Kristen Stewart Smiles for the Cameras at Paris Fashion Show

09/27/2012 at 09:10 AM ET

Kristen Stewart Balenciaga Show
Joseph Kerlakian/Rex USA

Things suddenly seem a little brighter for Kristen Stewart.

The On the Road actress, who had a difficult summer, to say the least, seemed in very good spirits Thursday in Paris, even giving photographers — notoriously her nemesis — a pose and a smile as she arrived for the Balenciaga fashion show on Rue Cassette. (Stewart is the face of the label’s new fragrance, Florabotanica.)

“It was a whole new Kristen,” one photographer remarked to PEOPLE.

If she felt good, the Twilight star certainly looked good, wearing a bright-yellow leather jacket, black top and patterned black slacks.

Her solo trip to the City of Light comes as Stewart and Robert Pattinson appear to be mending their relationship following the actress’s infidelities this summer.

Also on hand for the Balenciaga show was Salma Hayek; her husband François-Henri Pinault’s company, PPR, owns the design house.

–Tim Nudd, reporting by Peter Mikelbank


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cris k on

This girl deserves the best, so beautiful hope she has some divesão there!! I love her!

Tina on

She looks exactly like a smug homewrecker. Her PR team must be so proud.

krystal on

Could care less about her, that jacket on the other hand, I love!

mytwocents on

Oh my gosh, she was smiling!! I’m floored!! No one ever smiles… This was news?

PK on

I believe “smirk” is a better word for what she is doing.

Beth on

Does anyone else wanna run a brush through her hair? Good lord!

sally on

That’s a smile? Well I guess it beats the sad look she had during the fashion show!

Goodness on

It takes two to cheat and I’m not going to put all the blame on Kristen.
Kristen is a pretty girl and I think she looks happy. At least she’s trying to be herself.

Monica on

So many actors and actresses in Hollywood, why do you keep posting things about this home wrecker??? She is a wh@£3!!! Bad role model! Go away Kirsten! You make me sick, and loads of others too!

phal on

She is so beautiful, keep smiling girl!

Jilllouise on

I wouldn’t call that a smile, but I do love the jacket!

bsmith on

I really like that jacket. The Color is awesome. But I will never feel the same about Kstew. Not because of Robert Pattinson but because of Liberty and her children. I honestly believe this reunion is due to the November showing of the last Twilight series. I hope Robert is not that weak. He will loose fans for accepting a home wrecker back into his life. She will do it again. What a downer.


Amanda on

She looks awkward.

bsmith on

I really like that jacket. The Color is awesome. But I will never feel the same about Kstew. Not because of Robert Pattinson but because of Liberty and her children. I honestly believe this reunion is due to the November showing of the last Twilight series. I hope Robert is not that weak. He will loose fans for accepting a home wrecker back into his life. She will do it again. What a downer.

ViNSaNiTY on

Have to laugh….Kristen Stewart haters who somehow think they actually KNOW anything about the woman or her relationship woes that wasn’t fed to you by people motivated to sensationalize EVERYTHING. You don’t know enough to love her, hate her… you don’t really know anything at all but what you have been fed, greedily sucked up because your own empty lives and fat butts need to think about someone else’s lives rather than face your own problems.

LisaL on

Smile? How about the cat that swallowed the canary smirk?

Julia on

Why does she always look so dirty?

Lidia on

A lot of people cheat on their significant others. We should not judge anyone. We’re human, we have weaknesses, nobody’s perfect.



lovekstew&rpattz on

Worst day eva! Kstew cheated on rpattz! OMG! They are the best couple eva. They were meant for eachother like Joni and Chachi, like Romeo and Juliet, like Lady and the Tramp! I feel like the world is back in balance now that they are togetha again.

Leslie Jo Gashimov on

Why do we rake this girl over the coals, but have accepted Angelina as if she was a queen. This is just the real world and it happens all the time. An d yes let us remember there has to another person involved.

monica barrier on

Kristen is a very gifted actress and had a ditector swoon all over her during the whole making of snow white and take advantage of her during a hard time in her life. Quit hateing. She is so beutiful and talented, if i were Rupurt i would of tryed to hit that to

molly on

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pants and so glad to see her smiling!


Vinsanity……Its got nothing to do with knowing or not knowing or empty lives,being fed anything,or her relationships…Its about freedom of speech, and having that privilage to comment……..So dont look if you dont like whats being dished UP….She CHEATED is the bottem line and being an actor puts you under that spotlight……and 1/2ly ruined a marriage…..thats all

nacho on

Of course she is smiling, she made over $36 MILLION dollars last year, she wrecked an entire family’s trust, because she had an affair and yet her boyfriend is taking her back, she’s on top of the world…. Even though her heart must be black as night.

hasnone on

She looks very pretty and she has had enough of the bullying. Enough is enough, grow up. I hope she has a great time in Paris.

molly on

LOVE her pants and boots. Wow. No wonder she is smiling!

SeniorsKiss on

Senior personals find true love and serious relationship!

andra on

somebody PLEASE tell this girl to change her hairstylist!!!!

cara on

she still looks like a hot mess.

Tigs on


Blue on

I respect her for owning up to her mistake. Now, hand over the jacket, lol.

Jessie on

Love that smug smirk! She is a hot mess. Rob, enjoy your sloppy seconds.

l weiss on

a smirk that she won–Rob just doesnt get it. If she would only comb her hair she would be pretty

Moveon on

Get over it all you haters, what happeneds in their life is none of your business. You pay to see her movies, not her actual life. No one has the right to comment on someone they know little to nothing about but what the media has reported ( because they NEVER blow things out of proportion right)!! We all make mistakes! Didn’t know her affair affected your life like that, like it’s a personal insult to you and yours! They are moving on why can’t you????

musikgal on

Kristen looks gorgeous. Shes a lovely person in and out and THATS wht Pattinson is not givin up on his soulmate!! One mistake does not define her. good job Robbie! You are a class act to believe in the strength of love and forgiveness.

Donna L. on

I convey to all the haters of Kristen, you have to stop with all the attacking. It’s like you are so busy with writing about someone you don’t even know in person, you don’t see the harm you are doing to yourself. It’ like someone who likes to hear their own voice. It’s become an addiction.
There is a sickening hurt in my heart and it’s for YOU. The visual of ugliness being pulled out of you and typed here and anywhere else for everyone to see, literally makes me want to vomit. I can’t believe you don’t feel like the viciousness eating you up inside. Please step back and examine yourself.

samantha on

Shes young, sexy and like really rich. She can do whatever she wants. I would do the same. Have fun and enjoy the only life you have.

cris k on

MY PRIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!

heather on

Love her so called “smug look ” she looks Fab hair to toes. Your all haters cuz she got the love of her life back . She went through enough already every article mentions what she did. Let it go already. Move on to the next Hollywood scandal. Lol

Lucy on

Love the outfit! and good to see the media with something nice to say for a change.

fanofboardwalkempire on

Kristen is looking great in Paris- So happy to hear the news that she and Rob are working on their relationship- they make such a great couple and you can see that they really love each other- Wishing them both the very best!

cibelle on

I am so happy to hear that everything is going great between them. Keep the love going strong Robert & Kristen, Always and forever

Karen on

This is a smile? Shesh.. what low standards.

Tiffany on

That’s a smile?

sharon on

why do you have to bring up her mistakes everytime you talk about her? ENOUGH IS ENOUGH ! leave the poor girl alone..PLEASE !! we who are reading this are her fans and we love her..Im sick of it being brought up in every article !!!!!

Pam on

All I read are negative comments from bored stay at home moms and house wives, please get a reality check all of you, your husbands are most likely cheating behind your backs and you don’t even know it. Why all the hatred towards this girl?

sarah on

he’s a son of bit**, if he takes her back , FORGIVE her , but don’t TAKE HER BACK , come on wath happened to the world ? , dignity , self respect , where’s all that ??

CeCe on

Kristen smiles a lot but people always say that she does not smile enough. When she smiles it is not on cue for the photos but a real smile. Men don’t get that pressure to go around smiling all the time. Kristen looks good. I hope she stays focus on her career, her well being and does not date until she is ready, and possibly date someone who is not very famous. Of course, haters will say that she is probably not pretty or good enough for whoever she dates. She lived with that for three years so nothing new there. I wish her the very best. Have fun in your life, Kristen.


taking her back? this IS a bad message to society when you take back the exes after they beat you up to almost death and cheated on your arse left and right.
teens these days seem to ‘support’ that motive. its a bad message.
forgive them but dont take em back! jeez
we gotta stop it!
rihanna this one goes to you too!

Joi on

Geez people, get a life and leave the girl alone already……

Bluebird on

agreed Tina – homewrecker – she looks smug like. I got my cake and candy too. Once a cheater always a cheater and no I am not some young thing lusting over RP – I acutally only ever seen the first Twilight – but I think that she has really snowed everyone on this – she isn’t the sweet little thing that got led down the path – she got what she wanted.

sharon on

I wanna hear about Kristen without the mention of her mistake.. Please. Its so so Old !!

Kristenisahomewrecker on

I could care less for this homewrecker, that’s not a smile thats a smug smirk, once a cheater always a cheater. Rob is a fool and she will cheat again, she cheated on her ex-boyfriend Michael Angarano with Rob, so he should know how she was and always will be a cheater, she only went back to Rob to clean up her image, Kristen try to brush your hair first!!!

musikgal on

j j j j j j jealous!! :))

lisa on

I have come to the conclusion Ktisten will never win with some people. She’s trying give her a break.

Mr. Dangerthorpe III on

She has bad taste, but the quality of the men she finds makes people ever wonder? It could be you too! As along as you look like Meg Ryan, Avril Lavigne or Kristen Stewart! But I’m hoping Amanda Bynes will date Seal now! SO HEIDI CAN MOVE ON HOW ‘BOUT U???

Don’t blame Kristen… she’s just not ready to party buff in Vegas yet like Prince Harie!

guest on

This is news? seriously?

Guest on

Maybe she is healing after all the damage that this scandal has caused. I’m not a fan of the fact that Rob took her back, but my personal opinion is not going to do anything. I’m done.

Guest on

Don’t you all believe this was a P.R. Stunt? 1.) she releases an apology before the story broke 2.) now Kristen and Rob are known for something other than Twighlight right when the series is ending and they are to begin new projects 3.) did anyone know the names Liberty Ross or Rupert Sanders before this, now Liberty is getting roles, walking in Fashion week and Rupert is now getting directing projects and 4.) both couples reconcile at the same time. I think we have to assume we all have been played. And magazines love it, it sold millions of copies. Just saying….

tiaz on


Robyn on

Ha that’s a news-worthy smile? I should have known not to expect to see any teeth.

Don't get it on

I don’t understand the whole half tucked in, half tucked out t-shirt thing she does all the time. It looks so dumb and makes her look sloppy. Pick one or the other!!

Kist on

She looks good – more comfortable, maybe. GOOD! You KNOW these extreme Twilight obsessions were PREVENTABLE, and SO many Twilight Fans are STILL in emotional turmoil because of this Robsten breakup PR stunt (although things seem a little better now that they are possibly together again – for the moment). Hollywood intentionally causing young, obsessed fans this kind of pain is wrong. TIME to start thinking about putting blame where it belongs – Stephenie Meyer. Search “explain twilight breaking dawn ending blogspot”.

guest on

As usual, she looks a hot mess! She’s been in the business long enough, to know how to pose for pics. geesh

Emm on

of course she’s smiling, she just got away with cheating, duh

Snofe on

Am really glad for the two of them that they are back 2geda, just want kristen 2 learn 4rm her mistake n pls shld not do it again cos Robin loves her so much n so proud of them

Zivile on

Kristen, you look so good. You are beautiful young actress. Dont’t ever let yourself do such fool mistakes like a cheating with someone know (haha and now everyone knows). We loveyou Kristen andwait for your saga of vampires. And I hope that your star will be shine lot of years in Holywood sky. Best regards – Zh. By the way, you always look so cute and hot.

Zivile on

Oh, you know, my dear moderation, I am Guite a patient woman, I’ll be wait. Thank you.

Heather on

Sorry… No matter what she does, all I see is her butt grinding on a married man… She is done!!

Kelly on

How can people adore this girl? Have they blocked out the MiniCooper make out with her director?

Ben on

Hi Kristen. I’m a married father of two and hear you might be up for some fun. LOL

Z on

We are not defined by our mistakes, but by our ability to grow and become better human beings.

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