LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian Sneak a Date Night at Fashion Week

09/12/2011 at 02:30 PM ET

LeAnn Rimes, Eddie Cibrian Fashion WeekJohn Parra/WireImage

Newlyweds LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian didn’t seem to mind the close quarters in the front row at Monique Lhuillier Saturday night, enjoying each others’ company at their very first fashion show together.

“I love Monique, she is one of my favorite designers,” Rimes told PEOPLE at New York’s Lincoln Center. “So it’s nice to come out and support her, and this is Eddie’s first show with me. So it’s fresh.”

Though Rimes said it took her all of 30 minutes to get ready for their night out, Cibrian needed a little more time. “It took me an hour and a half,” he joked, making Rimes giggle. “And there is a big discrepancy there, and I don’t like that.”

So what’d he think of his first New York City runway show? “It’s a lot of hoopla,” the Playboy Club star admitted. “But not too much.”

That’s not to say he wouldn’t have preferred to be at a baseball game though. “He’s so boyish,” said Rimes. “So, you know.”

Mandy Moore, Julianne Hough and JoAnna Garcia-Swisher also sat in the front row at the show, which featured bold color-blocked cocktail dresses and leather-trimmed gowns.

“It was absolutely magical,” Garcia-Swisher mused after the show. “So incredible. I love her colors. Gorgeous.” Added Moore, “I’m obsessed. I thought it was brilliant.”

–Jeffrey Slonim


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I’m impressed – she has clothes on for once.

Guest on

The couple that deserves every bit of negativity they get. It’s not enough to break up two families-they lied about it over again, taunted/copied the ex-wife, posted ridiculous twits, etc…They brought it all on themselves.

What is she doing at fashion week anyways? For awhile the ex-wife was her stylist. Now that she doesn’t copy anymore, it’s evident she has no fashion sense.

sitin on

This guy looks like a slimy used car salesman -the kind I would never buy from! Where dothese gals find these guys – they seem like hustlers after money.

tillie on

She’s uglier everytime i see her and he’s sure isn’t anything to look at either

Alexis on

Oh please People magazine, keep reporting on these 2 we just love them. NOT!!! I think we have had enough of these 2.

Guest on

That picture of the adulterous couple should have been a picture of Mandy Moore who is beautiful and has substance.

ena on

people do not deserve every bit of negativity they get. people make decisions and live their lives. they may not be the decisions we would make or that we think or right, but guess what? it’s not our life. i think that if you can’t say anything nice and don’t like these guys, then you don’t click and read their articles. if you didn’t like your neighbor, would you constantly visit their house? i think picking someone apart for their looks is childish and petty and being so judgmental is too. remember, the reason we have memorials to things like 9/11 is because of a group of intolerant, judgmental people too. i know we’re talking about two different things, but it’s apples and oranges to me. intolerance and bullying is what it is, no matter how nice you wrap it up.

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian Sneak a Date Night | celebrity gossip news on

[…] Eddie looks a Date Night“I love Monique, she is one of my favorite designers,” LeAnn Rimes told PEOPLE at New York’s Lincoln Center. “So it’s nice to come out and support her, and this is […]

Deborah on

She is so ill looking even in clothes..stick thin

Sharon on

She never a beautiful woman she look so old

Renee on

You know what’s funny? People use to say the same things about Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton and now they are known as one of Hollywood’s most romantic couples…oh how we forget!!

anon on

She exudes such insecurity now. Sad she has to worry every moment of the day that her man will cheat because he eventually will. Not that she is excluded from doing the same but it will be him that crushes her. You can tell she doesn’t really trust him, thats why she’ll never let him do anything alone.

My Opinion on

While I agree that no one should break up a marriage – most of you seem to be forgetting about other couples that did the same thing and I don’t see you offering such negative comments about them. Next time there is an article about Vince Gill/Amy Grant or Garth Brooks/Trisa Yearwood, we will see how hateful you guys really are.

Hope4U on

Wow..incredible that people actually defend thes two losers..and the comparsions to other cheaters and 9/11 terrorists..not that is reaching..people will stop judging and hating when these two people stop shoving their sick relationship in the faces of the exes and the children. One day those two boys will know what they have a step mother and what kind of loser their father is to have done this to their mother.

Gozzip.se - Allt om Kändisar, Blogg och Mode What Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied Are Up to in Paris | on

[…] is keeping her baby's sex a secretChristina Aguilera has signed on for another season of The VoiceInside LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian's romantic fashion week outing Kommentera Postat i Nöjesnyheter. Bokmärk permalink. ← Ramaskri i USA: Varför är […]

tunky on

Do we have to look at them again? Isn’t there any one you can report on besides these two losers.
Getting sick of seeing them in your mag….

mrsmass on

why is this even a story? the quotes they give aren’t worth even typing. there is no substance to anything they contribute! and more importantly, People needs to stop interviewing these idiots.

Bree on

Two phonies.

Pam on

The bottom of my worn out sneakers look better than this girls face. As far as Eddie boy goes, he thinks he is Gods gift to woman. Can’t stand either one of them. I hate cheaters.

JoAnn on

I look at this picture and see 2 very cheap faces who are full of themselves and he is going to cheat on her and it won’t be long either. She really isn’t very attractive. I kind of feel sorry for her, she knows its just a matter of time.

Anonymous on

OMG, People, please stop posting about these two! I’m not reading this article. I just want to make my voice heard on here that I’m sick of these two people who have nothing to contribute but anorexia or bulemia and cheating on your spouse.

Lori on

PEOPLE why do you keep printing articles on these two? You are wasting valuable magazine space for news worthy articles. I’m sure the majority doesn’t care where they go or what they are doing! Just my opinion

Jade on

I’m hoping the best for LeAnne and Eddie. Wishing them health and happiness. If these two people have love for one anther, so be it! Most of you probably don’t have a man. Just a bunch of unhappy witches.

Ella on

Does anyone else think they kind of look a like? They have similar facial features…

Ingrid on

Maybe they’ll shock all of us and stay together forever…but I doubt it.

Christy on

Maybe he’s already looking for the next gal!

mara on

Hey Jade, I have a handsome ex-model husband, we’re happy and we have a beautiful family, and here’s what I think: I wish these two as much grief, pain and suffering they caused their spouses, times 1000. They deserve nothing less. Their relationship is not about love, it’s about his desire for her money and her desperation to be an “it girl”/film star. Her singing career is over and she will never be a star – she is simply unattractive inside and out, and nothing she does or buys (clothes, surgery, husbands, vacation to the star spots, etc) will change that.

KAY on

She was a cute little girl singing the Star Spangled Banner at our annual Star Spangled 4th here in Garland, Texas, which is where she came from. But, since becoming an adult, she gets uglier with every new picture. She’s way too skinny, and apparently needs glasses with the way she squints her eyes in every picture. Most people here in Garland have no respect for her since she cheated on her husband, and broke up a family. But, as the saying goes, it does take two, so no respect for Cibrian either. As the other posters stated “We Have Seen Enough of Them”.

Lisa on

Hey, I’ll take these guys over the Kardashians or Kate Gosselin any day.

Kelly on

I saw Eddie and his kids (no LeeAnn) at the Malibu Fair a couple weekends ago. He is one smug piece of work and his kids needed some manners. He and his kids really loved the attention of the paparazzi. If you put yourself on the stage you have to expect to the public to say something. Not everyone is going to throw roses at you. You reap what you sow.

kathy on

I think they are an adorable couple. I don’t know what happened in their private life or in their previous marriage, but I hope this love and marriage will last forever. Infidelity is wrong, it happens often; we don’t know what their situation was; maybe the divorces were about other things that were not public. We need to support each other personnaly with family and friends but also with public figures. I don’t think divorce is a solution to a problem marriage, but if things are miserable and no one is happy, a bad marriage is stifling and unfulfilling. That is not a way to live life, and it is often unproductive. I wish them the best.

Jan Novotny on

I can’t be bothered to read this, so I have to ask: are they still sneaking around with each other or have they moved on already? Not that I care, just curious. I wish them nothing but infidelity for the future,

Ricki on

I think they look NICE! Happy.

Rhonda on

She used to be so attactive!! I feel she’s way to thin now & sickly looking. In her wedding photo with Dean she was beautiful, OMG. Don’t understand people: what happened to couples keeping their vows!! WHAT WILL HAPPEN WHEN THE HONEYMOON IS OVER & REAL LIFE SETS IN?

Zia on

Check out the brand of cigarettes that Leann is using in for her cuostme. And then she claims that she takes the high road? What is wrong with Leann that she has to constantly taunt BG, especially since LR claims to be so happy with EC.I also think that she is pregnant(because in her mind a baby will make EC stop sleeping around and cheating on her), she has been trying very hard to get the media to jump on this pregnant story for a long time by wearing very baggy clothes, loose shirts, and placing objects in front of her belly like she is trying to hide something.It was probably her bargaining tool. EC gets her pregnant and then she takes him on a nice trip.It’s shocking that LR would pick a cuostme like this considering that she posed for the No8 campaign. Why does she think that saying their cuostme is for fun makes it okay? So then when she sets up staged photo-ops with those kids or SWF BG, in LR mind it’s okay because it was done for fun?Of course she had to add Ec parents in the mix, she has to prove to everyone that they like her and are not using her for her money.

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