'The Face': Coco Rocha on Naomi Campbell's Not-Nice Name Calling — and More!

03/13/2013 at 09:00 AM ET

Coco Rocha The Face BlogBen Cope

Meet supermodel (and star of “The Face”) Coco Rocha (center, posing with her team of models) who’s sharing her experience filming the high-stakes modeling competition on Oxygen. Rocha, Karolina Kurkova and Naomi Campbell each selected four girls to compete on their team, with losing teams submitting models for elimination each week. In her fifth blog, Rocha reveals her team’s latest trials and gives solid advice to wannabe models.

This week’s episode starts out with a clip of someone being called an idiot. Who’s the idiot and why, we ask? Turns out we will find out at the very end of the show.

Idiot-calling aside, the test shoot this week is all about chemistry. Naomi teaches a lesson on how to sell a pair of Christian Louboutin heels alongside a male model and she’s looking for confidence, performance and charisma in the girls.

The Drama Begins: When Margaux (Team Coco) is up, Naomi states her weakness is having no personality. To set the record straight, just because you’re not a loud or aggressive person does NOT mean you have no personality. Being humble, professional and demure are also personality traits – just not ones that register to Naomi apparently. But it’s Stephanie’s performance that has us all on the edge of our seats in the best way possible.

Not to be outdone, Sandra shows up with a rose in her hand and goes in to kiss the male model on the neck. Naomi immediately throws herself into a fit of hysterics, falling out of her seat and running across the room
laughing. Sandra is humiliated by her mentor and tells her so before storming off set.

Naomi chases Sandra down to tell her off, claiming “no one is here to laugh at you” (previous scene excluded). Miss Campbell is furious at Sandra for walking off the set and so decides that she’s not returning to
set either. Nigel is left to announce the winner alone and Stephanie is rewarded with a shiny new pair of Louboutins!

Video Girls: The girls are back to create a short video campaign for online retailer OpenSky.com. Team Karolina discusses the benefits of using an all-natural pomade on their children, which results in a genuinely engaging clip.

Although at first Margaux has a little trouble with fluidity, Team Coco pulls out a funny skit about a chic tuxedo blazer. Team Naomi decides to sell a bean bag and uses every ’90s infomercial trick of the trade, but
it’s just not authentic. In the end Team Karolina wins – a great decision on the client’s part.

Stephanie did an amazing job this week, so it’s only right that I send Margaux into the elimination room for the first time. Naomi is still furious that Sandra walked out on her and so sends her to join Margaux.

And about that name-calling…: When asked why she would be a better representative for Ulta Beauty, Margaux says that a model has to be professional at all times. I concur — there is no room in the modeling industry today for a model who has anger management issues and can’t work well with others. Sandra has not been professional in the course of this competition and Karolina’s choice is a no-brainer: Margaux stays.

Naomi is furious. “Margaux is a threat, that’s clear!” says Campbell. “Now Karolina’s team is gonna lose.” Why, I wonder? Because little old Margaux came back? She flatters us! She also subtly infers that her girl Sandra
was never a threat at all.

Karolina receives the full wrath when she walks in the room and is called a “complete idiot.” In all the time I have known Karolina, she has been many things — sweet, honest — but never an idiot. For the record I think being reasonable and a good sportsman are enviable qualities.

Naomi then turns to Margaux, who at 22 years old has been in school full-time until last year. “Margaux’s been working for eight years,” Naomi says. “Don’t you think she should have been someone by now?!”. The whole tirade is really harsh. We’re supposed to be role models, helping these girls, not tearing them down.

The fact is, Margaux may not be rich or famous but she is someone, she’s a great model and more importantly a genuinely good person. Whether she wins or loses matters less than how she plays the game and that, I feel,
goes for everyone.

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Showing 29 comments

Danielle on

The high price of beauty….jealousy, starvation, hate, envy , resentment and rejection…..are just a few of their daily problems .

Aeol on

I don’t watch this show, but I know I’ve never heard of Coco Rocha! Haters may hate, and for good reason, but Naomi has been at the top of the game for 20 years and if you can’t hack it with her, just get out of the way already! I find it hard to believe such a nice, demure gal like Coco has never gone model-diva on anyone.

Lala on

Naomi is the only name on this show that I have heard of.

Allie on

I always thought that Tyra was being over dramatic when talking about Naomi, but after watching the first few episodes of this show, I quickly realize how big of a bully Naomi is. You can tell she is used to having everything her way and she will totally cut you if she doesn’t. I don’t know why/how KK and CR agreed to be on this show.

Kierah on

Oh Coco, if you don’t like Naomi just say so. All this subtle shade isn’t becoming and it has become a little hypocritical.

Karolina on

I checked out this show for a few episodes and Naomi has a major attitude problem (well, that isn’t surprising news to anyone) But Coco and Karolina seem cool enough…Karolina is my fav but I am biased! We have the same first name and spelling of it! :-)

KB on

I agree with Allie. Naomi is a bully and I can’t believe she’s lasted this long in the industry. She is just evil. The name calling is getting old and she is not setting a good example. I hope she gets kicked off The Face for next season.

JonesyJ on

FYI, Naomi is an excutive producer on this show.
Draw your own conclusions as to how this influences the “fights”.

MJ on

One can only hope for the days when ladies were ladies and behaved in that manner. Oh Grace, Audrey and Lauren, why did you leave us?

dede on

Naomi may have been in the industry for over 20yrs but that doesnt give her any right to be abusive…what a B!*CH! Its obvious shes jealous as was she with Tyra banks.

Tammy on

Team COCO all the way! And if she can’t win then I am on team Karolina…Naomi may have the name but she sure doesn’t have any class!

JoAnne on

OMG!! Naomi’s behaviour is just vile!!!!

tee on

Naomi Campbell has made it in the fashion industry by being a b@#ch , she had to be and once you start that type of behavior , its hard to shut off . Every1’s personality/character is not the same so loosen up people , its ok ! I hope all tha women on this show fulfill their dreams regardless of Naomi’s ways …

trose68 on

Naomi may have been and the word is HAS BEEN at the top of her game 20 years, but that woman is a complete and utter, lets just say it starts with a B and that is being nice. She is rude egotistical and someone needs to give that woman a smack down that she will never forget

Daria on

Coco is an excellent example of a working professional who handles herself with maturity and a deft hand in the trickiest of situations. I don’t interpret this post as Coco “hating” Naomi at all; Naomi’s behaviour was abhorent and she was subtly and diplomatically called out on it in this post. Team Coco all the way!

Sharon on

Sandra is a Naomi in the making. So GLAD she’s gone. Naomi is executive producer so she’ll be around as long as the show is on the air.

Princess07 on

Like her or hate her , Naomi does give the girls good advice on posing, proably why her team won three in a row, plus she’s still a sought after model. With so many girls in the modeling industry trying to get themselves known, I’m sure there are some cut throat going on so you have to develope thick skin and pick your battle. I’ve heard were photographers yell, scream and throw stuff at models who don’t give them what they want in posing, so to me Naomi’s little outburst though not nice are very small in comparison to what they are going to go through in the real world. I’m sure CoCo and Karolina had their moments, we just haven’t seen it played out yet. I like this show because they are modeling actual products and not circus, flower stuff.

sharon on

I do watch this show and Karolina did the right thing she wasn’t thinking of her team winning she kept the best girl there , the one that was more professional and from what I see more beautiful not just on the inside but the outside.
She’s not an idiot, I can’t even believe that Naomi is a model with the way she treats people , her attitude is a horror and she can blame herself for her girl going cause she did humiliate her (although this girl has been a horror throughout the show) no one deserves to be humiliated like she did to one of her own!
She’s suppose to be mentoring these girls not making a fool out of them…. I hope Stephanie wins she’s the one true beauty there , she just has that something about her.
Naomi shouldn’t be on again if there is a second season….

pmo on

if you havent heard of coco rocha, google her, she has been at the top of her game for over ten years, vogue, runway, television, and she has manged to do this without throwing phones or assaulting anyone in her employ.

R.P. Getz on

REALLY? YOU’VE NEVER HEARD OF COCO OR KAROLINA? That just means you’re not paying attention! Coco’s been in the spotlight for years and is hands down one of the most talented models working and Karolina was a Victoria Secret Model for ages. BOTH along with Naomi are SUPERMODELS–all 3…..you only know about Naomi because of her poor behavior and her age — she’s 42, (next to the other two-Coco@ 24 & Karolina @ 29) she’s had way more time to throw her fits of abuse (and her phone) at her assistants. Bravo to Coco and Karolina….keep keeping it classy Ladies!

andrew35945 on

She’s Naomi fu***** Campbell she’ll do as she pleases that’s what 28 years in the fashion industry does. Got a problem get off the show and let some real models on seriously who is Coco Rocha anyways

Jason on

Aeol…Naomi Campbell may have been at the top for 20 years but her years of temper tantrums overshadows any sucess she ever had. People rember Naomi more for her temper than her career.

carlosavs7 on

Reblogged this on carlosavs7.


Everyone relax! This is a show after all, which means someone has to make it interesting! and that’s Naomi.. Can you imagine is Simon Cowell was never on American Idol? I don’t think the show would have been as popular….

Rachael on

Naomi Campbell is old and tired. She’s trying to stay relevant with her Top-Model-meets-boot-camp project, but she doesn’t have the cheeseball youth appeal of Tyra Banks. She casts fellow judges who are more fresh and relevant – not to mention better coaches and mentors. AND she completely fails to maintain any composure. Ever. About anything.

Either it’s all an act to play up Naomi’s diva rep (poorly) and make the show more dramatic (unnecessarily), or she’s just a really wretched person with no emotional control when cameras are running (unlikely). I’m not sure which is more undignified.

Also, if you’re among those who haven’t heard of Coco or Karolina, it’s because you’re busy reading about Naomi Campbell in the history books. That’s not the place to find out what’s going on in modelling and fashion right now.

whatever on

Coco is over the top adorable and I’ve never even watched this show…the first time I paid attention to her, she was dancing in some commercial and I thought that was so cute lol

Sarah on

Coco is doing a great job blogging! I love The Face, and enjoy hearing her take on the episode!

Saintish on

Coco is gorgeous, charming and professional.
Karolina is beautiful and gracious.
Evidently, none of the therapy has worked for Naomi.
Bless her ancient bones..

Brianna on

Face it, Naomi still trumps most of the models in the business right now including K and C (love them too though). She is The Face of the show. K & C would likely not have even done the show was it not for Naomi. The woman has supermodels, oscar winners, diplomats and Presidents on speed dial. Has been? Please! Tell that to all the major designers an they’ll call you a liar. Name a model who is in their mid 40s & are still working and one of those 3 will be Naomi Campbell.


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