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Boy Band Battle! Who Was Hottest at the VMAs: One Direction or The Wanted?

09/07/2012 at 09:30 AM ET

One Direction at the 2012 MTV VMAs width= FameFlynet

It’s easy to compare One Direction and The Wanted. Both five-man boy bands are from abroad, have hot singles, hot stars and fans who are hot for them.

But Thursday night at the MTV Video Music Awards, the two distinguished themselves from one another a bit, One Direction performing and winning an award (earning them kisses from presenter Katy Perry) and The Wanted engaging in some dirty talk on stage with Pitch Perfect star Rebel Wilson.

So which group of guys strikes your fancy? Is it the clean-cut One Direction (above), with their casual-cool red carpet looks (three of them in Converse sneakers) and perfectly coiffed hair? Or the more mature guys of The Wanted (below), who hit the carpet in tailored Tommy Hilfiger suits? Vote in our poll below!

The Wanted at the 2012 MTV VMAs width= FameFlynet


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Showing 121 comments

sarah on

One Direction are 1000X better looking than The Wanted!! They’re just so awesome!!!!!!

kila on

The Wanted is awesome!!!!!

Unknown on

Who cars,m they both suck LoL Boy bands are so over!

Maria on

One Direction is WAYYY better looking than the Wanted!!! I LOVE them!!!

Pam on

Little boys or men? lol definitely the wanted! I can’t stand one direction’s music!

ferielh on

THEEE WAANNTTEEDD !! You can’t beat suits NEVER :D

< :() on

both sucks and haven’t reached puberty yet!!

anna jaggie on

one direction sucks Go The Wanted

kc on

I miss Nsync and Backstreet Boys. At least both of those groups put on awesome performances at award shows and just didn’t stand there on stage. The British Boy Bands need to step their game up.

sarah on

The wanted showed zero personality as presenters.

Bettyski on

Um not a one of those guys in the Wanted are even remotely good looking. One Direction.

sally on

All I have to say is NICE HAIR on all of them~

Noelle on

I actually just saw The Wanted at The Mixtape Festival and they killed it! I was very imprssed with their performance. I voted for them!

SoNotHollywood on

The Wanted are way hotter

Samantha on

One Dorection ALL THE WAY! Umm The Wanted who?????



Bex on


Laura on

Does anyone else notice how similar these groups look?
The cool kid on the left, then the ethnic looking one, the ‘different’ one (Niall has blonde hair, Max has a shaved head), craziest hair, boy next door.
Ironic that they both posed like that… like they were asked to or something.

valeri on

holla fo a dolla

guest on

looks like the vma’s are falling off

lisaaaa! on

I love both but I’m gonna have to say THE WANTED looked better… C’MON ONE DIRECTION !

Charlotte on

Obviously The Wanted! They actually dressed up and they look super good. Lol at whoever said that they hadn’t hit puberty yet… and at whoever said they lack personality. They’re men and mature, at least compared to 1D, and they have so much personality. They were just really nervous as that was their first time presenting on a huge American award show! These men are definitely not boring ;) And so talented too

Rhonda on

I will take the cuties from Fun. any day over these guys!

lex_TW on

THE WANTED!!! duh!

Liz on

excuse me, but is this a real question? OBVIOUSLY THE WANTED! one direction are nobody, and they are just kids omfg, TW makes real music

ashley on


ashley on


Franchesca on

It’s too hard to choose, but the The Wanted looked way hotter than One Direction in the VMAs. That means I have to go with The Wanted of course! :)

Jaythan on

Whhhaat no doubt the The Wanted win, I mean no hate, but One Directions new hair cuts make them all look the same and they are cute, but The Wanted are HOT!! :)

kim on

ew. neither. and whats up with that one kids hair, from One Direction?? looks like hes wearing a very bad toupee!! actually, it looks like they ALL are!!! at least The Wanted is clean looking and well polished.

niva for ever on

The Wanted all the way! They are soooooooooo much hotter than 1D


I mean who wears an orange sweater vest and tight ass clothes to the VMAs….? No offense but come on, I think we all know who deserves to win…TW

devi on

seriously! you guys are gonna fight over this? i am a directioner and i also love the wanted! GOT A PROB WITH THAT? SOLVE IT AND GET A LIFE! ~sincerely a directioner xx

helen on

The wanted are all over 18, and im sure one direction already hit puberty too. Although i’d have to vote the wanted, i love both bands i just love the wanted a bit more.

Frida on

The wanted *——*

niva for ever on

The Wanted all the way! They are soooooooooo much hotter than 1D not to metion mature, older, sexy the list goes on but I don’t want to waste your time so I’ll just say they are all around good, hillarious, and hot people

Lexi on

One Direction by a LANDSLIDE! god i love those boys!

izzy loves niva on

THE WANTED ALL THE WAY!!!!!! They at least look polished and clean unlike 1D who decided not to dress in suits which would have preferred them to

jessicadelellis on

One Direction!!! They are so fashionable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jessicadelellis on

One Direction! They are so fashionable!!

Bee on


Pauline on

one direction should have kept that on during the award show because during the actual award show The Wanted totally looked way hotter just look at Rhiannas and Katy perry face during the wanted presentation !!!! LOL I like both bands but i for surley vote The Wanted

Pauline on

The Wanted Ofcourse !!!!!

Jade on

Sarah must be bling! TW all the Way!

Kim on

We need a third choice; None of the above.

Jane on

The Wanted look fabulous with or without their TH suits, they are good looking, they’re hilarous, have cool personalities, can play their own instruments, they can dance, they’ve got the talent and they keep the fanmily updated on everything (WantedWednesday). TW also interact with us and even follow us on Twitter. I’ve been a Directioner before so I’m not saying that I hate One Direction. 1D are brilliant in their own way.

tomax lover on

The Wanted always look better than 1D no matter if they are dressed up or dressed down

lupe on

Psh whaatt kind of question iss thatt definitely ONE DIRECTION <3 especially Zayn

Saskia on

Wow saw some who voted for one direction, but spelt it wrong.
Honest opinion when I saw what 1D wore I was like wtf!
So I voted for The Wanted, cause they always look sexy

molanwr on

Atleast 1D won three vma’s award and thr biggest winner. So what else? idc the puberty or what but they’re talented. They git beautiful voice and bug confident on stage when performing. They can protect and care of their fans. They can make their fans happy, they got the soul. That is what we want to find. So im gonna vote ONE DIRECTION

Christy on

This is just another fandom war between TW fans and 1D fans. I love both, and they both look good. I vote for both.

Patricia on

One Direction is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better than The Wanted.
The Wanted looks…. WAYYYS OLDER.
And plus, One Direction is hotter then the wanted. :p

sandy on

ONE Direction thay look vary hotter

miss parker on

The Wanted the BEST!!!!

mais on

if the wanted are better than 1d how they did not a single award ?!? im not saying the wanted music is bad but one direction looked better they looked formal and fashionable by their owen style …by the *** sack its an award show not a wedding no one have to look formal !!!

Germaine on

One Direction all the way <3
I love them so much. Ill always surppot them.
Im so proud of them. They had come so far. Came in 3rd in the xfactor, no.1 on the itunes chart. Won the brit awards. Won 3 VMAs awards. They are just too awesome. They deserve this.

Hana on

One direction .by far !!xx

directioner on

One Directionn <3

Jackie on

Of course Its Going to Be One Direction They’re Always Looking Good With Their Amazing Style!!!:)

Jackie on

Harry Forgot To Wear One Of His Bow Ties But they All look really Good!:)

jay loves skittles on

Okay why is this even a question? Its obviously THE WANTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!TW TW TW TW TW they always look better than 1D

Gabby Horan on

Omg. 1D is sooo much better, the way they dress, personality wise 1D is better, they actually have TALENT. They sound BETTER live than on the album. And besides they are sooooo much better looking than The Wanted. Tbh, the wanted don’t even seem like a boy band cause they look so damn old.

Vívian on

The Wanted 10000000000000 de vezes!

rayane troum on

i love one Direction

rayane troum on

one Direction <3<3<3<3<3<3²

1DTalent_ on

One Direction! They look very hot! Not one of those wanted boys look even a bit attractive.. I’m a directioner and always will be! One Direction by a landslide!!


this poll is so rigged… i cant even vote for the wanted the poll wont load when i vote for them… like come on one direction might be more known but it doesnt mean that there always amazing cus anyone can see that tailored TH suits is much more classier than converse sneakers.

Christy on

The wanted dressed nicer but I love one direction!! #directioner

sara malik on

One Direction look much better than the wanted , One Direction look much better than all , they are my life , my voice , my reason 2 be , i am directioner4ever :)

Serra on

They’re both good looking but I know what we’re all thinking. THE WANTED ARE BETTER.

NiallJ on

Is this even a question.

One Direction, duh.

Syd on

Obviously One Direction is more attractive, you can’t say they aren’t. And if you listen to their music, it’s actually GOOD and it actually MAKES SENSE. Unlike The Wanted’s music. You’ll find us chasing the sun like wtf that makes no sense and did TW win a Brit? A VMA? No? Exactly. I’m just stating my opinion. One direction is by far WAY more attractive than the wanted will ever be. I’m just sayin. K bye :*

Dani on

Even if 1D looked like hobos at the VMAs they still would look better than TW.

Amanda_J on

One direction dressed in their own style and looked a billion times better than everyone at the vmas. Especially better than the wanted. :3

Savannah on

I think One Direction looked AMAZING. And they definitely rocked those Converse. They were unique and didn’t act older than they are. TW was dull, and bland.

Savannah on

Does anyone notice how perfectly twirled and sexy ZAYN’S hair looks??

Izqa on

Oh, please!!! of course – THE WANTED!!!!!!

Jen on

TW all the way baby!!

i luv zayn malik on


Harry Styles on

The Wanted looked so much better! xx

Louis Tomlinson on

haha yh

rox on

One direction! the best ever.and who dont like both of the band go and get a life and dont comment here if you dont like them.stop the hate people..they are amazing and have so many succes.i dont care if u attack me,but dont attack them.okay?i just say my opinion.dont hate me.

tomsey on

All y’all is crazy The Wanted looks soooooooooo much better than 1D will ever look and they are sooo much more talented okay I’m off to chase the sun with TW now

sevesha forever on

OMG The Wanted look sooo hot in that photo they got my vote

#nicely on

Why do TW have to look so fine they are soo hot one direction is just……..ewww is all I can say

Rosie on

EW why is 1D winning lol theyre nothing compared to The Wanted. gosh, people these days.

Riva on

I love One Direction but I’m not gonna hate on The Wanted just becuz I like 1D more so stop hating everyone has their own music opinions I love 1D but I’m not gonna hate on The Wanted so stop hatin 1D just cuz u like The Wanted!

Amanda on

I love both bands, so let’s not hate on either one :) and personally I think The Wanted dressed better, but One Dircection looked just as hot.

calliope myers on

I love one direction!!! I heard they were the big winners!!Congratulations on you guys!! I’m proud!! Great hit on the “what makes you beautiful”!!♥♥♥♥♥Love U guys so much!!Nice hair styles!!!:)**Sexy tatoo U got there zayn!!Please follow me on twitter@dragongirl_1D!!<<I am a big fan of 1D!!Just so proud to be a directioner!!❤

Celeste on

One Direction brahh !

Brendaa on

Who was in the Book of Guiness World Records ? Who performed in the Olympics ? WHO ? OH THATS RIGHT. One direction , 1D Allllll Dayy . No competitionn . :D They Lookedd Way Better Anywaysssss <3

its a tw thing on

Really well who ran with the olympic torch? Yup you’re right The Wanted now that is more important and an honor than preforming

Ali C on

One Direction is a cute boys BUT The Wanted is a bad boys so sexy. 1D They have good and catchy music and TW are great musicians with incredible voices. THATs THE ONLY TRUE.

Charlotte1D on

Who won 3 VMA’s? Who has more dedication? Who Preformed at the Olympics? Whose Girlfriends have plentier followers than The Wanted? One Direction all the way! We have more dedication! You’ll see!

britt on

neither they both SUCK ! i thought the boy band years died long ago .. i guess not

Kaitlynn on

Sorry The Wanted fans but 1D ALL THE WAY!!!

Sherley on

I love both of them…. But I love one direction more…so I’ll choose one direction, no hate….

1dforever on

Who was in the Book of Guiness World Records ? Who performed in the Olympics ? Who won 3 VMA’s? Who is the VMA’s Best New Artist winner? Who is the Best Pop Video & Most shareworthy video winner? Is ONE DIRECTION!!!
Of course is ONE DIRECTION!!!

Xenni on

One Direction looks best at the vmas, and also The Wanted….but I choose better One Direction, (I’m not judging)

Ella on

I hate the drama! things like this causes more drama between Directioners and TWfanmily. to me, The Wanted were dressed better so I voted for them. (But Zayn and Niall’s hair is the best I’ve ever seen on a guy). And please stop saying that The Wanted is basically nothing compared to One Direction because that’s not true. Both are very talented. Yes, One Direction won all those awards, but they have more fans. The Wanted doesnt need an award to prove theyre talented.

brittany on

Omg to me its SOOOO hard but i have to say that i love both of the bands but i have to say that i like one direction bc first of all the are very HOT and they are so amazayn and phenmeniall lol and the wanted is great but they are a little to old lol but nathan is the youngset and he is very hot to make a long story short i have to go with one direction srry tw amd tw fans and follow me on twitter @brittany_malik <3 one direction

katy on

I go with…. One Direction because one direction is soo SEXY more SEXIER than the wanted and byw I Love Zayn he is so Amazayn, Niall is so Phenmeniall, Louis is Fabulouis, Harry is Extraordinharry and Liam is Brillliam i luv u one direction

Lauren on

Definately The Wanted were better looking!!! #TWFanmily

Rana on

You’re all being pretty ridiculous. Honestly, yeah, TW were probably dressed better because they were wearing suits, but 1D looked amazing too. And all the directioners out there are bagging out TW saying that they’re old and losers because they didn’t win any awards. 1. Tom’s the eldest member, he’s only like 3 years older than Louis. 2. Has anyone ever thought about how hard it must be for TW with 1D around?? One Direction just came out of nowhere and now TW have to work 10 times harder just to be noticed. All of the focus is on 1D. I really love them, but they’re not the only boyband in the world.

Isabella I heart Nathan Sykes on

The Wanted. Its totes obvi! The wanted is way hotter than onedirection.

Ruby2 on

Neither! Big Time Rush is the bomb and waaaayyyy better than these other guys!!! BTR Forever!!!!!!!!!!!

sandra palacios on

THE WANTED there is a difference between a boy band and a band made of 5 of the hottest guys ever!!!!! TOM!!!!!SIVA!!!!!!!NATHAN!!!!!!!!MAX!!!!!!!!JAY!!!!!!!!!

Ankita on

Oviously One Direction they were looking sooo hot n Harry! I love him…..<3
The Wanted was not looking hot like dat….:p

Yasmin Sykes on

just TW 1D sucks.

dilara on

She deserves The WANTED !!

Gabi Prisoner on


Gabi Prisoner Br on


shreyasi saha on

I prefer the wanted to one driection.
Specally nathan sykes

leila on

One direction is the best band ever AND GOOD LOOKING TOO S sorry the wanted LOVE U 1D!!!!!!

Paul Thompson on

Both of them but I think The WANTED is better!

Khaira on

One Direction of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love those boys

Khail on

One Direction is the best boyband ever!!!!!!!!

Jasmine on

one direction is better and cuter than the wanted

Jasmine on

the wanted sucks but one direction is better

nonya on

Definitely one direction I always loved 1D but I used 2 like the wanted but then they started acting like huge jerks towards 1D so instead of calling themselves the wanted they should’ve called themselves the unwanted

😋 on

The wanted is way hotter almost everyone of them has no tattoos but 1D have a lot of problems smoking,tattoos,and drinking


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