Kim Kardashian's Maternity Style: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

04/04/2013 at 02:02 PM ET

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It seemed like Kim Kardashian was really getting the hang of this maternity style thing. After a few outfits that looked more than a little uncomfortable (and had us offering the unsolicited suggestion that she may want to loosen up) she finally did just that.

Lately, Kardashian’s been embracing the comfy, stretchy leggings and cute flats she’d promised to look into, and was pairing them with relaxed, flattering tops and jackets (including the Pea in the Pod maternity leggings and white top she wore with a printed jacket in Paris). Both looks were comfortable and cute, while still unmistakably “Kim.”

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Then Wednesday she decided to try out a maxidress. We love the silhouette on a mom-to-be — just look how adorable Jenna Dewan-Tatum looks in hers! — and we give Kardashian props for trading her squeaky, stiff leather for a softer style. But though we understand her desire to remain sexy throughout her pregnancy, a dress that strains the limits of what its sleeves will support may negate that “breezier” look she was aiming for.

Still, we’ll give her points for effort and comfort.

Tell us: Do you think Kardashian’s maternity style is improving?

–Alex Apatoff

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Shanna on

“Improving”????? LMAO !!!!!!!

kim on

at least its getting better, she may look huge as a house but at least she doesnt look like a stuffed sausage.

Dawn on

I think she is totally having a girl, has it been posted yet?

KAL2005 on

What a cow!!!

AShley on

Its getting better i think.

destiny on

I think its a girl too because your hips get wider which means her ass will be there much bigger because of her hipbones.

jenna on


sara on

The middle outfit is actually really cute and looks stylish and comfortable. She needs to keep choosing outfits like that and really avoid anything too tight or revealing. The maxi dress makes her look waaaaaay bigger than she is.

Kathy on

Yes it is much better than the leather…. to each their own…
and Kal2005 bet you are a sight to look at..LOL

sick of the bagging on kim on

ok – first – i am not a huge fan of kim’s at all. BUT – yes, she is improving, i give her props for that for sure. there is no reason to wear super tight clothes when you are pregnant. embrace your new shape and dress it appropriately, you will feel and look better. second, kim – she does NOT look “huge as a house” she is PREGNANT you moron! i wish all these judgmental fools would leave this woman alone…People mag included. by constantly bagging on how HUGE she is, you completely miss the point that she is carrying another human inside of her. lay off. this is the reason women like her have body issues and are self conscious with themselves.

Kari on

She looks like a woman that wasn’t feelin’ good with pregnancy, but WE ALL know about that ….

Jeanne Janney on

Please stop comparing Kim to Kate Middleton!! You are comparing crass to class. Is she carrying one baby in her butt and one in her stomach? She is just plain FAT!

Snowbird on

the middle one is the only chic outfit there – the other two should have been left at Salvation Army

ds on

your kidding? she needs to get a proper bra and maybe a slip.

moldja on

She looks excellent and I adore all three Kardashian’s.

nikol on

She belongs in a zoo with other hippos!!!!!!!!!!!

Guest on

So much better, the only problem is with the maxi, it is either ability in bra or she isn’t wearing a bra, and when your chest gets large like that (I know, cause mine is) you have got to strap those babies up!!!

Stacia on

This is the best she’s looked during her pregnancy!! Nice to see she isn’t smashing the baby with those tight-*ss clothes

kate on

The reason Kim looks huge is because she has no idea how to dress her changing body and she has no sense of proportion. Just goes to show, money can’t buy taste…or a sense of style.

Ashley on

Nikol (and all the others making rude comments about her weight), grow up! First of all, she’s pregnant. Second, it’s pretty convenient to insult someone’s body when you don’t know them and you’re hiding behind a computer screen. I really hope that you don’t have kids yourself. Your type of ignorance, immaturity and hatred should never be passed on to another generation of innocent children. I’m with the girl that posted about being sick of the bagging on Kim K. It’s ridiculous…especially when it comes to her weight. She’s pregnant! What type of person spews negative, snide comments about a pregnant woman? Karma ladies..Remember that when you’re pregnant.

Laura on

What is she expecting sextuplets? SHE IS HUGE!!!!

Rachael on

She’s not fat because she’s pregnant, she’s fat because she’s always been fat but she knew how to dress the fat to make it look decent. Now that the fat is in different places, she doesn’t know what to do with it and she just looks fat.


Poor Kim-her style was not good pre Kanye and its not been good post Kanye–she thinks people were concerned that her tight skirts were hurting the baby—no they looked really, really, bad. She does not dress well and never has. But people need to lay off the body comments–she is short and that baby has no place to go. She can’t control that. BUT she needs to figure out how to dress without looking cheap –pregnant or not.

Lili on

it’s weird… sometimes she looks pregnant and sometimes she doesn’t..????

Princess07 on

I’m not a fan of Kim but she does look pretty pregnant.

Lili on

It’s weird… sometimes she looks pregnant and sometimes she doesn’t…???

Mary on

She looks cute. Definitely a more practical look for a pregnant woman.

JanetLer on

She is beautiful whatever she wears Being pregnant; the looser is much more comfortable. I hope she takes the attitude; she’s doesn’t give a krap of the negativity people put out there. She is not a skinny gal. I think some meat on your bones makes one much more sexier anyway. I bet 95% of the negative comments only WISH they looked like Kim!!!! She is adorable. Congratulations to her and Kanye!!!!

Jaime on

she is still a nobody in my eyes….

tommy on

Oh come on she is pregnant.. cut her a break

Crick on

She looks great.

Not everyone can be a Gisele Bundchen and gain 10 lbs when they are pregnant. This is her body type and you people harshing on a pregnant lady are just plain jerks.

If she stayed skinny the whole time the same people saying she’s huge would be saying she’s doing something wrong for not gaining. Poor girl cannot win with the public. But that’s okay, she’s winning all the way to the bank. Laughing at y’all.


99 per cent of pregnant women look beautiful and just have a glow to them, What is wrong with this whale???? What is wrong with her lips? What is wrong with this picture????

monique on

Come on now everyone. Ladies, how many of you can tell me while you where pregnant how you always wore what was in style and looked your best? I know with both of my pregnancies, I wore what was comfortable. While growing another human being is a beautiful thing, it’s also uncomfortable and tiring. I’m not a huge Kim fan, or a Khardashian (spelling?) fan, but give her a break.

rosita on

she looks like octomom.

Elle on

it’s getting HUGE!!

rosita on

time to embrace the pregnant bras. if you THINK you know fashion, this would be your must have kimmie
you look yukie

gigi on

Honestly, I don’t think she’s ever had any true style – being pregnant just accentuates her poor choices. The latest episodes of KKTM, when she’s blowing through money left & right, buying horrible clothes and then saying “it’s my business – my duty – to have to look chic at all times for my fans” — she thinks throwing wads of money at high dollar ‘fashion’ makes her instantly stylish and ‘chic’ – honestly, if she had a good fashion sense, she would be able to throw an outfit together from Ross and look fantastic. (and if the Kardashian Kollection at Sears is so great, why doesn’t she wear those pieces?)

I also like how she says Kanye likes her whatever she wears —- sorry, but not everyone has forgotten the episode where he went through her closet and made her get rid of 80% of her clothes/shoes. I don’t think it’s pure coincidence that she strictly wears white, black, or cream now that Kanye’s in the pic. He did her no favors in the style department either.

Pregnant or not, she lacks style

Mindy on

She is one of those pregnant women who unfortunately just look heavy rather than pregnant. I think the leggings with a fitted stretchy fabric top and a blazer is a good look for her, the billowy maxi dress not so much.

Cindy on

one word “OINK”

guest on

She is fat!

smartgirltoo on

She is short … but now she is as wide as short. She is either carrying that baby in her boobs (huge) or thru her hips. Just think she has 4 more months!!

denise on

she needs to get a bra that fits!!!

Babybump on

Isn’t she due soon? Where’s the baby bump?! She just looks big

Lolo on

The middle outfit is the most flattering. The dress is literally too much!

jenna on

shes not fat, shes pregnant.

REALLY, sick of the bagging on kim?

is her butt pregnant? is her face pregnant? last i checked, babies grow in the abdominal region. shes pregnant, yes, but shes also huge everywhere else. we just call ’em like we see ’em.

Diva on

Maybe it’s time for her to stop shoveling In-N-Out burgers in her mouth and try a salad with a piece of griiled chicken.

belsma on

I love Kim, I think she is doing what every woman does when their bodies change. Albeit from weight gain, weight loss, water retention or pregnancy, we all need time to adjust. Unfortunately she has cameras following her 24/7 and the catch her transitioning. I couldn’t handle that. Good luck and Enjoy your pregnancy Kim!

Manon on

Does she think this flowing dress makes her look slimmer? She looks massive & she still has 4 months to go. Hope she can lose all the weight once the baby is here. I do think she’ll have a girl just cause of the huge weight gain. Has anyone noticed on the Kardash shows, they’re always eating???

Maria on

That’s way more than 2 steps back….horrible, she can’t even wear the right undergarments.

Good Tx Girl on

I gotta say she looks completely miserable and where is Kanye? They have not be photographed together in forever.

Red Skye on

She is embracing motherhood and love her maternity outfits!

Barbara King on

Okay…..she is doing better…NOT. Kim, stay home and keep eating and just getting bigger and bigger. There is justice!

Pappi on

Pregant or not, she is still a no talent wanna be who would sell her own BMs.

Ashley on

Kourtney wore the exact same maxi dress when she was pregnant with Penelope!

Alexa on

I can only imagine how horrible she feels because her life is about her looks i.e., what she’s wearing, how tight she can wear it, etc. Pregancy can be hard for many women when dealing with the changes the body makes. I think what makes it worse for Kim Kardashian is that while we’re used to her confidence, she looks extremely uncomfortable in her own skin. It’s obvious she hates the weight gain and is trying so hard to hide it but the clothes she’s choosing isn’t working. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing. She just needs to learn to embrace it and herself. It will be over soon enough.

Tammy on

I can understand what look she was trying to go for in the maxi dress, but the sleeves and bodice miss the mark…the middle outfit looks nice, and the first, nah, not so much. Is she improving? She may not have a choice anymore, she is starting to really pop. Keep trying Ms. Kardashian.

Julia on

I think its amazing that people pick on a pregnant woman. Come on People – whens the last time you picked on a fat man. Not nice, not what you should be doing, now the example you should be setting.

Anti-Kardashians on

Doesn’t matter how she looks she’s set for life for having Kanye’s baby. Watch, she’ll get a lipo here and there after giving birth, we’ll see her on the front cover on people’s magazine with the headline…’I lost 50 lbs of baby weight from diet and exercise in 1 week!’ Total BS.

MistressJ on

At least her clothes are loose and not so tight as before… Ill give her that….She should really hire a stylist and wear maternity clothes..

Puddytat on

OMG even her FINGERS are fat, hahahahaha…….who dresses her? Home Depot?

dede on

She needs a bra first off..those boobs are sagging. Try wearing something that is actually made for preg women kim…because those designer duds are not helping . Unfortunatley her stomach looks like a big ol lump instead of a belly. I think pregnancy does not fit her just my opinion.

S on

She’s PREGNANT. Leave her alone. Her body is nurturing a baby. There is no script that tells exactly what will happen to a woman’s body when she is carrying a child. I don’t follow Kardashian shows/gossip but if I were to see this woman pass me on the streets I would think she looked beautiful

Loving it on

Has anybody noticed how pissed off she looks since she’s pregnant? OMG and she still has 4 months to go. Hold on to that white tent KIMYE you will need it when you start packing on the real pounds in the last 3 months. Revenge is sooooooooooo sweet. Strectchhhhhhhhhh marks galor!!! Hahahaha ROFLMAO.

guest on

pretty soon the only thing that is going to fit her is a tent!!!

Barry on

And you wanted to improve his image? ya said so yourself. Look, you are pregnant, put on what’s comfy and dont worry about what the blogs or the papps say. Dont worry about the attention, worry about the child you are carrying.

running mom on

she looks fantastic in that maxi!!!!! very elegant compared to that leather she wore the other day. very much an improvement! beautiful! :-)

R on

What an unbelievable horse and side of the house she is. My g-d, what a huge food bill she must have. There are people starving in 3rd world countries.

Casey on

Oh my GOD she is the size of a fracking barn. I take back everything I said about Jessica Simpson.

Hilda on

She is apalling!

plookie72 on


Jodi on

Holy Cow! I wasn’t aware implants could grow during pregnancy..

plookie72 on


Jodi on

JanetLer, personally, I thank God I am not short, fat, vulgar and a dim wit like Kim Karthrashian.

Pat on

Some of the comments are just mean spirited, leave that girl alone, she can wear whatever, she want to, ya’ll not buying her clothing, she is.

coffeelady on

The first two outfits look stylish and comfy. FINALLY looks like she’s getting the hang of it. I’m not crazy about the 3rd one, although I’m sure it’s more comfortable than those tight leather skirts and tucked-in blouses she’s been wearing. Pregnant women gain weight and their body changes so I don’t care about Kim getting bigger (she’s short, it’s gonna happen!). I just don’t care for the “stuffed sausage” look.

ellen on

I’m sorry, I honestly find nothing at all attractive about Kim…never have, so it’s no wonder that now I think she just looks huge and unappealing. Why is everyone so obsessed with her? I’ve never understood it.

Ally on

Something tells me her first pregnancy will be her last. She looks miserable. The first 2 outfits are a bit better but that dress? Whoa…



annoyed on

Shame on any of you who call her fat. She is pregnant for goodness sake! Any one who has been there knows that a lot of it is out of your control. She’ll whip herself back into shape after baby. Hopefully her one focus is not the public’s opinion of her, but the health of her baby. It is amazing how callous people are!

AleBear on

how is she not gonna look huge if she is way too short for her huge boobs and inmense butt lol… I dotn know what type of mother she will be… kinda scary lol.. or maybe just flat out scary… =D

tracigee on

Seriously, how much do we have to pay for her to stay home and away from the photogs? Her pictures are everywhere!!!! I’ll bet we could set up a Paypal and have whatever it takes to get her off the internet collected in 24 hours. Honestly, it will be best for all if she just stays home.

jcsfny on

She looks like her Mother now. I can’t believe the size of her bosoms. Just enormous. She looks like she will give birth to sextuplets. By the summer, she will need a hoveround to get around. Poor thing.

Nancy on

Jenna DOES look adorable in hers! Kim looks like a fat c*m guzzlin pig…

mallory95959 on

I don”t even like Kim! BUT Fat bashing a Mother-to-Be is just plain wrong. I see “She’s huge! OMG!” LMFAO she is pregnant she is supposed to be gaining weight. This is the reason some women think pregorexia is OK! Here is this woman who is looked up to, for her body and when that is being forcibly reshaped by hormones she needs support not a slew of horrible insults. WAY TO GO KIM! BE A GOOD MOM AND SUPPORT THAT BABY’S DEVELOPMENT JUST LIKE YOU SHOULD! THE SACRIFICE IS WELL WORTH THE BLESSING!

Danielle on

I read in the Enquirer that her belly is fake…..some body else is carrying the baby for her…..all she has now is fat from eating too much…..but wait…..Jenny Craig is already on board to make her skinny again .so once again she is going to make a fool out of the public…..!

kim on

@plookie72, i know plenty of skinny pregnant women. i was one of them. i weighed 125-127 when i gave birth to each of my children. gained 25 lbs w them both which is a healthy weight. i ate well and exercised. pregnancy is no excuse to let yourself go. its her own damn fault that shes getting picked on by everyone

Lori on

She is a hot mess! Why all the attention? Does she own a mirror? A stylist?

Golden on

Its hard t believe she and Kanye are in the fashion business designing clothes for women of different sizes and life events. SMDH! She cant seem to pull off anything fashionable unless its by a real designer and fashioned by her stylist in her original size 4. She cant relate to anyone larger or at a point in life where their body is changing. SMDH!

Erin on

everyone who has a girl seems to get an enormous fat ass and face….just all big and sloppy all over…I just fear having a girl because of this…with both sons I was all belly and lost it right after birth

amcarlson316 on

I can’t believe that people actually care what Kim wears while pregnant. It’s seriously the most ridiculous thing I have ever read. People can wear whatever they want and she can look as huge as she wants because she is pregnant!!!! Why do you care?!?!

susan walker on

gosh, leave her alone already, she is trying to get her look, she is used to wearing skin tight clothes. she IS PREGNANT, I am sure all of you who were pregnant were tiny? not

Phil on

She really needs a stylist, bad. Maybe a size larger would fit better.

tita on

lol OMG this last picture makes her look huge!!! even her damn bra is too small!!! you would think with all the $$ she has she would look better. i cant say it enough she is one miserable pregnant woman

Mary Hampton on

Wonder who that baby’s gonna look like? lol

Barb on

I still think she faking being pregnant. she’s skinny and her stomach is showing in her new April cosmopolitan cover.

P on

What? She is Ginormous! That dress is not flattering at all! OMG! How embarrassing! Why doesn’t she scope out her sisters closet for the long flowy dresses she wore! The point is Kim never ever wears the right size of anything!

Lilac B. on

PRINCESS Kim should stick to Maxi Dresses, Tunic tops, and Leggings as they are much more becoming of her body type. She is carrying her baby very big like Jessica Simpson and tight fitting clothing even with spanx is not attractive on her. She should also remove or pull back her FAKE hair as the long length looks heavy and makes her look old and haggard. Lastly and even more importantly, PRINCESS Kim needs to embrace and enjoy her pregnancy she does not look like a happy woman and that type of negetive vibe could emotionally affect her baby.

jj on

Did nobody learn from Jessica Simpson???

Carly on

PEOPLE should deactivate the ability to comment on articles. Making fun of a pregnant woman is about as low as you can get.

Amy on

Bet Jessica Simpson is thrilled that Kim is preggers and is dressing terribly (and gaining weight at a ridiculously fast pace, even for a pregnant woman). The limelight is no longer on her and her weight issues!

chy on

I can’t believe u so called Americans dnt knw d difference btw being pregnant n not. Do some of u xpect her to be skinny when she is carrying another human being insider of her?God!!! some of u shld get a life and let her be please

Mouse on

I actually feel sorry for her. Just like with Jessica Simpson, Kim Kardashian is a tiny girl, so naturally, in pregnancy she will look huge. Poor baby has nowhere to go but straight out front! She is in a constant state of diet deprivation so it’s not surprising that she is gaining weight for god’s sake. She is not a 5″11″ fashion model whose job is to be slender nor has she ever claimed to be. The four Kardashian kids all struggle a little with their weight, leave the poor girl alone. She should be focusing on the joy of being pregnant, not the haters.

Nannyto1 on

Pleeeeease leave this woman alone! While I don’t care for her or her family, I think it’s ridiculous that her every move and wardrobe choice is being scrutinized by the media. And in turn, everyone in North America and beyond has an opinion on how she looks. Does it really matter?

Sarah on

She can’t control how her body looks pregnant. I was the same way- I never got a big baby bump. People just thought I was a heavy girl. Everyone’s body is different! Kate Middleton is very chick, yes, but she also looks anorexic. I don’t see any baby bump on her either. She looks like she is starving that baby.

meg on

Kim, honey. Please buy a bra that fits. Your boobs will thank you later.

halley on

I’m no great fan of Kim Kardashian, but the way this magazine (and others) reports on her size is so degrading to women in general. Shame on the women who work at People Magazine for feeding into this.

no name on

If you ever have been blessed to dress a pregnant body, you know Kim looks amazing!! If you never have, you speak of what you do not know!! Why on earth put down a woman who is making a baby?? That makes no sence to me!

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