Find Out What Alec Baldwin's New Wife Wore Down the Aisle

07/01/2012 at 08:00 AM ET

Hilaria Thomas Wedding
Lionel Hahn/Abaca/Startraks. Inset: Courtesy de Grisogono

Here comes the bride … in stunning diamonds! Hilaria Thomas married Alec Baldwin on Saturday in New York City, wearing to-die-for jewels.

The yoga instructor donned a silk trumpet Amsale cap-sleeve gown paired with “Gocce” white-diamond drop earrings set in 18-karat white gold by jeweler de Grisogono (left).

According to a source, the sparkly danglers were so exclusive that they had to be flown in from Paris in order to make it to Manhattan in time for the nuptials.

PEOPLE has exclusive photos and an interview with the newlyweds in next week’s issue, on newsstands July 11.

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Suzanne on

I know I should be happy for her – it’s her wedding day, after all. But she has to know what she’s gotten herself into, with eyes wide open to her new husbands bad (and often violent) behavior. You would think that attacking two men in one week, for whatever reason, would tip her off that maybe he’s not capable of taking on the responsibilities of a stable husband at this time. Let’s hope their marriage lasts longer than his temper and that she’s none the worse for wear, if it ends.

SusiQ on

Wonder if he took a swing at the wedding photographer. ..just to keep in practice?

ramona on

I see another Mel Gibson blow up in this girls future, of course, after she’s had a child that will bring her more money.

dd on

No amount of money is worth putting up with that ego.

Rick Wilson on

Alex Baldwin is an idiot, a loser and from what I hear can’t get it up without viagra… this “marriage” will last a year maybe two then bye bye Hil… the way he treated his daugher reflects on how he’ll treat his wife. Good luck.

Paula on

I truly hope they are happy, although I see the age difference as a possible future problem. He needs to learn to ignore the press, and hire body guards, if necessary so he can get on with his life. Stop falling into the trap they set.

christa on

I give that marriage at the most 2 years.

kate on

Her parents need a slap letting their daughter marry that arsehole[bet he’ll control her]

Linda Grisham on

Jackpot, but nothing’s for free

Snow on

She’d actually be smart NOT to have a child for a long while. If they get divorced, he will forever be in her life, and it will become a tug of war just like his 1st marriage.

Jon on

Very pretty earings!

Terry on

I think Alec is a lucky man and I wish them all the Luck..

Truly on

Congratulations to Hilaria and Alec. Best Wishes!!!!

Bobbish on

Fasten your seatbelt, honey. It’s gonna be a long and bumpy ride.

Jerry on

I feel sure she will wear white at the egomaniacs funeral.

Blankiss on

Can you say gold-digger?

xyz on

Wonder if her earrings got their own seat.

Schaumburg on

Congrats to the couple. All you guys dissing Baldwin, just can’t accept he too is a regular guy, temper and all. not perfect. Cudos to him for being himself and not the plastic fake regular Hollywood actor. He is what he is… I just bet you guys think Charles Sheen is all that.

Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Thomas reveal their new wedding bands via Twitter – Daily Mail | Page3gossips on

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Alexia on

@Schaumburg: Regular guy??? Are you a verbal abuser, too? Is someone verbally abusing you like that and you just haven’t woken up to reality? I hope that’s not you! Regular guys do not do that. Verbal abuses do that. I dated a couple of them, and dumped them. Now I’m with a regular guy who doesn’t yell at me, curse at me, or try to use my vulnerabilities to say the most hurtful things possible. He treats me with respect. That’s the kind of guy we should be calling a “regular guy.”

Find Out What Alec Baldwin’s New Wife Wore Down The Aisle on

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KJM on

She is beautiful in this picture.

tmollerup on

Why would Alec want to submit his life to the pain of marriage? Everyone on here seems to agree that they will divorce. He is too nice of a guy. He should have just been happy dating her.

Bebe on

What???? Alec Baldwin he is still living in the United States? I thought he was leaving for Canada when George Bush became President! Oh, he wants to live here for the freedom, health care, and oh yeah…the money from Hollywood. The new bride should have talked to his ex-wife Kim…..a tiger never changes his spots. We’ll be reading about the abusive husband in a future People magazine.

joenamherst on

Who cares what she wore? She just married a belligerant,drunken sot who needs help. More and more people are starting to dislike him and his ‘I’m better then you’ attitude.

James Clancy on

It won’t be long before the bride and her boyfriend take old Alec to the cleaners….Can’t wait…..

Pam on

I wish them both so much joy and a blissful marriage. She is such a lovely woman and I have always been a great admirer of Alec Baldwin. I think they are so great together and may they go from strength to strength. I am disgusted by the negative comments I’ve read here. You people should be ashamed of yourselves. I hope when it comes to your weddings, should that doubtful day ever come to pass, I hope that your well wishers are as mean to you as you have been to these newly weds. Shame on you shame. Again, congratulations Hilaria and Alec. May you be blessed beyond measure.

Ditzzeechick on

He dislikes the press but has given People a wedding pic spread…what am I missing here?

Phemale63 on

I am very happy Alec Baldwin has found love. He took a long time to marry again which shows how much it means to him. Perhaps “wedding bell jitters” caused him to act out recently. I see so many petty comments on this site — politically motivated, I betcha! Best of luck to Alec and his beautiful young wife!

With this ring I thee wed! Newlyweds Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Thomas reveal … – Daily Mail | Page3gossips on

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Joyce on

Save the Katie/Tom divorce headlines and graphics. Insert the new Mr&Mrs Baldwin’s pictures and specifics in say, oh, about a year.

With this ring I thee wed! Newlyweds Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Thomas reveal … – Daily Mail | Lenta Asia on

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Actor Alec Baldwin weds Hilaria Thomas in NY – Reuters | Page3gossips on

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Nancy in Illinois on

If she were smart, she would have run the other way. He has real anger management issues. I remember when he was married or getting divorced from Kim Basinger, her father said Alec is the nicest guy in the world, give you the shirt off his back, until he gets angry. Remember that recorded rant at his daughter? No matter what he’s promised Hilaria, at some point his anger will be directed at her. Too bad she’s probably too young to realize that a leopard doesn’t change his spots. He needs professional help.


SHE’S AFTER HIS $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ GOLD DIGGER…..

JoyFromChico on

UGH! Why do women ignore a guy’s established track record of bad behavior & think somehow it’s going to be different with them?? If it quacks like a man with severe anger mgmt. issues…..

Alec Baldwin marries yoga instructor sweetheart Hilaria Thomas – Vancouver Sun « Kelowna on

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james on

Alec is a great man, a man of values, a protector.

Guests casual for Baldwin nuptials, he’s still tweeting – USA TODAY » . on

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guest* on

Very pretty woman!! as for the earrings nothing special kind of too simple… She might think she can change Alec but he needs anger management help a.s.a.p or it’s just another divorce to happen…but with $$$ in her pocket!

Natasha on

Meanwhile there are so many issues with money in this country and they flit it away on importing ear-rings! WOW! Way to go.

stefanie on

I’m with you, Suzanne. I hope that if the day ever comes when she wants to leave him, she is physically able to. I’m sincerely concerned about her well being with him. He is a dangerous, violent man.

Alec Baldwin marries yoga instructor in NYC – Newsday | Page3gossips on

[…] Alec Baldwin weds Hilaria Thomas in NYReutersAZFamily -Washington Post (blog) -People Magazineall 643 news […]

Marie Mullin on

He will never change, unless he gets help, so be prepared.

petratg on

She looks like she can take care of herself.
Why all the negativity?
Alec is human and makes mistakes just like we all do. Aren’t YOU happy not to be in the public light?

rhonda on

They are both going to be sorry in a few short months. But what really p****es me off is that he had to have her earring especially flown in for the ceremony. All that friggin money wasted and they are just dallying in dreamland. For God sake we know they have money but it might not be a bad idea to stop flaunting with the absolute ignorant things that they do for a wedding. It is quite sickening. I never liked him anyway, but now I cant stand either one.

Sal on

YOGA INSTRUCTOR! Ha yeah more like gold digger. Well she won and will spend money like water and expect many more diamonds. Good luck with that Alec. Take your vitamins daily-your gonna need them.

Danielle on


Easyup on

JOYFROMCHICO…You have hit the nail right on the head, couldn’t have said it better myself. Fame and money blind them, so anticipating life on the celebrity fastrack – only headed for a downfall. We all saw how it ended for Mel Gibson’s ex-girlfriend trying to get into his pockets with his anger issues! - on

[…] …………… continues on People Magazine … Read the full article […]

Alexia on

I feel for her. In all honesty, she could not only a hostile relationship but a very dangerous one as well!! Violence surrounds him.!!

TBuckley on

Oh why do these women marry men that are A**holes?
I give this marriage 6-7 mos top…because she cries spousal abuse.

Bethany on

It won’t take long for Baldwin to show his true colors, and Hil will realize what she’s got herself into. He’s an ageing punk who only knows how to deal with difficult times with punches or rude voicemails. What man, wat father, would call his 11 year old “an ignorant little pig”? He may have been good looking at one time, but those days are gone, it’s all downhill from here. I hope Hil got a good settlement amount built into her prenup, because I give this union 18 months max! Hope she doesn’t get too many black eyes in the meantime.

Shar on

Well let’s see.. He is 54, she is 28…He is ill tempered PAST middle age man. What are the odds?
She is a yoga instructor…nothing wrong with that but $$ not to much… If I was a betting person, I would give 18 mts…and a book to follow.. “MY LIFE WITH ALEC BALDWIN”. Anyway, seen this before, give her 2 yrs or so and she will be the new addition for Beverley Hill Housewives (maybe the new Camille Grammer) whatever her name is…

britney on

watch out for men with temper problems unless they get help they dont change.

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Gina on

In my opinion, she married Alec (an older/emotionally unstable man) for his MONEY. I agree with the gold digger comment. This marriage will last 2+ years.

3kittymama on

I hope Hilaria knows what she’s getting into, and isn’t letting a bank account blind her better judgment. I don’t have high hopes for this marriage.

Karen on

They look like father and daughter!It’s another “Hollywood Marriage” and I will give it maybe 7 years.

Grace on

I love Alec Baldwin and greatly appreciate his many talents and charm. May he be richly blessed.

Natalie on

Oh, please. This Hilaria is no innocent little maiden…she is obviously a golddigger and quite street smart to land this old embittered maniacal perv. They deserve each other. BTW…she is supposed to be a yoga instructor, yet she has a dumpy little chubby body. Not very svelte as yoga practioners usually are! Just sayin…LOL

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