Michelle Obama: My Bangs Were a 'Midlife Crisis!'

02/19/2013 at 10:04 AM ET

Michelle Obama Bangs Midlife Crisis
Taylor Hill/WireImage

When you’re the First Lady of the United States, you don’t have many options if you’re looking to act on a midlife crisis.

So Michelle Obama did what any woman looking to shake things up (within Secret Servce-approved parameters, of course) would do: cut her bangs.

“This is my midlife crisis, the bangs,” Obama joked on The Rachael Ray Show. “I couldn’t get a sports car. They won’t let me bungee-jump. So instead, I cut my bangs.”

And unlike many midlife crises, this one has gotten a big thumbs up from her spouse. “I love her bangs!” President Barack Obama said shortly after she cut them on her 49th birthday. “She always looks good.”

Not that she needed her husband’s approval, of course; though President Obama may be the leader of the free world, his wife is strictly the boss of her own hair. “I can do this,” she told Ray, smiling and gesturing to her new cut. “This is all mine.”

Tell us: Have you ever changed up your look impulsively? What do you think of Obama’s “midlife crisis”?

–Alex Apatoff


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Maleficent on

I normally cannot stand bangs on an adult woman, but she actually looks pretty cute with them. They make her look more youthful.

Lola on

At least the bangs cover up her weird-ass eyebrows!

rthgrl on

Cheaper than a sports car and safer than an extra-marital affair. I think she looks great either way.

Marie Mullin on

Not a fan no other Pres talked about their hair style, too into herself.

Pat on

Best wig she owns.

Haven on

Cute bang it does make her look more youthful.


Maybe they should worry more about THIS Country and it’s crisis! This President and wife are a serious JOKE!

Miss B on

Pat, she doesn’t wear wigs, she clearly wears her own hair any woman of color can confirm that. Just look at the texture of her hair.

Mary on

Its a constant battle with our President. Dammed if you do and Dammed if you don’t. They need to just do the best they can and in four years hopefully we will be better for it. It is certain none of the comment makers are “presidential” material. So you are not helping matters by snide remarks.

Sofie on

She IS a mid-life crisis…..what a joke!!

sandy on

yeah, I think this thread was supposed to be about hair styles and not political junk… :) and since shes one of the youngest first ladies with small kids, of course the media is going to be interested in her fashion and parenting styles, Barbara Bush, as lovely as she was, was a grandma, curly grey hair, typical, more to discuss when the style is younger and up to date :)

Ashley on

Mary, people who spend their time bashing others are in a sad state indeed. I try to be extra positive when others are being negative to wash it out. Just rest easy knowing you don’t live in their tortured minds.

Anyway, the bangs, I do love them! I could never pull off bangs myself because of my facial structure, so it’s always nice to see someone wear them so well.

barbarabarham on

Love them and love her!

rosemary hirsch on

I do not like the First Lady’s bangs. I liked her hair the way it originally was, very elegant;her new hair do makes her look like a rock star and not the First Lady of the U.S. I think maybe she wanted to look different at the second inaguration than the first inaguration;however, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

La-La on

She is a comedian too in more ways than one.

tillie on

Midlife crises or not keep them .

Donna on

The bangs make her look a lot younger. I like them!

Guest on

Why is this being reported on again? Why?? its a haircut, its bangs…bangs have been around for a gazillion years. I get this is an entertainment site, but really…bangs are big news????

eyedeal on

Seriously……bangs on the first lady is NEWS!?

Marilyn on

Her natural hair is like Olive Oyl (when she has it tied back). It is very short and frizzy. Her hair must have been straightened like crazy for that not to be a wig. Her previous hair style was better.

Vee on

I think the bangs really suit her. She is a great looking woman. Too bad people don’t understand her “midlife crisis” humor. I’m in her age group and I get it. :)

jack on

her bangs look nice, its just her face, like she has a midgets jaw and her eyebrows and her eyelids to match.

Cindy Perkins on

So sad jokes had to be made about the president and world problems. Isn’t she entitled to just have a “girly” moment and cut her hair? She is a gorgeous woman along with her intelligence and contributions to this country.

Tina on

@Lola, that’s funny.

pattih on

It’s a WIG — give me a break
She wears more wigs than Dolly Parton

Margie Jones on

How ironic since you and your husband have created a crisis for middle America.

Joyce Nesselhauf on

I agree with Maleficent! I love how she looks with this haircut. She DOES look more youthful and it’s very cute on her! And the rest of you? If you don’t have something nice to say or at least an honest opinion (read: not snide for the sake of being snide) then don’t post. Some of you are just childish with your comments. Seriously. I don’t get the mentality in this country that the President, any President for that matter, is supposed to fix everything that’s wrong with this country in 4 years. Get a grip on reality people! Stand up and do your part if you want things to be different. The President is not responsible for that on his own. He has people to answer to also. Don’t get all up in arms because there’s a little article on her hair and not the state of the nation. Geez.

yessum on

Your husbands presidency is a mid life crisis for all Americans.

Maggie on

She desperately needs to get braces!

jmel on

Bangs or not….she will never be Reggie Love!!

Anonymous on

I think the bangs look really good on her. They soften up her face and give her a more youthful and friendly appearance. I think she looks great this way and I hope she keeps them.

Tara on

i love bangs! wish i could have bangs!

Carol on

You are still an amazon woman…

jn on

Agree with Pat, best wig she has ever owned….

Snow on

It’s funny women use bangs to cover their wrinkles, but the real secret is that if you get bangs at a young age, you will have much less forehead wrinkles (natural block from the sun). I’m in my 40s and have had bangs since I was a teen. Very little wrinkles on my forehead. She looks great. I think bangs are youthful looking too. Better than botox.

Guest on

I adore her, great wife, great mom, great first lady. And now with a great new look!

kim on

i think she looks 100 times better. love ’em

Susan on

Regardless of how I feel about President Obama, Mrs. Obama looks lovely with her bangs. It’s sad how so many people (most of them are probably over 30 which is worse because I’d like to think that people mature with time) say cruel things about her – she’s intelligent, a good mother, and a strong and kind woman. Again, regardless of how I feel about President Obama’s way of governing, it’s quite pathetic how some women bash Mrs. Obama when her credentials (both personal and professional) are superior.

amber on

….you go girl….

Mitch on

EWWW! Ugliest woman on the planet no matter what style her hair is. Would have looked better had she just let her bangs cover her whole face!!!!!

MJ on

come on….ridiculous story….give me break.

Liz on

Folks, I doubt she is commenting because she’s full of herself. She made a comment because an interviewer asked her about it. I think she looks fantastic and is an admirable First Lady.

Laura on

She look gorgeous.

kitty62862 on

I love the look, very nice!

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