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alma on

i though she was engaged to that brody jenner dude anway make it last congrats

Anna on

Weird- I didnt know they were dating,……Let’s see how long her 2nd marriage lasts!

Louise on

Not that I know her, but I would have thought he style would be much less traditional. They do look very happy though. Congrats!

Leslie on

Congrats to Avril & Chad on your engagement. May your life be will filled with love, laughter, and light.

Tiffany on

Don’t like the ring. Seems like the new trend is to buy the biggest, most gaudy rings. Even if I was a millionaire I would not buy these tacky things.

robby on

I wonder if they will get married in Detroit ?

Samantha on

Thats a Gaudy ass ring

CallieDFW on

Congrats and all…but I don’t get why ppl need these huge-arse rings??? I know they have the money…but seriously…it’s not practical…but house/car…help feed the poor…do something that just have a ALOT of money sittting on a finger…jmho.

Tracey on

That’s because Kroeger is a gaudy ass.

Laura on

She first got married in her early 20’s and got divorced. She tattooed Brody’s name on her chest and they ended up splitting…she seems to wear her heart on her sleeve a bit but best of luck to them anyway.

Lauren on

Yeah I’m into more traditional rings. 14 carats is way to big for someone her size. Plus you can’t wear it everywhere

DutchLady on

Hhmm two Cdns hitching may mean a wedding in Canada! I agree with the others..the ring is way to huge and gaudy!

lyndsay on

they are such an odd looking couple…

Ally on

To say I’m not a fan of their music is an understatement, but they look genuinely very happy in the pic, so best wishes!

Tessa on

The size of the ring is generally inversly proportionate to the length of the marriage in Hollywood.

ivy on

Pretty ring but I had a pear shape diamond…got caught on just about everything. we decided to trade it for a emerad cut…much more practical and beautiful as well.

Pam on

They have only been together for 6 months, they are in the honeymoon phase of their relationship.

Hopefully, they will not rush into marriage.


He seems like a nice guy. She has a reputation of being rough around the edges. Match made in Heaven? ……. I think not! (although I do wish them well)

Shannon on

It’s upsetting when an article’s main focus is the materialist side of marriage. My husband and I will be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary this year and he proposed with a $200 ring! Money can come and go, but a stable marriage built on respect, love and friendship will stand the test of time.

Jamie on

I hope he saved the receipt on that ring because he’ll want a refund 6 months from now.

b j johnson on

Gosh. Hiddious. Something romantic smaller more practical to wear all the time would seem appropriate. I guess it will be a nice keepsake though.

Amy on

What?!?!?! I’m in shock.

Joules on

Adds a friend: “Just looking at them, you can see how much he adores her.” – and judging from her smile she is going to be faking it down the isle.


A little much for a girl her age – it looks awkward on her tiny hand. You’d think she was a Dallas housewife! Just because it’s expensive, doesn’t make it nice or flattering.

JL Miller on

That ring could feed a third worls nation for a very long time. Keep your wealth to yourselves and pls stop bragging. It looks shallow.

Vivian on

I wish I had a better outlook for this mess. He can do so much better. He spent his hard earned cash on a ring that a true love in his life deserves. Not this girl. She’s far from done working her way through men and has done nothing relevant in how long? Forgive me, people, for being negative. That said, Pear shape is what my mother had and she got it caught on so many things but never complained. When my father gave her a new ring at their 40th anniversary, it was a beautiful round brilliant. He told her I know the other ring got caught on things and you never said anything. Sweet! My mom is a grateful and loving person. I have a cushion shape halo, and my sister received a beautiful emerald cut from her husband. We’ve all been married for many years and it’s marriage that is the reward. The wedding, dress and rings…that’s just things along the way.

JL Miller on

This rig is sinful. It could feed a third world nation. Talk about shallow.

menotyou on

Once again, diamonds are worthless rocks. De Beers even admitted this publicly, saying their company duped women into believing that something shiny is a symbol of eternal love, which, according to the divorce rate is in the country, is not the case. Anyone who buys diamonds is not only a fool parting with their money, but also a supporter of bloody civil wars in which little children are forced to dig up these nothings and if they don’t meet their “quota” get their little hands chopped off. So, that said, happy engagement, Avril! Can’t wait for the divorce!

Michele on

Its the size of a doorknob…very pretty, but too large

Toni Marie on

This has DIVORCE written all over it!

Dafftygrams on

I think it’s pretty. Hope they’re happy for years to come.

Linda on

It is a nice ring. Hopefully this marriage will last for her. She is kind of young to already be going for marriage #2.

JulieATX on

What happened to Brody…

jones on

I like the way the side stones blend with the main stone, but that is about it. It is too big and I am not a fan of pear shaped rings.

JR on

It is probably just me, but when I see this guy, I think “Muppet”.

Lulu on

Gorgeous ring!!! not gaudy at all… A bit big tho. Lol… Chad is cute with a great voice!!! & Avril is adoreable!!! Best of luck to em!!!

Dana on

What’s wrong with a delicate 1-karat diamond ring made with taste, that people have to buy a iceberg instead?!

britt on

@robby they will most likely get married in Canada cuz they both are canadians and live there

Christine on

I wanna be invited to the wedding. ♥ They seem like such a sweet, fun-loving couple! So happy for them!

Christine on

I wanna be invited to the wedding! They seem like such a cute, fun-loving couple. So happy for them. ♥

Genevieve on

I’m still so surprised by this couple but I love LOVE and they are both glowing so I couldn’t be more happy for them! Congrats!!! :)

Becca on

It concerns me how much couples are rushing into matrimony these days. Why is everyone in such a hurry?? They have only been together 6 months, not to say love cant blossom quickly, but after 6 months they are ready for LEGAL coupledom?? I hope, for their own sakes, that they truly make this marriage work. Many Blessings

Monica on

Yeah so what?? they will be divorced in no time. Apparently the most important thing for this celeb couples is how big the rock is, not the actual commitment it is supposed to represent

Sidney on


Nota on

Congratulations to the happy couple, hoping careers take second place in your relationship, marriage is a lot of work, but so worth it! Second comment, just read the comments and most are great, but some of the comments made me think that there are people out there who spend way too much time hating, dial it back, grow up, and realize these people you are hating on are NOT in your life, you are NOT in theirs and they don’t even read your ‘remarks’.

Melanie on

I didn’t even know they were dating! And I always know this type of useless stuff! LMAO!

hallowfan on

You can tell by their body language in this picture that they are really in love with each other and are very happy. It’s still weird seeing them as a couple lol, but I all the best of luck in the world to them both :).

hallowfan on

You can tell by their body language that they are undoubtedly in love and very happy. It’s still weird knowing their a couple lol, but I wish them nothing but the best of luck!

Ivanna Greencard on

How many husbands is this girl going to have? My ex-husband wondering why his wife #2 didn’t work…answer because by the age of 27 she was on her second husband…they are now divorced

Sidney on

This is probably the best choice in a man Avril has made to date. Shows she is growing up. I just worry for Chad, she is still very young and he probably knows better what he really wants now in his life, while she is probably still not quite settled. Wish them the best anyway, they are both Canadian/Songwriters. I bet the wedding will be awesome!!!!

Aud on

My bet? She breaks his heart in less than 2 years.

Tracy on

They are perfect together….They both write really annoying songs!!!

Tina on

Does anybody else think they look like father and daughter….Or is it me?

Lucille on

Why is everyone so hung up on the ring. Be happy for the couple. Congrats – wishing the happy couple health, love and happiness.

Maureen on

Why is this still the “lead” story? Move on!

Amani on

I dont know this girl that well, but OMG, wasn’t she dating Brody Jenner just a few months ago?????? How fast could she have fallen in love with the new man? I mean, is she doing it to make Brody JEALOUS?? I hope not – coz i think Brody is waaaaaaaaay CUTER than Chad – that’s the “shallow” me! Anyway, if this is genuine, I wish them nothing but a wonderful marriage – if they get to doing that point,

Jill on

Ahh yes – everything is soooo wonderful and delightful in the first 6 months isn’t it ladies?? Until you realize after asking politely 1,415 times to please NOT leave your dirty socks under the coffee table. BUT, he does it anyway. Etc Etc Etc!!!

Jealous :) on

I think it is stunning! Good job!

Fanny on

I didn’t know Same Sucks marriage was legal in Canadia?

Amy on

I have seen more stories about the ring than the engagement. I do not think that this will last

Jackie on

I do wish them all the best, but I do feel that for his first marriage he could have done better.

Bre on

was I the only one that still thought she was with brody jenner? this one caught me off guard.

Jenny! on

Well they better get married in canada!

JMQuinn on

She got engaged on Brody Jenner’s Birthday. Guess she’ll be having his name tattoo removed…



Hanna on

That ring is Kardashian style not what you would expect from a couple of rockers….





loyal2fame on

what a hoe…

guest on

Clearly these 2 did not watch sex and the city. A pear shaped diamond is so not the way to go :P

TJ on

I like them together. Hope it lasts.

claudia roncón on

Oh my chad, i hope we can still have fun at the after party!!!!i know marriage is not changing you.i just can not believe they both had somebody else couple months ago and now they are engaged.lets see how long this joke will last :-)

Jessica on

she has always liked the worst guys. she must not have much self confidence to think she can do no better than these bottom of the barrel types she hooks up with.

Tychicum on

with a ring like that in a bit she will walk like a milkman :-)

Nikki on

Awesome!! Congratulations!! Wish the best for u both!! And I’m sure they both help out different charities,so yes splurge on yourselves!! U made the money,u deserve it!! An invite would b cool, my son is apparantly related to chad. Lol

Cindy moore on

I love nickelback and I wish Chad all the happiness:)

Dawna on

I didn’t know they were dating either!Give them a break..yes Avril was young in her first marriage but so was I! I was 19 when I got married and we are still happily married!It seems like the more people put you down the harder you want to proove them wrong!
Good luck to the both of them!

simplicity on

sad that people have the need to get the biggest ring to show off their love for each other when there are children and people going hungry in this country…get a decent ring, and donate the difference to the food banks…that would should how humble and simple you really are…

Patti on

I think when one person gets engaged they wouldn’t be caught in a pretty petite ring. It all about the carats. I like Chad Kroeger’s hair. Both Canadian-yea!!! Congrats.

Amanda on

What happened to Brody? :/

Arifin on

Business engagement, publicity to sell their upcoming CD!

Amanda on

You people are crazy! Gaudy, too small, wrong cut, blah, blah, blah… When did the ring become the main focus of any engagement?! It is a symbol that represents the beginning of two people confessing their love to each other forever… Or at least try to?! Even still who cares becuz none of u are wearing it, and u all know (unless your shallow) if your love proposed you’d love anything they put on your finger. Plus as my grandmother always said “if you can’t see it, no point in wearing it” lol ;)! I do hope it works. I am bummed Chad’s off the market though, and I hope it doesn’t turn into Avril’s last marriage!!!

Rachel on

Some of your people are hilarious!! You sound so sad and bitter and miserable. How do you get through a day without stabbing yourself? Chad & Avril are way more popular than anyone ever imagined. None of you “Know” Chad OR Avril yet you feel you have the right to criticize and judge. Chad is a very nice man. He has a big heart. I do know him, I can say Chad Kroeger is a very nice person. I have never met Avril. I really have no opinion of her. I don’t believe she is the same person she was 5 years ago. Most of us aren’t. I married at 33 and I’m currently going through a divorce. What’s age got to do with anything? Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, folks. Some of you think Brody was ‘cuter’ but it’s how you treat a person that matters. Maybe he was abusive to Avril. You have no idea what goes on in peoples lives. My ex was very easy on the eyes, but made a lousey partner. I wish Chad & Avril all the best & all the luck in the world. Marriage is tough on the best of us, they don’t have the best careers to support a marriage but you just never know. Ya gotta stay possitive.

Basant on

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hailey on

wow avril i luv ur music and nicklebacks

janet on

Looks can be very deceiving. give it a couple of months….

bonniewelch on

I thought he was marrying Maryanne Gurrick? The pretty blonde, what happened to her?

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