Kendall & Kylie Jenner to Launch Clothing Line

10/15/2012 at 05:00 PM ET

Kendall & Kylie JennerEthan Miller/Getty

It was only a matter of time. The youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, Kendall and Kylie, are following in the footsteps of their older sisters (who own more brands than we can keep track of) and getting into the clothing design game.

The sisters’ line will be aimed at tweens and teens and according to WWD, it will debut next spring and include shirts, pants, shorts and accessories.

“We always get asked what we are wearing, so when we got the chance to design our line with Majestic Mills, we were thrilled,” the sisters tell PEOPLE. “We have been really excited by the creative design process from the start because we love fashion, and we can’t wait to share it with our fans!”

And while it may be their first foray into apparel, Kendall and Kylie are hardly newbies when it comes to the fashion scene. They’re Seventeen contributors, jewelry designers (the collection was slated to launch this year) and successful models.

Though details regarding the collection are limited, our money is on pieces that reflect the teens’ personal style. Think: bright colors, high hemlines and super-trendy details. In other words, don’t expect understated. Tell us: Are you excited to see Kendall and Kylie’s clothing line? Do you think it will be a success?

–Jennifer Cress


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HR on

Are you fricken kidding me??? Whatever happened to clothing designers going to school and actually learning to design?? These girls will have barely any input and someone else will do the work! Ridiculous!!!

Whatever on

I’m interested in fashion! That must mean I can have a clothing line too!

fanofboardwalkempire on

Looking forward to seeing the collection and what the ‘K’ ladies will bring to it. should be interesting for sure!

Jenny on

Great. Now the tweens can dress like them. Just what we need.

enough on

Enough is enough. When are people going to say no to this talentless bunch. I’ve never seen anything like this and for one am tired of picking up magazines and reading about them. Get a grip people.

Jester on

Oh poleeeeeeeese! If the photo posted is any indication of what to expect from these kids…BORING!!! I guess the Kardashian family doesn’t believe in letting children be kids. Oh nooooo…get them working as soon as possible. Unreal!

Sherri on

Stop watching and buying their empire will crash. What will Mommy resort to then?

mommabear on

Kris Jenner is a flipping pimp when it comes to her kids. Is she their “momager” too. What a piece of work she is.

Tom on

Kendall and Kylie: Beauty and the Beast! Kylie is FUGLY!!!

missy on


jenn on

Kind of a slap in the face to real designers out there, but I really didn’t expect these girls to go to college and maybe use their brains instead of the Kardashian name.

Sweetme on

Family aside, they are just two girls living their dreams and who cares what they do? Good for them, doing their own thing rather than just feeding off the rest of the family’s wealth. LEAVE THEM ALONE, hatred gets the world nowhere.

star on

I just wished designers would design clothes that kids are ACTUALLY allowed to wear t school. There are dress codes that kids have to go by when dressing for school. I am tired of dressing like hookers on the street corner. I didn’t dress like that as a tween or teen, and before anyone says that I was probably to fat to dress that way, at 15 I was a 36-26-36 cheerleader. I have a tween girl and I doubt I could afford their line of clothing, but I wouldn’t allow he to walk out the house in anything that isn’t appropriate.

Katrina on

This is worse than Honey Boo Boo. They are disgusting and fake and just plain STUPID

Danielle on

As long as we watch their program , they will be on the news… stop and you will see them disappeared from view…’s that simple…..

Commentor on

Of course they are. They’re still too young, legally, to release a sex tape. So what else are the poor girls to do?!? They HAVE to have a brand or they’ll get drummed out of the family. And have pity on their mom. She needs another retirement fund. Geez…

noelle on

pimp mamma old lady Kris Jenner at it again pimping her dtrs!!! She has to get her 10% cut!!!

KatJ. on

Congrats Kendall & Kylie….you go girls! Pay no mind to the haters!

mary on

This is so disgusting. Such an unbelievable display of piggy momma jenner whoring out her clan for $$$$. Gross. Those girls need an education and their monther needs her head examined.

susan on


susan on


jj on

I feel bad for them. These two never any kind of normalcy, they grew up amongst a bunch of vapid characters who prioritize business above anything else. They were bound to end up like the rest of them. It’s sad really.

us on

I’m thinking they could partner with Honey Boo Boo

ds on

these two are just as trashy as kim

crumby on

Why on earth would these girls launch a clothing line? What for? For fun? It’s ludicrous, please stick to what you know, like modeling and being sweet in front of the cameras. There is no need to make “another” clothing line where all the clothes will end up at Ross, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls.

zami on

Partner with honey booboo? Haven’t you heard? Kris Jenner wants to MANAGE honey booboo. Such a greedy broad.

crumby on

Why on earth would they launch a clothing line? For fun? It is ludicrous, they should stick to something they are familiar with like modeling and being sweet in front of the camera. Why create “another” clothing line where all the clothes will end up in Ross, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls?

JenB on

ahhhh, nepotism at it’s finest! Maybe these girls should stay in school and actually get an education. This is a slap in the face to all the designers who have gone to school and studied design. What a joke!

JA on

Kylie has been dressing like a baby prostitute for years….heavy black eyeliner and lipstick at age 11, high heels and tight miniskirts by age 13/14. It’s appalling. She is the LAST one who should be “designing” clothing for children.

Trazey on

pfft who needs an education when you can just say ‘oh can you make it shiny?” ha. Kim must HATE these 2 girls!!! So slim and pretty without giant a$$es and so YOUNG ha ha

Jodie on

Uh, Who is next Rob, and Brody clothing line for men. Please they need to just quit.

mmm on

if ur following their show..Rob has been trying to get help on a clothing line/men dash store..this shows u Chris is terrible mom. She’s help her girl with dash, kims line and now the girls…what about rob..i feel bad for him

lame on

of course they are -_-

Guest on

Have you ever been to DASH Miami? It’s a joke! I went because the reviews on Yelp were not good but wanted to see for myself, guess what it was closed! So It must be only open during filming, honestly Khloe is the only one I care about, but I hope these girls don’t grow up too fast! There will be a price for this fame.

carol on

Its amazing that these girls are getting a clothing line handed to them. No schooling for fashion. No business experience. I wouldn’t be interested, simply because of handing the Kardashians another dollar.

Kim on

I wish this family would go away.

Marcia on

How about having these girls go to, you know, SCHOOL or something?

OhHappyDay! on

What next…….a clothing line for little boys by Mason Dissick. This family never stops ! Kris Jenner can figure out a way to make a dolla holla !!!

Lisa on

I like that they are young & making there own money in a positive way. To be so young. Heck my first job was at burger king. Lol but I wish them the best of luck.

Bridget on

Why!? Boo….just stop please.

hd on

For gosh sake they aren’t kardashians they are jenners… oh wait bruce is using the k name to stay in the limelight….

J on

I’m not a parent, but their clothing line would be a nightmare if I had a daughter. In the above photo, the one on the left is a 14/15 yr old in an Herve Leger Bandage dress which is designed to hug every inch of your body. I wouldn’t want my daughter dressed in any outfits that resemble that girl’s clothes.

sophia on

why does EVERYBODY in this “family” look like trannies? why dont they just sell their sex tapes like mom and sisters?

loli on

What about Rob?

Samantha on

Not excited, not interested. Any designer I choose to wear has a background and education in fashion design, not just a “love for fashion.” “We always get asked what we are wearing” … right. In their dreams.

nunya on

Tell us: Are you excited to see Kendall and Kylie’s clothing line?


Debbie on

I actually watched Keeping up..( i know, i know..”hangs my head in shame”) but i was appalled at the lack of respect these two have for their parents and schooling. They threw a tantrum until their mother (seemed like dad wasnt doing much) had to agree to a homeschooling program. WTH?! how about going to school full time and “working” on holidays/days off, etc?
they are not that popular that its that serious. Btw, they are only successful modeling for the same magazine, Seventeeen, clothing line, Sherry Hill and any thing random that is already endorsed by the Kardashians. Im not a hater..just realistic. At the end of day, its great to be popular when youre young but when beauty and 15 minutes are gone, and $$ is drying up…whats left if you have nothing to fall back on?

PolyBull on

anything created with the K/J brand names is the hard work of professionals, stamped with their names and opinions. Personally, I think anything they have on the market is Sh**.
WhoTF wears polyester???

Lindsay on

What a joke! Designing for what store – The Dollar Tree????

Kelli on

It is hilarious to read that people are sick of this family blah blah blah…if ya don’t like them, don’t read the article or the magazine. Input something positive instead of spreading your negativity. Sheesh…get a life!!!!

Noneyo on

DO any of you commenters that are sticking up for them actually think they work? HA! They are not designing their own clothes. They pay a no name, fresh out of fashion school desperate student to make $$ do ALL the work for them. They just sign off on it. PLUS do any of you really think the K’s do any of their own work?!?!?! YEA RIGHT! This family makes me ill, with exception of poor Bruce who may as well have his tongue removed since he has no say so whatsoever. They have “people” to do everything for them. I am NOT renewing my People subscription because of this article. FU People. You lost another loyal customer because of this sickening, filthy family.

Emily on

I think they should graduate from high school first.

Lizzie on

PIMP mom cris NO K will do ANYTHING 4 $$$$$ &
PRAY they would alllllllllllllllllllllllllll go away, FAR AWAY!!!!

dede on

I saw their clothing line at Sears, the Kardashian line I mean, the clothes were not my style the handbags were okay but overall their fashion is not my fashion. None of the clothes were really that cute to me and obviously to no one else either, the rack was full, didn’t look like they were selling … i guess they need to keep making money to support the lavish lifestyle they have grown accustom to… overall these people need to give it a rest


It’s a bit difficult to take them seriously as designers and I really don’t see much coming out of their clothing line. What happened to Rob? He’s been trying to get into the business but his sisters keep telling him he’s a lazy loser which I don’t agree with. I think he’s having trouble dealing with the loss of his father and I feel sorry for him.

PJ on

If I remember right, on an earlier episode Rob had complained that Kris was paying more attention to Kourtney, Kim and Klohe. He was asking for help with his sock collection and Kris wasn’t there to help him out much, now she is helping Kendall and Kylie. I guess she favors the girls and Rob comes in last always. I feel sorry for Rob, it seems like the girls get all the attention and Rob gets left out. I hope Rob succeeds far beyond what they all seem to think he will.

teri on

The Kardashians are out of touch, superficial, and fame mongers. Anything for money is their motto. How sad.

jane on

Well this is no surprise, why would it be? Why gratz them on doing something “positive”, I mean seriously, silver platter, maybe they’ll let there pitiful brother add some socks to match the shorts. @@ There is so much more these two could of done.
I actually enjoyed this two in the past they were really focused on wanting to keep up with schooling and I thought well maybe these two will break away from OMG LETS MAKE A FASHION line…soon to come Kyle & Kendall show…..Poor Bruce’s balls have vanished. Just another set of girls doing the same ol same ol like there sisters.
How many times can someone rewatch Kourt give birth and complain about the man she chose to be with, how many times to watch Kim and her ‘new’ relationship’ and Khloe and her wanting a kid. Mama pimp knows they are getting old , time to throw the young ones in and continue bringing in the cash.

Maria on

Just another Kardashian product. And after they are done with the clothing line they will do a perfume and after the perfume they will have a book. And after the book it will be another perfume, and then it will be the shows Kendall and Kylie take NY or Miami. It is a very solid empire I am amazed. Their show is their most important asset but I think is not going to last for too long. I have seeing their show and lately I have seeing it’s getting boring. Not really good action.

Lala Mendez on

Dumb Americans. They will elevate any uneducated fool much like they’re doing with honey boo. Now you want to keep these idiots in the public eye with zero education? What experience do they have as fashion designers?

really?? on

fans? they have fans? Ugh…I’m not a hater but so not a fan of The land of entitlement….

Debra on

I agree with HR. These girls or their mother is paying an actual designer to create the clothing and letting them put their names on it. I don’t exactly see these girls sweating bullets 24/7 at a drafting table creating designs. Just like the Kardashian store. When was the last time those girls actually step foot in the store to actually manage it? Next they will buy a restaurant and call themselves 5 star chefs.


Fans?? Why do these two have fans?? I wish these Kardashians/Jenners would just go away!!

Debra on

They haven’t gone away because their are people out there who feel that their liv es are so boring that they need to watch these people live their lives on tv. If we stop watching and buying their garbage that they sell; they will go away.

Ash on

This pisses me off merely for the fact that I have friends that truly love fashion and it is their PASSION in life working hard to make it in the industry while these kids, yes KIDS with no kind of talent, no fashion design skills, any credibility, or even a unique sense of style whatsoever, gets a clothing line?

harry on

All of these Kar-trashians have that empty look behind their eyes. All the money in the world can’t buy happiness obviously.

Lola on

GAG. Funny in real life u dont see any of the K sisters romping around in their SEARS line unless its to promote it. I agree dont buy the stuff the promote. I try to stay away from anything celebrity we the consumer are paying for their name not the designer behind it. Chris and Bruce should be ashamed how they went ahead and put these girls to work instead of making them get a real education. Sure they might have enough money if they manage it to last them for life but maybe Kris could have just had them go to school and put some of her 10percent from her grown daughters into a trust for them. They will NEVER get back this time and throwing them in the HOllywood Lions den.

Jennifer on

It seems like if you have the money, you can put your name on just about anything weather you have the talent for it or not. These two talentless girls doesn’t have ANY design talent, and yet they are coming out with their own clothing line?!?!? It does seem like a slap in the face for those who do have the design talent.

It’s seems like the only thing “Pimp Momma Kris” cares about is the money she’s getting from her kids, and not putting these two young girls though something as important as school.

popeye82 on

I thought they were Kris’s granddaughters.

LInda on

Wouldn’t let my kids spend a penny to put money in those Kardashian/Jenner pockets

Crick on

That’s good for them.

Then my bitter jealous side says, “must be nice to be born into your career and wealth. All just handed to you.”.

Either way I just want to cut five inches off the anorexic ones hair and run a brush through the top. Why is it so stuck to your head? And why must all K girls have the same hairdo?

khajal on

really? these girls should be concentrating on getting some brains (an education) for themselves. money is money, its here 1 day, its gone the next. how else are ull going to figure out if ur dear money hunger mother is stealing from ull or not?

Enough_Already on

There must be some desperate designers out there to do all the work and let two airhead twits take the credit.

arlene on

well it didn’t take long for mommey dearest get her last two children to become money makers for her doesn’t she have enough money already????

yanah on


weezer on

No more please! This time it’s going to be for emaciated teenagers. Pls stop the madness no more Kardashians pls!!

Halley on

Agreed. There will be real, educated designers doing the work and these two will input a few words and get to put their names on it.

sandy on

Ugg, of course they are! It’s what the K. do! Just what we need, teens dressing like street walkers.

T on

Who cares. Stop writing about these peaople and maybe they will do away!!!!

Annoying on

Bunch of spoiled brats! So fed up of hearing about them and the rest of the family…disappear already…………..

Debra on

A petition needs to be created to prevent people like the Kardashians from taking credit for someone else’s work. It’s no different than plagarism. I can’t believe that legally someone else can create fashion designs or cosmetics and they can take the credit for it. I guess money CAN buy anything.

Elizabeth on

What a joke! Ha!!!

Janet on

According to “Keeping up with the Kardashians” reality show, both Kendall and Kylie were having trouble in school. With this new clothing line, I guess they will be dumb millionaires just like the rest of the “K”s.

Lynn Kelly on

It is a joke that these 2 get a clothing line. They will go to one meeting and pick what they like from the work that someone else has done. Kris Jenner is the most disgusting mother on the planet ! It is all about making $$ and getting her 10%. The whole family is a bunch of lazy a$$ people who are always eating. Get a real job !

My Thoughts on

I agree with HR… give the people who have talent, have a passion for designing clothes and are going to school to learn their trade a break, instead of handing it to these girls on a silver platter.

Just because these young girls are connected to the low moral Kardashian sex machines does not make them worthy of being designers. Wake up America… bring back decent morals and values and reject bad influences.

My Thoughts on

I agree with HR… give the people who are struggling to make a living following their passion a chance and STOP handing it to rich girls on a silver platter.

Wake up America and start supporting the middle class and small businesses and STOP idolizing and having your children worship movie stars and celebrities. There are so many more regular people who deserve our attention, respect and support… like those who have served our country and their families.

Peach on

I see their mother has wasted no time in pimping out her two youngest daughters. Nice family…

MIa on

They should be’ launching’ their EDUCATIONS & Brains; what could these young MINIONS possibly contribute to fashion???
Their sick & greedy Mother will do anything for a buck…

Susan on

And sadly, like that POS Honey Boo Boo family, people will purchase their clothing. It’s up to Americans to stop this, because those who consume this garbage are the ones keeping them rich. Don’t pause for one second on their TV show, buy their clothing, or follow their Twitter or FB and they go away!

PJB on

Let me guess – Mama is behind this?!? Will the fifteen minutes of fame ever end!?! Enough already with this dysfunctional family.

sookie on

The Kartrashians never stop!

Jasmine Vazquez on

You beautiful girls should make plus sizes to!!! :)

jackie on

Great, they’ll run that clothing company into the ground just like their sisters did with Sears (which paid millions for their clothes and are now going under). When will they ever learn? I’d rather watch Project Runway to see TRUE designers with REAL talent and TASTE, something no one in that family has. Rag mongers.

Cate on

Shame on all of you. Leave them alone and stop putting thm down to make yourselves feel better… If you or your children were given the opportunities that they have been given you wouldn’t say no either. If you don’t like the kardashians okay fine but keep your negative opinions to yourself. I’m sure people don’t have the best things to say about you either. Judgements and ridicule get you nowhere in life. Congrats Kendall and Kylie you deserve it more than anyone! Can’t wait to wear your clothing once it comes out!

to cute jenny on

I am crazzy about fashion those two jenners are going to bring it


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