Cameron Diaz vs. Jennifer Aniston: Whose Teeny Black Bikini Do You Like Better?

11/29/2010 at 06:00 PM ET

Jennifer Aniston and Cameron Diaz Rock Black Bikinis on Vacation
Bauer Griffin (2)

Move over Black Friday and Cyber Monday, there is a sexier celebration in town: Black Bikini Turkeyday. Though Jennifer Aniston and Cameron Diaz have access to their choice of stylish swimwear, both stars opted for simply scintillating LBB’s–little black bikinis!–while on Mexican Thanksgiving getaways this past weekend. Diaz showed off her whittled form in a side-tie version of the style, soaking up the sun with baseball beau Alex Rodriguez. While Aniston, who selected lush Cabo San Lucas for her group getaway, sported a similar triangle bikini and aviator shades to frolick with friends including Chelsea Handler. While they both look like toned, tan 10’s, we can’t decide which bikini look we like better. Tell us: Who flaunted her figure better in a LBB? Vote below! –Justine Harman


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Tammy on

I never thought Cameron had a good body. Being skinny does not always equate to having a good body. I’m not a Jennifer Aniston fan but I have to admit, her body rocks! She’s got one of the best bodies in Hollywood in my opinion.

Belsey on

Just the fact that Cameron is there with A-Rod made me vote for Jen! I know, mean girlish, but hey, he’s just so difficult to like!

Xelda on

Cameron’s body looks like a boy’s body, even those hip muscles are what you see on males. Jennifer’s physique is much more feminine.

Raye on

Diaz is tense, she just has a very cut body. Her muscles are nice and defined which is great, but it definitely gives her the shape of a well-toned teenage boy. Anniston has a very nice figure in that she is in shape but not so completely toned that it detracts from her feminine body.

Debbie on

I can’t stand Aniston, (not a fan of either, actually) but have to admit she, and her suit, look better.

Toni on

Ok how can you not be a Jennifer Aniston fan? And I totaly agree with Belsey skinny doesn’t = sexy… also on the A-Rod comment LOL… Overall body and just in general Jen gets my vote!

Sandi on

I am not crazy about either one of the bikinis but Jennifer looks better. Why do they feel they have to expose so much skin. Whatever happened to leaving something to the imagination?

Lauren on

Cameron’s stomach is way too toned! It looks so manly! Jennifer’s body is AMAZING. It’s better than most 25 year olds! Toned, but definitely still feminine.

Leigh Ann on

Jennifer looks like a natural woman…Cameron..not so much. i wonder what Cameron would look like if she didn’t spend 2 hours a day at a gym? She night actually have natural curves and look similar to Jennifer. I love Cameron’s work ethic, i know what it takes to stay in shape, but her physique is that of a my opinion

leslieD on

Jen know how to rock a bikini–she has the best body in hollywood. Not too skinny–just the right amount of curves, tone and girly girl. I want that body!!

palomino on

maybe her hips look like that cuz she is all natural….she really worksout. she star fake she doesnt and jen she make me laugh cuz what woman cnt find a guy as baeituful as she is? she playing the feel sorry for me card.

Gina on

Jennifer Aniston is just better looking all around!

Lisa on

I am not a fan of Aniston’s at all, but I will give credit where credit’s due–she manages to balance being in shape with beautiful feminine curves. Diaz looks more like a male physique through the midsection.

Susan on

Jen Aniston all the way!!!!! She at 41, (which I can’t even believe) looks way better and hotter than most 20 yr olds. Without even trying.

Bonnie P on

Team Aniston all the way! I hope I look as good as her when I’m her age. She sets the bar for us all. <3 u Jen!

buntyp on

I like Gina’s best.

Lindsey on

I think Jen Aniston is the winner in this one. sorry cameron but she has more curves then u.

jessi on

Jennifer Aniston for the win :)

Annette on


Kyann on

Jennifer has a very feminine body considering she has manly facial features. Have never figured out the hype over her looks.

Kelly on

they both workout every day and watch what they eat, they just have DIFFERENT BODY SHAPES. Cameron has more of an athletic body type, which is okay. everyone is different!

Denise on

Jennifer has a waist, Cameron does not (she’s too straight up and down), so I’d have to vote for Jenn.

fanny on

Jen has a body that is touchable and I always think she must smell good.

Jon on

Sorry Cameron Diaz, I have to go with Jennifer Aniston on this one!


looks like the guy behind Cameron needs a top for his man boobs

Jeff on

Check out A-Rods Man-Boobs, nice.

Squeeze on

Jen’s body rocks – nice and girlie – Cameron should opt for a one piece, nothing hot about her body.

Lisa Bush on

Jennifer’s body is way better!

Nic on

Why does it have to be about what their bodies look like? Who cares what a 40 year old woman looks like in a bikini, respect yourself and cover it up. Why do women think they have to expose themselves to be worthy of popularity?

Ron on

never thought Diaz was pretty (except for her eyes)–can’t believe she started out as a model…Aniston is not outstanding but cute…

Anne on

Both look great but both have not had kids!

Peg on

Not a Aniston fam, love Cameron but must say Aniston has the curves and the implants.

nybaby101 on

Cameron has boyish shape with zero curve. I think Jennifer Anniston rock it!

Jean on

I can’t stand Jennifer Aniston but I have to admit that her body shape is 100% more femenine and likable.

Hector on

Jen have more good body like Cameron? Please!!!
Show a picture on her back and compare the great difference. Jen is more pretty but any bikiny in that body will look better in Cameron. Pink and Cameron have tremendous athletic bodies.

ken on

I’ll take one of each please.

Carla on

Cameron does not have a feminine body at all, she has “boy hips” which aren’t sexy at all. I’m tired of the “slim hipped” look. Real, sexy women have hips! Jennifer is much prettier than Cameron, by far, by far, in every way. (And much prettier than Angelina Jolie, too.)

Claire on

Cameron has a boys body and Jenn has a womans body Jenn looks so much nicer and prettier in the swim suit. Much more feminine

jl on

Aniston always had a good figure, but her face isn’t looking good. Too many fillers and Botox are making her eyes and cheeks look really odd.

MA on

In the pic of Miss Diaz, that’s clearly A-Rod behind her! What’s with the man boobs? Too many steroids??? LMAO!

mindy on

Aniston = BLECH . Can’t stand the spray tan – too much shaggy hair – too much Restylane makes her cheeks look phony – the perpetual high school cheerleader. She needs to change her image.

Lindsay on

A Rod has a bigger breasts than she does. And I know some people will say what’s wrong with being small? Well, jmo, but small is one thing, non existent is another and I think women should have at least NOTICEABLE breasts to tell them apart from little boys.

Kenton on

Aniston is gorgeous. Good for her!! You have a body women envy (even if they CLAIM they don’t). Cameron: eat a hamburger!

shanna on

cameron looks weird, jenn looks amazing.

Lindsay on

Aniston has NOT had implants. Just because the girl has boobs (you know, the two things that most women have anyway?) doesn’t mean she had implants….and it doesn’t even look like it anyway.
Now, Cameron, after starving her boobs to nothing could use a little boost in that area. Diaz is looking TIRED…..wouldn’t want that girl’s body for ANYTHING. She could also use some acting lessons.

Amanda on

I have always thought Cameron’s body is weird- I HATE to see pictures of her because I can never figure her figure out. Jennifer’s body has ALWAYS been great– so um, yeah, Jennifer rocks the black bikini more… by all means.

JD on

Cameron’s abs look so sculpted they almost look fake. Yuck.

Christine on

There are aspects about both of these women that I admire very much. However, I think that Cameron’s phyysique seems more about genes than being “cut”. The other muscles on her body do not suggest to me that she indulges in an intense fitness regimen, but rather an average one, and she probably does a good job with what she eats. She does not have an exceptionally defined waist. I just love that both women make the best out of their figures. I do have to say, however, that plenty of equally attractive women are everywhere. If one healthfully watches one’s weight, and makes the most out of one’s features and fashion sense, it’s not that hard.

jvan on

Cameron’s body in The Mask was great – still strong, in shape, but feminine. I also don’t thing that’s the best picture, either. And the a-rod thing . . . yeah, he’s kind’ve yucky. Jennifer looks amazing, as all have said.

zusje on

Personally and going for the original question(whose bikini you like the most) I gotta say neither…both are way too revealing and even though both have good bodies and work out etc,I’m not a fan of woman almost showing all with a bikini.Those bikinis are so tiny they are pretty much non existent and they both wear them way too low…I don’t need to see that,no matter how good your body is!

ellen on

Jen is more curvy while Cameron is more muscular. Curves are sexier then muscles in my opinion unless there on the guy!! :o)

bed intruder on

@ Kenton, both Jennifer and Cameron seem to be just as fit, the difference is that they have different body types so Jennifer Aniston has more of a defined body (where you can see her waist) and Cameron Diaz has more of a straight torso. But if you are talking about eating burgers, since they are both equally fit, according to your theory they should both eat burgers (which I am sure they both do)

maggie on

cameron body reminds me of pink’s – very boyish and masculine. jennifer’s smokin hot – no comparison.

Jenny on

OMG! I’ve always think Cameron had a good body but in that picture, wooow she looks like a man!
Im a big fan o Jen and i think she has the best body in Hollywood :)
her body is amazing, look at that pic OMG! really she is perfect haha

jenn on

Jennifer has a much more “womanly” body. Cameron’s body is almost too muscular, too straight, more like a man’s.

Kat on

Jennifer Aniston all the way! Cameron is skinny, yes, but her whole torso area looks too manly for my taste. Jennifer is in shape, but still feminine!

Mark on

I dig Jennifers since she has a little more mammery gland going for her; whereas Carmen has my little brothers chest at age twelve.

Di on

Hate to be in the minority, but I love Cameron’s body. You can tell she puts in a lot of work. And I am SOO over Jennifer!! They both earn a fortune and can afford to excercise endlessly wait till one of them has kids!!! Look at Brooke Burke for a better example after 3 (or 4??) kids!!! Fabulous

Cassie on

I agree with above comment stating Diaz has more of a boy figure. Cameron gets huge kudos for being fit. But, Aniston wins hands down for having a fit body and looking like a women: sexy and beautiful!

sandra on

Cameron’s suit would have looked better if she hadn’t been standing next to A-Rod. He ruined the whole picture.

Chuck on

Jen so obviously has implants–if you have worked for a plastic surgeon, or been around anyone who has implants of any kind, you can tell. They could both use a bit bigger bikini, regardless.

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Halie on

I got a similar swimsuit at World Swimwear called ONXY for only 29.99 and it has removable pads! Love it!

rose A on

I really can’t tell who got a better bikini. Jennifer got a nicer body, however Cameron does have the sexy Alex Rodriguez with her.

renee on

“chuck” really?? aniston implants? what planet are you onnn? heidi montag obvioulsy has implants. Jennifer aniston no so muchh!!!!!!

Darmah on

Xelda said it for me… Boy-body!!, what is up with that?? Jen gets my vote, i am a fan, i think she’s super nice.

Kyrii on

I agree. Just b/c your skinny, dont mean you look good in your little outfits. Some of them do look nice but then some of the girls now, are so skiny it makes you a little sick feeling to see them.


who am i to judge tho.

Jackie on

The pictures are not the best. The picture of Jen is a little dark and although the picture of Cameron looked clearer your can’t really see the upper part of her body because her arm is covering it.

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abi on

What i admire most about JENNIFER ANISTON is her constancy, she is not insecure in any way, may be that’s why over the years even when she’s ninety she will still be loved by all. people generally lack this character of purpose and as an artist it is almost hard to separate career from life. With such constancy when all is lost or we are confused in a way we can look at people like JENNIFER ANISTON and trace life back to its source. apart from all these, she has a great body people can look to and want to have. Keep it up Jen, you don’t know you a creating a LANDMARK that will never be erased for a long time and many will come to build on it.

Candy on

Jen all the way, feminine, cute, sexy.. wish i had her curves.

growup on

Why must the media always make comparisons. People make kid comparisons, too, sexualizing small children On Just Jared where they idolize Jolie and abuse Aniston they are starting to compare Jolie’s daughter Shi with other kids … even within her own family. When someone doesn’t agree that these people are less than perfect they humiliate and bully. I admire Perez Hilton for at least attempting to clean up his act and admitting that words have impact. Other sites like Just Jared should do the same.

Jeanie on

Both have great bodies in their own way but what’s with A-Rods man boobs??!!

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