Sherri Shepherd: I Lied About My Wedding Dress Size

06/08/2011 at 12:00 PM ET

Sherri Shepherd Shows Off Her Engagement Ring on The View Donna Svennevik/ABC

Fresh from taking a turn as a bridesmaid, Sherri Shepherd is gearing up for her own walk down the aisle. Shepherd and her fiancé, Lamar Sally, were both in Niecy Nash’s wedding to Jay Tucker last month in Malibu. “They introduced Sal and I,” Shepherd told PEOPLE at the Samsung Hope for Children benefit Tuesday in New York. “Two years later, we’re still together. They’re going to be in our wedding, as a matter of fact.” With less than two months left until their big day in August, Shepherd and Sally are busy planning. The View host says she just picked out her wedding dress, a “beautiful, just gorgeous” gown by Rivini. “I started on the South Beach Diet because I gave them my fantasy size, so I now got to get into it,” Shepherd said. “Elisabeth told me to tell the truth but I lied. So I’m going to the gym and starting Zumba tomorrow.” The couple’s next stop is Los Angeles, to rehearse some dance moves with their wedding party. “We’re all going to do a choreographed dance to a Chris Brown song,” Shepherd said. “Elisabeth Hasselbeck has a robot solo. She does a very sexy robot, so I cannot wait to get that going!” They’re also busy learning to do the Samba for their first dance and setting up appointments with vendors, like a cake tasting at Sylvia Weinstock. Shepherd’s son Jeffrey, 6, will be walking her down the aisle. “It will all be great!” she said, but is she having any countdown jitters? “Yes, I’m very nervous. It’s the second time — I want to do it right!” So to unwind in their downtime, Shepherd said, the family watches “a lot of sports” for fun. “I don’t know anything that’s going on, but it makes Sal happy,” she said. “So I sit there and smile.” —Asher Fogle


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Kari on

Good luck Sherri!I was able to lose 50 pounds before my wedding on the myfreedomfit plan and it was the best thing I could have done for myself. Now, instead of looking at my wedding photos and cringing, Im proud of myself for what I did and it makes me enjoy them that much more. I hope she can do it as well..

Cindy on

I don’t think it’s ever a good idea to lie about size when ordering such an important dress. Even if she dumps enough weight to wear it , it likely won’t be in a healthy fashion.Why make yourself sick before your wedding? Besides, with the resources avaiable to her I’m sure it wouldn’t be a big deal to have it tailored to fit.


I really don’t care for this woman. There is something about her that irks me to no end. Having her house redone by HGTV leads me to believe she is following in Star Jones’ footsteps. But why shouldn’t she…she has the entitlement attitude. If she wants good luck, then good luck!

lika on

she lost a large amount of weight before and she’s right back to being fat. why does she think that she needs an occasion to lose weight? she’ll look at her pics and say, oh yes, i was thinner for that day, but i’m really a fat woman and this is what i really look like. i should have looked like that on my wedding day. you’re not looking your best, you’re looking fake. yes, i lost 10 pounds, but it was mostly because i was too busy to eat.

Karolina on

I wish her luck….only eating well and exercise will do it. I cut my portions, cut out junk food and I do a 1/2 hour circuit training six days a week and the week literally fell off. There no gimmick to losing weight, but just to be consistent and stick wiht it despite whether you want to or not.

me on

Sherri Shepherd is one of the world’s dumbest women. Obsessed with her weight and looks, and thinks the world is flat and 6,000 years old. What man could a respect a dope like her enough to want to marry her? Get a woman with some intelligence.

me on

What gets me about this woman is that she is a Type 2 diabetic and doesn’t take care of herself. She has been diabetic FOR YEARS and she’s STILL fat. There is no excuse for that. Add to this fact that she is a paid endorser for a product called Dreamfields Pasta, which she markets to diabetics and has been proven TOXIC to diabetics. She’s an entitled a$$.

jenn on

I don’t know of any bridal store that would order a dress without taking measurements so no matter what her fantasy size is – I think Sherri’s dress will fit.

suzy diamond on

No matter how much weight she loses she STILL looks fat to me ALWAYS! I just think for her height she is WAY, WAY, too top heavy and will always look fat for that reason. I know she thinks having huge breasts is attractive but NO. Just too, too, big!.

Sandy on

Wow, people are just so mean and quick to judge. It’s funny how people hide behind their computers and say hateful things about a person they really don’t know. I think most women want to look their best on their wedding day, and she’s no different. Good luck with your goal.

Jon on

Oh so she lied, oh well! It’s all good!

Gloria on

I cannot stand this woman!!! She talks too damn much and thinks she knows everything!!!! Good luck to Sal!

Just Sayin" on

SANDY, people are entitled to their opinions just as well as you are!!! You do you and let everyone else do them! Speaking of hiding behind the computer, I don’t see your picture posted anywhere! They asked for comments and people are posting exactly what they are thinking, whether YOU like it or not!!!! Get over it!

Sherri on

I like Sherri Sheppard and I love her name. She is funny and the only reason I watch the View. Good luck Sherri.

bakerone on

Wow, there is some spiteful people out today…

Good Luck Sherri..Enjoy your special day and all the best for a happy life!

Tina on

I’ll never understand why women try to fit in a certain size wedding dress. Why not just buy YOUR size? Seems to me her problem is more that she is misproportioned. Broad shoulders to harness her huge breasts and small on the bottom. Honestly, she’s shape like this cartoon character from my childhood. The Tasmanian Devil. In any case, I wish her good luck.

Sara on

The only way she will ever look smaller is if she gets a slight breast reduction. It doesn’t even need to be a huge ordeal but seriously, she looks like she’s 9 months pregnant from the chest.

lynn on

that still doesn’t take away from that torn up face. she is no looker and not even funny these days. wonder if she will pull a Star Jones. then have to leave the View.

Rebecca on

I can’t stand Sherri Shepherd. Lie all you want about your size, only a blind person would believe you!

bdcgal on

She’s a lovely woman….she should not have to worry about a darn dress size…society!

anne on

wow you all are bitter! not everyone can be size 5.i bet you all are single too. don’t hate the player hate the game.

Jon on

Happy well deserved Birthday goes out to Gabrielle Giffords, etc.

Amy on

This woman has no class. She is loud,abrasive and annoying. I remember reading how she talked about all the abortions she has had. Ugh.

Debbbb on

OMG Starr Jones little sister!…NUFF SAID!

Debbbb on

@Susay Diamond..IF you work out hard you can loose weight in the breast area! But if you don’t then you are right, you are going to look even fatter with HUGE boobs! I’m a size 4 from the waist down but a size 10 (due to huge boobs)from the wasit up. When I worked out hard I went down to DD’s and was much healthier looking! :-)

jacque on

Remember what happened to Star!!! Sherri should keep all information about her weight and her wedding to herself and her family.

Jon on

I wish Andy Cohen and Giuliana Rancic the best in Hosting Miss USA! Happy Early 60th Anniversary goes out to it! Sorry to hear Anne Hathaway gave Stuntman a Black Eye, and that Rachael Ray hasn’t slept in a year because of her Doggie, etc.

Loretta on

Something isn’t adding up. A wedding dress is custom made. You don’t walk in & say “Order me a size 6 dress”. They take your measurements & order based on that.

Lisa on

Loretta, not all wedding dresses are custom made. Some stores you order a size, it comes in and then they tailor it to your figure.

She has less than two months to go before the wedding, and she’s just starting on the South Beach diet and hitting the gym? Sounds like she needs a huge reality check–she should have been doing the diet and gym LONG ago!

Loretta on

Lisa, Do you really think that Sherri is getting an off-the-rack dress? I dunno. Even if they do just order your size & tailor it, I’ve never heard of them not measuring first. Liability would be huge on that because there can be such a difference in sizes between designers/manufacturers.

Ellen on

It seems like there are so many people who are negative about others so much of the time. I have a challenge for everyone…including myself. Let’s work on spending one day (okay, maybe start with one hour) without saying something unkind about people. I have no feelings one way or the other about Sherri Shepherd. But I wish anyone happiness. We hear so much about doom and gloom. Let’s work on changing it. Find something nice to say about people. Ghandi said be the change you want to see in the world.

Heidi on

I was a Kleinfeld bridal shopper (I may be on the show! They taped us!) who was shocked to find out my bridal size. Just be forewarned that if you are a size 16 in real life (as I am) you are a bridal 20. That stunned me. Maybe everyone knows this except for me!
At Kleinfelds no matter what you say they take your current measurements and will not order you more than one size down. They make sure you have it in writing that you are aware of your current size and are asking for one size smaller, so that they can’t be held liable if you arrive not having lost enough weight. They don’t even like to do that, actually because it is so much easier to just take in a dress rather than let it out. If you plan on losing alot of weight they suggest you lose it first and come back to order the dress at that time, rather than the other way around.
Besides, you can’t lie to a tailor! They can just look at you and know your measurements within an inch.

Lily on

did she have a breast reduction, because from watching the view, her breats look radically smaller..and why lie, this is suppose to be a happy day, what’S the point in lying..c’mon!

Jon on

I wish Jennifer Hudson the best with her new Weight-Loss Book, glad she is doing that! I’m also glad she won’t be Publishing a Book about those certain events, etc.

Jon on

I am sad that they split up, but then, I’m not because it was a bit wierd that they were dating together! Also, good luck & congrats to Shania Twain on her new Gig, performing in Vegas for 2 Years, and it’d be fun to see Shania perform in Vegas! Elisabetta Canalis, George Clooney’s Love, looks great on the new Issue of Chi Magazine, and it’s interesting to hear what she had to say about everything, including being Married One Day and maybe having Kids? But, I’m glad for now, she is so happy! I’m glad One Tree Hill’s, Jana Rae Kramer, has finalized her Divorce, etc.

Jon on

It’s nice to hear all the good news, never the bad! It’d be fun to see Shania Twain perform in Las Vegas, good luck to her on that! Also, George Clooney’s Love, Elisabetta Canalis looks great on the New Issue of Chi Magazine, and it’s nice to hear what she had to say about everything! I like The New Dragon Tattoo Poster with Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara!

Caroline on

OMG, Jon. Your comments are more annoying than all the ladies on The View combined. For real, dude.

As for Sherri, I don’t think she’s fat. Seriously, it is the boobs creating the overweight illusion. Girlfriend has got some AMAZING legs and a little waist! With her shape, I don’t think she could go into a store and buy a regular size because the size she is on top is going to be drastically different than the size on the bottom. I’m the same way, only opposite (teeny on top, bigger on the bottom). I’m sure she’ll look faboosh in her dress. :-)

Cilla on

Sandy while it is true women want to look their best on their wedding day there is a difference between looking your best and losing weight to be/become something that you are not.I can’t stand it when women who are overweight,especially those with health issues,go into overdrive to lose weight for their wedding day and then after the wedding they go right back to to what they were. Why not just get healthy and stay that way? I mean she is a diabetic so she should be eating right and exercising anyway.If Sherri was doing that to begin with then there wouldn’t be a need for her to lose a significant amount of weight.And what a poor example she is setting for her son.She is a diabetic and she should be setting a good example by doing what she can to take care of herself…..again that includes exercising and eating right.My dad has had Type 2 diabetes for 30 years.He never did what he was supposed to and that has caused him to have 2 heart attacks,Quintuple heart by-pass that triggered a stroke which took his vision,neuropathy in his feet that has affected his ability to walk,and multiple Staph infections that have almost cost him some of his limbs.While he did this to himself she will eventually have the same issues and then we will all have to hear her whine about it…..just like we all did with Star Jones.
Being on tv she has the opportunity to become a voice for those suffering from this disease,to stress the importance of taking care of yourself by doing x y and z so that you can avoid these types of health issues.Again like Star Jones it is all about her and what she can get from being on tv. I have always disliked Sherri.There is nothing genuine about he and she is so self absorbed…..again reminiscent of Star Jones.

Spencer on

Wow. People are totally cruel! I hope she succeeds in losing weight…if that is what she wants to do. A dress and how you look in it does not make a marriage. Best of luck to the soon to be newleyweds!

lika on

to “me” who wrote about her being diabetic and being fat…big deal. i am a type 1 diabetic, i am thin , but know many t1 and t2’s who are overweight, yet their sugar is well controlled. and yes, i eat pasta, and ice cream and candy. always have. and i’ve been t1 since i’ve been 6. moderation and management. she just doesn’t manage it…she admits it.

Jenna on

To a Chris Brown song?? Really??

ELC on

Well, I wish her luck losing weight but I can say she will have a tough time doing it on t.v. I’ve seen her during food episodes on the View and honestly she eats like she never saw food before.
This has happened on more than one food episode and personally, it digusts me how she grabs food and stuffs it in her face. So I don’t know how she plans to watch her food intake unless they let others do the food episodes and she sits them out.

amsjll on

I cant imagine losing a bunch of weight for my wedding and for the rest of my life everyone looking at them and wondering “Umm, what happened??”. I do not remotely fit in my wedding dress anymore. It is WAY TOO BIG! I took my time, years, to lose weight in a healthy, slow manner- in a way that would stick, not crazy exercise or starvation/fad diet. Not only is it too big now, its also way too big after having had two children. And my groom? He also lost. 70lbs between the 2 of us, over a couple years. Very happy, so much healthier.

cara on

I can not believe how mean you people are. Why do women tear other women apart so viciously? It’s ridiculous and sad. We should be celebrating each other’s differences. I think Sherri is a very beautiful woman. And she seems very nice.

Magnolia on

Sherri is only getting married because the guy knows he’ll be swimming in money by marrying her. He doesn’t care if she’s a size 30.

Rose on

I like her, but her boobs are to big for her small frame . She needs to lose some of the boobs and she will look pretty on her wedding day.

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DJ on

Sherri…he proposed to you at your current size. He doesn’t care if you lose weight. He loves YOU. Don’t worry one second about your size on your wedding day. The biggest thing you wear should be your smile :)

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