Michelle Williams's Short Hair Is in 'Memorial of Somebody Who Really Loved It'

11/02/2011 at 12:00 PM ET

Michelle Williams HairDimitrios Kambouris/Getty

She’s rocked her super-short hairstyle for a while now, and Michelle Williams says she’s not planning to lengthen her locks in the near future.

“What [daughter] Matilda would love is for her mum to grow out the cropped hair,” the actress tells Elle U.K. “Though that’s unlikely to happen any time soon.”

Though Matilda might not be happy with mom’s hair, Williams believes she’s “really grown into” her pixie cut. “I feel like myself with short hair,” she says. “And it’s been a really long time since I had long hair, five years.”

Williams reveals that her decision to go short was an intensely personal one, possibly in tribute to her former partner, Heath Ledger. “I cut it for the one straight man who has ever liked short hair,” she says, “and I wear it in memorial of somebody who really loved it.”

But Williams, who sports longer blonde hair in her upcoming film My Week With Marilyn, says the list of short-hair fans pretty much ends there. “The only people who like it are gay men and my girlfriends,” she admits. “Straight men across the board are not into this hair!”


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Tully on

Oh I love her short hair too! She looks radiant, sweet and confident.


Not many people can pull that hair cut off…she is very pretty!

Lynnie on

You are v beautiul with short hair. Keep it and I will take this picture to my hairdresser tomorrow!

Guest12 on

right on! love it, but I agree. when I had a pixie, the only people who loved it were EXACTLY those she mentioned!

J on

Lynnie I bet your stylist will try to talk you out of it.

Susan on

She looks awesome in this hair cut. She shouldn’t change it.

angela on

Only women with truly beautiful faces look good with short hair. She is one of them.

Rachel on

I totally think that she OWNS this haircut! And it’s sweet that she’s kept it in memory of her daughter’s father.

Carmellia on

Truly a perfect haircut for her pretty face. She radiates sweetness….now add some small pearl ear bobs.

krtmom on

I’ve had short hair for years and recently men have been complimenting me on it. They find it sexy! Only real men like women with short hair!!!

suzy diamond on

She looks beautiful. If it’s all about the hair with these guys then they have nothing to offer and speaks volumes about how superficial they are!

sat on

I like this comment krtmom ;) A man does have to be really real in order to groove on short hair.

Sara on

I love it on her. She’s gorgeous. I really don’t get why men are so anti-short hair, but I think all of us girls should wear our hair exactly how WE want to!

linda on


Tracey on

She’s got such a pretty face, and a cute tiny figure, so this short cropped ‘do is perfect for her. Very few could pull it off, but she rocks it

Mimi on

I love your hair!

Becky on

She is beautiful and sweet with short hair. Men are intimidated by women with short hair. Thats their loss I love having short hair. My husband said he likes my no matter how it is cut. Said he wouldnt mind if I shaved it off. Real men are happy if you are happy. Yay for short hair.

Maryanne on

I would Love to be able to rock that style. It is so cute! And looks great on her, same with Ginnifer Goodwin!

bluebuns on

Ahe is very pretty with it

julie on

That’s not a haircut for everyone. She wears it beautifully, such fresh and sweet face!

tracie on

I love this style on her,she has the perfect face for it.Shes right,not many people can pull it off, but she can.

Deanna on

I think she looks beautiful! I LOVE her short hair and I think it an awesome tribute to Heath! My husband LOVES my hair short just like this! I have grown it out several times and he’s always the one who says, “Why don’t you cut it all off?” Says a lot about a man . . . Hair shouldn’t matter :)

Judy on

I love her look. She is cute and has a head shape and type of hair suited for this style. I for one, am so tired of the long (too long in most cases) hair of the month club. Everyone and I mean everyone on TV or in the bags have pretty much the exact same hair do and I’m sure the vast majority have weaves or extensions. All it does is take away the idividuality of the person and only makes them to be cookie cutters of the next gal. Sickening and I wish the fad would fade away.

Merlin on

I do not favor short hair on women: thru times, men have always found long hair sexy, BUT, she is a beautiful woman (inside and out) and it fits her perfectly.

Nadia on

I’ve seen her with long hair and now I’ve seen her with short hair. She was born to wear her hair short. She looks fabulous!!

JoanneK on

I love it too!! It looks so great on her. I wish I could pull it off, I’d do it in a second. SO cute!

NIkki on

I love her hair short! It looks so cute! <3<3

heather on

you have to have such a unique, perfect face to pull of a pixie cut which she does so beautifully. She looks gorgeous!

Straight Guy who like short hair on girls on

I like short hair on girls… maybe you should hang around a better class of guy… or maybe just stop hanging out with short sited american guys…

Steve on

I’m also a straight guy who adores short hair. I’m sick of long hair. Everywhere I look it’s there and it’s boring. Bring on the short hair!

scott on

I am a straight man and love SHORT hair on WOMEN!!!!

L on

I think she has never looked more beautiful. She is stunning with the short hair, it shows off her gorgeous face.

Rhonda on

I have always thought this hairstyle looks GREAT on her!

Tiff on

I think she looks lovely with short hair, it really makes her look beautiful, like a modern (blonde) Audrey Hepburn.

Jan on

its simple i like it

ST on

I think she looks fantastic.

Jan on

i have short hair, shorter then hers, i wish i could wear my hair like hers.

mandy on

This cut belongs to her!! Always thought she looked amazing with it!! She grew it out for a while and then she did it again and I was trilled. It’s her look, she rocks it.

ms c on

she looks amazing with that cut!

Donna on

She’s absolutely adorable!

ms c on

also…to add…i have had so many guys (straight!) in my life that loved when my hair has been in a pixie. (they have great taste!)

artsmart on


Valerie on

Love her with that haircut! She looks beautiful and she stands out in the sea of long hair in the entertainment business. I have a pixie too and my husband likes it and even comments when it’s time for a trim!

anon on

Straight man checking in. I think she looks adorable.

Tina on

I had my hair short for years like hers, and I still have people tell me they loved it and to cut it again. One of many guys who told me they loved short hair said “There’s nothing sexier than the back of a woman’s neck.” So there ya go! Not all like it long! She’s adorable and would look great bald!

Brooke on

If a woman looks good with short hair, a guy will like it unless he has super sexist caveman mentality. I’ve had short hair for over a decade, and grown it out twice. Each time I cut it back to a pixie, everyone tells me how much better I look! It’s just me. I’m not myself with longer hair.

Reba on

She is trying to create buzz for herself by referring to Heath, but they had long been broken up before he passed. I am offended she continually makes reference to him, simply to draw attention to herself, when they were no longer together.

tarice on

Not true, all men love it on me! And ladies too!!
I have had my short hair for years and never got this many compliments when it was long!

Tara on

she carries it off!

barby on

I love her hair short, she’s so sweet….Still sooo sad about Heath and you can tell she misses him :(

Cassie on

@Reba-Her and Heath may have been broken up when he passed,but that doesn’t mean she didn’t lose an important person in her life whom she cared about and has a child with. They were together for years and had only been broken up for a few mnths when he died. I don’t know about you but if I were to lose my children’s father I would mourn everyday for him. I don’t think it’s about ‘drawing attention to herself’…I think she gave an honest an answer to a question she was asked.
AND that hair style looks awesome on her!! She’s beautiful:)

Guest on

Yes I am sure he was the one straight man on the face of this Earth that loves short hair…NOT!! She irritates me for some reason. Why don’t you grow your hair out for the one person that looks up to you and hates your short hair? She is actually still alive!!

Brooke on

Wow “Guest”! You irritate me for some reason.

heather on

i love it. i wish i could rock that look.

Charlie on

It’s cute, it’s sexy, it’s hip, it’s fun AND it makes women TALLER, lean looking and more fit (even if she’s not). Forget that weighted down, droopy girl look.

Amy on

I think she looks fantastic with this haircut, just like Emma Watson does. I only wish I could pull it off, but I don’t have the right face shape for it :(

Mary Anne on

Actually like her better with short hair!

Kristi on

She’s got that right! Most men hate hair like this… it’s too boyish for them, and most women. I prefer my long hair. I guess it fits her now that she’s had it for so long. Still though, even her child doesn’t like it. I think only cute and petite women look good with it.

Kristi on

Cassie, they had been broken up for awhile when Heath passed. They were engaged,but never married, and didn’t give a press release about the break up for some time. He was dating other women. I’m sure there was still a great amount of love there, but there always is when you have a child with someone. I do somewhat agree with “guest” above. If your baby prefers something, why not grow it out for her?

Eva on

I also that the same pixie cut and I love it and will probably never get rid of it, because it is perfect for me. A lot of men have a hard time getting used to it, but i get so many compliments and the love of my life noticed me because of the hair and the rest is history :)

Ruth on

I rock my pixie and men and women love it !

nikki on

My husband is very straight and he hates that i grew my hair out, he is def one of few STRAIGHT men who LOVE short hair

Molly on

I’m getting à haircut like that next week, and my hair havent been that short in 11 years, so it’s so exiting! And my husband loves short hair to!

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