All Hail Kate's Royal Weekend Style!

06/13/2011 at 03:00 PM ET

Kate Middleton Royal Style
WireImage; Rex USA; Fame; Landov

There’s no rest for the weary … and that includes royals! Following their glamorous night out Thursday, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge joined the royal family for several celebrations over the weekend, which carried into Monday afternoon. And throughout all of the various events, Catherine was her usual stylish self. The newlywed first stunned Saturday at Trooping the Colour, Queen Elizabeth II’s 85th birthday celebration, wearing a white cotton and wool-blend Alexander McQueen piqué coat and black hat by Sylvia Fletcher of James Lock and Co. Later that day, she joined newly single sister Pippa at a friend’s wedding in Berkshire, England, sporting the same topper and a black-and-white Zara dress she’d worn out in 2007. Sunday, Catherine helped fête Prince Philip on his 90th birthday, wearing a bright blue coat she’d chosen for a friend’s 2009 wedding, accessorized with her nude L.K. Bennett pumps and a Philip Treacy hat. And Monday, she greeted the public during William’s festive Order of the Garter ceremony in a long dove-gray dress and coat by Katherine Hooker, matching hat custom created by Rachel Trevor Morgan (who also makes toppers for the Queen) and suede gray “Malone” pumps by Rupert Sanderson. It seems the royal weekend was just a brief, stylish preview of what’s to come on Catherine and William’s North American tour in July. Tell us: Which of Catherine’s looks was your favorite?Reporting by Monique Jessen


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Lil' on

I think she’s really gorgeous and stylish, but I wish she’d take more risks with her hair styles. I’d love to see her with a glamorous updo, or something different.

Kailey on

I love her style! She always looks great… although sometimes a little too far on the skinny side. I appreciate that, just like the rest of the world, she has no problem wearing the same articles of clothing and accessories many times.

Jennifer on

I think she looks beautiful in all of them but I love her in the all white! She is stunning.

Tifany on


jordan on

“sporting the same topper and a black-and-white Zara dress she’d worn out in 2007. Sunday, Catherine helped fête Prince Philip on his 90th birthday, wearing a bright blue coat she’d chosen for a friend’s 2009 wedding”

YAY! She recycles. Those pieces are too beautiful not too.
Love her hates :D

Sarah on

Kate has to have the most gorgeous legs I have ever seen — I am green with envy!! I would do just about any exercise in the book to get those legs!

Leanne on

She looks very ordinary. Homely features.

Livvyloo on

I just love her and her style. So glad that I we have a proper young lady to emulate and admire. She is so classic!

Sarah on

@Leanne — holy cr*p…homely features??? If Kate is “homely” who do you consider beautiful???

Kara on

I think Kate is beautiful, classic, and amazing. I love seeing new pictures coming out of her stylish taste and radiance.

Amelie on

She looks beautiful as ever!

Certainly not homely – she has such an awesome smile. While she’s thin, I don’t think she looks unhealthy in the least.

I love how she wears her hair down, it suits her best and don’t we all want to look our best when out?

Margaret on

I wish everyone would stop referring to her as “Kate”, she is Princess Catherine now and it’s highly disrespectful. It’s bad enough Americans show little to no respect for anything now-a-days, let’s try to get this right at least.

Kelly on

She looks absolutely gorgeous and happy! I love all the looks, particularly the McQueen coat and grey hat.

Jill on

Seriously, Margaret?? I don’t think it’s that big of a deal what people refer to her as in casual conversation. As long as they’re not addressing her as Kate to her face. Wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning?!

gdl on

.. what makes her beautiful, to me, instead of just very pretty, very attractive, very stylish, etc- is that somehow, despite the impeccable taste in clothes, despite the obvious skill she has in choosing outfits that are classic, modern, and always appropriate at the same time (! no mean feat)- Princess Kate’s innate poise and a dignified modesty shine through, too.

Kathy on

@Margaret – what’s worse is she is calling her Princess as that’s incorrect as well…if you’re going to call people on something make sure you know the facts. She will not be Princess until Charles take the thrown and Queen when William does. How is this any different than calling Diana “Di”.

Lizzie on

How are people comparing BEAUTFUL Dutchess Catherine to her sister “Flippa~Pippa”,
Dutchess Catherine OUT SHINES her sister
by a zillion miles & then some!!!!! “Flippa~Pippa”
is homely looking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

June on

William done well! She will always make him proud. And let’s not forget about the gorgeous, handsome Prince William. He is a hotttttt and well dressed man himself.

R. Norwalav on

I just don’t think she’s anything special. She looks older than 29, she reminds me of Camilla Parker Bowles in that Camilla always looked older than her age. Kate is so overrated, she’s just okay. The press is trying to make her more than she is, when in reality she is too thin and she looks like any dark haired girl who is average to just okay pretty, she’s nothing special, in my opinion. She and her sister are average looking. This socialclimbing girl chased the Prince for 9yrs and he finally caved in.

Rachel on

My favorite is the blue coat she wore for Prince Philip’s Birthday. I love Kate’s style. I am sure she is playing it safe since this is her first royal outings, but I would like to see her punch it up with some brighter colors in the future.

Jill on

I agree Lizzie. Pippa’s pretty but not near as pretty as Kate. Kate is absolutely gorgeous!

TJ on

Lovely! Poor thing though to be so scrutinized over every little thing. I would go bonkers! And now her poor sis is too. Pippa is in the news almost as much as Catherine.

col on

She always looks lovely. So glad to see news about Kate and NOT Pippa. She seems to be trying to steal her royal sisters thunder. As if she could!

Rol769 on

Leeann, you think she’s homely? You obviously must be a beauty queen to think that then. Perhaps you’re a bit jealous of her beauty?

Jinx on

I think The Duchess is a very beautiful woman and very stylish…but if the camera adds 10lbs than I can only imagine what a waif she is in person. She needs to gain about 10-20 lbs.

Kathy on

SHe’s beautiful in whatever she wears. She has a presence that is so relaxed and she had great fashion taste even before becoming Duchess of Cambridge. She represents the Royal family very well.

Terri on

I think that Kate, Catherine, Princess Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge . . . whatever she goes by, positively glows!

She has the ability to wear everything well. Her height and body shape is made to show fashion to its best. She is very polished and poised.

Kate is handling herself well under pressure and it seems like William is more involved in helping her assimilate into the Royal Family than his father was to his mother. Knowing that she has his love and full support, that alone will help her stay afloat while she learns the royal ropes.

One thing I noticed in their engagement pictures was the love in their eyes and true happiness on their faces. Both glowed with youth and love. Very refreshing and inspiring.

Best wishes to the newlyweds. Enjoy life!

Sandy Cressende on

Kate is a Duchess, just as Sarah the Duchess of York was, who married Pr.Andrew. Kate is not a Princess.
The Queen’s office at Buckingham Palace stated quite clearly in the UK press, Catherine is a Duchess. She does not in any way carry the Princess title. She is not a Princess, no matter how many times PEOPLE magazine tries to make her one.

Andrea on

Actually- she’s NOT “Princess Catherine”. She is Princess William, Duchess of Cambridge. In order to be referred as a “Princess” in your own right you must be born into the royal family. Otherwise you assume the name of your spouse. She is lovely, always smiling and anyone who thinks she is homely is clearly jealous.

L.L. on

I LOVE HER! I think she is a great role model.
She is simply wonderful! Someone I would want my daughter to be like.
We have so many media wh**es whiling to do anything and wear anything to get attention. She is one of the few that exudes grace, classiness, and dignity.
I wish the Royal couple a lifetime of happiness together.

Mik on

she looks good.
but i’m going to go ahead and point out that it’s easy to look good when you have money..

Siobhan on

I think the new Dutchess always looks very pulled together even when she’s dressed down and casual. She’s a stunning woman with grace, elegance, and her own classic sense of style. However, rather than focusing on her clothing I’ll be much more interested in what charities she becomes involved in and how much time she’ll spend working with them.

Siobhan on

@Leanne~ Homely features? You can’t be serious. If that’s what homely looks like then sign me up. I’d love to look half as good when I’m dressed up as she does when she’s in jeans and a sweater. Homely features ~ HA!

Jane on

I love her she is such a breath of fresh air to the royal family. I love anything she wears, she has a fab bod and style. Love you Kate!!!

Robert Henrey on

Actually she is a Duchess only, she is NOT Princess William, she is only Duchess Catherine, it is stated clearly on the Royal Official website that Catherine is only Duchess Catherine, she is not Princess William, she is Duchess only. She is not like Diana, she was only given a Duchess title. It is incorrect to refer to her as anything but HRH Duchess of Cambridge, she is not a Princess at all.

Teresa on

Anyone that says she is too skinny and needs to gain weight probably has a little extra weight to spare themselves. For some of us that is our natural body type.

Sam on

She’s so pretty and has great taste! I think she’d look even better if she gained 10 lbs, but she’s gorgeous as is.

Amber on

I love her in the blue coat. She is absolutely beautiful. She is the epitamy of a Princess.

Julie on

I think that she is beautiful. I am also exicted that she wears some of her clothes more than once to events. It shows some class and that she isn’t afraid of being seen in the same thing twice.

september on

She is not Royal material…visually or mentally…I do not have anything against her but she doesn’t have that “Royal something”

Clare on

I love that she is wearing the same things again for I am sick of the attitude of wear it once-disposable fashion that most celebrities embrace.

iluvnah20 on

Oh how I wish our First Lady would take cues from her. She wears timeless clothes that fit her, not trendy clothes that don’t fit. Oh well, less than 2 years to go, thank goodness for that!

kazumi on

only she can carry those ridiculous hats really well, and i love her style, clean cut lines and subdued hues, simple yet elegant. I love it!

SarahJane on

I love her style & think she’s beautiful. She always looks so put together. And she recycles outfits! It seems silly, but she comes from a wealthy family, and lets face it, she’s a royal now! She has always been thin, but she’s been looking a bit thinner lately. Perhaps it was that whole millions of people around the world watching her wedding day thing :) I lost a few pounds from nerves and only had my closest family and friends watching!

Kristy on

She always look great. Glad to see she rewears her stuff, just like the rest of us. Though her mom is a social climber, we hope she taught her girls to be conservative esp. when they had to built their own company, knowing money doesnt grow from trees. if she really was a princess, it would say so on the royal website.

Julie on

She looks and dresses old for her age which make her look frumpy.

sam scott on

A lot of her photos are so retouched, because Kate’s skin is not very good in person, she has pockmarks on forhead and cheek. She’s hyped to the hilt but her face is kind of very average and her body is now too thin. I know a person who saw her at the races last week with the royals and the person said she was so thin it was shocking and her skin is bad.

guest on

she is proving to be every inch a lady

Yolie Mac on


Sandra on

She is overrated. She is average looking and she looks old for her age.

Mary on

Leeanne….I think you must be envious….or just plain catty. The princess is gorgeous and glamorous. It’s always amazing when young girls look at another woman and cannot actually “see” that person because of their green eyes!

Eileen on

She does not have a princess/royal look. She does not look refine. Princess Diana had the look.

Heidi on

She is way too thin. We will eventually hear about her eating disorders.

friday vendredi on

Why do you have to site every time she’s worn an outfit before? Generally, most people won’t notice, or care.
Don’t you wear your clothes more than once?

Tara on

She is way to skinny. It’s too late for her. She’s obviously gone Hollywood instead of trying to send a positive message to the girls and women of the world. How weak.

LSG on

If this woman is “homely”, I would love to be “homely”. Seems like a class act. Truly beautiful and graceful.

Maria on

Catherine has a style that is so refreshing. It is tasteful, classic, and elegant. She never looks like a tramp with cleavage hanging out or skirts so short you can see her crotch. This is a gal to emulate, not Snooki or LiLo!

Catherine on

She is not, and never will be, Princess Catherine. Unless you are born into royalty, you take the name of your husband or the title bestowed on you by the monarch(e.g, Duchess of York, Princess Michael of Kent).

suz on

Only fat American women would call her too skinny! Have you seen her parents and siblings? They are all thin and tall. Just because most people in America are overweight does not make it “normal”. They did a recent article and asked women of all ages what they thought their body type was, skinny, normal, or overweight and the women that thought they were normal were an average of 30-40 pounds over weight and the ones that though they were skinny, 20% of them were 10 to 20 pounds over weight. Truth is our perception of normal or healthy is warped beacause 90% of people are over weight.
She looks healthy and that’s important!!

Carolyn on

Photos make you look about 10 lb. heavier. I am 5’10”. At my thinnest I weighed 136 lb. I was a stick and yes back then in my late 20’s I had an eating disorder. She is too thin. Please, gain some weight. She would look even more beautiful a size 8 in American clothes. Add some curves and give her some breasts and a bit more fullness in her face.

Ann on

Beautiful. Her style is elegant and classic. Sophisticated femme. Good role model.

Lily on

I love that she is not only gorgeous, but so appropriate in what she wears. I too would love to see hair up, a little shorter maybe, something else. But she’s beautiful and love that she wears things over again.

Pita on

Please note how different her face looks from the picture linked to the Daily Mail. She definitely had some surgery… Probably fair enough for the amount of exposure she has.

Rosario on

Kate has charme. You can’t learn that.
You’ve got it or not. She has wonderful legs!
too and an elegant and fresh style.

Senora H-B on

I love that she’s being (relatively) frugal and re-using her clothes! And, yeah, she’s gorgeous!

Kim on

sam scott – The person you know who supposedly saw Catherine in person was probably jealous. I don’t see bad skin, you would be able to tell. The pictures are taken as they are and would be be hard to photoscope actual pictures. Other people who have seen her in person never said anything about her having bad skin.

KL on

I’m Kate’s age and find her outfits completely age-appropriate. I’d wear all of them. She looks fantastic. Completely gorgeous and very British. She also looks healthy. That’s what a woman who eats well and exercises looks like. There are a lot of Grand Aunts on this board wanting some fat cheeks to pinch…but there’s an obesity problem in this country…

Deb on

I doubt very much Kate wants to be a second Diana. I agree she is dressing very conservatively but her effort not to be a fashionista seems very purposeful. Right now there is a good balance between Kate and William–people are interesting and excited about them both. Kate is smart enough not to try to (like the immature Diana)become a ‘superstar’ instead of just the Duchess of Cambridge–she wants to be an asset to her husband and the Royal family–not have everything she does be about what she’s wearing.
Also, what is all this carping on ‘oh, she’s ordinary looking’, ‘ooh, she has bad skin”, blah, blah, blah…Prince William didn’t set out to marry a supermodel–he married a woman he’s been friends with and known for years, someone he trusts and obviously enjoys being with. I think that’s just a LITTLE more important that whether she has ‘perfect’ skin (who does?) or what she weighs. Sometimes our collective shallowness as people is depressing.

Kathy on

Love Kate’s style and it’s her style not someone who is picking for her. Also, love that she recycles her clothing like all of the rest of us. Maybe she’ll bring back hats – I love them??

Theresa on

Kate is beautiful! My favorite is her black and white dress with her black fascinator. She is so stylish. I love her elegant, classy taste and gotta love her hats! And yaaah!! She wears her clothes out more than once!

N on

ACTUALLY Prince William SPECIFICALLY said he would like her to be referred to as PRINCESS CATHERINE. Google it, he specifically requested it from the media and public.

nicole on

she’s a beautiful young woman with great style like the late Lady Diana.

melinda on

Do these people ever do anything worthwhile? Apart from buying clothes that is.

Cookie on

@ Margaret
You want people to stop referring to her as Kate? That is the name she likes, and she isn’t Princess Catherine now, she is Duchess Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge

Justine on

Honestly, I’m not putting her down because she is small, but when you are the size of a twig, you can wear just about anything and look good in it. She has the fashion world at her fingertips. :)

Soley on

Absolutely a perfect princess!

Ellie on

She is missing that “royal something”, like a horse face???? Are you kidding? Hopefully, she will do what Diana did and improve that gene pool. Unlike Sarah Ferguson who truly ruined it for her “royal looking” daughters.

Elizabeth on

She is missing that “royal something”, like a horse face???? Are you kidding? Hopefully, she will do what Diana did and improve that gene pool. Sarah Ferguson truly ruined it for her “royal looking” daughters.

suzanne on

i adore that blue coat. gorgeous! and i too am glad to hear that she is recycling some outfits. makes good sense, economically and environmentally, even if you are a duchess!

Gabell73 on

I love her! She is gorgeous and classy. There are very few women that claim to be both. Prince William made a wonderful choice when choosing his bride. If I had to choose which outfit is my favorite, I would have to choose the blue coat. Blue is my favorite color, and it looks wonderful on her. I hope that Princess Katherine and Prince William have a long and happy life together. Who knows, maybe they will be adding a baby to the mix soon.

Lauren on

Although her clothing is not my style, I still find her to be classic, sleek and beautiful. For those that think she is homely looking or average, who are you comparing her with and what did you prefer? A royal woman that looked and dressed like Paris Hilton, Kim K, and Lindsey?! UGH!



Sunny378 on

Her official name is now Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, the wife of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge. And she’s gorgeous. Maybe a bit on the thin side, but as we get older we tend to “fill out” a bit. Give her a few years. I love her best in the blue coat. Shades of Diana coming back: style, grace, beauty.

virginia on

catherine is quite elegant and beautiful as is william. this is what the world needed. the perfect love story and the beauty of it all. they are an incredible couple if we all had that kind of love how happy we would be…

Gorge on

Kate is just stunning with amazingly chic style that’s conservative/appropriate yet never boring. She’s right up there with Diana and Jackie O in my book. She even rocks those silly fascinator hats!

Anne on

I love her in the dove gray coat and hat. I think she is stunning and always looks just perfect.

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