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Who Received Oprah's 'Favorite Things' This Year?

11/19/2012 at 04:00 PM ET

Oprah's Favorite Things
Courtesy O, The Oprah Magazine

Last year we were slightly sad, feeling deprived of the wild screams and uncontrollable tears usually seen during Oprah Winfrey‘s “Favorite Things” episode. Her daytime talk show had just ended, and we were left with a magazine spread that, while beautiful, didn’t give us the same effect.

But Sunday night the show was back on Winfrey’s OWN Network, honoring hardworking military spouses and gifting them with the goodies the media maven just loved.

“There’s nobody in the world more deserving of a day like you’re about to have,” Winfrey told the group before the gifting began. She honored them for “the work and the sacrifice and the love and the care and the vision that you hold … for every life you touch.”

So what were the goods? See the entire list of 50-plus finds on, but highlights included the Octane Fitness Q37ci Elliptical Trainer (introduced to Winfrey by her trainer, Bob Greene), the Tory Burch “Michelle” tote (it “started calling to me,” Winfrey said of the first time she saw it), a $5,000 Bose HD TV, a Tempur-Cloud Supreme Mattress Winfrey swears by, slick Michael Kors Glam Studded High Tops, a Nespresso Lattissima machine and much, much more.

“There’s nothing that I love more than sharing what I love with other people,” Winfrey said. “It’s just so darn fun for me.”

But the most fun moment of the episode came at the end, of course, when Winfrey surprised each of the spouses with a five-night, all-expenses paid trip for two to Fiji’s Namale Resort & Spa. Winfrey was working on the premise that “many people here never had a honeymoon,” she explained, and wanted to give them the rest and relaxation they deserved. Catch the memorable moment here.

For a chance to score all of the swag seen on the “Favorite Things” special (re-airing this Friday, Nov. 23 at 9 p.m. ET on OWN), grab the December issue of O, The Oprah Magazine and visit

–Kate Hogan


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Honorable Mention on



Honorable Mention to the cults of personality! Just DUPE ME!

jenniferlynne01 on

Oprah has such a big heart! :)

Georgina on

I wonder if Oprah actually gives away everything from her own pocketbook, or if the companies making the products give it to her audience for free for “free” publicity? I think it’s the latter.
Oprah is also using her “generosity” as a ploy to promote her new channel which is tanking. At the end of the day, the Oprah company is just another corporation counting its bottom line, and using “freebies” to attract viewers.

MamaB on

UNBELIEVABLE how jealous some people are. Why do you care who is responsible for paying for the goods? They went to very deserving people and if Oprah has the power to solicit those types of donations….MORE POWER TO HER. Maybe you should try some volunteer or charity work so that you understand how good it really does feel!

Andrea on

Why does it matter if someone donates the products? The fact that she takes the time to try and help her fellow man should speak volumes. But of course, people like you always find something to complain about. I wonder, do you do anything to help anyone else? Or are you jealous that no one wants to do anything for you? The joy of giving is NOT for the person who receives it, but for the person doing it. You should try it some time.

Twinkletoes on

I used to love watching Oprah’s Favorite Things show, but now I realized that this show doesn’t really do anything for me or those who are unemployed.

Oprah, we’re not billionaires or millionaires like you. Definitely can’t afford most of those items so please stop airing this show as you are just making us suffer.

Sure, those folks in your audience, mostly white, upper middle class folks from Chicago are lucky to get your free things. And yet, these folks who are wealthy are the ones who can afford to buy them.

OhMy on

Hey Honorable Mention….did you notice that the ‘GIVE ME GIVE ME GIVE ME” cult you are complaining about are the spouses of the guys who give you the freedom to post your nonsense??

OhMy on

Twinkletoes….yeah you’re right. Most military families are mostly white middle class folks from Chicago! Why don’t you join the military if you like the benefits are soooo great?

Rachel on

What a waste of money. More money than brains.

Georgina on

I just don’t feel that she should build a brand on being “generous” when she is not even the one donating the products. At the end of the day, I don’t believe that the show is about advancing any of the people in the audience, but it’s about advancing her “cause” and her company which to me is not very selfless. She makes billions off of people who believe that she is some type of martyr–when in fact she is just a clever business woman.

I don’t mind when people give gifts, but when people give gifts in order to make their public appearance better and to boost their own companies sales, then I think that it’s inappropriate.

Shannon on

I believe from previous interviews that all these gifts given are donated to the Oprah show from different companies apart from giving to people who rightly deserve it and sharing some Christmas cheer, these companies make there money back off the marketing with the show being aired in many countries viewers get on board and buy these. Free publicity goes along way.



kim on

if every wealthyperson was as giving and generous as her, what a wonderful world we would have. everyone should learn the art of giving from her example…

Kat on

I’m glad she gave the stuff to military families, they need all the help they can get.

Sasha on

Everyone is talking about good and bad. If you don’t know do your research Oprah donates to various charities throughout the year. She is always doing charity work in the United States and other countries. She is a kind women with a big heart who reaches many. She can’t help everybody so instead of criticizing just be happy that someone was able to benefit from her generosity!!!

Pam on

i think it is a beautiful thing, what Oprah does. Rather the items are donated or not. Im a struggling single parent with three kids, but i still find joy in giving and watching others give. Oprah, keep doing your thing!!!!.

itznia on

I LOVE Oprah!!!!

Delicious on

Oprah’s favorite things is eating and spanks and big hair weaves.

Linda on

When Oprah first started with her “Favorite Things” shows, I would sit and cry…those audiences were so lucky to get the items she was giving away…. Then as the years went by, the items became so outrageous in costs…I was shocked…I couldn’t afford even the cheapest item……and I think thats when I lost interest in the show…it was all out of my reach..

Nikki on

#1. Oprah didn’t get this rich by being dumb…of course the items are donated..her show created TONS of exposure for those companies.
#2. Yes, I am jealous, but my question comes out of PURE curiosity: Who pays the taxes on these goods?
#3. I LOVE Oprah and I think that she’s great. But I admit that I used to cringe at these shows, and after a while, I stopped watching them. I think that this is too ostentatious. I think that it’s ok to give away things, but she would go way over the top….

Lynn on

“Give me Give me Give me”? Thank these military spouses for their sacrifice to be able to even say such an ignorant comment. It still amazes me how hateful people can be. My friend sacrifices SO much, her husband has been over seas for along time, I would pay money for her to be able to be on that show. Lift her spirits and to just have some fun. Who cares if they donate the items, Oprah is using her name to get there companies to do it to benefit people who deserve it. What have you done?

anastasia harmon on

I think what oprah did for these military families is great. I am a military wife. It’s hard having your spouse gone for months at a time. And when I saqy months at a time, its a range from 6 months to 18 months being gone, but only home for at most a year before they are sent back again. Every one should be lucky to have their family with them every day, while military families have to deal with their spouse being gone. They are a mother and father to their children. The military works so hard to keep this country safe and gets little in return. We barely make eough to keep us comfortable. My husband was spat on in an airport because he is in the military. He was called a baby killer. For a lot of the military, we go to war to fight for evryone’s freedom, doesn’t mean we want to be there or support the war. But we are there because we want to protect our country…. oprah. giving these families a vacation to fiji because of the fact that many of these many military families probably did not get a honeymoon is so very thoughful. Trying to plan a wedding when it involves a military member is very difficult, because you never know when they could be shipped off. We are lucky to even be able to get in a honeymoon! My husband and I have been married for over 2 years and still haven’t been able to take one! So whether or not all of oprah’s gifts were donated, it was still very thoughtful and kind of her to give these gifts to military families.

Sonja on

I understand that Oprah can do whatever she wants with her money. The only problem I have with this year’s gift of $200 sneakers is that I remember not so many years ago when she was building her school for girls in Africa and someone asked her why she didn’t do it here in America, she said she asked some teenagers what they would want if they could have anything and some of them wanted sneakers that cost about $100 and she thought that was so selfish and shallow. So why is it OK for her to give away high-priced sneaks right here in the US instead of using the money for education, etc for these military families?????

Heather on

I like Oprah. But it’s just so odd that people look to her for HER favorite things for Xmas. Doesn’t anybody trust their own opinions? Oprah is not God, don’t worship her lol.

Sunny on

Earth to Oprah. Americans are broke. Millions are jobless and some are even living in tent cities. Flaunting your millions at a time like this is tres tacky. And she wonders why her network is failing. Outt of touch.

lol bree on

I like oprah! She used to be broke like me! but she worked her way to the very top coming frm nothing so yeah i have a little respect for that.

LOL! on

I loved watching this episode every year, it was so much fun to watch Oprah gift the audience with all of those amazing gifts. It doesn’t matter to me if the gifts were donated by the companies or paid for the the Oprah show but if the idea is that people with normal incomes are going to run out and purchase these things then they’re sadly mistaken, or should be. Most of the items are outrageously priced and while Oprah and other very wealthy people can afford to gift them to one another the nearest that most us will come to doing that is watching her do it.

samantha on

Can’t take days off to watch oprah.
Save enough money for black Friday.
Happy holidays everybody.

Navy Wife on

I have been a military wife for 11 years. The fact that Oprah showed appreciation for military spouses and families made my heart smile. The idea of the trip is awesome. We never had a wedding. My husband was deployed when September 11th happened. His carrier was turned around and sent back to the Arabian Sea to begin Operation Enduring Freedom. He did not return home in time for our wedding and since then we have no “set schedule” to plan one let alone a honeymoon.
Instead of arguing over whether or not these gifts are donated, why not take a moment and say a prayer for those families whose loved ones will not be home for Christmas.

Rain on

I don’t ask people when they give me stuff where thay got it from. Trust and believe no one cares who is the source of the give aways. Those companies are happy to be associated with Oprah and are happy for the advertising. If she gets companies to donate then she’s smart, which is why she is billionaire.

Amy on

In 2010 alone, Oprah donated more than $41 million to charity. I’m not quite sure how people can sit here and criticize her for giving donated items to her audience. In order to donate that much money to charity, she has to make it. Her Favorite Things episodes have proven to be popular, so why would she not want to capitalize on that? She gets to surprise a bunch of deserving people and in the process she makes money from advertisers, which she in turn gives to charity. Seems pretty darn brilliant to me.

Sarah Nigeria on

American an their ungreatful attiatude, we Africans will giv any thing to have someone do what opra is doing, i knw ther are many homless people in America, bt she can’t help everyone, the military risk their life left their families their wife and children to serve their country and instead of u guys to thank God for touching their life through her u are here hating on the woman, who cares were the gift comes from who cares if she is advertising her show, so long as she put smile on those military families faces nothing els matter. Opra i hav great respect for u we here in Africa loves u. Keep up the good work and May God inlarge ur coast in Jesus name amen.

Amaryllis on

I find Oprah annoying. I’m utterly surprised by her popularity, but then it doesn’t affect me one way or another.

Pam on

I think it’s awesome she gave the gifts this year to military people, who are very deserving. Some years ago she gave a huge baby shower for military wives who were expecting. It made me cry it was such a happy show!

Elizabeth on

Good for them! With their husbands serving, they deserve to be spoiled rotten considering when their husbands leave the military, they’ll be treated as any other laid off employee – told to find their own way and left to a corporate world who doesn’t appreciate them or the sacrifices they made.

JoAnn on

Most people can not afford these items. Why do people who are not rich need to know what they can not afford? She is a spoiled, rich, media hungry, insinsere woman who is overrated.

Kira on

LOL @ some of these comments. Some of you know damn well if Oprah offered you FREE items, you would take it. Stop acting like it’s a bad thing. Rather she pays from her pocket or not I think it’s a nice idea. Companies are advertising through Oprah as well. So what’s the big idea? Congrats to the military spouses that received these nice items. Truly deserve it!

Elisha on

She does have a big heart. I just wish the magazine would STOP photoshopping her so she looks smaller than she really is. The secret is out. Not that it ever was a secret. Oprah is the only person on earth who looks smaller in a photograph. It’s inauthentic and negatively affects what she wants us to think of her.

Jenn on

I used to like watching Oprah’s favorite things but now it’s just a reminder of things I’ll never afford, like a $5000 TV. And I didn’t like Oprah shoving in my face all these expensive things she had so I just switched off my $500 TV.

Ebliss56 on

These comments are unbelievable. Why do u think People gave this article that $200 sneaker headline? To aggrevate all of the people who can’t afford lavish gifts. Well some of us can afford them, hence the reason companies donate the goods in return for the “O” effect. If people were happier with what they have instead of fretting over what they don’t, this country would be a lot happier. It’s called Capitalism. I’m thrilled for the families that will receive these gifts and unless you have a family member in the military, you’ll never understand how much they deserve them!

Shea on

I’ll start by saying that I truly, honestly respect Oprah for all she’s endured and for making herself into the icon she is today. However, would love to see a “favorite things” show that does not put the item out of reach of the average American. How about “favorite things under $100″? Even under $50?

Brian on

This seems like a vehicle to fuel Oprah’s Ego. And the 5 minutes I watched of this “show” seemed very contrived. And don’t for one minute think this was simply a nice gesture for “deserving” recipients. It was also to garner ratings on a failing Network. I don’t blame Oprah for what we are subjected to. I blame the moron viewers who eat this sugar coated drama up.


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