Beyoncé Bares Her Midriff (Again!) For Her 'Vogue U.K.' Cover

04/03/2013 at 12:29 PM ET

Beyonce Vogue UKCourtesy Vogue UK

If our abs looked this good post-baby, we’d be flaunting them on every magazine cover that would let us, too.

Fresh off her sexy GQ cover, Beyoncé shows off the enviable result of all that hard work (in a more high-fashion way, of course) for her bombshell Vogue U.K. cover.

And there’s a reason the star’s feeling sexier than ever these days: domestic bliss agrees with her. “It comes from knowing my purpose and really meeting myself once I saw my child. I was like, ‘OK, this is what you were born to do,'” she says in the magazine’s May issue. “The purpose of my body became completely different. The way I view it and everything. There’s a sensuality and an audacity that I’m O.K. with sharing.”

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But though she doesn’t mind being more open, at the end of the day, she’s Mrs. Carter first and foremost. “I feel like Mrs Carter is who I am, but more bold and more fearless than I’ve ever been,” she says. “I do believe in equality, and that we have a ways to go … But I’m happily married. I love my husband.”

For lots more from Beyoncé, including candid thoughts on motherhood and much more, visit Vogue U.K.’s website and pick up a copy when it hits stands April 8.

Tell us: What do you think of Beyoncé’s cover look? Would you wear this outfit?

–Alex Apatoff

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Showing 41 comments

Anita on

That woman loves her man!

KC on

That woman looks great for not having a baby.

Nicole on

to her documentary she showed her bare belly so she actually WAS PREGNANT AND GAVE BIRTH…you should check your facts

Margaret on

Yeah, you would to, if he opened all doors for you and you continue to sing “independence, bow down, etc..” Money is a great cushion in life – she needs to quietly go away!!

GoSatDownSomewhere on

My name says it all……………………

Tina on

I’m surprised at Vogue. That’s not a very good cover shot. That photo looks more like ghetto-Bey from back in Destiny’s day. Seen them do much better. And this is what they settled on?

kim on

god, this woman nauseates me

Tam on

I looked that great before I had a baby, so no doubt she should as well. *roll eyes*

alex on

It looks like she is taking a large breath when they took the photo…very odd photo I shall say

Jenna on

I am so sick of hearing about this woman.

kim on

I think her abs look horrible here, like bloated or still pregnant!

whatever on

based on her speaking voice, she’s illiterate

carlosavs7 on

Reblogged this on carlosavs7.

dhg on

ok, she is financially successful in her career. ok, she is enjoyed by many audiences. but the ceaseless speaking about herself, the self-importance, the myopic self-regard.. is quite annoying and unattractive.

humility? might be something this woman might want to learn about–
it would certainly make her more appealing to some, like me, who happen not to enjoy pop music or talk shows or t.v. specials about a pop star’s life—

Shawon on

what Barry said I am amazed that some one can earn $9743 in 4 weeks on the internet. did you look at this web link jobsnew.tkCHEKED IT

islandgrrrl on

she’s making me really nautious…………can her PR people please tell her to go away now-that she has nothing interesting to say, so keep it zipped and sleep tight with all your money honey. The rest of us don’t need to hear your every thought from that pea-sized brain (it ain’t that enlightening) from a girl born with a silver spoon in her mouth.

susan on

I wish someone would share why they find this woman fascinating or even remotely interesting. Then again, she is best friends with Gwyneth Paltrow, so that says a lot.

Angie on

There is a lot of “Hating” going on….if you don’t like her…dont read the article..and comment’s that simple..anywho…Love to see a confident, talented woman, doing well. You should too..ijs

Guest on

A striped crop top and sequined skirt is megawatt fashion?

Nadia on

Why does Beyonce act like she’s the only “superstar” to have had a baby? To be happily married?

onep on

Beyonce take this to the heart – the harder you try the worse it gets… where is that classy lady you used to be? with a nice dose of humility who was able to empower any woman out there… yes! honestly you’ve become a joke… vain and pitiful. most importantly it is you who have forgotten where you came from… you should bow down to all of us for making you where you’re right now. there are tons of other talents who have not reached the top despite their talents are surpassing yours by a landslide – singing, dancing, acting wise, even look wise… it’s true.
I suggest you go back to your writing board and show some HUMILITY.

Shanna on

Enough, enough, enough of Bee-Yawn-Say…please !!!!!!!

Monica T. on

Perfectly said onep. I used to like Beyonce. But lately she’s been coming off as arrogant.
And I also believe the pregnancy was fake. Showing a bare belly doesn’t mean anything. Think Cameron Diaz in What to Expect When You’re Expecting. The power of costumes and makeup. So yeah, same abs you’ve always had Beyonce. Go sit down somewhere please. And no one needs to bow down to you, not your competition not your haters, no one. Ugh she annoys me.

tigs on

Of course she is flat on that part of her body, pull that skirt down to the belly button and lets see the real abs.
Of course it would just be photo shopped.

MER on

Beyoncé is a talented woman. But quite frankly, needs to get over herself. These days, all we see us her banter about being hot and sexy. She’s starting to come across as conceited and self absorbed. It’s always about her. Maybe start doing things with the millions of dollars she makes to benefit others in need…. I’m getting sick of seeing her half naked body splashed all over the place and her stripper dance moves that are becoming not sexy, but just distasteful. And this obsession with showing people your face without makeup …. Just another vain action. Who cares!

Sharon on

@Nicole Actually she showed a dark grainy silhouette of her body which looked weird. Also she never showed her full body in the bathroom scene and when she turned to the side her belly looked distorted. Just saying!

Kat on

Geesh, could she date herself more often? No wonder she’s Gwyneth’s bestie.
So sick of this I feel sensual, hot and saw the moon and stars on my baby when I met her, stuff.

Gemma on

I never understand why Hollywood stars/singers/famous people talk about how wonderful their marriage is and how in love they are….I mean honestly, do these relationships ever last……….??

LMJ on

Who cares.

Rose on

Sorry, I lost all respect for Beyonce when she faked the national anthem in front of millions of people. And the president.

RJR on

So where are the abs?

Diana S on

I agree with onep and Monica T. Beyonce was so cool back in the day,instead of maturing into a sophisticated empowering woman she’s gone backwards by showing her half naked body in every front cover she gets. I have no clue why she is doing this or what the purpose for this is. Anyways, just getting so sick of seeing her everywhere.

judy on

All dictionaries must be modified because the words egotistical, narcissistic, self-centered, nauseous (yes, that means causing nausea), and shallow are all defined as Beyonce.

as for “abs” (what abs?) any women who starts out trim will be trim again post-baby unless she gains 100 pounds. Women all over the planet have been doing it for centuries. duh.

as for her husband, he is just completely vile. Grotesquely so. Acquisitive, self-elevating, sybaritic and vile.

There is a goat living on my street who would love to recline on that stuff she calls hair on her head. ick.

LCD on

You love your husband…we get it.

Anna on

I can’t stand her weave wearing head or her husband. I do not understand how they have record contracts.

Ashley on

Why is she feeling so insecure now by pushing on us how “secure and strong and blah, blah, blah..” she is? If she was so secure and sexy, you’d have no need to show it off now. I think she’s going through some identify crisis. She NEEDS to let the world know how talented and beautiful she is b/c maybe deep down, she doesn’t truly believe it.

Before you know it, she’ll turn as desperate as Rhihanna with her topless shots. She and her BFF, Gwennie, are made for each other in patting the other on her back saying how amazing the other person is.

Valentinaa on

She talented but she a person who calls herself Queen is quite insecure to sing bowm down b*tches lol. Vain much? Gotta ask and no not hating.

Valentinaa on


dede on

Idk what happened to her…used to like her but all of a sudden shes posing practicaly naked in a gazillion mags … its obvious she has some insecurities but enough with the spreading of your legs in all your videos lady!!

slimpickens on

This is a good looking woman who is “living her life and living her dream.”

Desi on

She was NEVER pregnant

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