Gwyneth Paltrow's Holiday 'Goop' Gift Guide!

11/18/2010 at 05:30 PM ET

Gwyneth Paltrow's 'Goop' Gift Guide!
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Gwyneth Paltrow‘s weekly newsletter has always been a chic source of well-informed ideas for the savvy shopper, so it only makes sense that the actress-turned-singer would get into the holiday spirit by curating her own gift guide. “Anything personally made for you always trumps other gifts because of the thought and organization put into it,” Gwyneth writes. Her selection includes eclectic finds like customized holiday cards from and trinkets from Vicente Agor, a San Francisco-based jeweler, who (for $310 and up), will turn a profile picture of your loved ones into one-of-a-kind pair of earrings. And if picking family favorites is too hard, Gwyneth encourages readers to represent their hometown glory with Tophdaddy‘s uber-hip area code T-shirts ($18 to $60). For the frequent traveler she recommends Abernathy Road‘s handsome assortment of leather goods, which includes an iPhone pocket journal ($372), and perfectly rugged duffel bags. However, Gwyneth’s personal go-to luggage? The monogrammed Louis Vuitton Pegase suitcase, of course. To see the rest of Gwyneth’s Goop gift guide, and for more personalized gift ideas, visit —Jessie Goldberg


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Jon on

That’s nice to hear!

P. on

On Glee she said something about “bi-polar rant” and I thought that was very wrong. What would she do if one of her children turned out to be bi-polar or depressed? Sorry Gyneth you get an F from me.

Abbey on

I checked out the GOOP Newsletter today as it happens, and saw this article. All lovely items but not in our budget this year ;) I felt like all of the things she listed were “plugs” for her friends or people she may do business with.

No matter, the list was fun too look at, but a little out of touch with the economy the way it is, and the unemployment rate so high. Not that everyone is unemployed, or that those that can afford these gifts shouldn’t be able to buy them. But if one says they are “just like all other moms out there”, then I feel this was a little out of touch.

Vicky on

A nice list for people that have a lot of money. Certainly not for regular middle class families. They do sound like plugs for people she does business with.

Jaime on

Who on earth can afford this stuff, other than celebrities? Completely out of touch with the current economical situation. We get that she’s rich, but she’s a minority in that sense. Come on.

mf on

omg. she’s so up her own a**. gwyneth. go try to be popular with your own crowd. you are not a star of the people. never will be. and frankly you’re not as “aspirational” as you think you are.

Susan on

I’d love the celebrity budget for gifts, hair, clothes, oh everything!

joan on

Love you gywenth Please come back on Glee as matthew new love interest Thought you had great chenistry and loved your singing and dancing also love Country Strong can’t wait for the movie

Nora on

Just not buying her image these days. I think she works very hard at it, and it’s becoming obvious.

Farah on

a pretty lady, but she sort of went from effortless to trying to hard in about two years.

Stephanie on

Ooohhhh…Farah nailed it!

Janey on

I am pretty sure her middle name is Pretentious. Why, oh, why do her attempts at lifestyle journalism get so much coverage? Do we need her help to think of buying a Louis Vuitton?

DB on

LOL…..Oh dear girl…I think you and Oprah should get together and team up with you “FAVORITES”, time for a reality check chic’s…..most of us can not afford anything on your silly lists..If I did have that kind of money I assure you it would not be spent on anything you have listed…Merry Christmas…

S.E. on

“and organization”?

siii on

I will say she is beautiful, and I was shocked to hear her sing as well as she did, but the list, wow, if I sell my house, car, and my fist born for organs then I could shop like she does or suggests. Truly if you are not rich all of her list is out of the question. However I will admit that I like what she said about personalized gifts, my favorite is still the scarf that my daughter worked all year on making for me, it wasn’t pretty there were holes everywhere, but I to this day wear it with pride cause at 6 she stuck to something and finished it all by herself with help of a book. So yes personalized gifts are great but she really needs to get into a mid class price range if she ever wants others to value her opinion.

Linlou on

My goodness, people, look at her face, can’t you see a real person there? I think she is totally genuine, read her blogs and check out her newsletters. There are wonderful stories about important issues for us women. Time to retract your claws ladies and be a little more open minded.

Barbara on

I loved the idea of “personalized photo stamps” from the US Post Office. A really unique, yet affordable gift, and we still actually mail a FEW things now and then.

L.W. on

So out of touch with any sort of reality. With the exception of Linlou, I think most everyone is spot on. My respect meter just went down about 100 points after reading this article and checking out the sites that she recommends in her “gift guide”. I don’t think that “pretentious” is a strong enough adjective to cover the vibe that I’m getting from all of this. What a fake poser. Can’t wait to see what she recommends after her country song comes out – macrobiotic organic free range fried chicken and designer cowboy hats? YUCK! YUCK! YUCK!

Suz on

Gwen has been in the news a lot lately because she’s trying to appear more accessible, likable and relatable but not for the reasons you think. She only cares about getting another Oscar nomination and her goal is to impress AMPAS and she’s willing to go to any lengths to do so.

meme on

I love Gwenyth but come on. For your everyday middle class person who is working so hard to make ends meet…get real. Like we can afford what’s on her Christmas “to buy” list. Unless she’s buyin’, I’m not! Must be nice to be a celebrity. Try workin’ like a normal person and living on peanuts and tryin’ to pay your bills, etc.

CMH on

OMG – Seriously “P.” – you are going to hold her responsible for something her CHARACTER said on Glee. Glee is a tv show about a made up high school. There are these people called ‘writers’ and they write the script. Umm, it is not a reality show.

roxy on

Give her a break people. She had lots of interesting things on her entire website that were interesting. Bake something for people if you can’t afford to buy something. She gives some great recipe ideas too.

Personally, I’m using the personalized recipe cards this year. There were also some really reasonable children’s gift ideas too. The bow holders are adorable and I just ordered one.

Maybe you all should buy the leather flyswatter and smack yourselves on the forehead for being so rude!

yvette on

Wow you all need to chill out. The first thing she says before anything is that something personally made is much better.

She has money because of the industry she is in, she was asked to share her Christmas gift list, so she delivered. It wasn’t an article about gift ideas for the working mom… it was her sharing her gift list. You’re all so annoying.

and to the first poster… the bi-polar part on Glee was not wrong – it was showing just how ridiculous she was as a teacher, in a part she was acting in, on TV. Why would you give GWENETH an F? get a life.

Charlotte on

When we see someone (aka a celebrity) use phrases like “wholesome” and “organic”, “socially conscience”, “healthy in mind and spirit:” – we are bring told by them that they have high standards. But in my view, her stint on Glee, and her list of items (apart from the stamps, yes, I know they are inexpensive) express a different message then what she says her “true values” are. I’m a girls girl and have a wonderful group of friends and colleagues. I think anyone of them would tell you that I’m not bringing out “my claws”, but I am simply reflecting on what’s out there…just like GP did on Glee, perhaps? Trouble is, she’s getting slack for all of this because she sets her standards, and lets everyone know them. xo

Jessie on

yvette – i am so with you. what is wrong with you people? Not to mention, did you even READ the list? You have to be rich to afford a stamp? An $18 t-shirt? $15 recipe cards? She included gifts at all price ranges!

lina Nicolia on

I just did. Where is it? I think she is insecure and trying to prove a point. Why? Is her husband into country singing girls? I think her country voice was without any emotion or passion. It looks like her dancing: cold and calculated. She should keep her other job…that acting she does….what ever it is.

Diane on

Dear Gwyneth,
you have such talent as an actress…
“Shakespeare in Love”is so eloquent and sensual, and such a grand effort with your acting…
please return to the epic films and be your self again.

W. on

Hi, P! Just to let you know, Gwyneth’s not the one who made the script on Glee so if you want to give an F, give it to Glee writers. Gwyneth is just doing her job as an actress. I hope you are wise enough to know that.

WOW! | tophdaddy on

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TexasGoddess36 on

Gwenyth Paltrow did a great jot on glee. It is so good to see her doing some network TV, some film work, and some advice column work as well. She gets an A++++. We all have “bipolar rants” when our lives are a volatile point. Always have been a Paltrow fan, always will be!!! Keep it up girlfriend!!!

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