead of those clunky tennis shoes.

erica2 on

The outfit is atrocious times 3 I wish she would take her tacky fashions and go away for good

amylia on

Good for you Britney, for doing what you want and wearing what you want and not conforming to Hollywood’s insanely shallow standards. So she wore an out fit multiple times. Pretty sure we have all done that at some point with a new outfit thar we love. She always seems so down to earth.

Guest on

She wears shoes that cover her psoriasis, leave the girl alone… I wear the same yoga pants (I have 6 pairs)

Kelly on

I adore Britney! She admits in interviews she does not care about doing it up when she leaves the house. It is nice to see a celebrity not take themself so seriously they need to wear heels to Target.

Standing On Two Fingers on

The top(s) are Free People. Bohemian, comfortable, festival type wear.

Kristin on

Katy, the top is free people. I have the same two that she is wearing and they are very comfortable and look sweet.

Avery on

I have that exact same dress in several colors and I wear it all the time! It’s super comfy and cute.

Snowbird on

I like it – good for her for not conforming.

KJM on

Gosh, you mean she’s just like the rest of us? Normal? Wears an outfit more than once? Oh the humanity!!

cakegirl on

INIMITABLE???? lololol I hardly think so.

ursula on

i think either she has gained weight or she is pregnant. she has a wonderful boyfriend now and is very happy, which is great.

Smells Like Kardashian on

a great look 40 years ago.

In Canada on

This makes me really like her.

Sash on

I like those tops so much!

labiz12 on

fashion police!!!!!!!!!!!

Kelley on

I think she looks pretty nice- good casual look and not trying to hard.

Drew on

The top is by Free People and it’s $88. Ive been wanting it for a while….but suddenly not so much anymore.

OnThree on

I love Britney Jean Spears, but for someone who has an unGodly amount of money, can’t she afford to dress better? I know she has a career and kids and might not have time to spend on herself, but that’s what personal shoppers are for.

Zoe on

I think People Magazine should quit picking on her. Obviously when she has down time she doesn’t put effort into looking like a “celebrity” so let her be. She obviously based on her past she needs a “normal” life or as much as can be so let her be. Quit judging her on this. She’s a good person, good mom, pays her taxes, doesn’t get into trouble so leave her be for awhile!!

jexsi on

I love it! I want to know where to get that top!!

deed on

That’s a cute top I like it in yellow. Britney just wears what she feels comfortable in and is care free. Even if she looks a bit sloppy, so what? She’s enjoying her day. I much prefer her carefree looks to being a snob like some of the other so-called fashionistas.

scarlettmama on

I love that she looks like a normal mom of 2 little boys. Refreshing to see in hollywood. THIS is normal. Dressing runway for errands is NOT.

Stacey on

She’s a train wreck who couldn’t WAIT to have kids and after all these years STILL does not have custody.

guest on

Stop bagging on her.

m on

its a dress from free people

scarlettmama on

Actually she does have shared custody of her children. Its her conservatorship you are thinking of. So get your facts straight.

She’s out with her children at their ball games, acting like a normal mom-thats more than lots of other women in hollywood do.

Alayna on

That’s b/c Britney isn’t high maintenance- she’s an incredibly talented performer and knows her craft well but the thing we love about Britney is she’s deep down a old southern girl and much prefers to wear uggs, cut off jeans and comfy trendy t-shirt.

Diana on

Those of us that live in the real world do not have a one time use wardrobe like most celebrities. Normal people wear their clothes more than once and (gasp!) maybe more than once a week. What was the point of this article ?

free people on

she’s wearing Free People slip. I love it too!!

WhoCares on

I just wish she would wash her hair…

Liz on

I think she looks great! Sometimes casual is the way to go, & she pulls it off well. She looks WAY better than she used to, & like a normal person might I add. Go Britney!!! Love u girl!

KT on

Sad to see the medium brown hair gone :( I loved it and it looks great on her!

Crick on

She’s a down home girl and that’s why she’s always been my favourite. Good for her for not giving two sh!ts what judgemental snobby magazines and the whole Hollywood attitude think.

Azul on

She the example that money can’t buy class or happiness .

Heather on

Most of us do wear the same outfit over again in a short amount of time. I don’t understand why it’s so bad for her to do it to…she’s just another human being like the rest of us…besides she looks comfortable.

angela on

I guess at least she has different socks on

Ann on

So what. End of story. In other news, I hope everyone
enjoys their summer and be good to one another. Feel
blessed and pass on good will. Thank you. :)

Annie on

I think Charlie Brown wants his outfit back. Bless her.

nice on

Jesus, get a stylist woman if you have zero sense of style which in her case seems even below zero.

D. on

Good on her for keeping it real. I wear shorts a skirt and slip on’s most days when I don’t have to make an effort. What’s the big deal. Can’t say I am a fan of this outfit but hey who am I to judge. Just a simple girl living on the coast.

Kate on

With all her money this is the best she can do? One word: Stylist.

nuel on

with all her money that’s her favourite? Good for her

Annette on

She is a consistent slob. She always appears greasy/dirty looking….smelly.

Pamela on

She might not care about fashion but those shoes..didn’t anyone tell her its Spring and not Winter..geez

Ann on

It must be a very slow day for news……..

mandy on

Some celebs wear the same thing a lot because then the paps have a heard time selling the pictures since all the pictures look the same. Jennifer Aniston said something about this when she wore a pair of cargo pants a lot years ago.

guest on

at least she changed her socks! :)

anais on

She’s acting normal, its what we all do, why shouldn’t she?

Paula on

I think this is great. Why criticize her for doing what we do? Who hasn’t worn the same pair of jeans multiple days in a week? Would it be better to wear things once like so many other celebrities?

DontTouchtheWatch on

The yellow one reminds me of Charlie Brown’s shirt.

whatever on

she’s like my “hipster” co-worker that has the same 3 shirts in rotation every week; I imagine laundry isn’t a big deal

Kim on

At least she doesn’t buy a dress for $1000 and only wear it once.

Karen on

You praise someone like Halle Berry yet criticize someone for this? Christina Aguilera wore the same black leggings for 3 years in a row and you don’t say anything. Someone has a vendetta.

Mary on

Train Wreck!!!

Erin on

I’m into the whole not caring about fashion thing, but c’mon! She looks a mess every time she’s out and about! I’m by no means rich but at least put a little effort in the way I dress. A hair brush, nice pair of jeans and a simple t-shirt goes a long way.

jsp81355 on

What’s with those funky, clunky looking shoes?

Nicole on

I think she looks really cute/comfy! It’s true, the way you dress is different when you are a mom, it’s hard to chase after your kids in sky high heels. BTW the first outfit is super flattering!

Julie on

She’s a busy lady so no reason she can’t be comfortable. Personally I hate the shoes but then again I’ve never liked high tops or velcro on anything. But we should all dress to suit ourselves not what others expect or want.

Alexandra V on

This is not news. So what if she wore the same outfit 3 times in five days? Sorry she has disapponted you all in providing a brand new outfit each on everyday so she can stalked and critiqued on every little move she makes. Britney is human and she is rocking it! on

YUCK! she is so not attractive, neither is her choice in clothing. i agree with another post…she does certainly always look like a dirty slob.

MKR on

Well considering in all three pictures the shirts are either a different style or a different color she’s NOT wearing the same outfit all week. You celeb bashers really need to work on your own lives instead of criticizing others so much.

harryd527 on

fashion is bunk

Joan on

Whowwww is the

romance on


Brandi on

Amber, you’re in the Style section of a Celebrity magizine. What exactly did you expect to find here, world news? So silly.

Ralph Novak on

And they say you don’t know major news!

maskedblogger on

People really have nothing better to do than watch celebrities to see what they wear and when they wear it? I don’t care what they wear, it’s their life.

Sun on

So? Who cares if she have same outfits but in different colors? I have it too no big deal!

nancy on

Britney looks just fine and comfy, I see nothing wrong with being HUMAN and not just a slave-2-fashionistas

Len on

Hey Alex …you got way to much time on your hands if all you do is follow Briteny around to see what shes wearing. You need a real job !

Len on

Hey alex ……you have way to much time on your hands if all you do is follow Brittany around to see whats shes wearing .thats really scary !

Marthacares on

I’ve heard that celebrities do this on purpose to discourage paparazzi. Their photos aren’t worth nearly as much if it appears they were all taken the same day.

sharon on

It would have looked much better with sneakers instead of boots. PLUS the fact that the leggings are way too tight. I like the top.

Angie on

So hilarious when magazines thinks it’s so odd for people to reuse their outfits. We do it all the time. You wash it and you’re good to go >_>

Carol on

The outfit is fine but for heavens sake…ditch the “clod-hoppers” !!!

Practicalnomad on

Looks like she changed her socks, and hopefully underwear!

Lisa on

But, the photos show two different tops! They are cut the same, but one is yellow with black stripes, and the other is white with lace. Even if the lighting makes the yellow look white, it would still be a different top, as the stripes and zig-zags are lacy cutouts! I guess she liked the style and bought the same top in different colors! Don’t you ever do that?
So, really, she wore the same top twice, and the same shoes.

Cher on

Those are the ugliest shoes I have ever seen. Has she been dumpster diving recently?

Will Goodin on

At least she changed socks…

RW on

WHAT A COW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Julesy on

I see nothing wrong with this. I tend to wear my favorite, comfy clothes over and over again, just as long as it’s clean!

Pete on

She is a sweatheart and down to earth. It would be ok if she wore the same cloths undies (if she has any on) and all cause I still would love to spend some time with

yuuup on

I bet that vagoline is stank….

knickfan33 on

I doubt she showers

angelhairpastafarian on

It closely resembles the shirt Charlie Brown always wears

angelhairpastafarian on

It looks just like the shirt Charlie Brown is always wearing

Sunny on

The headline made it sound like she was wearing the same outfit for a week. She probably has a few pairs of the pants, and slightly different color blouses that are all the same style.

Brittney on

The top is supposed to be a dress actually and it’s by Free People. I have it in a few colors and it’s really cute and comfy. I can’t say it’s too flattering on Ms. Spears or maybe it’s just the way she is styling it? Either way, it’s kind of cool that she doesn’t feel like she need to spend $100’s on every outfit. This little number is a steal for $88 :)

lisa on

Gee Amber, if you don’t care what a celebrity is wearing and it upsets you, why are you here commenting on it! Obviously you do care and are looking at what they wear! Get a grip high and mighty. P.S. Brit can afford to change her clothes once in awhile.

k on

she got pussy stank

mark on

She is not in the same outfit! It is different versions of the same outfit.So what?

joan719 on

Have never seen this woman totally put together. Taste for clothes resides where the sun doesn’t shine. She really is in dire need of a fashion coordinator.

Linda on


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