Taylor Swift's New Bangs: Yay or Nay?

12/01/2011 at 01:00 PM ET

Taylor Swift Haircut
Courtesy Taylor Swift

With her Speak Now tour behind her, Taylor Swift has enjoyed a bit of a break, shopping in New York and creating homemade snow globes. And Thursday, she shared the results of another new project: a haircut.

The country starlet (and an unidentified pal) took to her Twitter page this morning to share a photo with fans. Though Swift kept her long layers and face-framing style, the noticeable change was feathery bangs that hang down to her eyebrows.

She’s not the only star to share photos from a haircut on Twitter this week; Tuesday, Kellan Lutz shaved his head and posted pics of the new look on WhoSay.com. Tell us: What do you think of Swift’s new look?


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Taylor Swift’s New Bangs: Yay or Nay? « Taylor Swift on

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tammy on

I love them.She looks stunning.

Gina on

Yay! She looks great

Naomi on

The “unidentified pal” is her backup singer Elizabeth “Liz” Huett.

Naomi on

Oh! And the bangs are super cute! (:

Diane on

Much better.

Elena on

They’re adorable

suzy diamond on

She looks great either way! She’s a beautiful woman.

sonia sweeney on

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juju on


pamela on

Sorry Taylor but now you look like all the others! Please be Taylor, for at least a little longer!

Nikki on

Looks Great! She looks like an adult now.

Clarissa on

Finally,something different with Taylor’s hair! She looks great, love the bangs!

Linda on

Taylor looks gorgeous no matter how she wears her hair. By the way, People, Taylor Swift is not a “starlet” – she’s an accomplished, bonafide star.

JimBob on

Yay! on the new bangs. She looks great, stunning even. She has always been a beautiful girl, but this new look grows her up a little. Very sexy. Me likey!

SK on

Did she really cut them or is it a bang hairpiece? I saw that Kristen Chenoweth has a bang hairpiece. Apparently made by the same person who did J Los. (She announced it on Ellen)

Megan on

I think she looks very gorgeous with her bangs! Beautiful!

Stacey on

Taylor wears hair extensions. I noticed that her hair changes length and thickness all the time. I think the other few times that she had bangs, it was a wig. Because her hair went back to no bangs, in a few days. I wonder if she really cut her hair at all.

jane on

She pretty either way. I love her.

Dee on

She looks great. It’s definitely a more mature look for her. She’s also giving me a Faith Hill vibe. BUT, I’d love to see her do a shorter cut (a bob, etc.). I do realize that people gravitate towards long hair . . . for some reason.

Stephanie on

She looks absolutely gorgeous! She’s becoming more mature and the bangs definitely suit her.

lisa on

I love them, makes her look her age..

Brian on

She looks like a adult film star. Id bang her now more then before. Go Swift!

Abby on

I Love Taylor’s bangs. They’re so cute.

threesnapps on

They look good on her, but it’s a wig.

Petra on

She is young an pretty so she can do jsut about anything and still look great

Donna Loder on

Who cares shes a spoiled brat and phony

jaintn on

Love it. I absolutely HATED her old hairdo, and in fact, just the other day some friends and I were wondering why on earth she’s been wearing it that way for so long. It was completely middle school. This makes her look like a lovely young woman instead of an 8th grader with no sense of style.

Guest on

Love them on her, very flattering!!

Abby on

She looks amazing :)

copyedit on

it’s “YEA or Nay.”

Guest on

Not sure why this is “news”, but I have to admit I LOVE the bangs on her. It gives her a more mature look.

Tammy on

I think most women look better with bangs. I wear them and I swear they make me look 10 years younger than if I wasn’t wearing them.

Carol Fenske on

I love it!! :)

Laura on

She looks great and more mature.

bella on


Dawn on

Love it. Bangs bring attention to the eyes and make them seem larger, which she kinda needs.

Amanda on

She looks just like Nicole Kidman in Practical Magic in this picture! I really like it. The curls were getting old.

kip on

very sophisticated! grown up! yay!!!!

Kylie Jade on

Yay‼ She looks great with anything ♥

Isabelle cullen on

YAY‼ She looks ah-mazinggggggg :)

Esther on

LOVE IT ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ 13 HEARTS FOR TAYLOR :)

Lu on

Love the new look!

Sandy on


LittleMo on

The bangs and straight hair are a big improvement over that curly flop to one side of the forehead she used to wear. I personally do not like her at all. She belittles other celebrities who get attention carried to the point of stalking thatshe doesn’t and says they should quit complaining. She far too stuck up and “holier than thou” for me. Physically speaking, she is pretty, but not beautiful like Kristen Stewart, Demi Moore, Hilary Swank, etc.

Cathie on

Yeah!! She looks adorable and a little older look for her.

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ppdunn on

I love Taylor’s sleek new look! She seems to have naturally curly hair, so the straight hair/bangs could be a challenge to keep up with. Looks great!

Natalie on

Oh wow–are you people blind? Taylor and her friend are obviously wearing wigs, just for fun. That hair doesn’t even look real. Come on PEOPLE magazine, someone in your style department is playing dumb.

Kim Kardashian Won’t Fight Kris Humphries on

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Katy on


AMY on

I LOVE IT!!!!!

Jen on

Oh how cute!! Love ‘em :)

:) on

She actually looks like an adult now. Surprisingly enough, I really like it on her.

Kathy on

much better than that curly rag…

Trina on

Doesn’t matter either way. She’s not as pretty as she thinks she is and not nearly as talented.

Matt on

anything to do with Taylor Swift is a NAY!!!!! Go away!!!!!

NIkki on

Oh my God! I Love her new haircut so much! She looks sooo cute!!! :)

Guest on

Yes! I love them! She looks fabulous

Andrea Garcia on

Love them!

debbie on

LOVE LOVE them! They look great on her!

kiki on


Yvonne on

Now we can really see her beautiful eyes. Love the cut!!

Cath on

she looks like brooklyn decker!! she looks beautiful

Joe on

Deinitely an improvement. The curls are old & tired. This look is sleek and sexy. You go girl!!

ellen on


Cissy Fitzgerald on

Taylor looks very sultry with her new bangs. They look awesome.

Traci on

Taylor is so darn cute with bangs. I love them.

Mary Jo Rigney on

Love the bangs!!!

Katelyn on

I love them. They look great on her! Way to go Taylor(:

amy on

she looks great! love the bangs!

3kittymama on

Taylor was pretty before; now she’s downright gorgeous. Keep the bangs, girl!

Jan on

Yay, I like them.

Lydia on

She is beautiful whatever she does with her hair. Although, I must say that with her beautiful face I like her hair curly, and away from her face best.

Katie on

Ooooo! Definitely Yay! Love the new haircut & bangs ! Beautiful as always Taylor!!!

J.E. Seymour on

Lovely hair style — but remember (and I’m sure she does) beauty is as beauty does!

Molly M. Marsh on

Very nice. Her new soft appearance brings attention away from her hard, red, pursed lips.

md on

Thank goodness. She doesn’t look like at 10 year old Shirley Temple anymore. But I don’t believe they are real.

Kendall on

She looks much older – and like one of Keith Richard’s daughters

Kgirl on

GO TAYLOR!!! stay cute, be beautiful, use ur talent for the world!

Robin on

Taylor looks edgy, sexy, and well polished all at the same time. Great choice of hair style on her. It was high time Taylor updated her look. I predict there will be more older men on the horizon who will be vying for her attention. She doesn’t look like a tiny bopper any more. Good for her!

Julie on

She looks just like Avril Levine now. Besides the bangs are fake, they’re the latest fad. It’s a short hair extension. She should go back to wavy and look like herself.

ashley on

super cute!

thetruth on

She looks great!! There’s nothing wrong with looking your AGE! GO GIRL!

slm on

It’s called bang clips.

She didn’t cut her hair.

Lynn on

I think they look adorable on her! Makes her look more contemporary!

Kate on

Love em!! & love her!!!

Dani on

Much better than normal. Less mouse-y.

Scotty33 on

WOW FINALLY!! She looks so much better than the wavy 1930 look. She looks her age and much more sophisticated! Even a little sexy! Looks WAY better!

Katie on

Her hair looks great, I love it. I’m getting my bangs cut next week and just might have to bring this picture in :).

Donna Begin on

She looks much better with bangs…nice look you should keep it

ann gramada on

If i’m not mistaken that is not Taylor Swift. It looks like the girl i just saw in a magazine for celebrity look alikes.

terra on

I love it! Wish I could rock bangs like that!

Raffy Pekson II on


Racheal on

She looks like a total fake without you lovely long curly hair and she had to get bangs what happened to the amazing girl girls look up to? She’s trying to hard to fit in with the hollywood crowd when she should be Being yourself not a total fake.

sandienna on

just beautiful! prefer bangs on her after seeing this pic.

mich on

YAY, looks great

Rose on

NOW she looks like a country music star. Nice.

regina callahan on

I think its a wig like last year at that award show. It’s not even the same color as her hair, so, it’s pretty, but a wig.

Achmedspud on

She looks so different with straight hair let alone bangs now :)

Achmedspud on

She definitely looks different with straight hair and bangs and thankfully NO red lipstick :)

peacebeme on

I usually don’t like bangs but they look really good on her!

Rox on

OMG I am so sick of this girl.

Julie on

I love the bangs on Taylor Swift!

Carolyn on

Her new look is great!

Linda on

Super cute look-but she would look cute either way!

Lala on

I think they look great on her, but did she actually cut her hair, or is it a wig? She had this same look, awhile back, but I only saw pics of her with it, for about a week. Then she was back to her old style :\

Luci on

It’s a wig… Can’t stand her singing, but she is a great song writer. She needs to stick to that.

Bambi on

She looks like a young woman now.. it was time to loose the 15 year old look and attitude.

donnamarie on

Definitely, YAY! I like her hair a lot better now, she’s a beautiful lady but she wore the wavy look for a little too long! <3 you Taylor Swift!

nina on

Love it. A really good look on her

gloria on

omg!!!!!! i swear she looks like nicole kidman!!!!!!

shirley long on

Who really cares whether she has bangs or not. People must not have anything else to report.

Amy on

Beautiful. Stunning. Finally, I’ve been waiting for her to change her hair. Love Taylor!

Lovely 1 on

While she does look great, it’s obvious she’s wearing a wig!! I love People.com but, I just don’t understand how this is news.

Katina Hollman on

Eh, I’m not too crazy about them, but I really hate that she straightens her beautiful natural curls.

Lucymay on

Love ‘em!

e on

it doesn’t matter what the child does. never could stand her and never will !

maria rogers on

I think she looks great with bangs.

Gin Gin on

She looks more mature, that’s a compliment.

Kelly on

I like them! Was sick of the weird waves. Now she just needs to stop acting shocked anytime she gets an award.

Erin on

Her unidentified friend is actually her backup singer that she connected with while performing on that much-forgotten show that Carrie Ann Inaba and Bruno Tonioli did in which they both created “teams” of performers that they mentored – much like the XFactor now. Well, that backup singer was on Carrie Ann’s team and Taylor made the comment that she remembered Liz (the backup singer) after meeting at one of her (Taylor’s) concerts and hired her after the show (and the teams) failed. I personally think it is an awesome thing for Taylor to have done – giving Liz an opportunity like that.

Julie L. on

I think her bangs look great. I also like her hair straight. I am sick of seeing her with the same curly hair all the time! She looks older and much better!

TheGoodFairy on

She is a beautiful young woman. This is a new, more contemporary look for her. She does, however, look slightly more generic is this photo.

Aj on

It’s about time! Looks great.

Mrs JP on

Taylor looks GREAT with bangs and why not change your hair style up a bit.

Change is good, WAY TO GO TAYLOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gail on

She is an adult therefore her hair style should reflect her age. This is the best I have ever seen her look and I’m not even a Taylor Swift fan. It’s a vast improvement for her; she’s quite beautiful.

Elsa Caceres on

she is an average singer…but she dresses well
her mom has done a good job raising her
very down to earth…she does not suffer from naked syndrome
love her clothes and style
and love her new hair
way to go!

monica on

Very pretty…makes her look like a woman instead of a teenager.

Melissa on

Love the bangs! They make her look so sophisticated! Go Taylor!

Rolando on

John Mayer will be looking to marry her(Taylor Swift) you know. He doesn’ love her for her hair, not her music, only her clean fresh good-looks!

Her hair is nice, it makes her look… Like someone famous… Heidi Klum? I don’t know…

I know Taylor Swift!

Rolando loves TAYLOR SWIFT!

marybeth on

kinda looks like a wig at first..use to her curly hair!! looks great:)

Camille on

Love it!

Mattv on

Naomi is probably Elizabeth “Liz” Huett aka “Unidentified Pal”.

AV on

LOVE THEM!!! Looks a THOUSAND times better than previous hairdo. A THOUSAND!!!!!!!!!!

Sammie on

Bangs look amazing on Taylor!

Lauren on

The “unidentified pal” is her backup singer, Liz Huett. Come on People, you’re awesome but that’s kind of lazy reporting.

Melanie on

Nay. Sorry. She is beautiful and I love her,her hair, her songs,her voice, and her sweetness. She is my favorite singer and I think she is a good actress too but i don’t like the haircut i think she looked much better before.

Uknownah on

She looks grown up and sultry, very nice.

meghan on

nay. but she is totally not hot anyway… she looks just like her mother – who is also not attractive at all.

i do not see her appeal at all.

and because i am sure someone will say it – no, I am not jealous for a second.

Kim on

It’s about time she changed her hair style, I just hope she sticks with this one. I like it much better straight.

Monique on

She looks fantastic. Good move.

wanda on

love the bangs…she looks much more grown up!!!!

Mimi on

I think she’s still a beautiful girl but looks older

Paula on

The bangs make her look more mature, I love them

sunlight on

i’ve never liked bangs on myself because I look like I’m in middle school…it is okay on her.

David Edenden on

Taylor Swift needs more media coverage! Her link in Google News is broken.

It just points to general news no Taylor specific news!

Where’s the outrage????

boots on

Love them!

jojo on

Wow she looks good! I hate the side swept thing she does usually.

tillie on

Looks good

Natalie Hanson on

she looks great…but then again when doesn’t she?! no matter what she does with beauty she will always be stunning! but i love the bangs!

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Ina on

Oh my. That phrase in there where you said “(and an unidentified pal)” is her background singer, Liz Huett.. Just have to say it.

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