Carrie Underwood: Having People Smell Like Me 'Might Weird Me Out'

03/23/2012 at 12:00 PM ET

Carrie Underwood
Lionel Hahn/Abaca

Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez and (begrudgingly) Adam Levine may be into the idea of creating their own fragrances, but one star who’s not? Carrie Underwood.

“I really don’t know if I would do the whole fragrance thing,” she tells AOL’s The Boot. “I don’t want to smell like anybody else.”

More importantly, she doesn’t want anyone else smelling like her. “If people walked up to me smelling like me, it might weird me out,” she admits. “So that one’s not quite for me.”

However, the young starlet — the current face of Olay — isn’t totally opposed to putting her name on a product. When asked about creating clothing and shoes someday, the singer has a change of tune. “I would love to do that for other people,” she shares, “and create things that people would like to wear.” Perhaps we have another Jessica Simpson in our midst? Tell us: Have you ever purchased a celebrity perfume?


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Carrie Underwood: Having People Smell Like Me ‘Might Weird Me Out’ | « AlliancePixels's Blog on

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Emily on

How much you wanna bet that within two years she has her own fragrance? Like she would even wear it anyway….puhlease. She can get any perfume, body spray or fragrance that she wants…just because she might (or according to her, might not) put her name on something doesn’t mean it is actually something that she would use. Stars do it all the time. I’m sure Britney Spears doesn’t wear her own perfume….she buys the expensive stuff.

Brandi on

Yes, I have Preppy Princess perfume by Vera Wang.

Sammi on

She comes off as thinking she’s so above everyone else…..COOL, Carrie.

Gail on

I disagree with your statement ~ She comes off as thinking she’s so above everyone else ~
what do you base that statement on? Of all the charitable things she does, she is so far from NOT being the way you say. Gee, judge much?

Kelcie on

I agree with Sammi and Emily. This is the same person who said she would never get a Twitter. Never say never…

Me on

Kind of a silly reply. So she does not wear any type of perfume or fragrance now whatsoever?!? That would be about the only way you would not smell like anyone else, if you wore nothing.

Carries fan on

I love Carrie. She is adorable and good hearted. Ignore the ignorance of others. She is a great example for our young ones to look up to. She sets a great example in all she does. She is very talented and is blessed because of it. Dont hate…You go Carrie..I still would love you if you smelled like doggie do.

Snow on

That’s an ignorant and narcisstic statement if I’ve ever heard one. Wow. First off, a fragrance melds with a persons own chemistry, resulting in a unique smell for each individual. So right there, she’s ignorant. And an ignoramus for – omg – not wanting anyone to smell like her. Seriously? Don’t let your head get too big there girl. Oh wait, too late.

Kim on

She doesn’t want anyone else smelling like her? Does she ever wear perfume? If so, there’s somebody (probably a lot of women!) who purchases the same kind and yes..smells just like her. Unless you make your own perfume and never let anybody else have it..lots of women smell alike.

Nancy11 on

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Carrie Underwood: Having People Smell Like Me ‘Might Weird Me Out’ – - MagNewsX - Mag News AggregatorMagNewsX – Mag News Aggregator on

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Samantha on

When All My Children folded I bought Enchantment and Fusion colognes as gifts for those attending a “farewell party” we had for the show. Other than that … celebrity perfumes? No.

Lorraine on

She’s does think. Alrightie. But then all of those other privileged ONE PERCENTER “entertainers” who sing for a “living” or “act” and are rewarded with kazillions – simply for memorizing lines and showing cleavage, lots and lots of cleavage – aren’t doing so because it’s about their scent. Or anyone else’s. It’s all about the money. More ONE PERCENTER money – for themselves. Simply by endorsing something or putting their name on it. Chaw on that image, people. Underwood is just like all of the rest. In the Good ole USA – we can all aspire to be just like her too. It’s all good. Yup.

Rose on

these celebrities make me laugh.. all a celebrity fragrence is a bottle of perfume or cologne that the celebrity chooses as his or her favorite. They aren’t in the chem lab designing a scent from scratch… its a name, ona scent of their choice.. Such a joke

Sheri on

The day Carrie joined Twitter her husband tweeted “I finally got my wife to join Twitter” so blame him for breaking her word lol.This article made me laugh because it is just funny that she would be weirded out by someone smelling like her lol.Someone with a big head wouldn’t give their time or money to charity or doing events.Carrie has done things private that doesn’t come out till later and people are like I didnt know she did that.She could pull a diva and say I am not doing that.If you judge her on this one thing that in my opinon is truly sad.

Lynn on

I know lots of people really like this girl but I for one DO NOT. She sounds so full of herself. Maybe she doesn’t mean to come off sounding like that but to me she does. Can’t stand her.

Army A. Pitts on

Cara Underwoods is lovely! Plus she tells those Dixie Chicks to SHUT UP AND PLAY YER MUZAK!

As 4 perfume?.. She smells lovely without it! But she didn’t need to marry a MEATHEAD!

veggie mama on

Too much makeup. She looks fake and she is really sweet, I think. Just so made up!!! Hard to find her.

veggie mama on

Already tried to post this.
Think she should do more natural make up. She looks so plastic with all that makeup on her pretty face.

stephanie on

no one said they wanted to smell like her and no one said that a fragrance she put out had to smell like her. if that were the case, they’d be remaking what ever it is she already wears.

Tiffany on

I love Carrie! I hate celebrities that put their name on everything from perfume to greeting cards just to make money. I am sure she could have a perfume and make a ton of money but I take it she is thinking that she would wear a perfume that she endorsed. Like others have said…I think some celebrities never even use the products they endorse. I feel like just with Olay if she endorses it; she uses it and believes in it. So she doesn’t want a perfume…nothing wrong with that and it doesn’t make her a bad person. She is a very sweet and giving person.

suzy diamond on

Someone needs to explain to Carrie that perfume smells difference on everyone and no two people smell alike due to THEIR own chemistry make up.

tada on

Gotta love this girl! She is the only American Idol that still hasn’t had her head blow LARGE! She is awesome!!!!

Megan on

Lol… not to be mean to Carrie but um they don’t actually make perfumes smell like “you”. You create them at a lab with scientists and you can make it smell however you want!!!
I especially like the comment about making clothes and how she “would love to do that for people” Yeah it’s not a charity honey, you make money off of it.
Yes People… it truly looks like we have another Jessica Simpson on our hands! #BLONDEMOMENT

Marie Mullin on

Maybe she doesn’t. Know but perfume that is the same smells different on every body. :) She comes off being better than you, treat everyone how you want to be treated.

me on

uhhh, what a snob..and I always liked her, too. UM, let’s see, thousands of people wear the same perfume, whether it’s Chanel or CKONE for goodness sakes…it’s not like when you go to the mall you can smell all the girls that are wearing one given perfume

vespagirl on

Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like this little princess just needs a high five… in the face… what a chair???

vespagirl on

…* make that WITH a chair…

madgem on

I am willing to bet that few or no celebrities actually wear the perfumes that are named after them, or even care to have much input in the making of the scents. Methinks it’s probably just another way to make lots of money….

Barbie on

What’s wrong with not wanting people to smell like you…?

Chrissy on

I like Carrie Underwood but unless she wears a fragrance she had personally commissioned from a perfume house odds are she’s wearing a fragrance someone else wears. Of course body chemistry always plays a factor, which is why a friend can smell amazing in one perfume and you smell bleh in it, even the rarer perfumes have a fan base otherwise they’d have long since gone out of business. So she probably smells like someone else or is wearing the same perfume as at least one other person. I’m kind of glad I’m tired of celebrity fragrances. Not that I’m saying they smell bad, but I feel a lot of sales are due to the name and less the fragrance, and I feel sort of cheesy buying something with a celebrity name attached to it. I won’t buy this one fragrance from Paris Hilton simply because I have others I prefer more and I don’t want to buy something that has her name on it and contribute to her wealth even in some very minute way. Lol. I think Carrie is being silly but I love her so I don’t really care. She doesn’t have to make a perfume, she’s doing well as is. :)

mia on

Carrie Underwood, “animal lover”, the face of Olay- a company that still uses the horrific and cruel animal testing practices for tall their products. $$$$$.

Riveter on

Whats wrong with people?Haters have been trying to get something bad on Carrie for years,but can’t!So,they’ll disect everything she says and twist it around.This woman is genuine,nothing phoney about her!She’s charitable and caring,more than most of you haters out there,so get off her case!

Traci on

Hey you haters, quit dissing on Carrie. She’s a very nice down-to-earth lady so leave her alone. Can you say J-E-A-L-O-U-S? That’s what you are.

Jon on

I have never bought a perfume, and not everyone has to create one, she has every right to her opinions, and she can do what she wants, good luck to her!

Carrie Underwood: Having People Smell Like Me ‘Might Weird Me Out’ « Mix 96.7 FM on

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Alicia on

I like that she isnt following the crowd and doing her own thing. making perfume is just dumb and they usually smell really bad anyway. the only one ive bought was britney spear’s curious and i still love it to this day. I really think that she is following her life the way she wants to.

Packersfan on

Come on people…THINK! I am sure she knows that perfume smells differently on everyone and that it wouldnt literally smell like her. I am sure what she is thinking if she had a perfume with her name on it then every little teeny bopper that went to see her in concert would be covered in it and when she did meet and greets thats all she would smell and thats what would be weird to her. I am sure if it was one person she would think “oh shes wearing the perfume” but if everyone she met was wearing it that would be weird. And duuuuuuhhhhhhh its a way for them to make money, anyone who thought different is dumb…if the celebrities really cared about the perfume they would just make one for themseleves (which anyone can do, but it costs money) and leave it at that. - Allt om Kändisar, Blogg och Mode Details on Beyoncé’s Latest Project | on

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regina callahan on

This is just another example of what a genuine person she is, she does not want to trade in her name for fame for perfume. She is happy where she is , with a handsome HUSBAND,her faith in her religion and a successfull career without having to travel the world for a 1-2 yrs with with an over the top show that is more like a circus than a country music show.She doesn’t have to alert the press everytime she does anything because she is happy with her life.She is beautiful AND can sing! Legends in the music business have said she has the best voice in business now and does not need the major marketing push that shoves other “singers” down our throats. Her fans do not require their parents to drive and attend her concerts with them so her numbers at concerts may not match others but quality over quanity anyday,

Carrie Underwood gives her opinion on celebrity fragrances | Hollywood Celebrity Rumors, News, and More! on

[…] creating a fragrance, but not because she has the same opinion Levine did before he folded, states People. “If people walked up to me smelling like me, it might weird me out,” Underwood […]

Carrie Underwood: Having People Smell Like Me 'Might Weird Me Out' | Full Power News on

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[…] Carrie Underwood w&#1110ll b&#1077 keeping th&#1077 way &#1109h&#1077 smells &#1072ll t&#959 herself. (People) […]

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