All About Christina Aguilera's Toned-Down Look

04/04/2012 at 02:30 PM ET

Christina Aguilera
John Shearer/AMA2011/Getty; Lewis Jacobs/NBC

Christina Aguilera appeared on The Voice‘s first live elimination show Tuesday night looking soft, subtle and sexy — just the way we like her! The noticeably slimmer mentor ditched her harsher hair color and often-heavy makeup, opting for a much simpler routine.

“Our glam look all revolved around the color of my dress,” Aguilera writes on her website. “I thought it was fresh and bright and I wanted to be sure my hair and makeup complemented the color, rather than clashed with it.”

To balance the marigold Roland Mouret frock, Aguilera’s makeup artist, Jake Bailey, gave the singer “a bronze smoky eye, big lashes, tawny cheeks and a rosy glossy lip,” he writes on her site. After lining her eyes with black liquid CoverGirl liner — smudging it to soften the edges — he used a bronze M.A.C shadow on her lids and finished with a strip of false Ardell lashes and DiorShow mascara.

Bailey warmed Aguilera’s cheeks with CoverGirl’s “Sierra Sands” blush, lined her lips with a rose Inglot liner, then applied a layer of Dior Addict Ultra Gloss “for extra shine,” he shares.

Hair stylist Mark Townsend also worked to highlight Aguilera’s dress. “I loved the color and silhouette so much,” he writes on her site. “It was such a great fashion moment with a touch of sexiness, so I wanted her hair to have the same feeling.” After spraying her damp blonde locks with Sally Hershberger Super Keratin Spray, he dried it with a large round brush, then spritzed 4-in. sections of hair with Dove Style+Care Flexible Hold Hairspray and curled with a 2-in. curling iron.

To finish, Townsend rubbed Malin+Goetz Hair Pomade in his hands and fingers — “To warm the product,” he explains — then “raked” his fingers through her hair, “for separation and piecey-ness,” he shares.

Personally, we love Aguilera’s toned-down look — it reminds us of her gorgeous “Genie in a Bottle” days! — but want to know what you think. Tell us: Do you love Aguilera’s softer look?


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Showing 188 comments

Cortnee on

I thought it was Julianne Hough for a minute

Trudie on

Yes! I’ve been wanting her to tone it down for years. She is a beautiful woman.

Me on

SO much better!!

amy on

LOVE IT! Much, much better!

Sharon on

She looks much better with the softer look.

Jess79 on

MUCH better!!!

Erin on

SOOOOOOOOOOO much better. She looks like a lady, rather than a hooker.

Renee on


Kara on

LOVE IT! Welcome back Christina Welcome back

sara on

I think she would be taken more serious this way she is so beautiful and talented that all that makeup is not needed to stand out her voice lets her stand out all it’s own.

shannon on

Amazing transformation to a classy sophisticated look….Hope it continues =D

nan on

Definately like the toned down look. Couldn’t stand that sparkley make up and her boobs always hanging out. She looked cheap. Not a huge for of hers but will say the new looks is an improvement.

R Musser on

She looks BEAUTIFUL! Really glad to see the softened look.

Jesse on

She looks gorgeous!!!!!!

DebbieLG on

Love her look – she looks younger and classier – beautiful!

Debbie on

I liked to tone down look she is so much more prettier

Julie on

I hope Christina reads these comments and keeps up this look as her fans all thought she looked great!!

StyleWatch Fan on

Much better, Christina! Keep it classy, girl. Love it.

Bia on

More beautiful than ever!!!*

Sophia on

Yay! The tacky look is gone!

Kasey on

I think she looked BEAUTIFUL! She should shoot for this look all the time!

Estelle on

SO much better! Even my 6-year-old noticed the change and commented on how good she looked!

Dot on

She looks stunning. With her beauty and talent, I do not understand the over the top (and I am being kind) look that she has. And I like that one of the guys commented on it too. I’m sure Blake misses the boobs, but then again, probably not so much.

Guest on

She looks great, however she does not look like she lost weight to me

Cynthia on

MUCH BETTER!! She’s so beautiful but was choosing all the wrong things for her shape. It’s been years since she looked like this. I love the straight her and subdued make up, fab! Go Christina!



dawn on

Finally! She looks so much more womanly!

Donna on

This was a clever advertisement.

Laura on

HUGE improvement! Keep it up!

sunny on

She’s gorgeous but lets keep it real. she stopped the boozing and it has done wonders for her. Sober Xtina is a gorgeous Xtina. Love that diva attitude too.

l on

Wow! Looking good!

myladyeve on

Much better! Keep it up!

Lily on

She looked gorgeous.

Ceci on

Now she’s rocking a sexy but still classy look! Love it! What a difference less makeup and toned down hair makes. Hope she continues with this trend..

elizabeth on

I thought she looked fantastic. This is the best I have ever seen her look.

Josie on

I agree, Cortnee. I thought it Julianne too. She looks so much better, dark and smokey is nice for once in a while, but this suits her so much better. Keep it Xtina!

Hope on

She looked stunning.

Me on

it wasnt her toned down make up i noticed, but it was that she lost so much weight! she looked awesome… not that bein heavier is a bad thing. but she really did look great :)

KH on

She looks so much better!

lisa on

She looks so much better, younger, fresher, like a grown woman, not some sad teenager dressing like a tramp. Now if she would tone down oversinging every song she sings. Maybe this makeover will help her realize less is more.

Jayda on

I was watching The Voice last night and my mother screamed from the other room, “Is that Christina? She looks hot!” You got my mom’s approval Christina!

Gina on

A much better look for her. As long as she covers up her weird shaped legs, she will do fine.

H on


TamIAm on

Gorgeous! She looks younger and sexier than when she vamps it up. It’s a really classy look – I hope she keeps it.

cbreezy on

She looks STUNNING… I’m not a fan of her personality or over the top singing but I was so suprised by how gorgeous she looked! She will be taken so much more seriously this way, her severe look combined with the snotty personality has overshadowed her talent for years. Girl you don’t need to look like a hooker for attention! Way to go!

Lilly on

Beautiful girl…..I love Christina

marie on

she no longer looks like a cheap drag queen

Cristina on

Good. She was beginning to look like a blonde Snookie

Kerri on

She looked a lot better, but her hair was the same color and looked like dried straw.

Jeny on


Heather on

We are in Texas and love the big hair and make up but my mom, husband and I LOVE this look on you ~ Rock it baby!! :)

Shannon on

She is such a pretty girl – now it doesn’t get lost behind all that make-up! In this case, less is definitely more!

Jessica on

Much better. I think she looked by far the best on Monday nights show. She was not showing her “girls” as much. She looks better that way than with them all hanging out. It makes her look slimmer too.

livebyfaith on

She looks so much better!!

Joyce on

Sooo much better. Hope she sticks with this type of look.

Lisa on

She could tone it down even more – she just doesn’t need all that makeup and crazy hair extensions. But this is still a huge improvement. Much classier!

Cass on

I don’t really see a difference?

m on

Absolutely better…. less is more, plus she is naturally beautiful and doesn’t need to go overboard.

trixie on

Now she just looks like a fat Paris Hilton.

Maria on

She looks so much better this way

funkytown on

now if she’d just rein those boobs in and cover them up!!! it’s quite obvious she has them, but we don’t need to see them every single minute.

Nota on

Julianne Hough is not a plastic bimbo. You see the real woman. Christina would go unrecognized if she took off the gallons of make up, wore a natural hair color, and dressed in something that didn’t show everything she has or wants to have. She’s a walking breathing mannequin with Mariah Carey tendencies. Become as real as your voice, Christina, I bet there’s a beautiful woman under all that…stuff.

Vickie Glisson on

I love this look so much better on her!!!! The gright red lips & dark eyes & curly hair take away from her beauty!!! As they say, less is definitely more!!!

wanda on

She looks so much better, not trampy looking like she had been.

SayinitLikeItIs on

She’s portly

SayinitLikeItIs on

She is a size 16 squeezing into a size 4 dress…Im actually nauseous looking at her pics, toned down or not. Get some clothes that fit girl

VR on

She is young too, so when you still have it, flaunt it, and it never means going overboard with clothes and makeup! Older women tend to want to wear more makeup to show less wrinkles etc…I would give anything to know now what I didn’t know then. Less is more…more makeup is better worn for a bold evening look! Good job she nailed it, and looks fantastic:) Keep it up…listen to the feedback, all positive!!! When done right, we look great, she looks like she feels good about herself too. Way to go…

Baseball Serendipity on

A million times better! She is naturally beautiful and all the hoopla takes away from her. This was a breath of fresh air! I hope she stays this way.

Jessilyn on

I think she looks so much better toned down. She is really beautiful but it’s hard to tell behind all that dark makeup.

Suzanne on

I couldn’t believe how much better she looked!!
She definitely needs to keep that appearance.

jen on

She looks fantastic!! Please let this be the start of a new fashion era for her! LOVE IT.


I didn’t recognize her.

Miami on

I love Christina, she’s so beautiful!

Lily on

TONED DOWN??????????????
Now thats funny

farleyboy on

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whatever on

now sing girl, sing

Ashley on

OMG! she should have her make-up done like that ALL the time. She looks gorgeous!

Sarah on

Loved it!

boohoobytch on

wait, that’s toned down? lmfao, OK

Sarfu on

LOVE IT! So young and fresh she looks amazing!

Trazey on

she looks WAY better but still…subtle?? a yellow dress with giant fake hoohaws hanging out of it LOL not exactly classy

allure on

wow amazing and beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!

Anneke on

Yes so much better i love it she looks so beautiful

cat on

Yeah, looks much better now. More classier and less cheap.

Dancer666 on

Looks so much better, great improvement! Love you Xtina!

Jon on

She looked absolutely stunning last night. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her. She’s curvy in all the right places and the confidence she carries makes her that much more sexier.

Tara on

She looked stunning last night!

She’s always been gorgeous though, the problem is when she doesn’t wear the right makeup/outfits.

killerheroes on

I personally thought she looked great even before the weight loss. I love the fact that she shaped up, but kept her lovely curves. She didn’t go the rail thin route and that’s a great example for people struggling with weight. Go Christina. BTW, her team is amazing this year!

Karrie on

I love the fact that she shaped up, but kept her lovely curves and didn’t go the rail thin route. Great example for those out there with curvy bodies. Go Christina! BTW, her team this year on the Voice is amazing!

TchrTchr on

She looks sooo much better…Now, you can see the pretty woman that was under all of that horrible, harsh makeup! Oh, yeah, I’m glad not to see so much of her boobs, too!

Brad on

Nah, I think she has been sucked and tucked. I don’t buy it!

Thea on


Kim on

She did look better….but the dress was still two sizes too small.

Mspoptart on

She is such a pretty girl she doesn’t need all that makeup. I loved it…(she also however has some killer makeup people because when they do her up its a killer job) I vote for this soft look Xtina!!

Kristy on

Yes. Very nice. I could tell she’s done something to her butt to make it round and full. A woman in her 30’s who barely works out and has lost weight does not get a big full butt over night like that. Keep it real…real is where you find respect!

Beth on

I think she’s had some instant work done on her. Her butt looks fuller and she looks different and in such a short amount of time. Things that make you GO HMMMMM!!!!

Jenna on

She looks great! I think that if she dresses for her body more instead of trying to show too much, she looks slimmer and more appropriate. Well done…please keep this look going!

Jasmine on

Blake has the BEST team!!! Christina has been to the Dr’s office lately. She got sucked and tucked for the live shows. Too much change in a short amount of time. Butt is looking a little TOO fake these days.

Kake on

Actually attractive without that extra hair & heavy eye makeup. She looked natural & more up to date with the softer straight hair. She looked younger, the other look is harsher & makes her look older than she is.

Linda on

I actually noticed the change on Mon and Tues show. And I said wow…she really looks good. Much better Christina…you are beautiful.

Dona Ray on

I watched the young woman grow up. I loved her Monday night in the black/white and the makeup. She is way too GORGEOUS (entertainer or not) to put all that on her. I also like her dresses more covering. It puts more focus on her gorgeous face and features thereof. I hope she will keep it simple when not performing on stage. :)

Sammy on

This is the best she has looked in decades. WOW! She looks stunning!

Raina on

Awesome! Love her.

Diego on

I just love her!!

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Anísio on


Blondie on

She looked amazing last night and so much better than previous shows where she desperately needed a bra. I loved the toned down look of clothing, hair and makeup. She got it right last night! Go, Christina! You’re a gorgeous 30 something, talented woman. This is the way to go, not like the previous shows. :)

Julesy on

The makeup is toned down but the hair is still over bleached. I wish she would get a more natural blonde color. It’s just too light and harsh for her skin tone. Definitely a vast improvement over the previous look (didn’t even recognize her).

Missy on

I remember when she was pregnant, she had a much softer look and it really showed off how beautiful she is. I hope she keeps it up. She is a gorgeous girl.

Neusa on

I loved, she’s wonderful

Chelsea on

She got curves. Better than skinny christina.

thetruth on

Yes…..Finally, she looked, gorgeous. Stay with this look.

Ash on

She looks better than she has in years! Gorgeous!

Mollie on

I thought she looked different last night. She did look a lot better without all that makeup and her hair color toned down. She should try showing less boobs as well.

karla on

In this case,Less is definitely more.

Pat on

This toned down look reminds us just how beautiful she really is. Hopefully this will make her realize you don’t have to wear a saucer on your head and have your boobs hang out to be noticed. Subtle is beautiful. I hope she keeps it up.

Just_Me_16 on

She already looks LOADS better without all the wait and she doesn’t always have to have her boobs out there for everyone to see. The dress is GORGEOUS and accents her figure. I love, love, LOVE the hair!! The makeup also looks gorgeous! You should keep this look Christina!!

SuperZonic on


Alan on

She looks STUNNING, She’s so BEAUTIFUL!!!

Krash on

Now if she would lose the ghetto talk, she’d be one fine lady.

sharon on

i saw christina for the first time in the movie ‘burlesque’ and thought she was a very beautiful and talented young woman. rhen i saw a later picture and couldnt believe it was her. i think this look is the right look for her and her talent as a singer. to me the two go together.

Luks on

She looks so beautiful now! Her body is really hot, pure fire! hehe

Jessica on

i love her no matter what she looks like but I love the softer look on her. Christina rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Agelessmate-com on


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Guest on

I wonder how she’d look with her natural hair color back (brunette). I bet she’d be a knockout. Less is definitely better for her.



Karol on

I like he softer look. She is naturally beautiful and this look lets her natural beauty shine through.

sebas on


mikaes on

Much better! I hope she sticks with this kind of look! She looks great!

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Rtg on

Which one is the toned down look? I can’t tell.

Karen on

Now if they could give her a personality transplant…who am I kidding. She’s a mean spirited snot, with a bad attitude.

Minnie on

The more recent picture is much better. However, I think curls – or at least some soft waves – would have been better. Her hair is a bit too stick-straight, and with that unnatural-looking hair colour it looks a bit straw-like. I am sure her natural hair colour would look great on her, it would certainly be worth a try!

malpalyo on

She is a mother too, so the look with the orange is not only more attractive, but also more appropriate. At least in my opinion I think so.

Guest111 on

I completely agree!! She looks amazing!! and finally her age!!

Agelessmate-com on

Place_to_meet hot ladies….

JulieA on

It’s a good start. Now if she can only learn how to dress like a lady and not some 2-bit call girl….


She looked amazing!! Good for her

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JN on

The comments here PROVE that women are not always hating on each other. When a woman is truly beautiful, we congratulate and comment positively. That British chick who thinks she’s all that should take note. Her inner ugliness is what repels other women, not being too beautiful. Sorry for veering off topic, folks. Couldn’t help it.

MK1023 on

I honestly did not recognize her because she looked so beautiful. I thought who is the guest on the show and it was her. She is very beautiful and this “new look” was “wow”! who’s that?

Linda on

I love it! it complements her curves instead of looking dumpy she looks sexy and curvy!!!

Mary on

Gee Cortnee, I had the same thought. I too thought the girl in the goldenrod color dress is Julianne Hough. What ever, she does look so much more natural and as usual beautiful. I really liked her in Burlesque. Her hair color & makeup made her look much younger.

Alejo on

She looks STUNNING and so Hot now..!

Christina should keep this fresh new look always cause she looks young and more beautiful… and I Love Your Body Xtina!!!!!!!!!

All About Christina Aguilera's Toned-Down Look | Hot Hollywood Celebrity Gossip on

[...] full post on Source: People Magazine Tags: About, Aguilera's, Christina, look, TonedDown. You can leave a response or trackback to [...]

Mary on

I’m glad she finally toned it down , she’s much too pretty to keep covering it up with tons of makeup.

jeannie on

Now if she would stop wearing all the low cut dresses, perhaps it would make it more of a family show.

tatiana on

so cute… really look great!!!!

Ann on

She needs to tone down that hair because she looks all one color……

carrie on

Much better!

iluvmychis on

Beautiful! So much better!!

Dion on

Wow, she truly looks ten years younger.

Sonya on

She looks healthy. She wasn’t eating, like many celebrities, she used to look anorexic. This is her real weight.

Sonya on

She looks healthy. She wasn’t eating, like many celebrities, she used to look anorexic.

All About Christina Aguilera’s Toned-Down Look « Mix 96.7 FM on

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Liz Hoffmann on

Christina looked absolutely beautiful. I was so impressed. She’s a role model.

Mavhay on

Omg she loos so much better this way! I donr know if its just me but, the way she looked before always made me think she was sticky and dirty… Much better x-tina! Now ur beautiful!

Denise on

She’s getting there…much much better…

Lee on

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Julie on

She looks SOOOO much better!! Keep that look!

Heather on

The first thing I noticed when I saw her was how she’d toned it down so much…allowing her beauty to shine.

Lee on

This look is so much better because before, let’s just say . . . a big gut, boobs hiked up to your chin and big hair does not a good look make.

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[...] What do you think of Christina Aguilera’s new toned-down look? [...]

Skye on

less is truly more…she finally gets it! loving the look. :)

Andie on

I love the softer look on Christina, she usually looks like a dime store hooker, this is much much better.

Yolanda on

Softer is much better!

kim b on

About time, she was really looking like someone who worked the streets. Less is so much more elegant.

Gina on

Somehow she could never pull off the hooker look.
Looks much better now..

donna on

Why must her boobs be hanging out on every show??

chamorrita on

Anytime someone gets fit and healthy. Its always a GOOD think. Good for Christina. She looks better when she takes care of herself and the days of heavy makeup and heavy this or that is OLD and TIRED. Fresh and light is what’s in today.

rachelhope26 on

She looked gorgeous!!!

Lisa D'Ambrosio on

YES!!!! Christina PLEASE stay with the toned-down look, you look SO much better!

Gina on

Donna, not only do her boobs hang out, they are FAKE..

JCW on

She looks so much better. But all the “product placement” in the article is not what “makes” the look. It is the people applying the products that make her look so good, not the actual products themselves.

Annia on

She is more beautiful with less make-up, and when she covers up those “mellons.” They’re distracting & some people never noticed how beautiful she really is. Less is more is so true.

itsallgoodnroanoke on


bubielogic on

Much better!

Roxy on

I commented to my husband that I thought she looked so much better and we finally decided it was just because her boobs weren’t all in our faces (ha, ha) but the hair and make up helped too. She has been looking too hoochie and this was a lovely improvement.

p on

She actually looks beautiful. Not over done or falling out of her clothes.. Now its a family show!!!

EMG on

Love it! Glad to have her back!

T in Texas on

She looks so much better ! Less is more . She wore too much makeup , to many extensions . Her stylist and makeup artist need to be fired !

Em on

Now she just needs to cover up the cleve a bit more, lose the boring skin tight outfits, and she’ll be rocking it!

mjameliah on

looking great .wow loving her curves

dayane on

she is wonderful!
xtina congratulated the new appearance
everyone wanted xtina could lean, there is the result.

Amber on

I don’t think she’s actually lost any weight. I think she just found something that fits correctly and doesn’t look like something a tramp would wear.

animation calvados on

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