The Inside Dish on Khloe Kardashian's New Red Hair!

01/06/2011 at 11:30 AM ET

Khloe Kardashian Dyes Red HairMatt Baron/BEImages

Khloe Kardashian stole the spotlight from her sisters (Kim, Kourtney, Kendall and Kylie were all there!) at last night’s People’s Choice Awards in Los Angeles, debuting newly dyed red hair that set her apart from her raven-haired siblings. “So far I love it! It’s fun! Different,” Khloe tells PEOPLE. “And I have never been red before so why not?” With a new year and a new show with husband Lamar Odom coming out, the reality star tells PEOPLE that now was the perfect time to try something fresh. “I wanted to stand out for a little bit.” Khloe’s hairstylist Clyde Haygood recruited colorist Julie Canales to transform Khloe’s tresses. “This is the time for Khloe,” says Haygood. “She is starting her own show with her husband, Lamar, and this is separate from Keeping Up [With the Kardashians], so we thought, perfect!” And what does her NBA star husband think of her red-hot hairstyle? “Lamar said for me to go redder — he loves it!” Tell us: What do you think of Khloe as a redhead? Reporting by Jen Garcia and Dahvi Shira


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Annie on

I like it – it’s a good color for her.

jen on

I think she looks hot. The red looks awesome on her!!!

Perry on

She looks like a not-as-cute Isla Fisher, but the color does suit her well and breaks her out of the Kardashian rut of black straight hair.

Abby on

I love it!

bebi on

it looks very nice on her, good choice.

Meg on

I’m suprised, I actually kind of like it!

Heather12 on

I like it better than the dark hair.

Mari on

Wow!Great color for her. She looks very beautiful!

annet on

She looks great! It’s a nice blend of red tones.
She is the only Kardashian that has half a personality.
Those two young Jenner girls are NOT model material. Not good-looking.
YOU GO KHLOE! – The only REAL Kardashian. I am proud of her!

Maya on

Red suits her really well! GO Khloe!!!

Dari on

Her dark features were perfect before. Now she looks like Isla Fisher!

mary on

I love Khloe, I think she is wonderful and down to earth. She would look gorgeous no matter what.

Allison on

Wow — I really love it, and that surprises me. I don’t know what I expected, but I definitely didn’t think it would suit her. I was wrong.

Tina on

She looks fabulous! It fits her bubbly personality as well.

amarie on

i think she should do a darker red. but it’s not bad.

corina on

i think she looks lovely , red suits her , very clever khloe!!!!

Jen on

Really beautiful!

Lorelei51h on

Great color!!! It really set of her skin tone and eyes. I wouldn’t go redder though, the mix of ginger, light auburn and dark strawberry blond is PERFECT! Good call!

nancy on

She looks great!!!

Jordan on

I like it. Suits her better than the brunette.
Glad she finally learned her hair could be parted somewhere other than dead in the middle (which wasn’t flattering on her ever).

Jeanine on

Wow I really love this color on her….Khloe has always been my favorite!

maya on

Khloe looks great. She made a good choice going red.

souschef on

Khloe’s hair is naturally a lot lighter than her sisters – she was dying it very dark. While she’s not a natural redhead either, I think this shade is much warmer and very flattering to her skintone. She looks great and definitely stands out in a crowd of very dark haired Kardashians.

Princess on

She looks fabulous!!!! Its make her look so much softer and younger, love it!!!!!!!!!

Qwanika on

I love it. She looks great and so much better with the red.

Lady on

I think it looks gorgeous, good choice Khlo!

S.E. on

Stop trying to make us think this woman is attractive.

M. on

Love it, Love it, LOVE it!!!

Like it better on

Nice to see her out of the mold of her other sisters. Now she stands out.. which is what she needed to do. I like her more than the other two. As someone earlier stated, she is the only one with a personality that isnt all about herself!

beth on

you people are haters! Just jealous you cant be famous like them,. haha

Patricia on

Love it!

D on

Wow…she looks much more soft and feminine! Love it!

Ala on

It suits her, softens her features. Redder would be too aggressive

Crabby1 on

It kind of makes her look less fat if you squint really hard.

Shannon on

I love me some Khloe!!!! AND Lamar! Cannot wait for their show!

Anechkaa on

I love it, love it!!! She looks absolutely stunning and I think it is much better for her than the usual dark color that she had :)

Beth on

Cute cute. The dress she wore is even cuter.

Betty on

Khloe is gorgeous and the hair is awesome on her! Her complexion is perfect!

Jamie on

I love it! The color itself is a gorgeous shade and it looks enviably fantastic on her. Good job!

Sunny on

Great colorist! Got the tone exactly right!

Boom on

Hate red hair on almost everyone. Don’t like it on her either.

Katie on

I love it, she looks really cute and resembles Ilsa Fisher.

Alexandra on

The red tones look fake and cheapen her appearance, in my opinion. Her hair looks thinner than usual, probably from over-processing. Khloe,leave your hair alone! You’re young and lovely; don’t go all Hollywood on us. A more natural look is always most flattering. Hopefully, this vampy new shade was just for fun, and you’ll be back to your own gorgeous color very soon.

Pam on

I like it!!


Love it…seperates her look from sisters

Liz on

Whenever she smiles …it looks like she’s ripping a fart !

Judith on

I think the color looks fantastic on her. I am a big fan of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.” And the other spin offs. You Go, Girl!

Starlene on

In my opinion it is not near as attractive as her gorgeous black hair. Yeah, she stood out on the People’s Choice Awards but not in a good way. It made her look cheap. She is a beautiful young woman and why “fix something that is not broke”. I think she will be sorry she did it and change it back.

Nico on

Love it..cah-yute

RobertsMom on

Color looks great on her. Gives her a softer look.

The Inside Dish on Khloe Kardashian’s New Red Hair! – People Magazine | The Informer on

[…] The Inside Dish on Khloe Kardashian's New Red Hair!People MagazineKhloe Kardashian stole the spotlight from her sisters (Kim, Kourtney, Kendall and Kylie were all there!) at last night's People's Choice Awards in Los Angeles, debuting newly dyed red hair that set her apart from her raven-haired siblings. …E! Canada Acquires 'Khloe & Lamar'Hollywood ReporterKhloe Kardashian Becomes a Redhead!Us MagazineReality show is 'once-in-a-lifetime' opportunity for Lamar OdomLos Angeles TimesMonsters and -The Associated Pressall 481 news articles » // Share| […]

Kathee on

Love the hair, have to say…..but that lipstick isn’t a fit.

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[…] Chernobyl skin — it was Khloe Kardashian’s new red hair. At least according to People Magazine: Khloe Kardashian stole the spotlight from her sisters at last night’s People’s […]

Michele Karnis on

I love the new color. She looks absolutely beautiful!

M on

She looks AMAZING! This is a perfect color to compliment her skin tone. It’s gives her a fun and easygoing look. Before her dark hair always made her look so serious. FABU!!!

Valerie on

Its okay. If it makes her feel good then great.

Koo Stark on

Like Chewbacca with a perm.
Still an arrogant, obnoxious air-head.

Kristy on

I love love love itttttttttttttt. I’m a natural redhead, and I love women who die their hair red. : )

Lisa on

I love it!! Looks good on her~~

Kimmie O on

Khloe!! I LOVE it! It is fresh and totally you! This color is awesome with your lighter skin too. Way to go Khloe……Your entire family is beatiful, but this sets you apart just from being a “Kardashian sister.”(which is NOT a bad thing obviously) but now you are KHLOE!!!! xoxo

bob slydell on

she looks like a Pug dog if it got hit in the face with a shovel. hair color makes no difference.

Hariet on

Like it, but blonde would be even better. I’ve been saying she needs to go lighter. She doesnt look like her sisters and the dark doesnt suit her.

simone on

I love it!!!!I almost did’nt recognize Khloe.You look amazing and pleas keep it because you look marvelous doll!!!!Happy New Year

Andrea on

I am so use to her dark hair and I think it makes her look very sexy, this color is okay…8 outta 10 isnt bad!! All women need a change…I bet she changes back!!! Regardless Shes my fav. Dash girl!

Emily on

Looks wonderful!
Love it…
When you are young and beautiful, why not try new things? I did when I was her age.
Khloe, it rocks… and so do you girl!

Jen on

I love it! Really brings our her eyes…

Melissa on

I love it!!! Looks great!! Red is feisty, like Khloe!

Molly on

She looks FABULOUS!! This is the perfect shade for her hair, makes her stand out from her siblings and just makes her look wonderful!



Selma on

The color is SO much better for her. It looks so pretty and much more feminine

Jon on

I like Khloe as a redhead, and that’s nice to all hear!

Mike Runn on

Put a tux on a pig and it’s still a PIG

big fan on

She looks great! Love it!

Sara on

I think Khloe looks absolutely beautiful. It’s a
nice change looking different from the black haired women in her family.

Millie on

I really don’t get her…she looks like a dude!

h on

i think she loks beautiful and i hope all her family is doing well this new year also…… go kloe!!!!! FYI my hair stylist is your twin she can be your double honestly

jon on

was she adopted, she is so much taller than her sisters. she can change her hair all she wants but she is still strange looking.

Marti on

Absolutely love it!!! I am a true blonde and am thinking about changing mine to red now. Love! Love!!! Love!!!! it!!!

julie on

WOW. This color suits her skin tone perfectly. She looks really good. What is her natural color any way? You go girl, be an idividual, not a clone.

Anna on

Love this color on you and me! Copper girls rock….

Brooklyn on

I really like this colour on her!

tiki on

i say she’s pregnant. since she won’t be dying her hair ‘kardashian black’ for awhile, she’s dyed it back to its original color in order to cover up the growing-out roots. that’s my story, and i’m sticking to it.

Jenn on

I think she looks amazing. She’s a beautiful woman and the red just makes her even more beautiful!

ChelseaCC on

It’s far from “red”… More like a warm brown!

Susie on

Love it!

catt on

she looks stunning and has a glow…is she pregnant? maybe just really happy and good for her she stood out looked the best and the new hair beautiful she looked beautiful last night:))

Jon on

It’s understanable why Shower Scenes won’t be Shown on Khloe & Lamar, their new spin-off Show, and other things, darn, oh well!


looks good with her green eys

abby on

Holy Amazing… Always a fan of Khloe
love love love the red
you look beautiful as always

NM on

I can’t stand her or her sisters, but the red looks good on her. I can’t believe I just said that!

Maria on

She looks amazing… I have to agree, it’s time for Khloe :)

Maria on

She looks amazing!!
I have to agree, it’s time for Khloe :)

Benilde on

I liked her darker, natural hair much better.

Sandy on


I like that she is pulled away from her sister’s look. She is one of a kind and I think this will help show that. Love Kloe and her strong sense of self!!

allison on

Fantastic. She has always been my favorite and my only reason for watching the show. I love that she is getting the “hot” attention she deserves.
I can’t wait for her new show to come out. She is the only Kardashian I would actually want to hang out with, she seems so down to earth. You go girl!!!

Angie on

Wow!! I love it! It looks so great! She’s really pretty!

eileen wulkan on

I like it!!! Not to harsh!!

eileen wulkan on

I like it!!! Not to harsh!

Gina on

I love the red hair on her!!!! It definitely sets her apart in a very good way!

Karen on

She looks cute. Red is a great color on her, it suits her.

Dena Lampitok on


Kim on

She looks lovely! I cant believe how much difference a hair color can make. It really is perfect for her.

Tara Gaffney Photography on

Love it, def. sets her apart from her sisters!

Cheri on

She looks beautiful. Love that color.

seci on

It actually suits her well. I did like her hair darker brown though. And it was never black, like both her sisters’ haircolor. My fave is Kim’s when it’s straight.

Kelly on

Love the new color – she looks beautiful!

Kathy L on

Khloe, I love the new color on you.It really sets you apart and makes you stand out, which I think is fantastic.Redder would be nice too,I think Lamar is right…try it.Your young,have fun with it :)

camaguey on

Oh my goodness! She looks GORGEOUS!!! That is her color!!! I’ve been tired of looking at her sisters with that black, black hair tied up in a knot that makes my face hurt, the black, black false eyelashes, it’s all black and dark and looks like it’s going to run down their bodies any minute…and now this lovely girl, the one who had the weight problems and wasn’t as “cute” now she is THE BEAUTIFUL ONE!!! She looks TERRIFIC! Never change this color! It is YOU PLUS TEN TIMES BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations!

Elizabeth on

Khole i love you so much you are soooo beautiful but i loved your hair dark!!!!!!! change it back asap!!!!!!

Crystal on

I think it works with her complexion. (:

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[…] to get own reality show with hubby LamarMonsters and Critics.comCultureMap -Us Magazine -People Magazineall 569 news articles » // […]

MS.J on

U SHOULD GO HOT RED!!!!!!!!BUT I LOVE iT KHOLE K.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Lady J on

I think she looks great. Go Khloe, go!

sam on

she on the other hand looks fantastic, but i think she always does, she is a different kind of beautiful that i find wonderful

Erin on

i really like it!! it looks good on her. khloe has always been one of my favorite kardashians!

MatisyahuSerious on


Hot or Not: Khloe Kardashian’s New Hair Color « THE FASHION GURU BLOG on

[…] Image Source: Matt Baron/BEImages […]

Maggie on

Looks good on Khloe…

Alica on

She’s no ISLA FISHER!!!

emms on

I think she looked way better with brown hair….i also think this picture is very unfaltering…but i LOVE Khloe she is my favorite out of all the sisters she is the most real!

Lauren Conrad Goes Brunette: Love It or Hate It? - on

[…] a colorful week it’s been! The same night that Khloe Kardashian was taking her hair from raven to red, Lauren Conrad debuted a darker do that was a distinct departure from her signature sun-kissed […]

Bris on

I know that she’s a natural blonde, but this color suits her very well! I think she always dyed her hair dark/black because she felt too different from everyone else in her family. You look amazing, keep this shade for a while!!

jenny on

i actually thought wow this is gonna look bad on her but truthfully its a nice change than the black hair!! very purrdyy!

Ann in KY on

I think the color is perfect for her. Very attractive! Don’t change it at all, Khloe!

Redhead on

As a Red head I love it!

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Dora Glasberg on

I think a paper bag over her head would look nice.

Cori on

Chloe is an AMAZING looking woman !! Nice to see a chick that isn’t afraid to take chances. Looks wicked !!!:)

Khloe | Wugez on

[…] khloe […]

Laura Hunter on

[…] a new Strawberry Red Hue. I personally am Loving this but that could be because I LOVE Red Hair.  According to People Mag Khloe’s hairstylist Clyde Haygood recruited colorist Julie Canales to transform Khloe’s […]


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