Time to Vote: Are Kim and Kourtney Kardashian Better With or Without Bangs?

03/14/2013 at 10:30 AM ET

You had tons of thoughts on Kim and Kourtney Kardashian‘s new bangs — and that was just from the Instagram previews. Now the sisters have officially debuted their brand-new fringe, so it’s time to put the photos side by side and take a poll: are they better with or without bangs?

Kim Kardashian bangsJamie McCarthy/Getty; FameFlynet

First up, Kim, who was hesitant to cut bangs on Wednesday but seemed very confident in the new style when heading home later that day, pairing them with highlighted waves and her new favorite black-and-white color palette.

Kim Kardashian bangsTran/FilmMagic; Ramey

Kourtney, who was all about her new cut, also made a big bang reveal the same day, styling hers with a chic chignon, glam aviators and a black-and-white striped peplum top with a red belt.
Now that you’ve seen them both ways, we want to know: Which way do you prefer the newly-cropped Kardashian sisters?

–Alex Apatoff


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Sammi on

I don’t see an option for “neither”? Stop kissing their enormous asses and taking their money to keep them relevant!

Miriam on

Well, the bangs cover their faces more so with bangs, I guess.

Barbara on

Gawd I deslike these “people”.

Rhonda on


Potter on

People, could you please rephrase the question to “Vote: Do you like People.com with or without daily articles on the Kardashians?”

My vote is “without”.

Thank you!

Julep on

WHO GIVES A FLYING FIG????? WHY are we, as a nation, so simple minded that we give these wastes of protoplasm the time of day, much less elevate them to the rank of “celebrity”. How pathetic is that?

Nirvana on

How cares

Sportyk on

I agree with Sammi – stop photographing these people!!! They’ve done absolutely nothing to earn any space in your magazine.

Nirvana on

I can’t stand any of these hoes! Like I can’t….. Like that’s the way they talk… Like u know ……like their f@@@n airheads like !!?

tori on

I agree with Sammi,can’t stand anything about them but continue to wonder why you guys feel their relevant at all and continue to kiss their rearends?! Sad on you part!

Kathy on

for those that don’t like watching or reading about them why do you take the time to post??? I am not their biggest fan but like to watch the show….and if i read an article of someone or something i don’t like well normally i just don’t acknowledge it…. ya’ll may wanna try that…. if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything….you can feel how you want but there is no need in bashing them on every article..People is an Entertainment News so the stories don’t have to be earth shattering….. Haters remember its “entertainment” many of tese folks out there are famous for “reality tv” not for acting on a sitcom/comedy/drama. :)

lam on

I think we would be better without the Kardiashians.

Jackie on

This is why I no longer purchase People magazine.

Robin on

Where is the “I don’t give a caca” option?

victory on

What a shallow question. It’s hair, certainly People can come up w/ something more interesting to discuss

Jackie on

WHO CARES?!! I prefer not seeing any of them on a daily basis. This is why I no longer purchase People magazine.

Guest on

WHO GIVES A RAT’S ASS …there is soooo much more in this world besides Pimp mama and her pathetic hos.

melody on

better without them in the news feeds period

Angie on

I wish Kim K. would cut her hair into a long-ish bob again, like it was when she was younger. She is so much prettier without all the make-up and shorter hair!

Guest on

Well I always assume Hollywood gets bangs so they don’t do as much Botox!

Peggy wells on


Lisa on

Can we take a vote on if they are better with or without speech?

mrsodell on

I love them both with bangs. I love the new hair color on Kourtney and her bangs aren’t as defined. I love Kim’s natural color with a some highlights but she just looks better with her natural color and her bangs are more defined but still bangin’. These negative emotional folks don’t really dislike this family or to be more specific Kim, they hate to be hating because they don’t know these people and are only responding to some judgement or gossip that are baseless.

dooozie on

The questin should be, “Are we better with or without the Kardashians”. Without is my vote.

Stephanie on

I give exactly zero farts what their hair looks like. Stop forcing them on us.

stella naylor on

Better question – Is People magazine better with or without the Kardashians in it? WITHOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kevin on

we’d be better off without these SL&TS!!

sherry on

Can’t stand any of them, no class and no morals!!They don’t deserve to be rich!They haven’t contributed anything to society!!I agree i like people.com without Kardashian’s!!

EnoughAlready on

Geez, People. Can’t go 5 minutes without a Kardashian story??!

zxtry on

Why can’t you print one day without these horrible people?

stef24 on

New Poll! Is People magazine better with or without the Kardashians????

ENOUGH, People! Make a special section for these morons if you’re going to continue to cover every move they make so that those of us who don’t care, don’t have to see this nonsense each time we log on to your page~!

Jen on

I think this question should be do the look better with or without there nose jobs

L on

Hmmm…i am getting tired of hearing of the kardashians..kourtney looks good with the bangs but kim…um…no. sorry. But, i would like to see more of the “Heroes among us” stories. They are much more better than reading about the kardashian sisters. And, the heroes are better people than the K sisters.

Kel on

They will be back to normal next week…….People get a clue, they have extensions in. And, please someone from there please stop posting about the Kardashians.

Clberry on

Does Kim not know you are not suppose to color or highlight your hair while pregnant…bad for the fetus!!!!! It’s bad enough
she wears spanx and other tight clothes while her figure is expanding as the baby grows. She is all about her looks and not what is best for that baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Norma on

It’s all about the side advertising. They will continue to post those “big asses” as long as there are comments either way for them. If you just ignore the stories and remain silent, you’ll see them go away.

Karen on

They would both look better with a bag on their head.

PaulaR on

Who cares?

D K on

Until they both grow their hair out like cousin It, I see no real improvement.

whatever on

dead! wait, what was the question?

Joany on

With bangs they look older, bangs are not very pretty!

Diane on

Really?! Kardashians are so over rated, not to mention if not for their deceased father they would not be famous…So tired of seeing them on magazine covers and Kim pregnant whilst married to another man? She knows how to juggle men.


i was looking for the “Who Cares” box

ppp on

don’t see an option I would like to chose : “burlap bags over their heads”

Pepper on

Come on. Really now … is this a serious question?

Likely on

They are both lovely to look at but whats inside is another story altogether…….Kim is self-centered, boob exposing hag…….Kourtney is a biatch of the first order. Scott should head for the hilsl but Im afraid he has forever linked himself to Kourtney who clearly cares only for her own well being…possibly her kids…..ack, lets move on pleaseeeeeeee

Kim on

Seriously?!? Who cares!!!

Ann on

Bangs make both appear softer….now maybe Kim’s sisters will help her learn how to dress as those skin tight outfits look tacky……

PB&J on

No option for WE DON’T CARE!

Julia Emry on

they look better with the bangs, but the kardashians are still garbage.

LolaFandango on

The poll should be whether the world would be better off with or without the Kardashihos.

LolaFandango on

Why don’t they just go away.

itistolaugh on

The kardashians are better under a blanket. In a closet. Behind closed doors. Awww, I’m a hater. go on, mock me!

bettyb on

Who cares? Need to have an option “neither, would like to read less about the Kardashians/Jenners”

chuck on

how about putting a paper bag over their heads.

teddy on

w/o clothes

Hallie on

Where is the option for “I don’t care” and “why did I click on this article?” – Guilty of both

lisa on

People Magazine,

Here is your chance to please your readers. Take a tally on how many readers voted or responded in a negative way to this article as opposed to a favorable comment. Then actually respond in the RIGHT way and honor their request TO STOP WRITING ABOUT THIS FAMILY. There is a real dislike for them by the majority of your readers and its time for PEOPLE to own up and do the right thing. STOP!!!!!

Carol on

Where’s the the button that says please go away

Jason on

Please stop posting about these boring, no talent idiots. They are a waste of space.

Jane on

I prefer to stop seeing them all of them really

Sandra on

We are just better off without the Kardashians….period

Jane Doe on

I like them to grow it longer so we don’t have to look at their faces. I hope these folks fade away…they are only in the news because of their late father and Kim’s sextape.

jojo on

Does mama Kris pay people mag to write these articles to keep her daughters in the news?? Ppl don’t care ‘
,ask about stars music,not the k for no talent!!!

Arls on

WHO THE F cares

Debs on

KK is an obese digusting pig, with or without the bangs!

Guest on

Here is your answer: WHO REALLY CARES?! What a bizarre headline.

Tally hoe on

This is why People is going out of business : they don’t report any negative press- this week they have an injunction on their cosmetic line for copyright infringement, the E! producer admitted in a deposition that her proposal was faked and marital advise given after she filed for divorce and using tear sticks so she can cry. This is why People magazine sucks it!

Faye on

This just in…. “Kim just farted”…..does it smell like desperation or daddy issues?

Please vote!!!

judy on

Should be with a BAG or without a BAG!

Norma on

It’s all about the advertising, if you want them to stop reporting on these morons, stop commenting. Negative comments are just as good as positive when you have advertisers on the side.

LoveNursing on

Better poll would be ‘Would People magazine (and our lives) be better with or without the Kardashians?’ Votes would come in and they would finally be OUT!

Peggy Smith on

They are overrated and lame either way.

lmrozela on

Why are either of these people even relevant? This is NOT news.

liarlairpantsonfire on

with both, i think the bangs should be about 7 inches LONGER.

carlosavs7 on

Reblogged this on carlosavs7.

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