Why Is Victoria Beckham Wearing Flats?

08/26/2011 at 01:30 PM ET

Victoria Beckham in FlatsFame

It’s a photograph we never thought we’d see: fashion maven Victoria Beckham in flats. But it’s happened; the star was spotted in Hollywood this week without her signature stilettos, opting instead for a pair of plain black flats.

Why the change? A rep for the designer had no comment, but a source confirms to PEOPLE that Beckham must wear flats as she recovers from a slipped disc in her back. So will she be back in heels in time for New York Fashion Week? Only time will tell.

“She’ll have to see how she feels,” the source tells PEOPLE. “Heels will put added pressure on the damaged area but it’s healing well, so it may not be an issue in another couple weeks.”

Regardless, Beckham still looks glam, and fans are wishing the new mom a speedy recovery. “Thank u for your kind messages,” she said in reply on Twitter last week. “I’m feeling much better and enjoying every precious minute with baby Harper, I’m so in love. X VB.”

–Kate Hogan, with reporting by Julie Jordan


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danyiel Johnson on

Oh my!

cristina on

why is this news?

Becca R on

This lady actually looks BETTER with whatever remaining “baby weight” she has going on. I don’t say this in mean spirit, but incredulous, as most mamas take a while to look their best body wise after a new baby. Hope she realizes it!

Heather on

I think she looks cute in flats. Hopefully she’ll keep them in the rotation even without a medical reason.

Kels on

How dare she?! People seriously? A whole story about flats.. Ugh. I’d rather clean the litter box than read about this.

Nikki on

Really? A story about why she’s wearing flat shoes? Maybe because she wants to? It’s none of our business anyway. What a ridiculous article… it joins the ranks of others like it which point out that someone got a haircut. Who cares! Give these celebrities some breathing room! They are human beings entitled to some privacy regardless how famous they are!

LoveMyDogs on

Oh my gosh – this is heartbreaking! Victoria Beckam…actually wearing FLATS! I am shocked, stunned and honestly…being totally sarcastic. People.com, I expect more from you. Why is this news? So what if she is wearing flats? I normally wear flip-flops, but yesterday I wore sneakers. Guess what? Nobody cares!

Jen on

With all the things happening in the world right now, Victoria Beckham wearing flats is news-worthy?? Even for People Magazine that’s pathetic!

Pepper on

Her biggest features on her body are her bunions. How thankful her feet must be.

Barbara Ransom on

Give us a break — WHO CARES !!!!!!

Jana on

There sure are a lot of posters who are very angry passionate about how much they don’t care!

Gerri on

I can understand why it would be news Victoria is in flats, since personally I have never seen a picture of her without being in stilettos!!!Gerri August 26, 2011.

Kwll on

Who gives a damn what this skeleton has on her feet? Is this seriously passing for breaking news here?!

Michael on

OMG! Someone please call 911. What a pathetic joke!

KDW on

I am still amazed at the people who come to People magazine and complain about silly celebrity stories being news. I’m even more amazed by those that think that People should be covering heavy news events instead of talking about celebrities. It’s People, people! It’s what they do! You want serious news, go to the NYT or CNN or any other news outlet. If you want to read about celebrities, their shoes, their kids, their clothes, who they are dating, who got married/divorced, who’s sister is the next big thing (hi, Pippa!), then keep reading People and stop whining. Seriously.

Sam on

To everyone who wrote a “who cares” comment, GET OVER IT!! Obviously you care enough to read the article and then take the time to post a comment about it. Stop complaining!

kristie on

Oh the humanity!!!

Dahlia on

She wore very high heels to Will/Kate’s wedding when she was quite pregnant. I’m surprised it took this long for her to hurt herself.

Whatever on

STOP THE PRESSES!! Victoria Beckham is wearing flats!! Meanwhile, many of Americans cannot find work, we are in a war that has practically bankrupt our country, but let us worry about what type of shoes this has-been is wearing!

Elizabeth on

I am typically defensive of people.com and People magazine and the relativity of their articles but this one is a different story. This is not a story I’d like to come across as “news” be any means! Why is she wearing flats? Maybe because she is a mother with a newborn? Maybe because um, she wants to? I usually wear my hair straight but today I wore it curly… no one took my picture! I expect better from you People writers.

catherine on

Why do you think we care about Victoria Beckham? We DO NOT CARE whether she breathes or not; u think we care about flats vs stilettos. She is an arrogant, mouthy, righteous Brit that conveys her disdain for Americans’ taste in music, sports, fashion, politics, hair; she is one of the most inappropriate people of the year for so many reasons. God help her husband; he must be a saint or on lots of prozac. God help that new baby girl! OMG, can u imagine what the Queen of Stepford could do to her daughter! aaaaaaaawwwwwwwww werewolves would be less scary!!

LuluAZ on

Really People……didn’t I read in one of your recent posts about the slipped disc? I’m taking People off of my google home page.

Kenna on

This is PEOPLE not the NY TIMES…….. it is a gossip magazine! This is the ridiculous information that is supposed to be here! Get over it everyone!!

Casey on

It’s hilarious that they contacted her reps about this.

Anon on

I think it’s funny with all the “Who cares?” comments. Yet everyone took the time to comment on it.

stephanie on

@kels… “How dare she?! People seriously? A whole story about flats.. Ugh. I’d rather clean the litter box than read about this.”

well… then why didn’t you just clean your cat litter then? no one MADE you read this. you could tell what the story was about just by the title, yet you still took the time to read it and comment on it. yes, it’s a totally ridiculous story, even for a celebrity site, but you knew what you were getting into just by the title. instead of complaining about it, ignore it.

hot mess on

I think the actual story here is the reason WHY she is in flats, albeit a dry story… I personally find VB to be a style icon but she does not look her best here.

Linda Culebra on

Um, it’s the STYLE WATCH section of PEOPLE. If you want hard news, take yourself to another site.

Cathy on

I don’t get why this is news….How about she is wearing flats because she wants to? Really?

BBB on

Why is this not top news?!!! Posh in heels, woah.

lauren on

I think she’s fabulous and chic. And she looks good in flats, her feet must be happy.

Suze on

Geeze, people, this is the STYLE section, and the article is about her style. The whiny complaints are lame. If you want to read world news, go to CNN.com.

Marie on

You say you don’t care but you click, read and posted! Hmmmmmmm!

abcd on

LOL! I know this is entertainment news but this one beats them all “Why someone is wearing FLATS” oooooooooooooooo LMAO

dawn bassett on


NM on

I’m shocked that she doesn’t suffer from more back pain. Wearing the 6 inch heels like she does all of the time, is SO hard on her back. Her foot doctor could have a field day with her. I used to wear heals, but don’t anymore, because of back problems. THEY ARE NOT WORTH IT!

Meliaya on

I really thought this article was a joke when I first saw the headline, “Why is Victoria Beckham wearing flats?”. Really, maybe because she wants to. Your articles are almost getting as ridiculous as E!Onlines.

Shannon on

She probably has a slipped disk from wearing heels all during her pregnancy!

sasha on


Kim on

Wow, a whole story about someone wearing flats!? SMH…

bobbie on

Any back problem, you must endure such pain. Not something you want with a new baby…you can see the pain on her face in this photo…I hope she recovers soon and her pain is minimal..

sharon on

Show me a picture of her smiling…that would be newsworthy!!!

Kara on

This is the type of news you get on a CELEB news site cristina. Go to an actual news site to get news about the world. Common sense!

Jennifer on

I enjoy reading all of these, “Who cares?” or “I expect more from you, People.com!” comments. Everyone…it’s PEOPLE.COM! These writers are hired to provide us readers with these types of stories. Obviously ya’ll care enough to comment on the darn articles, and you care enough to argue with each other. If you really don’t care as to why Victoria is wearing flats, DON’T READ THE STORY.

In my opinion, she looks great in flats. :)

Caroleena Stantonova on

Perhaps if she smiled EVER, her back health might improve. Just saying she appears miserable in all the camera shots.

Jana on

Good lord, if you don’t want to read an article about Victoria Beckham wearing flats, then don’t. But why read it to then post about how you don’t care? Oh, you’re sooooo cool and superior for not caring about stuff like this! Sure, you read and post about it-but it’s sooooo far beneath you.

Shady Katie on

As others have said … this is news WHY ??? For the love of heaven, let’s all get a life ! You make it sound as if it is “news” … not even an interesting factoid. SO WHAT!!! Come on, people.com … make your stories a bit meatier. And important. And relevant. Puleeeeze. Most of the stories are popcorn for the brain. This is … useless.

m on

Flat’s are as bad for your feet as heels.
Arch, support, joints, etc.

Ana on

She looks good in flats. Why the big deal. Leave her alone and write something better.

Courtney on

Oh people shut up safety is more important than a couple hours of beauty. there’s been stories people magazine has done on human interest stories like for example the 1984 cover story on how Newman’s Own profits all go to charity. granted Victoria Beckham has a huge ego and Paul Newman famously had no ego what so ever

Allie on

What I find the most funny is everyone complaining about the fact that this is article is about flats! It said it in the headline, if you don’t care, then don’t read it! Not to mention this is the “style” section of people.com so what else are they supposed to be writing about? She is famous for wearing stilettos, so yes, her wearing flats is “newsworthy”!

rachel on

The main question is when is this women ever going to smile???

Today on

Geeee….let woman wear what she feels comfortable in….LOL

DirtyAmber on

Her flats probably still cost $500!

Jaclyn on

“Why is Victoria Beckham wearing flats”? Because she wants to….????

Jennifer on

You know those flats were probably $800……

Deb on

Sure sign of the apocalypse. No wait, that’s the earthquake we just had followed by the hurricane bearing down on us now.

Guest on

I’m pretty sure the point of the article was to inform us that she injured her back. Give People a break! They are just reporting on celebrities…that is what they do here, after all.

JustAsking on

This is people.com everyone! Whats really pathetic here is that you are expecting world news or something. This isnt CNN.com what do you really expect. I do care about seeing a picture with Victoria in flats. I think she looks great. If you dont care then go read other articles or other websites all together. Again, this is people.com! Its always going to be all about celebrities. Your the pathetic ones who are wasting your own time complaining about these articles. If you dont care, go somewhere else!!! No one cares what you think.

charlotte on

If she is smart she will do as the doctor told me- no heels over 2 inches the rest of my life.

Jennifer on

Allie – thanks for totally copying what I wrote. Idiot.

Densie on

To everyone saying, “why is this news?” It’s not. This is People.com…not CNN. They are supposed to write about every little detail they can on celebrities.

holly on

I think this is a great style news article. Alot of young girls might look up to her, and this shows how very high heels can be harmful after many years of use, so this is good information to get out there to all fashionistias. Please don’t read the stories on people.com if you feel it’s a waste of time. Go feed your kids, change the litter box, volunteer or change the world! If it’s so meaningless to you, why are you even wasting precious moments of your life reading & commenting? To feel superior over the rest of us who actually enjoy this site? We can still be worthy intelligent people, who also enjoy a little celebrity gossip.

Marcella on

“A rep for the designer had no comment”… probably because they were laughing too hard at what they were being asked to comment on…

Dana on

Why do people come to celebrity websites and expect to read “real news”. If you want to read about “real news” GO TO A REAL NEWS WEBSITE!!! (Fox, CNN, etc.)

kris carlin on

I have sympothy for her I too loved to wear heels but after I had three torn discs in my back I know how she feels not being able to when you want to wear them. And to most no this is not news but for the great V it is people just hate that they are not her. You go girl you rock what ever you wear.

Chris on

OMG – I dont know if the world will be able to recover with horrendous fashion misstep. I for one, do not believe I will be able to enjoy the rest of day. Hopefully when People reaches out to her rep again, they will be able to let us know that this madness is coming to end and we will only see her in her trademark stilletos sooner than later.
Seriously, I read People with the understanding that it’s superficial but sometimes it just reports info that is even a bit more shallow than the general population can endure.

Lexi on

If you listen quietly, I bet you can hear the sound of her feet and ankles weeping with relief. But she looks great, always does.

Kelly on

How is this news? I like mindless entertainment updates better than anyone, but the fact a woman wears flat shoes isn’t entertaining or news.

Melissa on

Who cares…really!! *yawn*

Lia on

Are we sure she is not 65 years old? She sure looks like it when not professionally styled!

Amber on

WOW, really I cannot believe this is a story in people…! Shoes are you serious?? there are men and women dying for this country and people wants to talk about SHOES?? This woman isnt even from this counrty!!! Gheesh….how pathetic, a has-been wannabe!!

LL on

What chump has a job where they get to write about VB wearing flats like it’s the second coming of the Holy One?? How embarassing for this person.

Anne on

if u don’t like a story about shoes, don’t go to style or fashion.

skg on

Wishing her well. She looks cute no matter what she wears.

Jenna on

This is what happens when you wear super-high heels pregnant. :>

sarah on

Really? Everyone is asking why this is news? Your reading the style section of people magazine!! if you want news, go to CNN!

K on

Ha! Its funny how upset people get about this article- if it really bothers you- why did you read it in the first place? This is an ENTERTAINMENT magazine- not the news!

shannon on

This is newsworthy??? Men are dying everyday in iraq and afganastan. We are losing husbands, wives, sons, daughters, father and mothers but OH MY GOD VICTORIA IS WEARING FLATS!!!!!!!!!!!

Jgarza on

I really feel sorry for these stars…even wearing flats got be documented???!!!!…it’s good to know that she owns not only high heels but flats,too!!!!….okayyyyy

Guest on

I absolutely cannot stand the “why is this news” comments. It’s NOT news – this is NOT a news website!! Sure, there are plenty of more important things going on in the world than what kind of shoes someone is wearing, but there are also plenty of non entertainment sites that are happy to report on real news. This is the fashion section of an entertainment website. Coming here for real news is equivalent to going to Pepsi.com and expecting to find Coke products. I’m pretty sure you didn’t click on “Why Is Victoria Beckham Wearing Flats?” expecting to read about deaths in Iraq, so why bother???

layla on

I think she looks fantastic! Frankly, I prefer her postpartum and in flats, than all stiff in heels. she looks almost angelic. Motherhood suits her.

Laydee on

Why does she still look pregnant in this photo? Seriously. It’s probably prescribed that while pregnant you wear flats. It’s better for your back and the baby. PEOPLE, please check when the photos were taken BEFORE making yourself look like a complete ass (oh, wait – mission accomplished!)

J on

Slipped disc my booty….. Girls got post baby hemmorhoids i bet 5 bucks

krazy on

She will always have problems with her back from wearing stilettos the majority of her life. Stilettos are very fashionable, but bad on your back. Ten years from now she will probably need a motorized wheelchair to get around.

Cricket on

If that is her facial expression when she is “so in love” and happy, I’d hate to see her sad.

nia on

With flats or no flats, she looks the same to me! Please People, give us more worth news to read rather than worry about what she wears or not!

Elaine on

I’m wondering if People’s News-lite isn’t intentional – otherwise, if they reported the story of the 19-year old Russian that phoned her mom while she was being eaten alive by bears, [Huffington Post] customers would say that was too serious a topic. Others complain no matter what you do – you can’t win.

Jill on

Yes, I am with those who are telling the “who cares” posters to buzz off elsewhere if they are so irritated …This site is about celebrity fashion, it’s perfectly acceptable to write about VB wearing flats..Why?? its not to knock her, but to say that she has a bad back, so she’s resorted to wearing flats. Simple as that.

If you highly “superior” and intellectual people want to read about people rescued by the “Irene” or who’s behind the Nigeria bombing, please do refer CNN…

itsallgoodnroanoke on

Who cares! About her feet! Oh Please, wh0oOo cares!

Caremuffin on

It’s funny. She always said she would never wear flats! This whole website is ridiculous and yet you comment on how dumb THIS ARTICLE is? Why are you reading PEOPLE? Who actually cares about anything? It’s silly. It’s not important. It’s ENTERTAINMENT. I liked the article.

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Val on

For some reason, she looks so much better in flats.

Okay, for the people complaining that this isn’t news, remember-we are on people. com under the STYLE WATCH section. If you want “real” news go to Huffington Post (or wherever you prefer to get your news).

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