Michelle Obama Makes History in Vintage Norman Norell Dress

12/17/2010 at 03:30 PM ET

Michelle Obama Makes History in Vintage Norman Norelli
Manuel Balce Ceneta/AP

What’s old is new again for Michelle Obama, who had another groundbreaking moment in fashion history Sunday night, dazzling in one-of-a-kind vintage number by the late designer Norman Norell. The First Lady picked up the black-lace overlay dress, which boasted a full tea-length tulle style skirt and a square neckline (something rarely seen in contemporary designs), at New York Vintage boutique, signaling what store owner Jon Schneck believes to be the first time a first lady has worn a vintage dress to a public event, reports The Huffington Post. Obama donned the elegant 1950s piece to the “Christmas in Washington” concert in Washington, D.C., which airs tonight on TNT and is hosted by Ellen DeGeneres. And while the spectacle, which will feature performances by Mariah Carey, Annie Lennox and more, will surely be packed with flare, we’re sure no one sparkled as brightly as Obama, who glammed up her ballerina-like confection with oversized snowflake drop earrings. And if you like what you see, stay tuned for other throwback looks from the First Lady. The The Huffington Post reports that Schneck confirmed that Obama scooped up additional archived pieces from New York Vintage for future appearances. Saying, “We are truly honored that the First Lady has chosen a gown from New York Vintage as her first venture into vintage couture. Other dresses from our archive have been scheduled for use by the first lady later this year.” To see Obama don the dazzling dress, tune in to the holiday special tonight on TNT at 8 p.m./7 p.m. Central. –Justine Harman


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landon on

Just beautiful

Stevie on

The dress is just beautiful! The First Lady always looks amazing and chooses such great pieces to wear.

Kayla on

Stunning dress, she looks amazing!

Cyn on

She looks RADIANT!

kim on

how much did that dress cost the tax payers?

Arlene on

That is a $2500 dollar thrift store dress. Not exactly the same type of thrift store everyone else shops at. What a joke.

Brooke on

Wow, this administration is desperate for any positive press it can get its hands on. A vintage dress to make up for lack of affective leadership and failure to live up to campaign promises. Thank God for the First Lady and her stellar fashion sense.

Sharon on

She looks breath taking in that dress. She is a lovely woman.

Leanne on

Check out the link to the store New York Vintage…not exactly a Thrift Store. Quit trying to deceive people into thnking she does not spend a wad on clothes or should I say we spend a wad on them.

Rai on

And this is newsworthy? Cannot wait for Her Highness to exit the WH.

KLT on

@Kim – Say the dress cost a $1,000, which I high doubt, having seen similar dresses in vintage shops in NYC, that means that with a US population of 310,930,830, you have paid exactly $0.00000322 for that dress. Would it make you less of a cynic if I personally sent you your $0.00000322? Let me know, I’m happy to.

Laura on

She looks really lovely in that dress and I like that she decided to take a different path.

It is so pathetic how people make a fashion story into a politics story. Grinches.

Tracy R on

Kim, it didn’t cost the taxpayers a thing. Mrs. Obama has plenty of her own money from her successful legal career. Also, I think the term for the store is ‘vintage boutique’ not ‘thrift store’. Big difference. Seriously, now. It’s a gorgeous dress and it’s lovely that we have a First Lady with a keen fashion sense (and I say this as someone who hangs out in dirty jeans 90% of the time).

Katty on

She looks great, and before everyone starts ranting about taxpayer money,she has to buy her own clothes and she can spend as much as she wants.

ris on

she could wear a dress from Target and some of YOU would still complain…give it a rest already!

Elizabeth on

WOW what a stunner of a dress, it is so great to see beautiful vintage fashion showing up lately, I would wear this dress in a heartbeat, I bet there will be knock-offs on the racks by New Years Eve!!!

mommyofthree on

it is nice, is that her mom behind her?

Lisa on

Absolutely gorgeous vintage dress! And for the uneducated people commenting, the woman has her own money from a highly successful career–it didn’t cost the taxpayers a thing.

Ambur on


Shannon on

That dress is beautiful!!! I LOVE it! I want one!!

Elle on

Whoopee do.

Jai on

You people need to get a life!!!! The Obamas were already wealthy before they entered the White House. You CANNOT continue to blame them for something that was already jacked up. Get over it!!!!!!!

Sara on

Why are people turning a fashion article into politics. Aren’t we reaching just a little bit? It’s a dress people not a political statement.

Mary on

She looks great. Very pretty dress. People have commented on first ladies dresses for years. I’m not sure what the big deal is. I doubt the taxpayers paid anything for it and maybe she even had to pay tax when she bought it. They had money before they went in the white house and will have it coming out. Some of you are just getting ridiculous with the comments, however you are extremely amusing.

Noelle Murphy on

This lady has so much class. I’m so proud as an American that she is our first lady! Absolutely beautiful.

Lina on

It’s used clothes with a fancy new name (vintage) and big price tag. Not unlike WH policies. Foolish.

Mary Snow on

What an elegant dress on a classy, elegant lady!!

Jon on

Whatever! I hope Jenny McCarthy can find a guy to kiss on New Year’s Eve?

taunya on

I think that she looks beautiful as always.

Bella on

Absolutely gorgeous!

CP on

Class !!!

Oklahoman on

They never said the “vintage” store was a thrift store. Usually when I hear the word “vintage” attached to clothing it means its higher priced than what you would find in a thrift store (ie Goodwill etc). Who are you to judge so quickly?

nicole on

she looks so beautiful. its elegant and classic. she has such great style.

jumbybird on

The dress is nice and all that, but it’s hardly a historic event…. I wonder if anyone will remember this momentous even next week, except the idiot store owner

nana on

Very nice dress…It would be even nicer if she picked lighter color for more contrast…Anyway she looks beutiful

Wendy on

An elegant dress on an elegant lady! She wears it well.

Jan on

Brooke, What President in the pass 20 years was a effective leader. You want the President to clean up everyone else mess. Save it!!! The First Lady does look wonderful.

Palm Beach, Fl on

What not wear a dress like that she needs the big skirt to cover up the big a$$.

mari on

if you don’t have nothing nice to say, shout up.
the first lady look beautiful.

Marilyn on

For once she looks nice. She usually looks so bad.

DeeK on

Give me a break, people… the President DOES get a salary and if the First Lady wants to buy a dang dress, so be it. She looks lovely. She has a good heart and is a strong role model. Regardless of your politics, this is our First Family. Show some respect or maybe follow some “vintage” advice: If you don’t have something nice to day, don’t say anything at all.

Samantha on

Even though that is a gorgeous dress, this isn’t “history”.

jones on

I think it is annoying that people slam her for wearing expensive clothes. Laura Bush wore Oscar De La Renta dresses when she was first lady when the economy was in trouble. Did those people complain then as well? Both the Bushes and the Obamas have their own wealth, so they can spend it on clothes if they see fit.

jenna on

the dress is very pretty. i don’t really like the earings with it, but i get that she was trying to be festive.

Toni on

The First Lady looks stunning as always. To all you haters out there, I bet you will go to chuch on Sunday morning and ask God for his blessing. Don’t waste your time, God is not listening.

ladyred on

The dress is stunning! The earrings…not so much! They are way too big and gaudy. The makeup is brilliant. Here, less should be more! The eyebrows arched too highly. Beautiful arms! Is she wearing hosiery as a good First Lady should? Just wondering because her legs appear to be bare!
I wish that I had the money spent on this ensemble. It would pay lots of bills.

Terri on

not to be rude, but please stop blaming get for “using taxpayer money” to buy a vintage dress. i can almost guarantee 100% that most of her clothes are give to her for free. having the first lady wear your company’s apparel is great advertisement for the business.

goplove on

And this would be why I stopped my “People magazine subscription. Obama this and Obama that. Blah blah blah. Excuse me but was Laura Bush not a lovely elegant first lady with style and class? She had more class in her pinky then this woman has in her whole body. Next thing you know she will not only be telling us what to eat but how to dress too.

MaggieMay on

I love that dress, and it suits her perfectly. Please stop making this a political thing; I’m a hardcore Libertarian and dislike this president’s policies, but this isn’t the venue to bash those policies. The First Lady is stunning.

Wwatkins on

When is she going to start dressing like THE FIRST LADY!!!

Lynn on

I love the dress and as First Lady she has the right to purchase and wear any dress from any where she pleases.

Toni on

I didn’t see any indication in the article that “vintage” should be the same as “thrift store.” This is a designer dress. Anybody who thinks this purchase was a ruse to indicate some sort of frugality missed the point. It’s a fashion choice. And an interesting one.

tillie on

she looks nice but what is that standing behind her ?

blah on

REALLY!?!?!?!?!? Who cares!!!!

Jennifer Ware on

I really dislike this woman but that is a beautiful dress.

wendie goode-dox on

gorgeous. absolutely gorgeous. I love her.

and I’m wondering what the voices of ” outrage” over the price of the dress have said about dresses worn by previous first ladies? or is it simply thinly disguised partisanship and/or racism?

jon on

Look it’s the first mammy in the picture with her, bet she won’t be wearing any hand me downs.

jon on

The dress disguises her big butt well.

DaveC on

Beautiful dress, beautiful Lady, Elegant but grounded. Great role model, and clothing model. What could be better? I love it.

wendie goode-dox on

oh jon… watch out! your racism is showing.. first mammy indeed. you should be ashamed. I am, of you.

Lynn on

@ goplove-Laura Bush is a recovering ALCOHOLIC who KILLED someone because she couldn’t drive-probably because she was drunk-and ran a stop sign and hit them with her car.It was BEFORE she got to the Whitehouse but still…she doesn’t sound very classy at all. Mrs. Obama is stunning in that dress-in fact she ALWAYS looks great.
Who cares if you stopped subscribing to People magazine? I can guarantee they don’t need your business and the reason they publish issues with the Obama’s is because they are the PRESIDENT and FIRST Lady of the United States.

Jeannien on

How much did THAT cost us?

Mary on

To Kim,
Much less than Sarah Palins wardrobe I’ll bet.

Elle on

Where does it say this is a Thrift store dress? It just says it’s Vintage Couture. It’s a gorgeous dress and she looks lovely in it.

Steva on

I personally love the elegant dress. However, it reminded me of the type of dress that Jackie Kennedy might have worn. It was very courageous of her to wear the dress. She will be lamblasted by many, but I admire her sense of style.

Arlene on

Before you begin criticizing the Obama’s, it would be best if you knew your facts. The Obama’s do NOT receive any clothing allowance nor do they receive any food allowances. The clothes they buy and the food they eat are paid for by the Obama’s. Whether you like them or not, not everything they do is wrong.

Sandi Y on

Come on people. She the First Lady. She has her own money. Do you think she would find a vintage in the Goodwill Stores?

joan sinclair on

She looks beautiful. The dress is lovely. Why can’t some of you people give credit where credit is due. So what if the dress costs more than a regular vintage shop. How much if Nancy Reagan spend on clothes…….lol

Lynn on

and to all of you thinking she lied because she didn’t really buy it at a thrift store-she did not lie and the article does not say it came from a thrift store-it came from a boutique so before commenting,at least read the story so you will know what you’re talking about.

Anne on

Guaranteed (as usual) to accentuate her large waist and big hips. The woman has no idea on how to make herself look her best.

Mary Truskier on

A beautiful woman serving her country well…with style, grace and compassion. Some of the haters writing in should learn to spell (a “lack of AFFECTIVE leadership”?)

Lynn on

joan sinclair -Nancy spent alot on clothes too just like every other First Lady-but with Nancy-she bought expensive china too!! :)

Bev on

You go ahead and shine like the intelligent and beautiful woman that you are Mrs Obama. Don’t let the hate and negativity coming from those that have as much class in their whole body as you have in your small toe, get to you…but then again I know that you are too smart for that.

renee on

so many haters. when the white first ladies dressed did the tax payers worry about their outfits. the first lady looks radiant as always. some people will just never except the color of other peoples skin…..

kelkeagy on

She looks amazing and her sense of self and style is an inspiration. All you haters out there need to get a life.

Erik on


Sandra Thompson on

Ghetto mama

debbie on

she is so pretty, it is so nice to see a young family in the white house

Susan Lewis on

Pretty dress, she wears it well. These styles need to come back, I am so tired of the prostitute-chic they wear these days.

Lisa on

DeeK, well said, and I concur. She looks lovely. Happy Holidays everyone.

Bettie on

Sandra Thompson, quit projecting.

Red on

Regarding concerns that the First Lady spent too much on her dress: she is not spending tax payers’ money. The President wrote two best selling books before even entering office. They don’t need your money to look good. So, simmer down and get back to work.

Lee on

Kim and Leanne- the dress Mrs. Obama wore didn’t cost the taxpayers anything because Presidents and First Ladies pay their own personal expenses.

Mary Ann on

I’m amazed at the comments I’m reading. If you’re not interested in the first ladies fashion sense then why are you reading the article? Since it’s the holiday season and we are all suppose to be practicing goodwill toward men, why don’t we practice the old adage, “If you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all.”

john on

I think she looks beautiful in the dress and is sending the american people a message. My personal opinion is i don,t think any first lady would ever wear a second hand dress. I give her all the credit in the world.

Penny on

Last time I checked the Gov’t. doesn’t give the President and First Lady a wardrobe allowance. If she didn’t pay for it maybe it was on loan. Who cares, she looked lovely, as usual.

Jen on

Vintage is not Trift. The article never uses the word thrift

SusiQ on

the dress is gorgeous and she wears it beautifully. all you people who like to slam the First Lady all the time, look in your hearts and be honest about what you find there.

S. T. Weston on

Should I give a damn what she does? Really?

Mjm on


maddie on

Just stunning!

me on

she looks beautiful. oh you poor babies i guess since you didn’t get your money tree and free $500 in the mail on nov 3 2008, you must so bitter. i hope socialism eats you alive :)

Liffster on

Believe it or not, her clothing wardrobe does not come from the President’s salary and is therefore not an expense to taxpayers. She was earning far more than he was before the election and subsequent overwhelming win.

Fashion Fella on

It’s a lovely dress. Period.

Newsworthy? This is the ‘Style Watch’ after all.
The political commentary is not necessary in regards to a dress. It’s Christmas. The same ones making such commentary would be berating her for not looking appropriate if that were the case.

I don’t recall either Mrs. Bush ever being criticized for her choice of outfits for such an event. I remember Barbara Bush’s pearls and I don’t recall Laura Bush’s appearances… but she must have looked nice or that would have been memorable, too.

sweetcakes on

Why are commenters thinking the term “vintage” has the same meaning as “thrift store”? Get a grip people…the article is not saying that MO is wearing a thrift store dress. Why would she? Gorgeous dress!

kurt on

nice way to spend our money!

Peque on

The first time that a vintage dress… makes history?? I dont think a dress adds nothing to american history no matter who wears it.

Jenny on

For all of those complaining about how it cost the taxpayers so much…I have a funny feeling if this was GW Bush and his wife, NOBODY would be complaining. Get over yourselves and go back to drinking the Kool-Aid.

Nicolle on

Please! If you don’t think that we taxpayers paid for Laura Bush’s frumpy pant suits for eight years you’re kidding yourselves.

You haters are as pathetic as your comments.

Sarah on

Oh for goodness sake, it says the dress was vintage COUTURE, not thrift store. She looks great in it. If you don’t want to read a fluff piece about the first lady’s fashion then go to a big letter site to get your news (CNN, FOX, MSNBC) and stop trolling on People!

CC on

I’m amazed at the comments I’m reading. If you’re not interested in the first ladies fashion sense then why are you reading the article? Since it’s the holiday season and we are all suppose to be practicing goodwill toward men, why don’t we practice the old adage, “If you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all.”Believe it or not, her clothing wardrobe does not come from the President’s salary and is therefore not an expense to taxpayers. She was earning far more than he was before the election and subsequent overwhelming win.

Jen on

I love the trolls complaining about taxpayers paying for their wardrobe. Thank you for exposing your ignorance so the rest of us may laugh. The first couple pay their own way; they even have to pay for the cost of their groceries. Don’t believe me? Nancy Reagan talked of her surprise when she was handed their first grocery bill at the WH. So, please, continue trolling so the rest of those who actually read up on things before opening our mouths may snicker at you.

*gets down off of soapbox*

barbara k on

And do we care what she wears? I don’t give two cents what she and her commie husband do, wear or say.

Lin on

Laura Bush dressed like she was a frumpy old lady…there was nothing age appropriate about what she wore at all!

Tia murphy on

Some of you seem bitter. Need some sugar?

Joan Little on

A vintage store is not the same as a thrift store and it was not portrayed as such. It is a wonderful tribute to her style and fashion sense and I am sure cost nothing to the tax payer. Cannot believe the snarky comments.

Molly W. on

Just to be clear, the first lady’s clothes are paid for with personal funds, not taxpayer money. (Though she might well deduct the cost of certain outfits as business expenses, in which case there is a cost to the taxpayers in that the Obamas are paying slightly lower taxes than they would otherwise.)

Love Them on

Love our President and First Lady. So many jealous haters here. She looks gorgeous and radiant. Too bad you broke haters can’t look like her. Not enough tanning or pumping up the lips will help you. Too bad!!!

Mom1 on

She looks beautiful AND she is buying vintage – fantastic for the environment AND much more inexpensive than some of the items bought by other First Ladies, people. THe negativity oin here is simply out of spite and ignorance. Staying out of the 10’s to 20’s of thousands range price for dresses is fiscally AND morally responsible.

lisamclouth on

Dress-beautiful-but totally wrong with those big hips of hers!It looks horrible on her!

Mary on

Beautiful? Yes. HISTORIC? Not even close.

Diane on

Just gorgeous, more people in the public eye should dress with such style and taste!

crystalinwi on

This dress really looks fantastic on Mrs. Obama!

April on

Kim, you need to check your information before you post such ignorant responses. The taxpayers do not buy clothes for any president or his wife. They use their own money for that!

bobbie on

you people are so uninformed, as usual…check your facts before belittling someone…but then, that’s all you conservatives know how to do anything,,,talk wildly about uninformed,nonfactual,lies….the First Lady buys her own clothes with her own money…just like you and I do..should she go unclothed and in rags?? you people kill me…ha! She is lovely and style setting…love it. Love her.

rrene on

It’s amazing to me how ignorant people can be. The disrespect and low life comments. She looks fabulous!!!!
You know, I wonder would all these negitive comments fly if she was a married to a white man and he was president.

Grow up people…the world has change. It’s 2010…not the 50’s or 60’s. WOW

Bigref on

This is history? I am sure the historians will be lining up to write scholarly tomes about this ludicrous trivia.

Sunny on

The wardrobe costs of the first lady are paid for out of their personal funds – not the taxpayers! It was Sarah Palin the clothes hog who went hot and heavy with the credit cards.

Ihateobama on

She is the ugliest first lady we have ever had! The dress is beautiful but would have looked much better on Cindy McCain!

Leila on

The current “first lady” is an embarrassment to our country! The woman came out and said that the first time she was proud of her country is when it elected her husband president. Boy are we paying for that now! It is going to take years to recover from the destructive path Obama is on! And if you ask me, she looks like a misplaced ballerina from the “Black Swan”. She is no style icon to me!

Ad2b on

Vintage does NOT = thrift

get your facts right :)


I doubt she is spending tax payers money. She looks beauiful. Brook, Arlene, Kim and all the rest needs to keep quiet. I did not see these type of comments when something was said about Laura Bush.

Cindy on

Nothing she does ever make me proud to have her in the White House – she ruined her image on the campaign trail and I for one will never forget her words. Will be so glad when 2012 election rolls around!

Suzanne Guidry on

I love her!!!! She is the epitome of dignity, class, style, and elegance. A beautiful person inside and out.

Adriana Jimenez on

That dress is gorgeous. It’s an unconventional move, not an economic one. When I hear “vintage”, I don’t think “cheap”, I think “Way harder to find something that looks good” and I’m always surprised when I like a vintage piece on someone. It looks great on her.

Tara on

Actually, they pay for her clothing not tax payers.

Dee on

Did you “Haters” question how much the previous first ladies dresses were??? I THINK NOT!!! YOU GUYS ARE TERRIABLE!!

WCF on

I simply do not like this woman, no matter what she’s wearing.

Marianne on

Wow people can sure get negative with some of their comments…I think it’s a beautifuk dress and she looks lovely…

Jessica on

The point of the article was not how much money she spent on the dress, just the fact that she chose vintage. Also, if you are reading People for newsworthy information, you are an idiot. This is an entertainment site. Our First Lady looks exquisite.

Patricia T. on

What’s that old children’s story, where one character tells another “If you can’t say something nice, then don’t say nothin’ at all.” For goodness sake, the First Lady wore a lovely dress that she paid for herself. If you don’t like it — OK. But the mean-spiritedness that some people show is just hard to understand. And nothing against People Magazine, but if you want to make political points, go to the Huffington Post or the NYTimes. This is “lighter” reading — so lighten up.

Katie on

I am shocked reading this that people would be so hateful about this story. I myself had my husband lose his job during this economy, and with four kids it is not easy. However, how anyone can take a story about a woman wearing a Christmas dress and turn it into an opportunity to be cruel is beyond me. Here is my opinion on the article… what a beautiful dress on a beautiful person, spreading joy during this holiday season!!

av on

everything is NEGATIVE (obama, dress color …

Sarah S. on

I love it!! Mrs. Obama is beautiful and the dress is gorgeous! I love vintage clothing.

Carla on

Why are so many complaining that the place where this dress came from isn’t a thrift store? There’s no mention of that in this piece. It’s from a vintage boutique. Vintage and thrift aren’t necessarily synonymous. Stop being so negative! The dress is gorgeous and she looks stunning.

Mia on

What’s amazing to me is everyone’s concern about taxpayers money? POTUS gets a salary and even without that, you are talking about an Ivy League educated woman with a law degree and a career that paid well, she can afford her own clothes, she doesn’t need tax money to do! The arrogance and ignorance of some Americans is the reason some of you are in the state you’re in! Did anyone ever ask Barbara, Laura or Hilary what their clothes cost, no so why is ok for such ignorance to be thrown at FOTUS?

carina on

I do not like this woman, but I must say she looks great and I love the dress

Jenny on

She is a lovely person. I may not like the policies of her husband, but one cannot deny she’s a lot nicer to follow than some of the ding dong divas we see tooooooo much of.

Ms. Patrice on

She is stunning…Obama stalkers are outrageous. Time to join the “get over it club” with the rest of us…isn’t that what you’ve been saying to us for years? Watching you supremacist bigots throw tantrums daily (for two years) is pure comedy. Keep up the free entertainment, this is better than premium cable!

Brooke on

No where in this article does it say thrift store you morons. Vintage does not mean thrift store, this is simply an article about how the first lady is wearing vintage.

CJ on

“how much does it cost the taxpayers?”….Read Laura Bush’s book. ALL first ladies have been required to pay for their own clothes. She also confirms that the President is required to buy his own food for every occasion except a state dinner. So, accuse her of being extravagant if you want, but don’t imply we are paying for it.

Lynn on

You ignorant, uninformed, narrow-minded witches…If you had any sense at all, you’d realize that because of “who” she is, fashion designers are flocking to have her wear their fashions. She doesn’t need to pay for anything, and if she does, don’t you think the President is paid a “salary?” Don’t be such a hater, when you haven’t a clue. She’s an amazing woman, and he is an amazing president that got strapped with big manure pile handed down from the previous idiot.

Alesia on

I didn’t see it mentioned anywhere in the article that the dress was purchased from a thrift store. I believe the term used was “vintage boutique”, which anyone can determine isn’t exactly the Salvation Army. I’ve never seen such nitpicking and criticism of every move a public person makes in my life. Sad.

justagirl on

Ya know, “vintage” does not necessarily mean “thrift.” They are two very different things actually in fashion. Happy Holidays to all!

Yo Mama on

Pathetic and tacky.

Bite Me on

She is so amazon-like. Not feminine at all.

Get a Clue! on

Where are the vines?

kim on

people! why so hostile? it was just a question….don’t hate! Merry Christmas.

Dyan Brooke on

Breath-taking. Such a beautiful and classy lady. Scoot over Jackie-O!

Mandy on

Hay Lynn,
Your mother ship is waiting for you, you DB.

Lynn on

Not impressed. All that tulle makes her look huge…Maybe she should spend less time on “fashion issues” and more time on something substantial that might affect everyday Americans who don’t give a whit what she wears.

jp on

looks great!

Elle on

The tax payers pay for her clothes do not pay for the first lady’s clothing.
What a bunch of Fox-news spin doctors

Isabel on

Love, love, love the dress, so incredibly beautiful, suits our charming First Lady so well. Thanks for the wonderful picture, God bless.

tita on

wow!!! I LOVE THAT DRESS!! she looks amazing in it!

BeatleGirl on

The event will be “packed with flare”? I think you mean FLAIR…

Dee on

It’s so sad to see all the people come here to personally bash Mrs. Obama and you call yourselves proud Americans!!! Shame on you!!!

I am sure all you same people, wouldn’t know the first thing about leading a nation so why dont you just shut up already!!!???

No president can fix in two years what took years to break down….as your country’s leader you are showing the world how dsyfunctional the US is and trust me, we…the rest of the world is taking notes!!!!

Your first lady looks great, her body is amazing because she worked hard for it. She has programs promoting healthy living especially in children because your country has the highest rate of OBESITY…….as for calling her a “mammy”….wow, how pathetic!!!

In anycase I dont envy her position, our leader is not exactly my favourite but hey….that’s who people voted for so while I may not agree with all his policies, I support him because that’s.

Mrs. Obama, you look great :)

Kathleen on

She looks beautiful. Norman Norell made amazing dresses.

P.S. People, put a moderator on it. Some people are posting really hateful things. Merry Christmas to all, especially the haters.

Annie on

are you kidding me? she made history with her damn dress? how about her and her husband fix our country first.

Annie on

people are so ignorant when it comes to the economy. learn a few things before you go supporting her using our money for this dress.

Jon on

When Kevin Spacey was on the TODAY Show yesterday, it was so cool that he had a Blanket to keep him warm, etc.

mel on


April on

The article says nothing about it being a THRIFT STORE dress. It’s a classic vintage dress, purchase at a NY BOUTIQUE. There is nothing in the article to imply she was bargain shopping. She’s the First Lady. She’s hardly expected to buy her clothes at Salvation Army. She looks gorgeous!

KK on

Does the woman ever wear anything with sleeves?

Lisa W on

Ummm, the taxpayers don’t pay for their clothes. Or their personal travel. Or a lot of other things. Please know the facts before you start criticizing.

jibjab on

Bet all you haters are fans of Caribou Barbie, who spent $150,000 of the RNC’s money for clothes during her ill-fated campaign. So much for being an “average joe”.

A First Lady is entitled to dress like a First Lady…not a bag lady.

VP on

I’m so glad some people with sense began commenting on this. It’s too bad their comments won’t be seen by many since they are at the 17th page of this thread.
This is in the Style section of People magazine. It is about FASHION. It is not about the First Lady’s spending habits. People who use every forum available to make disparaging comments about anything related to our current President are sad indeed. They would find fault with anything he or the First Lady do. I’m tired of the negativity, and truly turn to People magazine for uplifting stories, beautiful photography, and as entertainment. If I wanted a political commentary, I’d go to a news site.
Thank you, People, for sharing the excitement, the joy, and the beauty that surround the events of the holiday season!





Mary on

And Amhow much did this dress cost us tax payers? Her 4 years in office is costing us more then 6 million for all her “staff”. Most of any other first lady. Spend, spend, while the rest of Americans are have lost jobs, and cutting back. Hope America can last out their term.

Heather on

That is an absolutely ADORABLE dress. I love it. It is so tasteful and classy. Great choice!!!

Tina on

She looks beautiful! Palin would probably wear a dead moose and camoflauge to an event like this….

Nancy Linton on

The First Lady looks beautiful and the dress is stunning.

tara on

hi hi the dress must have been a lot a of $$$$$$

Benilde on

She looks stunning.
I doubt that she uses tax money to buy clothes. She probably gets it for free or has to use her own credit card.

Kathleen on

It’s amazing what you can learn by simply reading a fashion article:

1) people are completely ignorant about how their government runs. we are not a monarchy; the President and First Lady pay their own expenses.

2) economic policy of the past two years did not create the problems of today. that took years. blame the prior administration and its reckless regulation that favored the rich over the poor, and encouraged spending that the middle class did not have to squander but could, very easily (realize that the housing crisis was born of these practices).

3) mrs. obama is a highly educated woman (more educated than most of the country) who has had a successful career. she is a woman for all girls to admire, in all ways that she carries herself.

4) Her healthy food program should be encouraging! It’s outrageous how much preserve-laden food this country eats, how prevalent fast-food is, and how ignorant people are about agribusiness. Why would critics lash out against the consumption of fresh vegetables and well-raised meats? Exercise and good nutrition are to be celebrated.

I really makes me sad that many people in our country are so short-sighted, ill-informed and, frankly, racist. I thank God every day that we finally have intelligent people attempting to rein in the chaos that has become our government. Thank God for an educated couple with a true global view representing us.

rinknc on

It is so great having an attractive, well dressed,intelligent First Lady. So sorry half this Nation can’t deal with it…

drshirl on

Who pays for these dresses? Just wondering.


There were some very kind words expressed on this blog…..but the racist, mean and hateful comments are so horrible. – Sandra Thompson: This so called ‘Ghetto Mama’ has a law degree and has never lived in the ghetto in her life, her parents were hard working AMERICANS….please America stop making us look so MEAN and racist to the World….we has Americans should be better then this…..stop the HATE!!!!!

Joy on

It’s unbelievable how many jealous and unkind people post on these sites. Doesn’t matter what she wears they will always find fault with her because she looks better than they do.


Kathleen: thank you…your comments are the greatest, thanks for teaching the ignorant!

Proud of our 1st Lady on

She looks stunning. Very classy as usual.

Liz on

What? You expect the First Lady to shop at Wal-Mart? She isn’t spending any more than any other First Lady has spent in the past.

Randi on

@Cindy I cant wait for the 2012 election to roll around either we will be coming out in bus loads and they will win again mark our word. she looks great.

m newman on

I feel we need to really look at our countrys problems instead of a darn black dress. We have boarder problems and we have people that would be able to hoep our arm services but yet the dress that the first lady wears is more important I guess then stopping drugs and illeagal people in our country

Polly on

Who cares????? And it is a CHRISTMAS special not Holiday!!

mlready on

Who CARES!!!!!

Republican Lady on

that dress is gorgeous!!!

Mart on

Beautiful dress…and Mrs. Obama wears it well.

Bonnie on

oh my goodness she looks amazing. i love her classic style and choices!

Alicia on

First off, First Lady Obama didn’t ask or make People Magazine write a piece on her, so stop blaming her for the article. Second, in case you forgot, First Lady Obama was a hospital administrator BEFORE she became the First Lady; meaning she had money before. I’m sure she can afford it. Not to mention her husband before becoming the POTUS had a job and sold 2 best seller books; they weren’t exactly poor. She could certainly afford the dress before the presidency and after. She also shops at J Crew which is not as expensive, so get off your high horse about how much money she spends on her clothes. Not everything she wears is expensive.

Amazing how people constantly blame her for what they perceive as her husband’s misdeeds. She doesn’t make the laws! Stop blaming her. Plus, how possible is it for a law to get passed and change to occur when THE POLITICIANS IN CONGRESS CAN’T AGREE ON ANYTHING?!?!?! President Obama can’t do it by himself, he needs he deadbeat leeches in congress to actually earn their pay check and help better the country…instead of sitting on their behinds collecting our hard earned money and creating scandals.

President Obama isn’t perfect, he’s made missteps for sure…but he can’t pass laws and enact change with a bunch of whiny children squabbling over every thing and hindering progress!

Alicia on

AND…stop blaming teh First Lady and the POTUS for things they did not cause! Unemployment, failing economy, social security crisis, border control, and immigration were OUT OF HAND prior to them going into the White House! The ignorance on here is astounding! Get your heads out of your rear ends people!

BTW…SHE LOOKS ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! I wish I could pull off that look…and if some of you naysayers are honest, you;d admit that you wished the same thing too! It won’t hurt your political opinions or stance to say she looks great…this is a fashion piece after all and not a political one!

Janie on

@Alicia, @Kathleen: Amen, sisters! People are so frustrated by the economy that they don’t know where to direct their true anger. So many problems go back to Congress and Bush, and folks don’t even realize it. Lax laws, confusing laws, laws that common people couldn’t understand got us into this mess. When Congress is busy squabbling over a tax bill that benefits only the top 2% of earners, and blocking bills that would’ve aided 9/11 workers with health issues, all that anger should be directed toward them. The first lady is at least showing the rest of the world that we are a nation with class, and a nation who cares. She is at least a fantastic image to share and never a source of embarrassment, unlike scandal-ridden congressmen. And since this IS a fashion article: LOVE THE DRESS…WANT IT!

risa on

quit complaining about people who buy what they want with their own money. just because she happens to be the first lady, doesn’t mean she doesn’t have her own money. former first lady laura bush had just as expensive designer suits in her closet as well as former first lady hillary clinton and no one griped about their wardrobe. if i happened to find that dress, i would buy it for myself.

caszieb on

Stunning dress

Victoria on

Stunning. . .as usual.

Vivienne on

So sad the negative comments regarding Mrs. Obama. No question that she is indeed a highly intelligent, beautiful, obviously fit, woman. White folk surely must KNOW that they are supposed to have color. I am sorry for your loss.

Tina on

For all those idiots who think the tax payers footed the bill for this dress. I am guessing everyone has forgotten this woman IS an attorney. Had money long before she stepped foot in the whitehouse.

annoyed on

Umm KIM, just so you know it costs the taxpayers NOTHING….No one charges the first lady to wear a dress…it is BORROWED and will create tremendous free advertising for the designer.

Kristi on

I think some of you need a dictionary. “Vintage” does not mean cheap and “boutique” does not mean thrift store. This is an article about the First Lady’s fashion choices, which has nothing to do with whether or not you like the President. If you like fashion or the First Lady, read the article. If you don’t like fashion of the President/First Lady, then why did you bother? She looks gorgeous, as always!

Toni on

It’s q dress people. Pull your panties out your bums! Who says “we” paid for it? Know your facts before you run your lip. In case you hadn’t heard she is quite successful in her own right. But even “if” we paid for it, what do you expect her to do, pick something up from the KMART? Get a life.

Pam on

She is just off the charts GORGEOUS….

Constance on


Kim on

For all the people that are still complaining about the Bush’s.The Bush’s have not been in the White House for almost two years. Get over yourselvs.

amira on




Joseph on

\A vintage gown for Mrs.Obama. It would be nice to have a Vintage Administration in DC. Perhaps like those when real statesmanship and fiscal responsibility abounded and no one thought a lie trumped truth…….

T on

Wow! She looks wonderful..and she hasn’t spent anymore than other first ladies…Jackie! Nancy! and let us not forget the maternal Barbara and Laura homely yes…but can guess the clothes cost just as much!

alicia on

@Kim: these problems didn’t crop over night and they didn’t recently pop up in the last two years; they’ve been there for at least a decade.

@Joseph: like I just stated, these problems haven’t just popped up, and the “vintage” administrations didn’t properly take care of these problems, which is why they are now so horribly bad and have to be taken care of immediately.

Charlotte on

Absolutely stunning. Mrs. Obama’s taste is impeccable. And just in the interest of clarification: The Obamas are independently wealthy. The taxpayers did not pay for this dress, and those who say they did should take their insinuations elsewhere.

josie medina on

she looks beautiful, as usual. come on peeps, lets see the beauty in things.

josie medina on

as usual, she looks beautiful. i would love to wear something that lovely.

pghgirl on

What a truly classy lady.

meg on

She always looks so put together. I don’t understand why you people are reading ‘People’ if you don’t think this ‘fashion’ article is not newsworthy. Go back to your Fox News homepage then.

Cindy Torres on

The First Lady is a prime example that we, as mothers, want for our little girls. Her look says, grace, beauty and being natural are what it is all about.

Skibe on

Does she ever wear anything with sleeves? Come on, it is winter in Washington. I, for one, am tired of seeing her “toned arms”.

Sara on

Seriously, people? Get a grip, jerks. You know this is people.com, right? Not CNN? So their coverage of what the first lady wears is not some desperate attempt to drum up positive press, it is WHAT PEOPLE MAGAZINE DOES! They have ALWAYS covered what the first lady wears and does, and will always.

And secondly, not once in that article does anyone infer that it’s a cheap thift store dress. Anyone who has ever visited people.com knows what “vintage” means in terms of fashion and that it is not the same thing as “thrift”

Sheesh. Jerks.

melissa on

Where in the article does it say she shopped at a thrift store? Shopping for vintage clothes is very different than shopping at Goodwill and is much more expensive. Basic knowledge.

Emma on

This is called the Style section on People. The news on here isn’t made to change the world, just meant to entertain on fashion. Her husband makes a significant paycheck, of course she can afford vintage couture. Wouldn’t you buy that dress if you could afford it? Absolutely beautiful dress.

elbise on

Thank you for this beautiful description of the subject. Expect more

Amateur Porn on

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donna l parsons on

I just can not believe all the hate on here. Do you all really want YOUR First Lady (yes, whether you voted for Obama or not, she still represents the U.S.A.) to dress like she shops at K Mart! ALL first Ladies receive a clothing budget. There is nothing deceitful here.

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